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Welcome to The Hollywood Gossip's Week in Review. Here we look back on the past seven days in Hollywood gossip, celebrity news and rumors.

Some of the highlights from April 10-16 include ...

  • Larry King is divorcing his wife Shawn Southwick amid allegations of infidelity on both parts. He supposedly slept with her sister. Gross.
  • First, their reconciliation bid cooled off. Then they took separate vacations. Now Tiger and Elin Woods look to be heading toward divorce.
  • He will not be prosecuted for the incident, but Ben Roethlisberger's accuser claimed in the police report she was raped by the NFL star.
  • Steven Seagal is still around ... and being sued by Kayden Nguyen for alleged sex trafficking offenses. You could say he's under siege.
  • Tila Tequila is still around ... and wants to be a celeb gossip blogger.

These two guys are terrible at marriage.

  • Justin Bieber called out Miley Cyrus, Disney, and the Jonas Bros., as corny.
  • Spencer Pratt Tweeted all sorts of smack about ... well, take a number.
  • Dancing with the Stars fans eliminated Aiden Turner and kept Kate. Again.
  • American Idol sent two aspirants packing. Adam Lambert brought lasers.
  • Lady Gaga practices celibacy. Yup, she said it, and thinks you should too.
  • Any time, any day of the week, Lindsay Lohan is ready to get sloshed.
Sheen, In Disguise

Playboy turns back the clock ... In Touch turns up the laugh mater.

Doug and Paris Done?

Both of these couples broke up this week.

  • Couples watch: Leighton Meester and Robert Pattinson supposedly hooked up ... as did Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo. Wow. Hot or not?
  • Breakup news: Melissa and Tammy Etheridge split; Mel Gibson and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva are though; Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt called it off at long last; Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are on the brink.
  • Police blotter: Megan Hauserman got popped for DUI; Heidi Montag accused The Hills producer of sexual assault; Desperate Housewives stars stood by their producer, who Nicollette Sheridan accuses of the same.

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What better way to celebrate your two-year dating anniversary, which happened to be Valentine's Day, than getting engaged? Are we right here?

Christina Applegate said last year that her goal was to find "happiness and joy" – and she's done just that with her new finacé Martyn LeNoble.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

"Christina Applegate and musician Martyn Lenoble are engaged," her rep confirmed to People Friday. The couple got engaged on February 14.

Applegate has sure been through a rough couple of years.

The Samantha Who? star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and later underwent a double mastectomy, then reconstructive surgery.

We're thrilled that she's feeling better - and engaged!

This will be the second marriage for both Applegate and LeNoble. No date has been set for the wedding, but we're sure it will be magical. Congratulations to both!

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Rapper and noted Yankee fan Jay-Z is suing Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz for opening a nightclub in his native Dominican Republic named "Forty-Forty."

Jay-Z thinks that's a sample that's too close to his line of "sports lounges" which carry the "40/40 Club" name ... even if Big Papi is spelling out the digits.

Jay-Z and business partner Juan Perez own 40/40 Clubs in New York City, Atlantic City and Las Vegas and have plans to open venues in Tokyo and Macau.

They have accused Ortiz of "trading on the fame, value and goodwill of their name through his club Forty/Forty and its website,"

Okay, but would he sue Alex Rodriguez for the same thing? Just asking.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: If you can't beat 'em, sue 'em! Wait, the Yankees won the World Series last year. Never mind. That's just adding insult to injury then.

The lawsuit also notes that "David Ortiz is fully aware of plaintiff's Manhattan 40/40 Club, since he had been a patron there on several occasions."

Jay-Z named his club "40/40" because in baseball, that refers to a 40-home run, 40-steal season, or "as exclusive as it gets." Cool name for a club.

An odd choice for Ortiz to rip off, though, as he is one of the slowest land mammals to ever roam this planet, having recorded just 10 thefts career.

Make he just likes the food (clearly his waist line would corroborate that)... or he means 40 injections in 40 days, or some better steroid reference.

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Michelle McGee never ceases to amaze. We'll never doubt her again.

Just when you think she can't possibly keep entertaining us, she comes out with a BS apology to Sandra Bullock or an interview in which she plays the victim.

Bombshell McGee

Or photos where she's nude and riding an old-school bombshell. Yes, really. Jesse James' mistress wearing nothing but ammo and living up to her nickname.

Again, how long can this trashy chick keep one-upping herself for our amusement? At least this doesn't qualify as a Nazi photo, but it's almost as revolting.

Here's Michelle "Bombshell" McGee in all her absurd, naked glory ...

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Are they together or are they not?

While Twilight Saga fans endlessly debate the relationship status of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, sources say even the actress is "fed up" with the mystery. She is "sick of the charade," an insider told OK! Weekly.

Popular Star

But those negative feelings turned positive last week, when Robert surprised his girlfriend with romantic weekend in Budapest, where he’s been filming the movie Bel Ami, and talking about Stewart.

“Rob’s talked to everyone on set about Kristen,” a witness said. “He confided to a few people that he had something huge planned for her birthday.”

Stewart turned 20 on April 9, partook in a Bel Ami wrap party the next day and then jetted off with Robert to London on April 11. The couple is at Budapest Airport in the image below:

Even while separated by an ocean, Pattinson and Stewart kept in constant contact. They phoned, texted and/or Skyped almost every night.

“On one video chat, he sat with hand in hair and head cocked to the side, just smiling, for minutes,” a source told OK!. “Finally she giggled and said, ‘What?’ And he replied, ‘I just love you. I miss you so much.’ ”

Awww, that's so sweet... and likely made up, unless this individual has bugged Pattinson's apartment. Be careful, Rob!

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Attention, Kim Kardashian: This is how you avoid being a hypocrite.

Simply speak the consistent truth, explaining how you feel pressure to keep a thin figure because that's what Hollywood executives are looking for. Then, curse the system.

That's what Amanda Seyfried has done, as she says it takes "a hell of a lot of work" to keep off the pounds. She adds that her body is "always on my mind" and:

"If I have to diet, it's salad with protein, salmon and broccoli, no dessert. But what kind of life is that? So I work out a lot and I'm just pretty moderate about what I eat."

The movie star and former Big Love cast member says that such an obsession is simply, sadly part of her job description.

"I have to stay in shape because I'm an actress. It's f-cked up and it's twisted, but I wouldn't get the roles otherwise. If I'd been bigger, I don't think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!"

Off Big Love

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Jennifer Aniston has a new perfume out. It is called Lovalie.

Maybe you figured that out based on the headline above. How can her new scent stand out in a market loaded with celebrity fragrances? Simple ...


Jennifer Aniston nude. Marketing at its simplest and best!

Sitting on the shoals at sunset wearing nothing but a blanket, here's Jen posing for an ad for what she has termed her "non-perfume perfume" ...

LOVALIE: To say the least. To say the very least.

"I want people to go, 'What is that? You smell great!'" Jen told WWD of her signature scent. "But most of all I just wanted it to smell natural."

Wonder if Brad Pitt enjoyed it the last time he was kissing her.

We're sure the fragrance will achieve that goal. What it won't do is make you as hot as Jennifer Aniston. You're paying for her name. Sorry!

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Sorry, Cristiano Ronaldo. You're not the only person to see Kim Kardashian naked this week.

But there's a difference between the bare body Ronaldo reportedly went home with in Madrid, and the one Kim show off inside this month's Harper Bazaar: the latter is UNtouched.

Following in the natural footsteps of Jessica Simpson's Marie Claire spread, Kardashian appears nude in the magazine, without the use of Photoshop. She says of the shoot:

"I think the message is embrace your curves and who you are. I feel proud if young girls look up to me and say, 'I'm curvy and I'm proud of it now.'"

Kim Kardashian Nude... Again

That would be a great, healthy message to send... IF IT WEREN'T COMPLETE AND UTTER BS!

Kardashian hasn't let three consecutive sentences slip out in public over the past few months without mentioning QuickTrim. She and her family tout that diet supplement at every opportunity, despite the fact that it isn't approved by the FDA - but, hey, whatever pays the bills!

Heck, she just appeared on the cover of yet another tabloid, bragging about how much weight she's lost.

At one point, Kim, you may have been a role model for curvy women everywhere. You could have embraced that responsibility. Instead, you sold out, becoming just another female celebrity that sends a message to girls around the world that's wholly opposed to the crap you spew above:

Go thin or go home.

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Ali Fedotowsky is in for a world of drama when The Bachelorette returns May 24. Seriously, that's the theme of the new season: "Around the World."

They're not joking, either. According to reports, the season is being filmed in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, Iceland, Turkey, and Portugal.

Those are just the locations confirmed. There are also whispers about Tahiti. Makes Jake Pavelka's season look about as boring as ... Jake Pavelka.

You'll never believe it, either, but word is that in one of those locations, something happens this season that has never happened in show’s history.

Okay, they say that every freaking week. But unlike most contrived nonsense, this was actually not fake or something that ABC planned in advance.

Cute New Bachelorette

Spurned by Jake Pavelka, Ali Fedotowsky calls the shots this time around. Elegant, yet casual and fun shots, as evidenced by this Bachelorette promotional photo.

The details right now are being kept under wraps, but you know that's only temporary. Something scandalous goes down and soon, we will find out what.

Also to be expected, someone from the last season of The Bachelor makes an appearance this season. No word on who. Please, please let it not be Jake.

In any case, we're psyched for the new season. On the fake reality TV scale, this is the absolute cream of the crop ... and Ali Fedotowsky is really cute.

A favorite to be named The Bachelorette from the get-go, Ali should be a natural. Guess a turn at stardom chance at love won out over work in the end.

Are you excited to see Ali as The Bachelorette?


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