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Britney Spears' shows at Madison Square Garden are getting absolutely panned by the press, as she's apparently mailing in dance moves and lip-syncing even worse than usual, relying on flashy lights and costume changes to get by.

Well, the crowd is still getting riled up by something.

Steamy Britney Picture

Security had to remove three fans from the aisles of the New York City arena after other fans complained that they were dancing too provocatively.

Yes, fans complained about risque dancing. At a Britney Spears concert. Apparently her shows are G-rated and not at all based around her sexuality.

One ousted fan, Sandra Ion, said, “I guess there had been a complaint from someone in our section that our dancing was too risque. Meanwhile, Britney is onstage gyrating half-naked and singing ‘Get Naked.’ It was totally ridiculous."

"They should have just moved whoever complained instead of all of us.”

Britney Spears shows often involve scenes like this. They are true family events, which is probably why three fans were ejected Tuesday night for "suggestive" dancing.

No details on what Sandra and her friends specifically did to get the boot from security, but we wonder how it could possibly have been worse than:

Either way, her handlers should consider enlisting these fans as backup dancers to liven up the painfully boring concerts lately. Spice it up, Britney!

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A-Rod and Kate Hudson have been getting all the celeb gossip attention in the clubhouse - to the dismay of rival New York Yankees girlfriend Minka Kelly.

But are Derek Jeter and Kelly the ones taking it to the next level, in secret?

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

"Derek and Minka are secretly engaged," an insider told the New York Post.

This is almost certainly a lie, but the paper says the Yankee captain and the actress are telling close pals to "save the date" for nuptials in the fall.

"The wedding is being planned and will take place after baseball season is over," said a source. But is it just gossip concocted to sell newspapers?

A rep for Kelly said, "There is no fall wedding planned to Derek Jeter."

Is Minka Kelly engaged to Derek Jeter?

Well, that kind of sounds like a "no," but it's an awfully specific denial, no? The kind where they could marry December 22 and say it wasn't in the fall? Or marry in a civil ceremony with a judge officiating and not call it a wedding?

Page Six also points out that the gorgeous Friday Night Lights star denied she was even dating the future Hall of Famer when they were seen together last year.

Now ... she hasn't been spotted with a ring! Case closed!

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While women around the country might habve dirty thoughts about Robert Pattinson, we've discovered a new way to get close to the Twilight Saga star:

Clean yourself up!

A keen Toronto manufacturer has come out with a set of Robert Pattinson shower curtains, as shown below. The only problems with this incredible accessory? The initial order sold out instantly; and owners of them might never leave the bathroom.

The curtains feature a three-foot tall headshot of the actor, hand-pained and in full-on Edward Cullen mode.

They've been on sale at, so we encourage readers to visit that site often and see if a new set has been released. Or just keep coming back to this page and ogle until your heart is content. Either way.

Robert Pattinson Shower Curtain

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Taylor Swift is featured in the latest edition of Bliss magazine, a British publication that clearly has good taste in cover girls.

The country music superstar dishes on love and courage inside the issue, among other topics. Here are excerpts from her interview:

On love: “Love is something that happens to really lucky people, but sometimes it’s not an exact fit. A lot of times you end up with people who maybe look the way you want them to, but don’t act the right way.”

On song lyrics: “Putting personal details into my songs is a fearless move because there is a lot to lose. Some people might be freaked out and not talk to me in case they might end up in a song. But if one person is able to relate to it, then it’s worth it.”

On being let down: “Most of my songs are about when I’ve built up someone in my mind, but they’ve turned out not to be the person I thought they were. At that point, for me, there is no turning back.”

Gee, we wonder if she's referring to Joe Jonas.

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Despite her fiance's blatant, confirmed alleged cheating, Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski are doing fine and looking forward to moving on with their life together.

That's according to friend Melissa Rycroft, who competed for the love of Jason Mesnick along with Jillian (and eventual winner Molly Malaney) on The Bachelor.

"She is doing really well," Rycroft said at a Kenneth Cole charity event in L.A. "Jillian and Ed are happy, and I know she is excited to become a U.S. citizen."

"She's moving to Chicago [where Ed Swiderski lives] soon."

The buzz surrounding Ed in recent weeks has centered around dalliances with Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen before, during and after The Bachelorette.

Basically, he two-timed both of them before Jillian was in the picture, then continued to text and have sex with at least one of them after he proposed.

There are even reports he left a Chicago bar with another woman last week.

Jillian Picture

Melissa Rycroft said she hopes Jillian Harris will marry Ed Swiderski.

"I absolutely do. I know they love each other, and I know they are planning a wedding, and I know she wants to marry him. I hope it works out for them."

"You know, granted it's not my business to comment, but Jillian's real life is fantastic," Melissa Rycroft stressed, diplomatically and perhaps untruthfully.

As for her own wedding to Tye Strickland, M-Ry said, "We had to register online!"

Tye added: "I think it's the coolest concept ever, of course! I have never registered for a wedding before. I can just go online and pick out all the stuff and people are going to buy it for me! We should get married more often!"

Hopefully for Melissa, this engagement actually takes, unlike her previous effort.

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Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to felony assault (and given five years' of probation as a result) and apologized to Rihanna personally (multiple times, says he).

He's even professed regret in a YouTube video for the world to see.

But the disgraced R&B star still had something to say, because he sat down with Larry King on Wednesday at CNN's Hollywood headquarters for his first interview since his arrest for beating Rihanna senseless on the eve of the Grammys.

Brown's mother Joyce Hawkins was also there, as well as attorney Mark Geragos. A source says Brown's mom got very emotional and cried during the interview.

Chris Brown's interview will air Wednesday, September 2.

According to reports, the no-holds-barred chat featured Brown answering each and every question put to him. We don't know yet what exactly was asked.

One can assume, though, that the star's probation report, which indicated he got rough with Rihanna twice before the now-infamous assault, was a topic.

Brown was formally sentenced yesterday this week to five years' probation, 52 weeks of domestic-violence counseling and 180 days of community labor.

He will complete that in his home state of Virginia.

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You've heard him sing.

Now, watch and listen to Danyl Johnson talk about his sudden rise to fame.

The X Factor contestant, who caused Simon Cowell to remark that he put on "the best first audition I have ever heard," appeared on Today this morning.

Asked by Matt Lauer about his rise to fame, Johnson said: "It's been pretty mental," an understatement considering his initial audition has been viewed over one million times on YouTube.

A teacher, Johnson said he was pushed to try out for the British version of American Idol by his school children. As for his long-term music goals?

"I guess my dream is to get an album out there and write songs and really enjoy it."

We wish him the best of luck with that.

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If you were curious what Anne Heche really thinks of her deadbeat ex-husband, she left little to the imagination on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Asked what her seven-year-old son Homer's father is up to, or specifically, what his deal is, the Hung star said, "Well... can you say 'lazy ass' on TV?"

Heche and Coley Laffoon have been bickering ever since he filed for divorce in February 2007 after five years of marriage. She said he was a loser who watches porn and hits strip clubs, while he has called her mentally unbalanced.

Last June, they reached a settlement in which the actress agreed to pay him a $275,000 lump sum and $3,700 per month in child support for their son.

But Heche is still bitter. Asked by Letterman what Coley Laffoon does for a living, Anne said: "Dave ... he goes out to the mailbox and he opens up the little mailbox door and goes, 'Oh! I got a check from Anne! I got a check from Anne! Yay!'"


Heche also scolded Dave for marrying girlfriend Regina Lasko: "I told you, don't get married. Forever engaged is a wonderful romantic thing to do."

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are attention whores to the max. They will say, and do, pretty much anything to get celebrity gossip websites to cover it.

And we do, time and again. We are suckers.

Because this is their whole schtick, and they are keenly self-aware of it as well as successful, it often seems pointless to call Speidi out on its absurdity.

Comparing Heidi to Michael Jackson, though?

In a new interview, Spencer Pratt told MTV’s The After Show that Heidi is a “new, modern day, 2010 Michael Jackson. Like Michael Jackson’s in heaven."

"The holy spirit now has Michael Jackson juice, so boom," the slimy one said, fresh off Heidi's epic Miss Universe crap-fest Sunday night in the Bahamas. "For all we know, Heidi gets possessed with Michael Jackson’s divine spirit.”

So basically, he is likening probably the worst performer in the history of music to the recently-deceased, most successful and revolutionary star in the history of entertainment for the sake of headlines. That's Spencer Pratt for you.

Just to prove he really said this, here's the video ...

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Reports of Jon Gosselin saying he's ready to pull out aren't true.

Pull out of his contract with TLC for Jon and Kate Plus 8, that is.

So says Jon Gosselin himself.

"I never said that," the father of eight said, clarifying a statement from earlier in the week in which he said he wished he were a normal working stiff.

"A fan asked me, 'Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to a 9-to-5 job?' And my reply was, 'Yeah, because this is 24-7 and 9-to-5ers punch in and punch out and you have no responsibilities.'" Dude just wants down time!

Pointing to the paparazzi outside his family home, Gosselin said, "Here ... you have to watch what you say so it doesn't contradict something else."

It's not just a celebrity gossip thing, of course. He does a solid amount of contradicting himself with his own quotes, too, like the time he said he was "single," then "in a relationship" with Kate Major, then "exclusive" with Hailey Glassman.

In about a 12-hour period, no less.

Jon the Player

Jon wants to set the record straight. [Photo:]

Still, clearing up other "misinformation," Jon Gosselin said, "Another one was that the kids didn't want to film anymore. They just didn't want to film that day."

"It's 96 degrees outside and they just said they wanted to go in the pool. So guess what? They took their clothes off, put their swimsuits on and jumped in the pool ... I just looked at my producer and said, 'What are you going to do?'"

Um, not pimp out your kids and scar them for life once they learn what Google is?

As for his literal fashion statement the other day (he wore a t-shirt that said "Lies, Lies, Lies") Gosselin says: "I thought it was funny, because people can write anything about me ... How can you say something about me without asking me?"

Um, because you comment to People magazine that you're in a relationship with Kate Major while you're on a double date with Michael Lohan and Jill Zarin?

Just a thought. Perhaps putting a lid on it might help his cause at times.

No comment on whether Jon is really seeking his own reality show.

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