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Christina Aguilera's music video for the song “Keeps Gettin’ Better” premieres October 30.

We have a still image from it below, however, and we need to know: does this singer's look keep getting better?

Christina Aguilera Blue Hair

What do you think of Xtina's hair color in the following photo?


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With all those crazy liberals she works with, The View's resident conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck can't get a word in edgewise on her own talk show.

Fortunately for her, that won't be an issue this weekend as she will be on hand to introduce Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at campaign rallies in Florida.

“I am more than honored to be there, so I will be flying there to travel with her and meet some pretty interesting people,” she said today on The View.

“That’s an honor, I’m excited to do it, and I’ll have some stories I’m sure on Monday,” added Hasselbeck, who was mercifully not maimed by her co-hosts.

You Betcha

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin will share the campaign stage.

According to ABC News, bringing Elisabeth on board comes as the John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign attempts to boost its support among female voters.

Hasselbeck wore a John McCain T-shirt on Tuesday's program, butting heads with liberal co-host Joy Behar as a result and continuing the feud Wednesday.

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Raffaello Follieri, who pleaded guilty to 14 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy, was sentenced Thursday to 4.5 years in prison.

The Italian-born real estate-business magnate, 30, was arrested in June.

Raffaello Follieri Photograph

He was accused of lying to investors by claiming to be the CFO of the Vatican and using swindled funds for a trip to the Dominican Republic over New Year's 2005-2006 with his "then girlfriend" (Anne Hathaway) and another couple.

Raffaello Follieri used the funds for rent ($37,000 / month), medical bills for himself and his "then girlfriend," orthodontist bills for his dad, etc.

His attorney, Flora Edwards, has said her client had good intentions when he started a business to buy property from the Catholic church but that he soon "became intoxicated with it all" when he began moving in A-list circles.

Anne Hathaway and Raffaello Follieri dated for four years but split in June just before his arrest. He conceivably could have faced up to 265 years in prison, but agreed not to appeal a sentence less than 63 months in the big house.

The con man's plea agreement included a stipulation that he forfeit $2.44 million (the amount representing what he obtained via illegal activity). He also agreed to forfeit 12 wristwatches and nine pieces of fine jewelry. Ouch.


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Shayne Lamas who?

Former star of The Bachelor Matt Grant has not given up on love since his split with his airhead reality TV fling. The British hunk is head over heels in love again — this time for his British-born public relations representative, Sarah Robarts.

Matt Grant, 28, says his business relationship with Sarah Robarts, 39 and a single mother of two, eventually evolved into a serious emotional bond.

“It’s the best relationship I have ever been in,” Grant said. “I’m completely in love. She’s extremely beautiful inside and out. She’s one in a million.”

Shayne Dahl Lamas

Matt Grant has ditched Shayne Lamas for his rep, Sarah Robarts.

Sure, he said these things about Shayne Lamas too, but everyone figured he was going to dump that annoying ditz in a matter of weeks. And he did.

When the two first met following Matt Grant’s starring role (and engagement to Lamas) on The Bachelor, it was all business.

But even then, he says, “I couldn’t help but think, ‘Man she’s hot.’”

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Reportedly, everyone on the set of Ugly Betty has seen Lindsay Lohan nude.

But we'll get to that in a moment.

Linds Action

According to The New York Post, Lohan's behavior on the set of the ABC show has been so abysmal that the series has cut the number of episodes she'll appear on from six to four.

“It was a mess. Lindsay would show up every day with an entourage of people," a source said. "She smoked 24/7, and after she left, they had to repaint her dressing room it was such a mess... [Lindsay] would obsessively cut pictures of herself out of the tabloids like she was creating some sort of scrapbook and refused to go on set until [America Ferrera] was there - it was a power play.”

We buy the entourage, and the smoking; but they had to repaint Lohan's dressing room? For what possible reason?

The insider said that a scene in a future Ugly Betty episode involves Ferrera's character pulling down the pants of Lohan's character; but when the action took place, “Lindsay wasn’t wearing any underwear,” and the entire crew learned why she's referred to as "Firecrotch."

However, a friend of Lindsay's countered that accusation:

"Lindsay wears underwear all the time now. She was wearing a G-string. And it was America’s fault. They were rehearsing the scene and America wasn’t supposed to pull Lindsay’s pants down - but she did. Lindsay was so embarrassed, she started crying.”

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Age, schmage.

So Miley Cyrus said this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. The topic of conversation, of course, was rumored boyfriend Justin Gaston.

Partying Singer

"After my last two years, there's been a lot of things that happened, so I've learned just not to judge anyone and go into our friendship with an open mind and not really worry about the age or anything," Cyrus said of the relationship.

As for Gaston himself? Sarah Palin would approve, Miley said.

"He's a really great Christian guy. We have the kind of relationship where we can talk about [things related to being in the public eye] and he gets it."

Forget the age difference between Justin Gaston and Miley Cyrus for a moment. What the heck is the latter wearing in this photo?

While Miley wouldn't confirm that she's dating Gaston, she obviously is.

"Everything is, like, really good. I haven't really been answering the [dating] question much just because we're just really happy with everything and the way everything has worked out," Cyrus said, adding:

"I'm totally gushing right now!"

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They certainly make a cute couple (see photo below), but Kristin Cavallari insists she and Fantastic Four star Chris Evans aren't an item.

The New York Post reported that the two definitely "hooked up" last week at the opening of Cabana One at the Mayfair Hotel in Miami, Florida.

"I hear that too! No, we're just friends," the former Laguna Beach star said Wednesday at the opening of Peter Alexander's flagship L.A. store.

"I've known [Chris Evans] for awhile – just through mutual friends. I've known him for a few years, actually. We're good friends."

Kristin Cavallari, Chris Evans

So what's Kristin Cavallari's ideal type?

"I look for a guy who can really make me laugh," the aspiring actress says. "You know, looks go away after awhile... so someone who can really make me laugh and who's secure with themselves. In L.A. it's hard to find. They're prettier than the girls! There are a few good guys, though, but I haven’t found one lately. Or ever."

Next up for Kristin Cavallari - who one of our staff writers refers to as the original Lauren Conrad: A guest role on CSI.

"I'm filming it this week and next week," she said "I’m really excited."


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DJ AM and Mandy Moore dated for only two months in 2007, but since his plane crash last month, "It's back on," a source close to AM tells Us Weekly.

"Since the accident, it's blossomed into something again."

Mandy Moore rushed to DJ AM’s side after the September 19 crash that left him with burns on his arm and face, injured Travis Barker and killed four others.

Added the insider, "Mandy said, 'I like this guy a lot and I want to see where it can go again. Life is too short to not be with someone you really care about.'"

A witness who saw them at the October 18 Friendly House event in Beverly Hills says, "He was holding her hand, and they were rubbing each other's backs."

So after romances with other celebrities - DJ AM, 35, was once engaged to Nicole Richie, 27, while Moore went out with Scrubs star Zach Braff, 33, and tennis pro Andy Roddick, 26 — can the reunited couple make it work this time?

Says a DJ AM pal, "When you go through what Adam went through, you need people you love and people who love you. He will never stop loving her."

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The presidential election is under two weeks away and tension is rising around the country. The set of The View may be the epicenter of political squabbling.

As usual, the show's resident hot conservative pundit, Elisabeth Hasselbeck clashed with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar over Barack Obama and taxes. But apparently, that was nothing compared to a confrontation taking place after the broadcast.

Hasselbeck was reportedly pissed that Behar has been using The View to tout Behar's upcoming stand-up performance, which she called "political in nature." Elisabeth, sporting a tight little John McCain t-shirt, demanded equal time.

Joy got in Elisabeth's face, screaming "If you do that again I will burn you down." (!?) Elisabeth turned beet red and started to stammer out something. At that point, Joy turned around and yelled, "Shut the f*%k up!" and stormed off.

Just another week at the office.

Below is one of the exchanges (follow this link for more classic, past and present, inflammatory Elisabeth Hasselbeck videos) that sparked it...

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