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We reported this earlier today but could not confirm it until now. Elin Nordegren Woods has agreed to return with Tiger Woods to their Isleworth home in Florida.

"I call them the divorced married couple," says a People source who reported the news. "Elin knows Tiger has issues and is afraid to go near him romantically."


"Because of the children and his need to return to golf, she'll try to live in the house with a wall between them," adds the source, also confirmed by other sites.

Of course, her motivation for moving back in is debatable.

"The marriage is smoke and mirrors, but Elin Woods will help Tiger rebuild his image and gain new sponsorships because this is what his life is about," the source states. "She is doing this more for the kids and holding the family together."

STANDING BY HER MAN: But for the right reasons?

Insiders also say Woods will not return to golf until he is once again at the top of his game, which he isn't, having been away from his daily routine for so long.

As for Elin, sources say if nothing else, she's a key asset in the image damage control project after the Tiger Woods scandal and rebuilding his confidence.

"Elin will put a new face on platonic relationships," a source speculates.

Agrees another: "What is really between them is of no interest to golf sponsors. The world's perception of them as the perfect family is what they like to see."

Looks like her painful choice wasn't really that painful. Just corporate.

Elin Woods staying with Tiger is totally ...


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Apparent nut job Charles Pearson has been apprehended for allegedly stalking quasi-celebrity Dr. Drew Pinsky. We know, Dr. Drew Pinsky has a stalker?

Most stalking articles involve hot girls getting stalked (Audrina Patridge), pretending to be stalked (Tila Tequila) or doing the stalking (Vienna Girardi).

This one? Just plain weird.

Pearson was booked for felony stalking after he was arrested at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. Dr. Drew's security team pinpointed his location there.

The reason? He posted said location on his own site. Take note, young readers. Don't post incriminating info online, especially if you're stalking Dr. Drew.

Pearson's bail has been set at $150,000. Here's his mug shot ...

Charles Pearson

Dr. Drew is no longer at risk from this stable individual.

Dr. Drew's team of cyber-security experts monitored and ultimately nabbed the alleged stalker yesterday after he made his location at the college available.

Pinsky's peeps spotted the post and immediately contacted cops at the Pasadena Police Department ... who then alerted sheriff's deputies at the college.

Sources say a number of police officers and school security showed up to the library shortly after, cleared out a bunch of people and moved on Pearson.

He was supposedly very cooperative, at least.

Guy sounds like a troubled fella in need of help. His ex, Sandra Obagi, obtained a restraining order in 2007, claiming he threatened her life, allegedly saying:

"I have guns and I'm not afraid to use them."

Always words you long to hear from a guy.

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Take this from someone in the know: Eclipse is gonna be hot!

Chris Weitz, who directed New Moon, tells People magazine he's read the script for the Twilight Saga's third installment and fans will NOT be disappointed. Especially in one specific scene.

"I'm looking forward to the sleeping bag scene, I gotta say," Weitz said. "That's going to be very steamy."

As readers of the book franchise know, Weitz is referring to the moment where a freezing Bella (on the run from Victoria) gets warmed up from Jacob... while Edward angrily, awkwardly, angrily looks on.

The director also says he's excited to see Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli get into the intense action of Eclipse.

"I have a special interest in seeing Peter and Elizabeth tear people's heads off," Weitz said. "Knowing them, and how kind of kooky and delightful they are, I'm going to find seeing them being ultra-violent very interesting indeed."

Yeah. That's fine and all. We just wanna see Taylor Lautner shirtless.

Eclipse opens on June 30.

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Sarah Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue, hit bookshelves and best-seller lists last fall. Then again, Lauren Conrad topped the N.Y. Times best-seller list too. Just sayin'.

In any event, you betcha, the former Alaska governor will be runnin' it back after HarperCollins announced today that it will publish a second book from Palin.

Sarah Pic

If nothing else, the new book will help solidify Palin as the most high-profile failed V.P. candidate and not-even-one-term governor in modern American history.

The currently untitled book is not a sequel to Going Rogue, per se, but in keeping with her memoir, it will be a “celebration of American virtues and strengths.”

It will include excerpts chosen from and about people who have inspired her. Levi Johnston, Seth MacFarlane and David Letterman will team up on the prologue.

AN AMERICAN LIFE: Sarah Palin sure is cashing in on hers!

No wonder Sarah's publicist quit - she gets PR 24/7 as it is.

Whether it's berating Family Guy, producing random documentaries, appearing on The Tonight Show, punditing away on Fox News or hypocritically trying to milk Bristol Palin and her teen mom status, Palin has become a media constant.

Her latest book should keep fueling that trend, regardless of whether it serves as a prelude to a presidential run in 2012 (publicly, she's still hedging on that topic).

What do y'all think? Is the new dose of oratory brilliance from Sarah Palin written with an agenda in mind? One besides making Sarah Palin rich and famous?

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Breaking The Bachelor curse, Jason and Molly Mesnick (formerly Molly Malaney) married Saturday in a torrential storm. But there was no raining on their parade.

The ABC broadcast of the wedding airs Monday night at 8, but the Mesnicks are already dishing about all the big day in a new interview. Some excerpts below ...

On the weather, which triggered a tsunami warning: "It started raining as I was saying my vows. Jason and I just looked at each other and laughed," Molly said.

Jason on his young son's reaction: "Ty ran down the aisle literally a minute before Molly walked down the aisle. I had to talk him, I had a great moment with Ty, then literally 30 seconds later Molly appeared on the stairs and I started crying."

That's literally making us a little choked up ...

Under Her Umbrella. Ella. Ella. Eh. Eh. Eh.

Jason and Molly: A match made in heaven. Or The Bachelor. Or both.

On The Bachelor producers' planning: "I had 100 percent control over every detail that had to do with the wedding," Molly says. "Jason and I collaborated, obviously. [laughs] We had the power to make it any sort of wedding we wanted."

On staying strong after The Bachelor: "We stayed away from Hollywood and went back to our lives," Molly says. "We just focused on being a normal couple."

"[Jake Pavelka] is doing Dancing with the Stars," Jason said of his successor, "More power to him if he wants to, but being in Seattle with Ty is all we wanted."

On performer Jason Castro: "Jason and I both love the version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' he sang on American Idol. He was phenomenal," Molly said.

Molly on married life so far: "I'm the happiest I've ever been. I look at Jason differently. Married life is the best feeling in the world and I wish it for everyone."

Jason on that last comment: "Awww, that's sweet, babe."


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As everyone knows, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Fortunately, there's a diffrent saying for Vegas magazine: When hotness happens, it gets released to the general public.

Enter Marisa Miller (if only we could!).

The super, duper model is featured in the latest issue of this publication. Fresh off an MVP performance in the Celebrity Beach Bowl, Marisa is clearly taking advantage of her time in the spotlight...

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Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston are both on the hook for hefty support payments. Will the former follow the latter's lead and decide to get naked for Playgirl?

If so, the reality star probably shouldn't expect a huge payday.

"We discussed it, and we'd offer him only $20,000," Playgirl rep Daniel Nardicio tells Life & Style. "His star is extinguishing, and he's not very well endowed."

"Honestly, it'd be more of a novelty than an actual sexy shoot."

Ya think? That may be the funniest quote of all time. By our calculations, and from what we've seen (disgustingly), the going rate is about $10,000 per inch.

Eh, eh? Are we right, Hailey Glassman? Up top, girl!

What a Freaking Douche

PLAYGIRL BOUND? Will we see Jon Gosselin nude in the magazine? We can only hope, right ladies? Hello? Anyone? [Crickets] [Photo:]

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After last night's incredible rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Long As I Can See The Light," this may need to become a running THG feature:

The Crystal Bowersox Performance of the Week.

Despite being hospitalized earlier in the day for diabetes complications, the American Idol semifinalist strapped on her guitar, didn't complain and established herself as the season nine front-runner.

She even made a funny joke at Simon's expense in the opening video. Check it all out below and sound off: How awesome is Crystal Bowersox?!?

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A lot of people were privy to Tiger Woods' sordid double life, helping the world's top golfer arrange and conceal a string of affairs with at least a dozen mistresses.

His caddy, Steve Williams, was not one of those people.

The New Zealander, who has been on the bag for Tiger since 1999, is ticked, saying he was totally in the dark, and would have blown the whistle had he known.

"I knew nothing. That's my answer," Williams said in an interview with New Zealand's TV3. "Nothing. Don't need to clarify, extend my answer, I knew nothing."

The scandal has "been the most difficult time of my life, because every single person believed I should know, that I did know or had something to do with it."

Tiger Woods can add his caddy to those seeking an apology.

Williams said that while he doesn't feel personally slighted by the golfer's extramarital affairs, he is nevertheless "disappointed that he's let his family down."

"I mean, I'm close with [Elin Woods] and he's got two lovely children and he's let them down, I'm not mad at him towards me ... I stand by Tiger as a friend."

"I don't talk to him about what's happened. I talk to him about the future and what we are going to try and accomplish and how we're gonna get over it."

"Obviously, at some point in time, I'll have a conversation with him, but right now is not that point in time," Williams said. "I'm fully supportive of him and I'd like to see him get back on the PGA tour - so that's my role right now."

Tiger is still trying to get Elin to move back home with him.

Follow the jump for a clip of Steve Williams' comments ...

Continue Reading...

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One is 17.

One just turned 16.

Both are young, adorable, talented and desired by millions of girls around the world. Life sure is tough for Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, isn't it?

The cute singers may be able to relate to each other, but we don't care. We wanna know who you, the reader, wish to relate to... in bed!

Compare Justin and Nick below and then answer the poll question that follows. (Note to Miley Cyrus: Sorry, but you don't need to bother.)

  • Cutie in Concert
  • Football Cutie

Who would you rather...


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