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Recently, The Hollywood Gossip began holding a weekly Comments Contest to reward those who spark debate with the most original comments on our articles.

We are happy to announce that lemonylimes won this week with 196!

As a result, this user has won Lauren Conrad's book courtesy of The Hollywood Gossip editorial board. Not bad, right? You will be contacted shortly to receive it!

This week's honorable mention: jesisnaus. Second place isn't bad!

Sorry we can only give out one prize, but good news; There's an all-new THG Contest happening again this week, beginning today! Details to follow shortly ...

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Chris Brown is gettin' all introspective and emotional these days.

There's little doubt who the troubled star was referring to when he took to his Twitter page to virtually reflect on and yearn for "The Way We Used to Be."

He linked to a fan-made YouTube video montage, set to the tune of R. Kelly's "The Way We Used to Be," showing footage of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Back before he destroyed their love and her cheekbones, that is.

"IM SORRY YALL. JUST HAD TO POST IT," he wrote with the link.


In other news, Chris' Twitter name is MechanicalDummy.

It was a pretty blatant appeal to the ex-girlfriend he's not allowed within 100 yards of. But Brown, who released his new single last week, wasn't done there.

A few minutes after posting the video, the singer Twittered the following message of inspiration to all you love-struck guys out there: "FOR THE FELLAS: showing emotion doesn't make u weak... BEING HONEST MAKES U STRONG."

That may be. But a YouTube video set to a song by a guy best known for urinating on girls and child porn charges may not be the best way of showing it.

Here's a look at the way Chris Brown and Rihanna used to be ...

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You're a human who knows entirely too much about vampires.

So Alice warns Bella at the outset of the latest New Moon trailer, as the preview goes on to showcase...

  • Dakota Fanning as Volturi member Jane;
  • Jacob (Taylor Lautner) as a werewolf;
  • Edward (Robert Pattinson) as the only one that "will risk everything for her."

New Moon, of course, comes out on November 20. Find out where you can meet cast members from the movie before then and check out this new promo below:

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What's an NYU girl to do when she needs to impress her loyal subjects into anointing her queen? Well, getting Lady Gaga to play a private show would help!

That’s what Blair (Leighton Meester) does in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl November 16. The pop star just filmed her performance on the CW drama.

Lady Gaga Rolling Stone Cover

Gaga will be performing her new single, “Bad Romance.”

“My little sister is the hugest Gossip Girl fan ever,” the dance-pop songstress, who joins Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks as guest stars this season, told People.

Penn Badgley, Lady Gaga and Leighton Meester on the Gossip Girl set.

Many of the series' fans feel like it's been selling out a bit with the high-profile cameos and characters, but we doubt there will be much opposition to this.

Word has it that the show's all-knowing blogger/narrator voiced by Kristen Bell will post a rumor about Gaga being a hermaphrodite. Just kidding. Probably.

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You don't see this every day. That is a good thing.

Videos on the popular website Funny or Die invite you to vote Funny or Die. But they don't typically involve a kid at the end screaming he is going to die.

If Los Angeles city planners ever wondered why its public transportation system isn't more popular, this four-minute video ought to answer that question.

When some smarty pants kids decided to repeatedly harass what appeared to be a transvestite hooker - on her/his birthday no less - they got theirs.

We're not saying they deserved it, but ...

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It's the least well-kept secret on the Internet: The Hollywood Gossip is not a big fan of Miley Cyrus.

For months, we railed against the singer's self-serving use of Twitter, as well as her general ego and inappropriate attire for a 16-year old.

But might our staff need to adjust to a world in which Cyrus serves as an actual role model?!? She deleted her Twitter account this month because she came to the mature realization that it's not healthy to tell the world about your every thought and action.

Over the weekend, meanwhile, Miley performed at the Concert For Hope, a charity event held at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. In a giving gesture, she sung "The Climb" on stage with a young cancer patient. Check it out:

The event benefitted cancer research and treatment programs at City of Hope, one of the country’s leading cancer centers.

Just like last year - when she raised over two million dollars - Miley is donating one dollar from every ticket sold during her Wonder World Tour to the organization.

It's an act of charity even our critical staff can't find a single thing wrong with. Now, if only Cyrus would do something about her young sister's Halloween costume...

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Lindsay Lohan's life is going from bad to worse.

According to Fox News and the New York Post, the former singer Lohan been dropped by Casablanca Records, for which she used to create terrible music.

That's not even the only bad career news surrounding LL today. It was also revealed that her high-profile (and panned) fashion gig at Ungaro is a freebie.

Yes, Lindsay even paid for her own hotel and flight to Paris for her recent appearance for Ungaro's Paris Fashion Week show, and did a pretty bad job too.

She did come away with a ton of free Ungaro clothes, which provided her plenty of nice things to wear to future DUI hearings at least. Silver lining, right?

  • Walking Wreck
  • Hobo Style

Apparently to afford regular clothes, or a mirror, Lindsay Lohan channels her inner homeless person out on the town. [Photos:]

What's an alleged actress to do when her main job is a glorified internship?

Are you thinking what we're thinking? Two things spring to mind:

  1. Reality show.
  2. Sex tape.

It could be happening. Well, at least option #1. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan was being followed by a camera crew in Paris at the Vogue party and later when she hit up a ton of clubs around the famed European City.

Then again, it could've just been for an episode of True Hollywood Fail.

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It's official. Nothing can stop the Shauna Sand sex tape now.

The 97-percent plastic Playboy model has withdrawn a legal challenge claiming the tape of her and some boyfriend fornicating was released against her will.

She withdrew it after Steven Hirsh, co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, brought in a handwriting expert to prove Shauna had in fact signed off on the tape.

Wouldn't you know it, she had. All 12 people clamoring for the Shauna Sand sex tape can celebrate the fact that it's release will not be delayed any longer.

After meeting with her on Thursday, Hirsh said the ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas has withdrawn the cease and desist letter her lawyer she sent Vivid this month.

Hirsh says Shauna's reason for withdrawing her challenge to the filthy, unappealing tape's release was because the lawsuit could prove "long and expensive."

Mmm. Sure.

Or because it was just a token threat to make it look like she didn't plan this desperate, nasty plea for attention all along. Yup, we're gonna go with that.

Shauna Pic

Shauna Sand has pulled out of a legal battle involving her sex tape. The guy co-starring in said tape is doing nothing of the sort, if you know what we mean!

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Less than a week after his affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley came to light, ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips has been fired.

ESPN made the announcement last night during the American League Championship Series, during which Phillips normally would have been in the studio.

"Steve Phillips is no longer working for ESPN," the network said.

"His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, and it became evident it was time to part ways."

Steve's rep issued a statement saying that Phillips "is voluntarily admitting himself to an in-patient treatment facility to address his personal issues."

The statement did not specify the nature of said issues, although we're gonna guess that the married father of four's parking lot sex sessions with Brooke Hundley, a certifiable nut job who went on to harass his family, were a factor.

Steve Phillips has proven himself a very stable, upstanding individual.

Phillips previously had taken a leave of absence after details emerged of his relationship with Brooke Hundley, whom he met at the All-Star Game in St. Louis.

Steve and his wife, Marni Phillips, issued statements to police describing harassing phone calls by Hundley after the relationship ended, and at least one frenzied visit by Hundley in person to their Wilton, Conn., home in August.

Brooke dropped off an insane letter to Marni detailing her affair with Steve, then is said to have stalked their teenage son on Facebook. Marni then called 911.

Steve Phillips, a former GM of the New York Mets, had risen steadily on ESPN's depth chart, joining Jon Miller and Joe Morgan in the game booth Sundays.

He admitted to extramarital affairs while with the Mets, as well.

Brooke Hundley has proven herself a very stable, upstanding individual.

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Comeback Story of the Year Britney Spears is being remodeled and revamped into a gentler, sweeter star by her father and conservator, Jamie Spears.

Well, except for her music of course. Minor detail.

"He’s really trying to clean up her image," a source told Fox News of Brit's chief handler. "He’s making a lot of changes to the people around her."

"Everyone is a bit on edge they could be replaced."

Sean and Jayden's new dad Jason Trawick seems safe, but Jamie Spears and his team have been busy hiring and firing various people in the star's camp.

He is also said to be paranoid of afraid of letting anybody get too close or learning too much about his daughter, whose past troubles are well documented.

"Britney’s family has seen what happens when she gets too close to outsiders (cough, Sam Lutfi) and they lose control of her completely," said the source.

Britney Spears Sans Pants

Britney Spears' days of pantsless, 2 a.m. visits to Kitson are over, thanks to her dad. But her risque music is here to stay. [Photo:]

But how does Britney apparently feel about all the changes instituted by her father? "She is so out of it she just doesn’t care anymore," added an insider.

Of Britney, a source close to her reports: "She just does what she’s told and is totally in her world, she’ll even call people at all hours of night for a general conversation and acts like it’s the middle of the day or something."

Raise your hand if you're surprised. Anyone? No?

Of course, while Jamie is busy trying to shake up those surrounding her, one thing he doesn’t seem to be changing or trying to make more innocent is her music.

Britney is set to soon release a raunchy music video for her new single "3" - a track which focuses on exactly what you think it does. Her having a threesome.

"Merrier the more, triple fun that way," a breathy Britney sings. "Three is a charm, two is not the same. I don’t see the harm, so are you in the game?"

Gulp. Yeah. Somehow we assume that raunchy style isn't going away anytime soon. Otherwise her record sales would. It's all she's got going for her.

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