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It looks like we put the clothed cart before the naked horse.

A few days ago, a couple photos of Lisa Rinna from her Playboy shoot were leaked. And our staff was both disappointed and relieved to see that the pictorial did NOT actually include any shots of the plastic actress in her birthday suit.

But we were wrong. Lisa Rinna does, in fact, appear nude in Playboy. Very, very nude in Playboy.

A series of new pics from the May 2009 issue have been uncovered, just like the actress herself.


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At least Lady Gaga won't be caught with any embarrassing nipple slips.

The singer clearly is aware of just how humiliating that can be, which explains why she has stuck tape to her boobs.

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Why not just wear a bra? Because everyone is doing that these days!

When your name is Lady Gaga, you've gotta be on the cutting of duct tape edge of the fashion world...

Click on the Lady Gaga pics above to enlarge images of the unique singer.

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The Susan Boyle publicity tour continued last night... and we can't get enough!

The 48y-year old singer appeared on Larry King Live, speaking with the host and with Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan.

Asked about getting a makeover, Boyle gave a refreshing answer: "Why should I? Why should I change?"

During the taping, Boyle also nailed a verse of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Check it out below:

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It's official: A Rodd is now a very, very lucky man.

Andy Roddick married his longtime, breathtaking girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker, in an intimate ceremony last night.

"It was really simple but beautiful," a source said. "Just close friends and family."

Elton John performed at the event, which took place at the tennis star's house. Roddick proposed to Decker in March 2008, but said the couple wasn't in a rush to walk down the aisle.

That's likely because they were in a rush get exercise of a different kind in bed. After all, have you seen Brooklyn Decker photos?!?

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Russian/American relations haven't been this confusing since the Cold War.

Here's what we know: Mel Gibson carried on a relationship with a Russian singer named "Oksana."

In Attack Mode!

Here's what a new report states: the girlfriend in question is actually Oksana Grigorieva, not Oksana Pochepa, as previous stories - highlighted by this Oksana's own words - have suggested.

Following along?

According to People, Grigorieva is signed to Gibson's record label, Icon Records.

Oksana Grigorieva has a child with actor Timothy Dalton, above. Rumors also suggest she has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to a relationship with Mel Gibson.

Public records also imply the 39-year old, who previously dated actor Timothy Dalton, has lived in a house linked to Gibson. The residence, purchased in Sherman Oaks, California in December 2008, has an ownership trust administered by the CFO of Gibson's production company.

Moreover, Grigorieva's ex-agent, Victor Kruglov, has seen photographs of Mel's mystery woman and thinks she is, indeed, his former client.

We'll continue to follow this story as news breaks.

Next, we assume former figure skating champion Oksana Baiul will reveal herself as Gibson's lover.

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Perhaps Kim Kardashian should worry less about her bikini body and more about how to stay awake when wearing said bikini.

The reality TV star recently posted the following on Twitter: "PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sunburned! I fell asleep with huge glasses on yesterday! This tan line is not ok!!!"

Kimmy Kardashian Photo

Gee, you think?!?

We've tried to warn Kim Kardashian that those enormous sunglasses were not a good idea.

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Having seen Kim Kardashian nude, we can safely say this sex tape star doesn't need to change a thing about her body.

But try telling her that!

"I have been going sooo hard in the gym, and I really feel it's paying off!" Kardashian blogged this week. "My tummy is soo toned. Why is it that the top part gets ripped first and the lower part is sooo hard to tone up!? I am determined to have a six pack by summer! In a feminine way, of course."

Of kourse, Kim is kwick to point out that this routine doesn't mean she wants a slimmer body.

"I love my curves and have to work out to maintain them. Actually, keeping my shape takes a lot more work than just doing nothing or being super-skinny... this was about toning up, getting fit."

Kim Kardashian Bikini Photo

Think Kim Kardashian needs a better bikini body? Click on the photos above for a kloser look!

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From nights out to new tattoos and possible returns to the world of semen, we've heard plenty about Lindsay Lohan over the past couple weeks.

But what about ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson?

Ronson Action

The DJ's mother, Dexter Jones, told People that her daughter is doing "really, really well," adding that Ronson is keeping herself busy with work.

"She's always working. But I don't pry," said Jones. "I'm giving her her space. She's strong and smart and with a great heart."

As for her thoughts on Lohan, well: "I think it is good that I don't comment on Lindsay," Ronson's mom said.

Clearly, Dina Lohan needs to give this woman a lesson on how to exploit your child for attention.

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Oksana Pochepa has a message for celebrity gossip followers:

I'm more than just a random, 24-year old Russian who has admitted to a relationship with Mel Gibson, which included sex in his trailer on the set of Edge of Darkness.

Indeed, Pochepa is a also a quasi-famous pop singer in her native country. Is she any good?

Check out the following music videos to see for yourself. Susan Boyle, she is not...

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