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Before making her way to the finals on the second season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, Kristy Morgan was a random blonde that had posed in Playboy a couple times.

Now, Kristy Morgan is a random blonde that has posed in Playboy a couple times AND has become the first man or woman ever chosen on a reality dating series to actually reject the show's star on the spot.

Kristy Morgan Nude

Why did Morgan turn down the key to Tila's heart on A Shot at Love's season finale last night?

"I just went with what my heart said," said Kristy. "I was being honest with myself and I was honest the whole entire show."

Kristy Morgan, clothed, broke Tila Tequila's heart. Kristy Morgan nude will erect men's penises.

Kristy added that "Tila has this perfect person in mind that she wanted to be with and in no way was I that," while also crediting the MySpace vixen for helping her "be more open about my sexuality."

How open, exactly? Morgan will appear - along with Susie Feldman and Ashley Harkleroad - in the August issue of Playboy.

What a coincidence that this naked pictorial will appear so soon after the finale of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Amazing, truly.


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Crime may not pay.

Neither will Tatum O'Neal, though.

Despite getting caught buying crack, the former wild child actress got charges of drug possession dropped by a New York judge and instead pleaded guilty to a modest, misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

The damage? $95.

Manhattan judge Elisa Koenderman sentenced Tatum O'Neal, the youngest Oscar winner in history, to spend half-day sessions in a drug treatment program.

One wonders where Tatum O'Neal will come up with that kind of money.

Talk about a brutal punishment - brutally boring, that is. It's in New York, not L.A., so there's no way Snoop Dogg will even be there.


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Kristy Morgan who?!?

Despite being rejected by the aforementioned former Playboy model on the second season of her reality show, Tila Tequila keeps her head (and fake boobs) held high during a visit to MTV's Total Request Live this week.

Failing to Sing

And why shouldn't the MySpace vixen be feeling good? A third season of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila is pretty much guaranteed now, assuring the reality TV star at least 15 more minutes of fame.

Hang in there, Tila Tequila! True love is one more season of reality TV away!


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As she receives treatment for anxiety and depression at an Arizona facility, Heather Locklear enjoyed a recent visit from boyfriend Jack Wagner this week.

The Bold and the Beautiful star â€" who hadn't seen Locklear since she left Los Angeles for the facility on June 19 â€" spent several hours with her last weekend, sources report. On Sunday, the two had lunch together in the facility's dining area.

Valet That Thing

"He looked like he was taking care of her," said a witness.


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Sorry, Miranda Cosgrove.

A few weeks ago, The Hollywood Gossip staff who would be the next teen sensation to follow in the popular footsteps of Miley Cyrus: Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato?

Miranda Cosgrove Picture

Because she isn't part of the Disney family, however, we overlooked Cosgrove. Our bad!

This 15-year old has her very own Nickelodeon hit, starring as the title character in iCarly. She's also responsible for a quartet of tracks on the show's soundtrack, causing the inevitable comparisons to Cyrus.

Do you think she'll have a better chance than Lovato or Gomez of striking it rich? Let the debate begin!

Is Miranda Cosgrove the next Miley Cyrus?


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She says Peter Cook nude photos were posted on swingers websites while the shady Long Island architect went looking for young women.

He says Christie Brinkley was more concerned about going to public events than raising their two children, Jack, 13, and Sailor, 9.

Yes, the divorce trial between the estranged Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook officially kicked off today and it's already getting ugly.

Christie Brinkley's lawyers say Peter Cook loves him some online porn (spending $3,000 a month on it!), once masturbating in front of a web cam and regularly frequenting escort and swinger sites, all while married to Brinkley.

Brinkley also alleges, among many other things, that son Jack accidentally found naked pics of young girls on Cook's computer. The lawyers have also highlighted Peter Cook's felony cocaine conviction and the time he served in jail.

Cook and Brinkley split in 2006 after he had an affair with his assistant, Diana Bianchi, who was 18 at the time - and is scheduled to testify. He has admitted that he slept with her - and paid her $300,000 to keep quiet about it!

Also expected to testify: Carri Lyn Ciamarra, a fitness model who allegedly began dating Peter Cook right after his split with Brinkley.

In addition to battling for custody of the two children, the estranged spouses are also expected to wage a war over their jointly held properties and more than $3 million in material items, according to the New York Post. Stay tuned.

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That didn't take long.

Star magazine (the pinnacle of celebrity news integrity) is reporting that we will see Audrina Patridge topless in her new movie, Into the Blue 2.

Audrina Patridge Upskirt

The celebrity gossip rag also indicates something even more titillating.

Supposedly, we will soon see pictures of Audrina Patridge nude on the set. Mmm hmm. Consider the source, and believe that when you see it, readers.

According to Star, there will be a hot Audrina Patridge topless scene in the movie (where she plays Kelsey and stars along side Laura Vandervoort).

"The script calls for a moment where Audrina takes off her bathing-suit top for two seconds," a source tells the celeb gossip magazine. "Still, she's a little nervous, because she wants to be seen as a serious actress."

[Long pause]

Oh, hah, sorry, we thought she was serious for a sec. Good one, Auds!

Despite the unreliable source, we wouldn't be shocked to see more of Audrina naked (showcasing her possibly fake boobs) after the March scandal with those "leaked" nude pics - which just happened to boost her popularity tenfold.


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This is almost as shocking as reports that Michael Lohan is trying to make money off his possible Ashley Kaufmann fatherhood.

While Lindsay's disgraceful dad is selling his story of unprotected sex and irresponsible parenting to the tabloids, TMZ reports that Ranae Shrider is shopping the Verne Troyer sex tape.

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Pics

We'll give you a few moments to recover from the shock of Shrider herself actually being involved in the leaking and selling of the video...

How long until Ranae Shrider nude photos hit the Internet? Weeks? Days? Minutes?

Reports say Shrider actively is shopping the amateur porn around town. She's supposedly asking for a minimum of $25,000 for it. Either that, or a sum equal to the box office tally of Troyer's latest film, The Love Guru.

Those amounts ought to be comparable.


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Of all the victims that handsome Italian-American businessman Raffaello Follieri allegedly duped, actress Anne Hathaway fell the hardest.

The stunningly beautiful and talented Hathaway, 25, thought she had found her prince charming in the 30-year-old real estate magnate.

Very Pretty Actress

What she found instead was a slimy white-collar criminal.

Even as some friends say they warned Anne about Raffaello Follieri, she stuck by him for months as allegations of his wrongdoing swirled.

In April, he bounced a check ... for $215,000. In May, Follieri's charity - on which Anne once served on the board - came under investigation by the New York State attorney general's office for tax irregularities.

That was the last straw for Anne Hathaway, and not a moment too soon.

Just last week, Follieri was arrested on charges of fraud and conspiracy, as well as money laundering. On June 24, he was branded a "con man" in court by the FBI and prosecutors, accused him of bilking investors of millions.

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