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Note to Spencer Pratt: WE KNOW.

We've all seen the Heidi Montag nude photo spread in Playboy and read the disgusting quotes already. You have officially over-exposed your prize ho wife, even by your high standards. It's time to put the magazine down.

And judging by Heidi's hand position in the photo below, she may want to put something down, as well. Please, you two, get a room (on another planet) ...

That's My Girl

Spencer Pratt proudly displays his wife's overrated Playboy cover.

While Playboy has likely never had a more hyped, less appealing spread, which is saying something, Speidi is no doubt laughing all the way to the bank as usual.

Click to enlarge more photos of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag celebrating his 26th birthday at Cut restaurant in Beverly Hills Friday, and going out for frozen yogurt, and shopping, with Spencer proudly waving a copy of Playboy all the way ...

  • Showing Her Off
  • Makin' Bank!!
  • Grabbing Some Heidi
  • Frozen Yogurt Date
  • Mister and Mrs. Pratt
  • Just Nauseating
  • Heidi's Pimp
  • Spencer's Birthday Menu

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Despite their hotness, we were forced to take down Ashley Greene nude photos last week. Some lawyers can be so prude!

But no attorney can come after us for the pictures published below.

Ashley Greene in France

They depict the Twilight Saga star in almost all her naked glory, as she's voluntarily clad in lingerie... and cuteness!

You can go ogle Robert Pattinson pictures for a few hours, ladies.

But if you're gonna drag your boyfriends to New Moon, you gotta at least give them a reason to get excited for it. Here is that reason:

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Being arrested for DUI is not exactly a first for former MLB player and known lush Matt Keough of The Real Housewives of Orange County quasi-fame.

This latest bust is pretty impressive, however.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department reports that it busted Matt Keough on Saturday afternoon when he rolled a stop sign in Coto de Caza, Calif.

But Keough didn't stop right away, so the Sheriff's say they had to follow him all the back the his place. Law enforcement gave him a blood test.

He tested three times over the legal limit.

Matt Keough was taken into custody and posted $10,000 bail.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail in January 2008 for ... a DUI arrest that violated the terms of his probation following his 2005 DUI arrest.

That's a poorer track record than his 58-84 mark as a pitcher.

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Set to premiere September 13, the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards are coming up. Before you know it, Russell Brand will be on stage ripping the Jonas Brothers.

It's not an event you want to miss.

Below, a number of today's top music stars, which the event theoretically honors, preview the enormous, albeit arbitrary awards with nice promotional photos.

From left, Katy Perry (up for best video for her hit "Hot N Cold"), Cobra Starship (up for best pop video), Taylor Swift (nominated for best video for "You Belong with Me") and Ne-Yo (presenter and best male video nominee for "Miss Independent").

Click to enlarge the photos below ...

  • Katy Perry VMA Promo Pic
  • Cobra Starship
  • A Swift Seller
  • A Ne-Yo Photo

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One Michael Kors. One movie star. One Gossip Girl.

When Angelina Jolie wore a black leather version of the strapless dress to the premiere of Inglourious Basterds, well, we were floored by the mother of six. Especially because she looks so much better than she does bronzed and breastfeeding.

But perhaps not as much as we were when Gossip Girl's Blake Lively wore the same dress in neon pink at the CFDAs. She looked so youthful, bold, vibrant...

OK, we'll stop now.

So, who do you think wore this dress better? We know it's a no-lose proposition, but tell us who you think wins this style showdown in the survey below ...

Angie vs. Blake

Who wore this dress better?


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Robert Pattinson wasn't always a handsome, world famous star.

There was a time when he was merely handsome.

Laying Low

We've uncovered shots from the actor's first-ever photo shoot, taken alongside British model Lucy Flower in 2001 for the South China Morning Post newspaper. That's a long way from Entertainment Weekly and People.

Pattinson is seen here in a retro-style Miu Miu bathing suit. Flower described her co-model as not "very comfortable with the outfit," also telling Star magazine:

“Robert was such a shy, reserved little boy back then, I never would have thought he had that kind of superstardom ahead of him."

Click on the pics below for enlarged versions of the younger Twilight Saga star. He's come a long way, hasn't he?

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It's been almost two months since Michael Jackson passed away June 25, and what once looked like an open-and-shut case has sparked a massive investigation.

What is taking so long? Many things, some deeply intertwined and confusing.

If the singer's autopsy report reveals other drugs besides the anesthesia Propofol, prosecutors will have a harder time building a case against Dr. Conrad Murray.

As Jackson's personal physician, Murray is believed to have given Propofol to Michael on what was his final morning. But it could be a difficult case to argue he killed Jackson if the star were addicted to other prescription drugs.

Reports say police found Propofol an Xanax in Jackson's autopsy.

"You have to show that the doctor knew about all of these other doctors prescribing other drugs," says one Los Angeles deputy D.A. "It's a classic problem."

Picture of Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray, who reportedly admitted to police that he gave Jackson the hospital anesthetic in the hours before his death, has not been charged with any crime, and through his attorney he has maintained his innocence.

But search warrants served on Murray for his offices and storage facilities in Nevada and Texas indicate he's the target of a manslaughter investigation.

Many anesthesiologists say it is negligent and unusual for a doctor to administer Propofol in a home setting and not in a hospital, and without proper monitoring.

Legal experts think that fact alone not be enough to prosecute Murray.

Continue Reading...

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Alyssa Milano married David Bugliari, a Hollywood agent, at his family's estate in New Jersey on Saturday, making him the envy of MLB players everywhere.

Milano, wearing a custom gown by Vera Wang and holding a bouquet of lily of the valley flowers, walked down an aisle to the tune of John Lennon's "Imagine."

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

The couple exchanged traditional vows under a wrought-iron gazebo decorated with willow, calla lilies and roses. Among the guests was actor Bradley Cooper.

Alyssa Milano is now Mrs. David Bugliari.

"We wanted a wedding that was reflective of who we are as a couple" says Alyssa Milano, who has described meeting her husband back in 2006 "a lovely gift."

David Bugliari, 30, an agent at the Creative Artists Agency, got engaged to Milano, 36, in December with a ring he made at Daniel Jewelry in La Jolla, Calif.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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In honor of the hot 2009 Teen Choice Awards this past week, we thought we would bust out this classic, musically historic blast from that award show's past.

The year? 2006. Britney Spears? Pregnant. Kevin Federline? Trying to jump start his new rap career. Which began and ended with this very live performance.

Here's K-Fed "rapping" at the Teen Choice Awards. Try not to "Lose Control" at the sight of the video, as it's at least an 8.5 on the unintentional comedy meter.

Also funny? Dane Cook was apparently the host that year as well. Luckily, the Vanessa Hudgens nude scandal(s) hadn't yet taken place for him to joke about.

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It's just a ring, guys. Stop making stuff up and trying to stir up controversy, guys. This story is complete BS. You're just jealous. Leave Britney alone!!

We know that one or more of the above comments are what you're about to say, and we've heard it all before. Come on, we're just posting a photo.

It is undeniably true that as celebrity gossip purveyors, we meticulously analyze every detail, sometimes overly so. But we are forced to ask again:

Is Britney Spears engaged?

Despite the fact that she hasn't been seen with agent beau Jason Trawick in some time, the ring she's been wearing - on the ring finger of her left hand - seems to suggest it. Sure, she could just be wearing a diamond ring for fun, but ...

  • Britney Spears' Ring?
  • Britney's Ring

Is Britney Spears sporting an engagement ring? You be the judge.

Engaged to Jason Trawick or not, something certainly has our girl in a good mood these days (something besides her daily cocktail of anti-depressants).

Spears strolled through L.A. with a friend smiling all the while before hopping into her Porsche Boxster with her assistant and driving away happily.

A guy popping the question will do that.

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