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She's baaaaaack!


Kate Gosselin confirmed earlier this week that she's returning to Dancing With the Stars. Don't worry, they didn't let her back into the fold to boost ratings. She's just tangoing her way to the show's May 24 and 25 season finales.

"I think there better be one more dance left in me," the Kate Plus 8 star wrote on her blog. "C'mon, I know you all missed my unique dance style!"

So much, it's scary.

Since she got the boot April 20, Gosselin says she's mostly "hung up" her dancing shoes: "The day has come... my dance shoes (all six dirty well-used pairs of them) already have begun collecting dust," the mother of eight blogged.

Kate on DWTS

You can't keep a dancing queen down. Or Kate Gosselin even.

She still misses it sometimes, though: "My eyes landed on my abandoned dance shoes and a wave of sadness mixed with a longing came over me," she said.

"Ohhhh suddenly I missed EVERYTHING about dancing ... not only the friends I have made and stay in touch with almost daily, but also learning the steps and even the complete fear of sudden death that the dance floor caused me! Gulp!"

Better than the feeling of sudden death Jon Gosselin and Ellen Ross will feel after Kate snaps and takes them both out in a fit of rage, that's for sure.

But she did "a bit of reflecting" and decided she's happy "reintegrat[ing] back into home life. Without a doubt, Dancing with the Stars was a life-changing experience," she concluded. "I wouldn't trade the experience for anything!"

It will be interesting to see what Kate has planned for May 24.

Who are you rooting for on Dancing with the Stars?


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Blake Lively is so gorgeous, we don't even know where to begin.

Okay, here's an idea. We'll begin with a couple of smokin' hot Blake Lively pictures from the Met Costume Institute Gala - both then and now!

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

In 2009, she donned a gorgeous, teal-blue Versace number that showed off her chest ... and one of her long, long legs. Not shabby, Blake.

Then earlier this week, she really switched things up with a short, teal Marchesa number... showing off both of her legs! Way to mix it up!

Boobs, legs, color, hair, pose? Check, check ... wow. They're all accounted for. But which gown looked better on the Gossip Girl star? Vote ...

Blake Lively looked better ...


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck danced her way out of this one.

Having needlessly bashed Erin Andrews for dressing provocatively on Dancing With the Stars, criticizing her outfits on a dance competition show in which contestants of both genders all dress scantily, Elisabeth felt terrible.

On Tuesday, Hasselbeck implied that Erin should tone it down and said her peephole stalker could've waited a few months to see the goods with less prison time.

Pretty uncool.

Andrews understandably called the commentary "a slap in the face," and Hasselbeck apologized, saying that her young daughter advised her to contact Andrews.

"I wanted to offer that publicly too," Hasselbeck said, and you have to give her credit for that at least, not to mention the sincerity. Here it is:

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Heidi Montag wouldn't really get plastic surgery, would she?

Okay, she totally would, but we still don't know if we buy the Life & Style Weekly cover story, which claims she "plans to risk her life again with another surgery."

The magazine quotes Spencer Pratt as saying she wants to increase her breast size from 700 cc's to 800 cc's. We don't know what that means, but sounds icky.

"She wants to do it within the next two months and film it for a new show she and Spencer have been pitching to cable networks E! and Oxygen," an insider says.

Even crazier? Heidi's looking to have the surgery done in Europe, and Spencer insists he's already doing everything he can to keep her away from plastic surgery.

It's a daunting task.

The lure of being voluntarily mangled is just too strong.

"I try to stop her," Spencer tells Life & Style. "She wants her doctor to come over once a week to plump up her lips. I keep telling her that they're big enough."

So what put her over the edge and allegedly "drove" and "forced" her to seek more surgeries? Spence says it was an off-the-cuff remark by Ryan Seacrest.

"When Heidi entered the studio, Ryan told her that her breasts didn't look that big," Spencer said, saying she misread the host's attempt to downplay things.

"She was taken aback," Spencer says. "She came home in shock."

The incident confirmed the outrageous fear she'd had since her plastic surgery addiction reared its head in November: that her breasts still aren't big enough.

Okay, look. We've seen enough Heidi Montag pictures to tell you this from an objective, and well-informed viewpoint. Heidi, we hate to inform you, but:

Yes they are. They are hilariously huge fake boobs. Enough, girl.

Heidi Montag looked/looks hotter ...


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The latest issue of In Touch Weekly features a cover story that says Kim Kardashian is a talentless fame whore. Which raises an obvious question:

How is this news?

Speaking to the tabloid, Kim's ex-husband has harsh words for the woman he was married to from 2000-2004. He says the reality star is "obsessed with fame" and "jealous and competitive with her sisters."

“She can’t write or sing or dance, so she does harmful things in order to validate herself in the media,” Thomas says. “That’s a fame whore to me. It’s just not cool at all.”

We actually find it very cool. Kim's desperate ways allow us to mock her and criticize her on an almost-daily basis. We also get to see her naked sometimes.

Late last month, another report targeted Thomas and accused him of beating Kim. He says this claim is "absolutely not true" and Kim made up the allegations to get “a lot of money” out of him.

So, why did the couple divorce? Simple, Thomas says: Kardashian was cheating on him with “multiple guys.”

In closing, Thomas confirms he paid for multiple plastic sugery procedures (such as liposuction and a boob job) for Kim and that the final straw in their marriage was when he spotted her on a date with J. Lo's ex, Chris Judd.

That's a lot to take in. Do you believe anything Thomas says? Can you believe someone would actually refer to Kim as a "fame whore?" From where would he possibly get that idea?!?

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You see the cliched, wildly overused and ineffective "I have black friends" card played every so often by someone trying to diffuse allegations of racism.

The "I have colored friends card"? That's once in a generation.

Michelle McGee Picture

Your grandparents' generation. But apparently that's where Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is mentally, because she said this on The Howard Stern Show.

Stern was grilling Jesse James' mistress about all things racist ... her Nazi photos, white power tattoos, whether she dates outside of her race, etc.

Naturally, this resulted in the "I have too many colored friends" card. That's right, not just colored friends ... like, too many for a girl to even COUNT.

$h!t happens when you're a well-meaning, home-wrecking Nazi lunatic.

WHITE SUPREMACIST BOMBSHELL: That's Michelle McGee for you.

When she wasn't confirming that she's a half-wit bigot, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee described how she met Jesse James (MySpace) and gave the details about their first sexual encounter (raunchy, rough and long-lasting).

McGee said James began instigating things by kissing her, and that she only went along with it when insisted he was separated from Sandra Bullock.

Likely story.

Once things heated up, McGee said James ripped her pants and leggings off, which turned her on. She said there was very little foreplay, however, she does recall performing oral sex on him for a short time. Lovely.

McGee said James' "manhood" was merely average, and he made up the "Vanilla Gorilla" nickname about himself to imply it was bigger, although he has "excellent stamina" and they boned up to four times a night, four nights a week.

Safe to say we're not sad about Sandra Bullock divorcing him.

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Now that she's out of the closet, Chely Wright isn't holding anything back.

The country music artist is aware that many critics will see her homosexuality admission as a PR move in light of her new book and new album, but simply tells Entertainment Weekly:

Chely Wright Cover Art

"I can’t stop people from throwing that dagger my way. And quite frankly I’m not going to spend a lot of time trying to defend myself against that."

That's far from the only thing Wright told the magazine. Sit back and read her thoughts on everything from ex-boyfriends to George W. Bush...

On her country fans: “I want [them]  to stay with me. I’m not giving the finger to country fans. By all measure, they already like me. They voted me ‘most philanthropic,’ ‘country star with the biggest heart,’ People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful, Kansan of the Year. I’m still all those things. I just happen to be a lesbian. I have been the whole time. I wasn’t confused."

On her view of herself: "I’m proud of who I am. I’m not necessarily proud of being gay. I’m proud that I’m about to live my life honestly. I won’t be a whisper. I’m too proud of who I am. I’ve been too good a steward of my life."

On religion: I don’t have a religious inclination. I can’t even identify myself necessarily as Christian. When I’m in Kuwait City and I hear the chants in the morning, I feel something. Anyone who gets on their knees and looks up, that moves me. And quite frankly I don’t begrudge anyone who doesn’t get on their knees and look up. I don’t have a problem with that. I like the Golden Rule."

On Don't Ask, Don't Tell: "I’m so angry about it. I’m so angry with George Bush and Dick Cheney, and if President Obama doesn’t do something - I know he’s trying and it takes time, I know he can’t flip a switch - but if he doesn’t get this done quickly, I’ll be angry with him. I know the military.

"I’ve been playing in military hospitals since I was a kid. I know these people. I know what they’re about. They’re about valor, integrity, teamwork, honor. We have instructed them to lie, to say they are something they are not, which is the antithesis of what the military is supposed to be. I’m so angry about it."

On ex-boyfriend Brad Paisley: "Brad is a really good person. I feel like Brad respects me. I don’t know if he ever hated me at some point. If he did, I wouldn’t blame him. Although I imagine his Christian beliefs would lead him to condemn my homosexuality, he might fall into the “love the sinner, hate the sin” category. He’s wickedly smart, which is one of the reasons why I made the decision to spend time with him.

"I loved Brad. I never had the capacity to fall in love with him, but I figured if I’m gonna live a less than satisfied life, this is the guy I could live my life with. If I’m gonna be with a boy, this is the boy. He’s funny as crap, he’s talented. He’s a good person. He is as fair as he knows to be. And I respect his beliefs. He walks his walk. And he’s not a hypocrite. If his religious beliefs tell him to condemn my homosexuality, I can’t let that rent a room in my head.

What is your reaction to Wright coming out?


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Every reality show, or MTV program posing as one, needs a villain to stir the pot on occasion. On The City, that pot-stirrer is Olivia Palermo, who fills the role to a T.

It's about all she does well in life.

Now that she's working for Elle, Olivia intended to blacklist Whitney Port's new line, Whitney Eve, from the the mag's website in Tuesday's "Friends in High Places."

While we don't believe for a nanosecond that Elle would employ a waste of space like or, or that she'd wield that kind of power, it made for fairly compelling TV.

More original than The Hills, for what it's worth (not a lot, as that show is scraping the bottom of the barrel hard). Here's THG's plus-minus recap of The City ...

Kelly makes sure Whit doesn't get too high on herself, but not in an unfairly bitchy way, telling her criticism can be a good thing. She's a good boss. Plus 5.

Don'cha just wanna hug Whitney?

At Elle, Joe and Olivia are preparing for a shoot with Taylor Swift. Erin tells O she did a good job with her Anna Sui interview. Minus 4 for that obvious, blatant lie.

Whitney gets together a showing for editors, and Roxy Olin actually does some good work for once, helping her pull it together. There is hope for her yet! Plus 3.

Minus 10 for Olivia Palermo acting like she's some kind of hot $h!t seasoned editor and basically lecturing Roxy for calling her so late. LOL. Give it a rest, girl.

Whitney to Olivia: “Wow, you’re like a little journalist.” Plus 8.

Olivia disses Whitney's line, obviously with ruining Whit's success as her only goal. She tells Erin the line was inconsistent and not worthy of inclusion. Minus 7.

Plus 7 for Erin and Joe later overruling her and deciding to include Whit's line anyway, but an obligatory Minus 4 because it just proves how fake Olivia's job is.

Hey, Olivia? It's the Useless Store. We're runnin' outta you!

Zach Hyman and Kelly talk about his idea for guerrilla-style photos of naked people in everyday scenes. That snared Roxy's brief attention span real fast! Plus 5.

Naturally, this being Roxy Olin, it's all about boys first and work second. Minus 3, because while she kept things professional enough, she doesn't get boundaries.

Kelly then assigns Roxy to style Zach's project, which was actually really cool in that she gets to do her own thing totally independent of Whitney Port. Plus 6.

Heavy risk of her blowing it warrants Minus 3 though. Just a hedge.

TOTAL: +3. SEASON: +11.

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We owe Kendra Wilkinson an apology as large as her breasts.

This morning, we doubted the veracity of a tabloid cover story that alerted readers to this model's sex tape scandal. We had this crazy notion that Kendra was seeking publicity and concocting the naked bedroom tale. Shame on us for thinking that about Wilkinson.

Kendra Wilkinson in Playboy

Turns out, Kendra might not be a liar. She's just someone that films herself having sexual intercourse.

Confirms Steven Hirsch, the chairman of adult movie company Vivid Entertainment: there is a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape, we own it, and we plan to distribute it this month.

"We know that Kendra has millions of fans and we feel that it’s rare to find well-produced, hardcore footage of a star of her magnitude," Hirsch said. "The tape was brought to us by a third party and after consulting with our attorneys, we are confident in our right to distribute it... We believe this could be our all time best selling celebrity tape.”

Ouch. We're really sorry, Kim Kardashian and Ray J. You can always work on a sequel.

Reportedly, the video in question was filmed in 2005, long before Kendra's relationship with Hank Baskett. Does that mean it was with Hugh Hefner? EWWWW!

Wilkinson's legal team has fired off the following letter to Vivid:

“The video is private and highly confidential taken for private use and not for public disclosure. Any exploitation of the video would be a gross violation of Miss Wilkinson’s constitutional and common law rights of privacy.”

Yeah. About that: please find the constitutional clause that guarantees privacy to someone that willingly puts her nude body on tape and gives said tape to someone else. We'll wait right here as you do.

Would you watch a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape?


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The estranged wife of NBA star Dwyane Wade is suing his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, claiming she “engaged in sexual foreplay” in front of Wade’s sons.

She says Union is "inflicting emotional distress" by her actions.

Gabrielle Union Pic

This could get uglier than FlashForward's recent ratings or the Miami Heat's performance in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the Celtics.

Siohvaughn Wade has upped the stakes in their ongoing nasty divorce, asserting that actress Union “engaged in sexual foreplay with Dwyane Wade" in front of Wade’s 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons at his Miami home.

In addition to the emotionally distressing groping, Siohvaughn also says Dwayne allowed his 8-year-old to play unsupervised around the pool at night.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union have been seen out and about in the Miami area many times lately, having quietly started dating as he’s divorcing Siohvaughn.

The lawsuit filed by Mrs. Wade (maiden name Siohvaughn Funches) also claims:

  • That D-Wade’s 8-year-old son told a court appointed representative to put his father in jail so he wouldn’t have to go back to his house and that he calls the home, the house "where the woman kissing daddy lives.”
  • That Wade’s 2-year-old nearly drowned while Dwyane was taking care of him.
  • That he introduced Gabrielle Union to his sons as his girlfriend and told the young boys “that is why your mom and I are going to divorce.”
  • The 8-year-old has suffered so much anxiety that he has lost hair and has bald spots and must undergo court-ordered mental evaluations.

We have no idea if any of that's true ... or if she got that STD from Dwyane as she alleged the last time we heard from ol' Siohvaughn. Stay tuned.

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