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When she's feeling like she wants some attention particularly giddy about her love life, Paris Hilton often talks about how she wants marriage and babies.

But is she serious this time?

A source tells The FABlife that Paris and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt had what seemed to be a celebratory late lunch Tuesday afternoon, cracking open the bubbly in an uncharacteristic move while getting cozy at Nello in New York City.

“They ordered a $1,000 bottle of Cristal at 4:00 in the afternoon, you don’t do that if you are not celebrating something,” an inside source reveals.

Well, unless you're Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt. These two knock boots on boats and stop just short of making sex tapes in full view of the press.

Perhaps they were just toasting yet another celebrity gossip story about them. If so, cheers to you guys, you snared us hook, line and sinker yet again.

Paris and Doug Celebrate

We don't even wanna know where Doug's right hand is.

Paris has proclaimed on more than one occasion that she will marry Doug, and he has even met her family. No formal engagement has been announced, though.

Either way, “they were very affectionate, holding hands, and laughing,” the source says, adding that they munched on “salads, lobster risotto, and ravioli with lobster," and that "Paris even took her fork and fed Doug at one point.”

It's almost lunchtime on the east coast, and if you're still hungry after envisioning that, we give you credit for having a stronger stomach than we do.

Unfortunately, we don't think this is the last you'll hear about this twosome. Click to enlarge more classic Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton pictures ...

  • Paris and Doug Pose
  • Paris and Doug Reinhardt Photo

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Angelina Jolie has a message: stop searching for photos of me naked and focus on important world issues.

Such as the crisis in Darfur, where countless citizens are being murdered by a militia.

In the most recent issue of Time, Jolie calls for for more action to end the conflict. Even though the Bush administration labeled the Darfur situation as "genocide," the actress doesn't understand why more people haven't felt "compelled us to intervene."

Why is Angelina Jolie so powerful? Because she focuses on world events even more than box office receipts.

She writes:

"Darfur has almost disappeared from the news, and experts now call it a 'low intensity" conflict.' But the intensity of the crisis has not lessened for those who are struggling to survive.

"More than 250,000 people from Darfur have lived destitute lives in refugee camps in Chad for six years now. Camps with more than two million internally displaced persons inside Darfur are even worse. Thirty percent of those displaced are school-age children. Girls leaving the camps are raped; boys leaving the camps are killed. They want an education; they want to go back to their villages, to their land; they want peace. But they also want justice."

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This has to be one of the cutest sighting in recent history.

Jennifer Garner took two-year old daughter Violet Affleck for a walk around Boston yesterday. Earlier in the week, Garner did the same thing with baby Seraphina.

Violet is one of the cutest celebrity children we've ever come across She couldn't be happier spending the day on the town with Mom.

Garner looks like she really is enjoying every second of motherhood. It's refreshing to see a star who genuinely loves being a mom, and seems like such a great one at that!

Check out the pictures of them around Boston...

  • Violet Wakes Up
  • Violet is Making Deals
  • Garner and Violet
  • Where's Seraphina?

[Photo Credit: Fame Pictures]

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Earlier this week, actor David Carradine was found dead by a Bangkok hotel maid.

The Kill Bill star was discovered with a rope tied around his neck and his genitals. While Carradine's rep referred to the tragedy as an "accidental death," new reports are casting suspicion around the incident.

According to Chuck Binder, the star's manager, via TMZ, Carradine was found with his hands tied behind his back, making it difficult for one to hang oneself, or even for a mere accident to be blamed for the death.

Moreover, the hotel in which Carradine was found has been slow to release surveillence tapes from the day in question. We'll have more on this shady story as it develops.

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Monday night on The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris sent home one of the seemingly nicest guys, with one of the saddest stories, in Sasha Petrovic.

Sasha was apparently not measuring up to the unemployed bartender, struggling country musician and tattooed rage-a-holic, among others.

When asked in a conference call following his departure if Jillian is attracted to jerks, Sasha could not resist taking a couple of parting shots.

"It's almost maybe like she wants to be attracted more to the nice guys, but she finds herself drawn to almost the, I don't want to say jerks, but the tougher personalities," said Petrovic, a 27-year-old oil consultant from Texas.

As for his first impressions of Jillian Harris?

"When I first met her, walking out of the limo, I was like, eeesh, not really my type," he said. "She's a cute girl, but not that attractive up front. Personality was really nice and sweet, but nice and sweet, that only gets you so far."

Harsh words from a guy who seemed smitten to us!

Jillian and Sasha

Jillian Harris rubs suntan lotion on Sasha Petrovic, who she dismissed following their one-on-one date Monday. He seems kinda bitter about the experience.

Sasha quickly backpedaled and added of Jilly, "The further and further I got along, and it was the weirdest thing, 'cause at our date, I remember the yellow heels she was wearing. Oh my God, she's like a knockout. She's so beautiful."

Sasha had plenty to say about the remaining Bachelorette dudes vying for Jillian Harris. Follow the jump for his thoughts on Wes, Juan, David and more ...

Continue Reading...

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It's a good time to be a fan of teenage singers.

A couple days ago, we announced Miley Cyrus tour dates and locations for the fall.

Now, just a few weeks before its release, we've got our hands on the album cover for Demi Lovato's upcoming album, "Here We Go Again."

When asked about the CD, which hits stores on July 21, Demi cited the difference between this effort and her previous one:

“I think [my last album] Don’t Forget was a lot more Jonas sounding. It had a little more of their feel on it. But this album is just me.”

Will you purchase Demi Lovato's new album?

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Joe Jonas and non-romantically linked girlfriend Camilla Belle were seen out on a lunch date this week in LA.

Not too long ago, there were rumors of Camilla ditching Joke Jonas for Robert Pattinson, which would make sense. But apparently Joe and Camilla worked through it and are happy.

Joe and Camilla Lost in Each Other

The two have been dating for about 7 months, though Joe is still saving himself for marriage.

The Jonas Brothers are currently working on an album that comes out this month, and, take it from us: those chicks sure can rock!

  • Joe and Camilla in Lust
  • Camilla and Joe's Autograph
  • Jonas in LA
  • All Laughs for Joe and Camilla
  • Communication is Key For Joe and Camilla

[Photo Credit: Fame Pictures]

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Now, her career can begin...

Almost a week after she was upset in the Britain's Got Talent finals, Susan Boyle has left the mental health care facility into which she was checked last Sunday.

Sources have confirmed that Boyle is no longer a patient at the London Priory Hospital. She'll continue to rest this weekend, though it's unclear if the singer will immediately return to her home in Blackburn, Scotland.

Next week, Boyle will meet with 19 Management, Simon Cowell and Sony BMG to discuss her recording contract and impending album. Score!

"Susan wants to get on with it now," says a source. "She's not quitting - those rumors are rubbish.

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Not everyone can pull off the plaid shirt, big sunglasses, white handbag, skinny jeans and strappy high heels look. But not everyone is Lauren Conrad!

Having filmed her final episode of The Hills, the star has been living life as she sees fit, hanging out with beau Kyle Howard and, of course, shopping.

Here's LC out and about in L.A. yesterday ...

Cute in Plaid

A casual LC indulges in her favorite pastime: shopping!

She's ceded control of The Hills to former nemesis Kristin Cavallari, but that doesn't seem to bother her one bit. After all, she's still young, rich and beautiful.

What do you think of her casual fashion sense? Click to enlarge more Lauren Conrad photos from the SoCal cutie's recent shopping excursion ...

  • Shopping Excursion
  • Her Latest Purchases
  • Skinny Jeans
  • So Many Choices
  • Fashionable Female

[Photo Credits: Fame Pictures]

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Adding to the ranks of celebrity Lakers fans, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo attended Game One of the NBA Finals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night.

The home team won, 100-75, but the true victor was Jess, who's managed to keep this guy around despite her ballooning weight and rapidly deteriorating career.

Just kidding. Well, sort of. One thing's for sure, we like them better as a couple than Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson, who apparently has her own set of issues.

Here's Jessica and Tony arriving and leaving the game:

Simpson and Romo Pic

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo: Going strong! [Photos: Fame Pictures]

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