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Danica Patrick finished third at this weekend's Indianapolis 500.

But when it comes to women that men most wish to see pose naked in Playboy, there's a good chance she'd rank number-one (see poll below).

Perhaps Patrick has taken a step toward that milestone event, as she answered a series of questions in the latest issue of that magazine. We've included a couple excerpts from the interview below.

Danica Patrick, Playboy

Who do you most wanna see nude in Playboy?


What was your first car?
It was a Mustang Cobra, back when Mustangs were still pretty exclusive and cool. I was hard on it. I went through a brand-new set of brakes in a couple thousand miles. The car ended up with 8,000 miles on it when we sold it. I didn't have it that long, and I was on my third set of brakes.

Is it hard to be both sexy and a racer?
When I was younger I felt uncomfortable because I didn't want people to look at me and think, She's just some girl, and write me off before they gave me a chance. There's nothing I can't do in a race car because I'm a girl. These days I love being a girl.

Click on the Danica Patrick pictures above to enlarge images of this racing beauty.

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Kris Allen may be a nice guy and a talented singer, but a handful of celebrities were clearly cheering on his American Idol competition.

From the rational to the oddly familial, here's how a few stars reacted to Adam Lambert's surprising loss last week.

Adam in Japan

Actress Emmy Rossum looked on the bright side:

Ugly model Adrianne Curry blamed the gay haters:

And Crazy Joe Simpson reassured followers that their Papa is proud of Allen and Lambert:

How did you react when Allen won American Idol? Write in. Let us know!

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A kontingent of Kardashians kame together in Miami this week to officially kut the ribbon on their new South Beach boutique.

In August, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian will star in a new reality show that focuses on their running of the store, also namd Dash, like the family-owned business in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian won't be a part of that series, but she was still on hand to help her sisters celebrate their grand opening.

After all, as long as someone not named Ray J is holding a camera these days, Kim will be sure to pose in front of it.

Koming Together
  • KKK
  • In Charge of Dash
  • Ribbon Cutters
  • Dashing

Click on the pics above to enlarge photos of the Kardashian klan.

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Forget High School Musical.

For Vanessa Hudgens, it's time for Bandslam!

In the movie, which opens on August 14, a high school outcast (Gaelan Connell) grows tight with a popular student (Aly Michalka) over their shared passion for music. Hudgens portrays a student named Sam, who joins this newly-created rock group.

Starring Vanessa Hudgens and Lisa Kudrow, among others, watch the official Bandslam trailer now!

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Despite her incomprehensibly gaunt frame, and lack of acting talent, Mischa Barton has been cast in a new series.

The actress - whose character was hilariously killed off The OC - has landed a role in The CW's fall drama The Beautiful Life.

Stoned Mischa Barton

Barton herself can scarcely believe it. Here's what she had to say in a recent blog entry:

I've been traveling so extensively that I barely had time to react to my pilot getting picked up for a Fall launch... Production is supposed to get underway as of mid July and I couldn't be more thrilled to call the likes of Ashton Kutcher boss; not to mention being affiliated with the CW. Hope you guys enjoy!

Will you watch Mischa Barton in The Beautiful Life?

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We've been on the New Moon set.

We've published a few New Moon spoilers.

But, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, we can now deliver a couple of still shots from the movie itself!

As the entire free world knows, New Moon is the sequel to Twilight. It opens on November 20. In the scene below, Bella (Kristen Stewart) is comforted by vampire Laurent (Edi Gathegi).

''I'm telling Bella not to be fearful of death. It's inevitable and painless,'' Gathegi said, adding that his character is no longer "conflicted," as he was in the original film.

Next, it's the scene every Twilight fan has yearned to see: Bella and Robert (Robert Pattinson), inching toward first base!

"I don't want him too present, so his apparition will be a subtle, flitting effect - clearly a reflection of Bella's will and desire to see him," director Chris Weitz told the magazine, referring to Edward's noticeable absence in the book.

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During a rambling blog entry - which included digs at bloggers for following his words more closely than the economy or the welfare of children around the globe - Clay Aiken sort of apologized to Adam Lambert for disparaging remarks he posted earlier in the week.

Many Lambert fans have taken Clay to task for referring to this season's runner-up as "contrived, awful and frightening."

In response, Aiken writes:

If only many [bloggers] took the time to pay attention to important things like the US economy and the welfare of the world's children. But… nah… I could blog about that type of stuff anytime and most wouldn't think twice, but let me say something that they can pick and choose quotes and misinterpret me… and it's showtime! I never assumed my opinion mattered so much! I guess I may have been wrong...

Since my previous blog got dissected like a biology lab frog, i suppose I should clarify and even retract some of what I wrote. I am sure that some were upset by my choice of words describing my opinion of a performance I heard from Adam Lambert.

I hope no one actually believed that blood truly poured forth from my ears when I heard him. I obviously meant it as a colorful statement to imply that I did not enjoy what I heard. Any performer hopes that their music will appeal to all people, but no singer realistically expects it to.

I definitely don't want to stoop to the level of so many negative freaks on the internet… so, I do apologize to Adam for my colorful (and negative) choice of words. I hope he can forgive me. I imagine he doesn't give a d---! God knows he shouldn't.

Clay Aiken thinks everyone (except for himself, apparently) should focus on world poverty instead of American Idol.

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Below, The Hollywood Gossip staff takes a quick look back at what was quite possibly the greatest week in the history of celebrity news and gossip.

Okay, not really, but there were some good stories ...

  • Kris Allen won American Idol. More incredibly, Adam Lambert did not win American Idol. On a side Idol note, an odd bikini battle took place.
  • Shawn Johnson won Dancing With the Stars. More incredibly, Melissa Rycroft did not win Dancing With the Stars. Oh well, she's still hot.
  • Speaking of Melissa, her former Bachelor competition, and perhaps Canada's best export yet, Jillian Harris, debuted as The Bachelorette.
  • In political news, Rielle Hunter wants to stick it to John Edwards, while Bristol Palin says she never wanted to stick it to Levi Johnston.
  • Michael Vick was released from the pound. Kiefer Sutherland is likely not heading back there. Still no word on whether Chris Brown is.
  • Jon and Kate Plus 8 may change its name to Jon and Kate Plus Fake Marriage Contracts, Various Mistresses and Non-Stop Drama.
  • Among the Cannes Film Festival highlights (besides movies, of course): Hayden Panettiere displays her bikini body and misspelled tattoo; Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt nearly exchange bodily fluids in public.
  • The Hills' Spencer Pratt deemed himself the future of hip-hop, as well as too famous to stoop to reality TV rival Jason Wahler's level.
  • In young, hot couple news, Robert Pattinson and Erika Dutra are rumored to be an item, while the romantic relationship of Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner is sort of confirmed. Ditto for Audrina Patridge and Chris Pine.
  • Carrie Prejean's mom might be gay.

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It looks like Robert Pattinson has found a new Bella Swan. At least for one night.

While attending an event at the Cannes Film Festival, the Twilight star was spotted cozying up to Erika Dutra, a random "Los Angeles resident," as described by Life & Style.

Breaking Dawn Trio

"Erika was introduced to Robert by a mutual friend at the beginning of the night and he was smitten with her from that point on," a witness said. "He took pictures of her, sat with her all night, and the two of them were even seen kissing!"

There have been unconfirmed rumors that Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart are dating.

If there's any truth to these allegations, the actress won't be happy to hear that her man and Dutra were reported to have "serious chemistry and looked like they were having an amazing time" at the Cannes event.

And Stewart - along with every female in America - really won't be happy to hear the following, courtesy of a source at the gathering.

"Erika and Robert even left the party together!"

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Earlier this week, Britney Spears bikini pics, adorable shots of Jayden and Sean and rumors that the star is dating her agent Jason Trawick surfaced online.

Well, we still can't state with any certainty whether she and Trawick are a romantic item, but we sure can tell you this: she and the kids had a freakin' blast!

On her official site, Britney writes that she has been "enjoying a wonderful vacation at the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas with her family and friends."

Here's a photo to prove it!

Brit and Jayden

Britney Spears, papa Jamie and son Jayden James go tubing.

Enjoying activities like water rides and interacting with marine life, Team Britney is relaxing while preparing to embark on the European leg of her Circus tour.

Click to enlarge more Britney Spears pictures below to see the singer, her dad, her two cute sons, her agent and possible lover, and other assistant types soaking up the sun and everything that the world-famous resort has to offer ...

  • Britney Spears Gets Very Wet
  • Britney and Boyfriend?
  • Inner Tube Time
  • A Jayden James Federline Pic
  • Water Slide Fun
  • Britney, Sean, Jayden and Jason
  • Britney Spears and a Dolphin
  • Britney in a Bikini

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