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Move over, Robert Pattinson.

You aren't the only gorgeous blood-sucker in Hollywood.

Megan Kiss

On September 18, Megan Fox stars in Jennifer's Body. Written by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody, the film focuses on a possessed high school cheerleader who sets out to kill her male classmates.

It's a role Fox can really sink her teeth into. (Get it?!?)

Check out the photo below of the actress in the movie. She's murderous bloody, as always, beautiful...

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Britney Spears' former manager/sidekick/enabler, Osama "Sam" Lutfi, has filed an amended lawsuit against the pop star, toning down the rhetoric from his original complaint but still making the same basic accusations against Team Brit.

Chief among them:

  1. That her mom, Lynne Spears, slandered him.
  2. That her dad, Jamie Spears, assaulted him.
  3. That she owes him a $h!tload of money.

That about covers it.

Acting on behalf of his daughter's conservatorship, Jamie Spears obtained a temporary restraining order against Lutfi in January to keep him out of her life.

On February 3, Sam Lutfi fired back with a lawsuit that included salacious allegations about her parents manipulating and leeching off Britney Spears.

That led to Jamie asking the court to toss out seven pages of Sam Lutfi's complaint, claiming the charges were "calculated attempts to exploit the court system" to make public assertions that have "no factual or legal moorings."

No wonder she can rack up $2.7 million a year in legal fees.

In the fine print, Sam alleges: "Every aspect of [Britney's] life and more importantly, her fortune, has been controlled by her parents," and that losing control of their daughter "posed a serious threat to Jamie and Lynne" and their lifestyles.

Such language was nixed from the updated filing last Thursday, according to Lutfi lawyer Bryan Freedman, to "clarify" his client's accusations against the star.

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Last night, Kristen Dalton claimed the title of Miss USA 2009. The North Carolina native (left) broke down in tears after defeating her chief, Californian rival.

But second-place finisher Carrie Prejean claimed an honor of her own, winning Miss Homophobic Airhead. Much as we hate to say it ... gulp ... Team Perez!

  • Kristen Dalton Photo
  • Carrie Prejean Race Day Photo

Putting aside the controversy surrounding runner-up Prejean - who says her gay marriage stance cost her the title won by Dalton, one simple fact remains:

These chicks are hot!

Marriage, schmarriage. The question is which of these two blonde beauty queens would you award a perfect 10 ... in terms of wanting to see in the sack!?

Tell us in our survey below!

Who would you rather ...


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Susan Boyle is short, plump and, most importantly, happy.

The Britain's Got Talent and YouTube sensation spoke to The London Times over the weekend and reiterated her hesitance to get a makeover.

SuBo Pic

"I'm happy the way I am: short and plump. I would not go in for Botox or anything like that," Boyle said. "I'm content with the way I look. What's wrong with looking like Susan Boyle? What's the matter with that?"

Millions - and we mean millions - of people see nothing the matter with that at all.

Regarding her sudden fame, Boyle admitted to being taken back by all the attention.

"I've got a lot to learn about a lot of things. This is all very new to me. I went to bed one night, just me, and woke up in the morning to a group of about 30 children outside chanting my name. Then I came home from my brother's, and it was like the paparazzi were all in the street."

As Britain's Got Talent continues, expect the surge in popularity to increase for this 48-year old prodigy.

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Lindsay Lohan is unemployed and desperate for cash.

Combine those facts with Lohan's penchant for nudity, and it seems very likely she'll soon star alongside Melanie Brown in a topless show in Las Vegas.

Failing to Hide

Over the weekend, Lohan flew to Sin City to meet with Jerry Mitchell, the director of PEEPSHOW, a stage production that features a scantily-clad Brown and Kelly Monaco.

According to the fair and balanced reporting of Fox News, the show is designed to have rotating leads; which would back up the rumor that Lohan is in negotiations to take over from Monaco when she returns to work on General Hospital.

Lindsay Lohan and Melanie Brown hang out in Las Vegas, fully clothed... for now.

"I think she would be great in the show," said Mitchell. "I would need to meet with her and dance a bit as I would with anyone who would love to be a part of Peepshow."

What is Lindsay's supposed response to the offer?

"If they make me an offer, and the money’s right, I’ll do it."

Man. How many pizza delivery boys do you think have heard those words?

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Marrying in a twilight ceremony at his Austin, Texas, home, Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker's wedding day was an occasion the tennis star and model will always remember. Below are a couple of images from the weekend festivities.

On the left, Roddick calmed his nerves before walking down the aisle with a game of golf. On the right, Brooklyn dazzled in her white wedding dress.

Sporting a Vera Wang gown, Sports Illustrated model Decker, 21, tied the knot with the tennis pro, 26, before a small group of family and friends.

After the nuptials, the celebration continued at Roddick's local country club where his friend, Sir Elton John, serenaded the couple and their guests.

"They're absolutely perfect for each other," a family friend said.

Roddick and Decker, who started dating in 2007, announced their engagement in March 2008. The pair first met after Roddick asked his agent to track down a number for Decker, who appeared in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit edition.

Way to take initiative, A-Rodd. Check out our gallery of Brooklyn Decker pictures and you'll see how she captured the former #1 player's attention!

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Looks like - spoiler alert! - Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are getting ready to butt heads it out once again on tonight's all-new episode of The Hills.

In the preview clip below, the buttheads hit up a couples therapist after Montag learns her smarmy man has been flirting hard core with a bartender.

Encouraged by the therapist, who is probably not even licensed, to divulge his feelings, a smiling Pratt can only muster, "I feel like I'm in a nightmare."

Heidi should just be happy he wasn't Twittering the whole time.

Unconvinced that he's taking this oh-so-authentic therapy session seriously, his plastic princess retorts, "How did you just even say that to me?"

She then tells him that he's been "emotionally checked out - in some kind of weird, stripper hotel - for a while." We have no idea what that means.

Their therapist then begs the question of Heidi Montag, regarding Spencer Pratt: "If you feel like he's checked out, what are you doing with him?"

Making money, hand over fist, would be the short answer. Check out the clip from tonight's episode of the "reality" show you love to hate ...

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Britney Spears has “convinced herself” that father Jamie Spears is upping her meds to keep her subdued and stay in control of her, according to sources.

“Britney is sure her father is out to get her and that he’s drugging her to turn her into a zombie who won’t fight back,” a source told British magazine Look.

While anonymous sources in unreliable magazines can't be taken at face value, the quotes back up rumors that Brit wants to torpedo the conservatorship.

“Ever since her breakdown last year when she was hospitalized, she’s been on several prescription pills to battle panic attacks. Her doctors have also prescribed anti-anxiety drugs Valium and Ativan to deal with stress and to help her sleep."

“As part of the court-ordered conservatorship, [Jamie Spears] has to make sure Britney takes the correct dosage because she forgets to take them."

"Lately, however, she’s been nodding off randomly in the middle of conversations and is convinced it’s because Jamie’s giving her much too much.”

This may also explain why she has no idea where she is sometimes.

The source adds that Britney Spears' friends, “tell her it’s just because she’s working so hard and performing every night on her Circus tour.”

But the superstar, says the source, thinks there are sinister, ulterior motives and insists her dad is drugging her to keep her under control.

Either way, it's a bad sign that Britney’s paranoia is rearing its head again in any form, as friends and lawyer Jon Eardley have been saying.

"She’s sneakily sending text messages to her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, telling him she needs help because her dad is poisoning her," says the anonymous Britney mole. "She’s becoming desperate to get her dad out of her life.”

For the moment, at least, Jamie remains at the helm as the Circus tour rolls on. Click to enlarge some recent pics from Britney's L.A. show ...

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Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are out to prove a point:

They aren't famous solely because their sister allowed Ray J to pound her from behind on video!

Kourt Pic

The sisters will attempt to show the reality TV world their worth by starring in Kourtney and Khloe in Miami, an E! series that debuts in August.

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian: Kan they karry their own reality show?

The show follows the gals to south Florida, where they open a new Dash boutique. At least one storyline has already been written:

Look for Kourtney and Khloe to get sucked into the South Beach party scene, losing focus on their business and risking their relationship in the process.

"We knew fans could not miss out on this drama-filled duo as they invade such a beautiful, vibrant and notoriously wild city as Miami," said E!'s Executive Vice President Lisa Berger.

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Apparently there was some major drama on the set of Lady GaGa’s new video shoot last week, and none of it involved nipple slips. That we know of.

It all unfolded on location at a Bel-Air estate as she made out with male triplets appearing in the new video. That was all according to plan.

What wasn’t in the script, however, was the dance-pop star's new boyfriend walking in and reportedly flipping out, according to Radar Online.

The triplets, from the Sweedish band “Snake of Eden” were chosen by Lady GaGa to get physical and make out with her in a hot, sexy music video.

Very entertaining for all - except the aspiring Mr. GaGa.

After arriving late to the shoot and seeing this display, “He started yelling at her,” a source close to the scene recounted. Not satisfied with screaming at her on set, he followed her into a makeup room and continued berating her.

Then the jealous jackass turned his anger on the triplets and said: “You guys are a bunch of f*gs. Are you happy now? Did you get what you want?”

One would think that any person who dates Lady GaGa might be accustomed to, or at least not entirely shocked by, such ridiculous and raunchy behavior. Maybe the homophobic ass clown would be better off with Miss California.

Click to enlarge some photos from the set ...

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