American Idol has its Hollywood Week. The X Factor has its Boot Camp.

Following a couple weeks' worth of initial auditions, Simon Cowell and company put their 162 remaining contestants through a handful of group numbers last night that was awfully reminiscent of Idol's secondary stage of competition.

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Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder who died yesterday at the age of 56, literally touched the lives of millions of people. There's a good chance you read about his passing on your MacBook, iPad or iPhone.

Thanks to such influence, the Twitterverse was filled last night with notes of prayer and best wishes to Jobs' family, including countless messages passed along by celebrities from around the country. We've included a few below.

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Might Taylor Lautner's best look actually involve this actor wearing a shirt?

Okay, probably not. But the Twilight Saga stud goes all Don Draper on fans in the latest issue of GQ Australia, suiting up for a pictorial that proves he doesn't need to show off a six-pack in order to make a handsome impression. See for yourself:

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