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Did Madonna's relationship - be it an "affair of the heart" or other body parts - with Yankees star Alex Rodriguez lead to her split with Guy Ritchie?

A source close to the situation says the split was "a long time coming."

Old Madonna Photo

While no third party has been blamed for the breakup of the marriage, "There are many issues, and not the least is her strange relationship with Alex Rodriguez," says the source. "It is spiritual, emotional and romantic."

Alex Rodriguez's rep had no comment.

Alex Rodriguez thinks of Madonna everywhere he goes.

Madonna met the baseball star via mutual friend Ingrid Casares, and the singer introduced him to Kabbalah. The pair also share manager Guy Oseary.

This relationship did not sit well with A-Rod's wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, who filed for divorce on July 7, citing his "extramarital affairs and misconduct."

Though the Madonna and Alex Rodriguez connection was not named in the court documents, Cynthia's attorney said A-Rod had an "affair of the heart."

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The long-awaited High School Musical 3 premieres nationwide October 24. Will you be lining up to get in, or are you tired of all things HSM? Two staffers at The Hollywood Gossip debate just that in this afternoon's Face-Off ...


HECK YES by Hilton Hater

The two most popular reality shows on TV are American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. So how is there even a debate over whether or not one should see a movie that comprises the two key elements of these programs, dancing and singing?

Indeed, High School Musical 3 is more than a chance to say goodbye to characters that have ingrained themselves in our lives (remember when Troy wasn't dating Gabriella? Feels like an economic crisis ago!), it's an opportunity to bid farewell to the East High students through dance numbers that would make the cast of Rent jealous.

Unlike Saved by the Bell, which forced viewers to sit through some brutal college years, as well as a lame movie set in Las Vegas, High School Musical characters such as Sharpay and Chad are leaving on top of their game.

None are expected back for future films in the franchise.

Having followed these teenagers through their most awkward years, we can't imagine turning our backs on them now. Especially with the senior prom featured in the movie. Who will be named king and queen?!?

In closing, the other major motion picture opening Oct. 24 is Saw V. Which screams would you prefer to hear: Those of people about to be tortured to death, or those of fellow High School Musical fans when Zac Efron locks lips with Vanessa Hudgens?

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An alleged sex tape of Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi is not only making the gossip rounds, the New York Post is stating unequivocally that it exists.

Christie Brinkley will love this.

The paper claims to have seen still photos from a sex tape of Peter Cook and Diana Bianchi nude, having sexual intercourse on a brown love seat.

They also show Diana Bianchi performing a striptease down to a pair of black panties and then to her birthday suit as Peter Cook holds his crotch.


Diana Bianchi Picture

Peter Cook is also shown resting his head on Bianchi's ass. It appears the sex tape was made at Cook's Southampton office without her knowledge.

But then there is the matter of other Diana Bianchi photos - apparently not from the sex tape - that show the 19-year-old willingly posing topless.

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Angelina Jolie appeared earlier today on the Today show.

She was interviewed by Matt Lauer and started by talking about her latest film, Changeling. Jolie noted: “It’s an amazing story, because it’s a true story.”

Mental Hospital Style

Also an amazing story? That Angelina and Brad Pitt may adopt again. In the near future.

When might Brangelina add to its brood? Watch this video and find out:

Angelina to Adopt?


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Not everyone gets to go behind (or in front of, or down on, or on top of) Audrina Patridge. That's strictly for Justin-Bobby. Or Corey Bohan.

But behind the scenes of her recent bikini photo shoot for Maxim? That we can deliver for you. And it's not a terrible consolation prize...

Mmm. Looks like a hot day ... and we're not talking about the desert scenery, people. Click to enlarge more photos of Audrina Patridge below ...


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Another day, another addition to the growing list of Hayden Panettiere hairstyles.

The petite actress flaunted her newest 'do on Wednesday, featuring a little twist to her usual straight style, while out shopping in West Hollywood...

Hayden Panettiere In Glasses With A Bun

What do you think of Hayden Panettiere's newest hairstyle?


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Paula Abdul is insane and Jennifer Lopez is pretty much irrelevant in the celebrity gossip world at this point.

Still, the American Idol judge and the former A-list superstar make news from time to time, typically for reasons we'd be ashamed of.

Kylie Jenner Fashion

The latest example? They were caught wearing the same dress! The horror!

Study the photos below and respond to our poll: Who wears this outfit better?


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The Bachelorette's DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak are still engaged, and looking to become just the second couple from the entire Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise to actually get hitched (Trista and Ryan Sutter being the other success story).

They are not getting married until May, but they sure looked ready to walk down the aisle during a visit Wednesday to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

DeAnna Pappas shocked many by selecting Jesse over Jason Mesnick - who will be the next star of The Bachelor - on the season finale of The Bachelorette. But ever since, DeAnna and Jesse have certainly looked happy and in love.

Here's hoping it lasts!

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DJ AM is lucky to be alive - and he knows it.

Following a place crash that killed four people, the man whose real name is Adam Goldstein was recently released from the hospital.

DJ AM, Hayley Wood

He attended a concert in his honor in Hollywood last night and thanked fans for their support. Take a look:



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Lo looks kinda rough in this pic. Sorry, but it's true.

We understand makeup does a lot, though, and aren't judging LC’s BFF by any means. We're just posting this picture of her for The Hills fans out there.

Lo Bosworth Shoots Over Lunch

As the story of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag reconciling continues to circulate, Lo Bosworth got her hair done at the Warren Tricomi Salon in L.A. ...

FRIENDS IN LO PLACES: LC's BFF Lauren Bosworth gets her hair done in L.A.

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