Scotty McCreery has set a difficult bar for Lauren Alaina to reach.

The American Idol sold almost 200,000 of his debut album last week, earning the top spot in the Billboard 200 list. Now, it's Alaina's turn to see if she can come near that total, as the runner-up has released "Wildflower," a CD she promoted with an appearance on Good Morning America Tuesday.

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Not about to lose her swag just cuz she's 89, Betty White shows off her hardcore rap skillz alongside techno dance artist Luciana in her new music video "I'm Still Hot."

Seriously. You have to see this.

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THG has no problem with cats in general, but three things came to mind after watching this video of a Russian man and his many, many companions:

The sheer number of eyes glaring at the camera makes one think a horror film could begin at any moment. Check out the video and vote in our survey below ...

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