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We love Adam Lambert, but the guy has to give Kris Allen a break.

First, he received more publicity than Allen after American Idol, even though the latter actually won.

Then, he set a release date for his new album (November 23) just a few days after Allen's hits stores (November 17).

Now, Lambert has the nerve to start dating Ferras Alqaisi and really steal the spotlight from Kris. For shame!

Fortunately, Kris isn't going down without a fight! Or at least a music video. Check out the official video for "Live Like We're Dying" after the jump.

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Okay, not really. This is obviously a complete joke, but it's a funny one, and one that may not be stretching the truth all that much if you think about it.

Wednesday, we told you about the Carrie Prejean sex tape, which resulted in the settlement of the beauty queen's lawsuit with Miss California officials.

Basically, she dropped her demands for $1 million approximately one nanosecond after they revealed they found a sex tape of hers - and showed her.

In the spoof below, a faux Carrie comments for the first time on the shocking video, saying that, hey, at least it's a heterosexual sex tape. Yay, God!

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Yesterday's THG Caption Contest yielded great entries, as per usual.

Our readers were given the challenge of writing the best caption for this photo of World Series winner Alex Rodriguez taking a champagne shower of sorts.

Your winner is JL.

Congratulations on a job well done! The winning entry appears below the photo, and you can click here to read the full list of submissions sent in to us.

Thanks to everybody for playing and best of luck in our next contest!

Ah, refreshing. I never knew a man could make me feel this good, I have some thinking to do....

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Reigning Miss England beauty pageant title holder Rachel Christie has given up her crown after being accused of getting into a bar fight, according to UK sources.

Pageant organizers say Christie, a 21-year-old heptathlete, has also withdrawn from next month's Miss World finals in South Africa to focus on clearing her name.

This will also give her more time to train for the 2012 Olympics.

British newspapers reported Rachel Christie got into a dustup with another beauty queen - Miss Manchester Sara Beverley Jones - in a nightclub earlier this week.

Officers were called after Christie, who is dating Gladiator star Tornado – real name David McIntosh – allegedly punched Jones, in the face several times.

Miss England Rachel Christie decked Sara Beverley Jones and gave up her crown to "focus on clearing her name," i.e. beat her bosses to the punch. No pun intended.

Christie is said to have attacked her after Jones showed her a "saucy" text message from the Sky One program star. Christine struck and Jones went down hard.

The incident happened during an "adult" themed costume night at the club im which Christie was dressed as an angel, and Jones was dressed as a cavegirl.

Greater Manchester Police said Friday that a 21-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of assault after a melee at the city's Mansion nightclub Monday.

UK police will not release the names of people accused of crimes until they are formally charged in court. She was released on bail pending further enquiries.

Shocking that more and more beauty queens seem to be less than well-adjusted individuals. We need to get this free-swinger in a cage with Carrie Prejean.

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Say it ain't so for humanity: Kevin Federline's girlfriend, Victoria Prince, is pregnant, according to reports. If true, it would be K-Fed's fifth freaking child.

Federline already has four children - daughter Kori, 7, and son Kaleb, 5, with former flame Shar Jackson, who he infamously dumped for Britney Spears.

The pop star soon bore him troubled sons Sean, 4, and Jayden, 3.

Victoria Prince, a former pro volleyball player, has been living with Kevin Federline since this spring for some reason, and just learned she is knocked up.

She began to suspect she was pregnant after the two spent a weekend in Las Vegas in mid-October. Her fat slob BF urged her to take a pregnancy test.

It was positive. As if there were any doubt. Guy's boys can swim!

K-Fed, Victoria Prince Picture

K-Fed is totally pregnant. Er, we mean Victoria Prince is. Yeah ...

"The test was positive. She told Kevin that she was pregnant, but he didn't seem happy to hear the news," a source quoted by the National Enquirer says.

"Kevin wasn't planning to have children with Victoria, and he's upset with her. Kevin loves her, but he told her that he didn't want to get married again."

What's more, another source says the baby news could send the emotionally fragile Britney Spears, who long hoped for a reconciliation, back off the rails:

"Britney never wanted Kevin to have another child unless it was with her. She desperately wants a baby girl, and she had hoped Kevin would be the dad."

We're not sure if we believe that part. She and Jason Trawick seem very happy together, and come on, it's Kevin Federline. Who would want that back?

Seriously, Victoria Prince. What is the appeal? OMG check out that random, overweight, chain-smoking deadbeat slob with no job and four kids! HOT!

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Some might say he went over the line, but others might contend that Jon Stewart was merely channeling Glenn Beck when he compared the growing size and reputation of Congress' health care bill to ... the Fox commentator's appendicitis attack.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Stewart approached Glenn Beck's appendix problem in the same bombastic fashion blowhard Beck uses to address evil, communist government health-care reform:

Classic Daily Show? Or Taking it too far? Choose your side:


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Oprah Winfrey has banned BeBe Winans off her show until further notice domestic violence charges against the gospel singer are resolved, according to reports.

The gospel singer taped appearances on Winfrey's "karaoke challenge" and was on her show last Friday, but Oprah was widely criticized for being a hypocrite.

Winfrey's critics said she was guilty of a double standard by including BeBe Winans on the program after taking a strong stand against Chris Brown this year.

Brown's assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in February incurred the wrath of Oprah, who supported Rihanna 100 percent - understandable, but only to a point.

BeBe Winans Mug Shot

Bene Winans has been shunned by Oprah ... finally.

After BeBe Winans was charged with misdemeanor domestic assault for allegedly pushing ex-wife Debra Winans to the ground, O didn't take a similar stand.

Last Friday, when O allowed BeBe onto the show, the woman he's accused of attacking said was "hurt' by Oprah's decision because their case is still pending.

Now, it seems Oprah got the message, saying in a statement: "BeBe will not be appearing on the 'Oprah' show until his legal matters are resolved in court."

Winans was charged with domestic assault and is due in court January 20.

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Ding, ding!

Again, Michael Lohan has come out swinging against daughter Lindsay, who he claims he's trying to help but is really just humiliating with each publicity-crazed outburst.

This time, in response to Lindsay's Twitter attack on him yesterday (for releasing recordings of her phone calls to him), he says she's just "grasping at straws."


"When she gets angry she lashes out," Michael says. Wonder why ...

Naturally, Michael is defending his release of the Lindsay phone call tape, saying he did it because she belongs in rehab and the end justifies the means, or something.

Lohan Patriarch

Hello? I've got some dirt on Lindsay! $20,000 and it's yours!

Unfortunately for Lindsay, Michael is so "upset" about his daughter "calling him out" on Twitter, he's planning to release "everything" he has on her. Compassionate.

That supposedly includes texts of what a great father he is. Riiiight.

Michael Lohan did own up to doing drugs, which Lindsay Tweeted about in her rant yesterday: "I got my life back on track. I want her to get her life back on track."

Not sure how trashing your girl on every site or program that'll have you is what we'd call "getting your life back on track," but whatever helps you sleep at night.

Shockingly, Lindsay and mom Dina have not been in contact with him since this feud erupted. Well, with the exception of the protective order her lawyer is seeking.

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Starting November 20, you know where you can find the stars of New Moon: on the big screen. Finally!

But in the days leading up to the movie's premiere, as well as those that follow it, fans should set their DVR for numerous appearances by various cast members on talk shows and late-night programs.

The Hollywood Gossip is glad to help you set recordings for these events:

November 11:
Alex Meraz – “Rachael Ray”

November 16:
Kristen Stewart – “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien”
Taylor Lautner – “The Jay Leno Show”
Dakota Fanning – “Ellen”

November 18:
Robert Pattinson – “The Late Show with David Letterman”
Kristen Stewart – “The Today Show” and “Live with Regis and Kelly” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

November 19:
Robert Pattinson – “The Today Show” and “Live with Regis and Kelly”
Taylor Lautner – “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”
Dakota Fanning – “The Jay Leno Show”

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Great news for both fans of Disaster Movie:

Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo will soon team up again, as the "actresses" will guest star on the December 16 episode of CSI: NY. Apparently, all other females in Hollywood are busy that day.

Kim Kardashian in InStyle Australia

"The ladies play two women who've managed to concoct a very interesting scheme that ends in murder," said producer Pam Veasey.

This clearly isn't an example of type-casting. Neither Kardashian nor Minnillo has done anything very interesting in years.

CSI: Boo York! Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo will appear on primetime next month.

Said Kim: "I am so excited to be working with Vanessa again. I am fascinated by crime scene investigating. I swear, I wish I was a crime scene investigator sometimes!"

Her first case, if hired for this job: to investigate the crime of a hit TV show actually hiring this pair for on-air roles.

Snaps. Yo.

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