Former Howard Stern radio star/sidekick Artie Lange appeared on a sports talk show last night, having disappeared from Stern's show in January 2010.

A private medical emergency - which some reported as a suicide attempt - sidelined Lange for a prolonged stretch. But he appears to be better now.

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Distraught, but given no other option, Taylor Swift has been forced to cancel a few upcoming shows on her Speak Now World Tour.

The singer has been diagnosed with bronchitis and advised by her doctor to take it easy. As a result, she won't be performing in Charlotte this Friday, or over the weekend in Atlanta.

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Jennifer Aniston opened up, a little, about a subject she never talks about - the split with her now ex-husband, Brad Pitt - on Inside The Actors Studio.

Sitting down with James Lipton, she reflected on starring in the hit movie The Break Up after having just gone through her own, well publicized one.

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