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American Idol may be an utter bore this season, but it can still deliver an emotional wallop at times.

On last night's results show, for example, Michael Lynche and Crystal Bowersox found themselves in the bottom two.

After Ryan Seacrest revealed that Big Mike would be heading home, the tears started to flow. First, from Michael's wife, cradling the couple's newborn daughter. Then, from various audience members as Lynche sang Michael Jackson's "Will You Be There" and, finally, from a certain celebrity gossip blogger's living room.

He just seemed really nice, okay?!?

Bye, Big Mike

We're down to Bowersox, Casey James and Lee DeWyze on the worst season in Idol history. Who do you hope takes home the crown?

The night was not a total downer, of course. Bon Jovi, Daughtry and Fantasia all performed. Along with shots of Mike and Crystal, these artists are featured below:

  • His Final Song
  • Michael and Crystal

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Lindsay Lohan has clearly violated her probation, but will that land her in jail?

If you look at Linds' alcohol education record, it's clear she has a problem ... and not just with substance abuse and subsequent anger issues. With the law.

The train wreck must come to court on May 20 and prove to the judge she has attended 13 classes. To date, Lindsay has done nine. It is currently May 13.

One week, four additional classes? How is she gonna fit that into her partying schedule? This poses a big problem. Even if she did, it wouldn't fix things.

Even if Lindsay completes 13 classes by May 20, she still would have violated Judge Marsha Revel's order to attend at least one class every seven days.

So the question is: Will Lindsay go to jail, and should she? Vote in our survey:

Rushin' to Rehab?

Where will she end up? [Photo:]

Lindsay Lohan belongs in ...


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In a surprise move, Joe Jackson is looking not to stir the proverbial pot.

The late Michael Jackson's father is trying to prevent armies of famously passionate Michael Jackson fans from exploding on Dr. Conrad Murray supporters ... which apparently exist ... at the doctor's upcoming hearing in court.

Vintage Michael Jackson

Joe's begging Michael's fans to not "lower" themselves to "their" level.

It's unclear who they even are, but in a letter to MJ's fans, Joe says:

Joe would also love you to pick up MJ's greatest hits.

"We would like to urge fans that are planning to attend to please do so in peace, unity and love for Michael. There should be NO violence, NO slander, NO yelling, and NO bad-mouthing or name-calling of Murray or his supporters."

Joe added, "By calling names, we are lowering ourselves to their level."

The elder Jackson says the message is simple, "Justice for Michael."

Never thought we'd see the day, but we have nothing bad to say about Joe here. Perhaps he's just letting his own wrongful death suit against Murray do the talking.

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The fist-pumping Jersey Shore cast members are under fire again for putting said fists where they don't belong. Two South Florida attorneys are filing assault charges - not against one of the dudes, but against Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola.

No wonder MTV is replacing the cast.

The 22-year-old star reportedly got into a fight while at Club Dream on South Beach on May 8. Kristin DeMinco was the woman on the receiving end.

DeMinco's attorneys say she was assaulted and punched twice in the face by Giancola while in the club. "She saw me talking to him," Deminco said.

"Asked why I was talking to her boyfriend. She was jealous I guess that I was talking to him. I was like, you can calm down ... we are just talking."

Sammi Giancola Pic

She cleans up nice, but Sammi's got a temper!

Look, you don't want to even be accused of hitting on Ronnie Magro.

"I wasn't trying to hit on him," she maintains. "She exchanged bad words at me. I exchanged some bad words back. She hit me twice in the face."

Then the Guidos/ettes who gained reality TV fame in Seaside Heights, N.J., supposedly took part in another fight, getting 'em kicked out of the club.

They lawsuit is the latest in what has become a trend of Jersey Shore cast members getting into physical altercations for increased television ratings.

Just last week, a New Jersey judge agreed to hear a lawsuit claiming Jersey Shore producers encouraged cast members to provoke fights for publicity.

Detestable and possibly criminal? Sure. But entertaining stuff. Season Two premieres July 29! Let the fights and Jersey Shore quotes commence!

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Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy fame is a style star in our book.

She rarely ceases to impress from a fashion standpoint. The actress and new mom recently slipped into a one-shoulder dress from Lanvin's collection (left).

Just a few nights later, the TV doctor was right on trend in a structured white blazer over a gray pencil skirt and Sergio Rossi pumps for an event in N.Y.

Which look do you prefer on Ellen? Vote below!

What's Ellen Pompeo's best look?


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Welcome to tabloid journalism 101, readers. Pay close attention to this lesson...

Earlier this week, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson taped an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show that will air tomorrow afternoon.

As reported by THG, the pair met with the host beforehand and were warned that she'd ask about the status of their relationship. At this point, Rob and Kristen admitted they were dating - but said they didn't wish to discuss it on-air.

Oprah said fine, they could shoot down the question however they wanted to when it came up.

So, when the cameras rolled and the inevitable was asked, Pattinson joked that Stewart was pregnant. That's it. End of story. Oprah viewers will see these 10 seconds play out tomorrow, as part of an in-depth interview that reveals actual information.

Now, cut to this week's OK! Weekly cover:

Misleading Cover


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Sources claim that Today host and NBC resident sexy beast Matt Lauer's affair has led to the imminent demise of his 11-year marriage to model Annette Roque.

The National Enquirer does not name the alleged Matt Lauer mistress, but says his marriage is ending and that he is in the market for his own NYC apartment.

"I heard he and Annette are breaking up. I was not shocked to hear that but it's very sad," Lauer's ex-wife Nancy Alspaugh tells the celebrity gossip magazine.

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer did file for divorce back in 2006 but later reconciled and have three young children together - Jack, 8, and Romy, 6 and Thijs, 2.


We'd love to discredit the National Enquirer here, but it's actually more reliable than people give it credit for - at least when it comes to big bombshell scandals.

Bristol Palin's pregnancy, Michael Jackson's health woes, Tiger Woods' affair with Rachel Uchitel and most significantly the Rielle Hunter scandal come to mind.

We would not be surprised if its Matt Lauer affair story were true, but we're holding off judgment for now. What do you think? Did the hunk cheat on Annette?

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At a Los Angeles boutique yesterday, fans lined up for hours to get the autographs of Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian.

These total wastes of space sisters signed items in honor of the launch of their new jewelry line "Kardashian Collection by Virgin Saints + Angel."


The siblings are known simply for filming themselves having sex, having a child out of wedlock and marrying a NBA star purely for money and attention. That's it. They offer nothing else to society.

Are we grateful they exist because they make us laugh and look pretty good naked? Of course. But would we waste one nanosecond of our lives waiting to get their autograph? No.

Signing Sisters
  • Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian
  • Hi, Kim and Kourtney!
  • Two!
  • Signing
  • A Kim Stare

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Last night on The Hills, it became clear that Spencer Pratt is losing it. Sad about the show ending? Getting increasingly desperate for anything that makes news?

Either/or. In any case, they are supposedly hoarders now.

For the very first time (not that anyone wondered), Heidi and Spencer are letting us into their “unkempt and unsafe home” in Pacific Palisades via Life & Style.

According to sources, Speidi has been residing in this place, not their luxurious Hollywood home as seen on The Hills, for the last few months. And it's gross.

A source supposedly close to the couple claims: “The living room is filled with Spencer’s mess, which Heidi often has to clean up. Spencer lines the window with crystals, which he believes will keep bad spirits out but keep Heidi locked in."

LOL. Spencer and his crystals. Soon it'll be crystal meth.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are Tools

CELEBRITY HOARDERS: Whether that's true or not, Spencer and Heidi Pratt are growing increasingly ridiculous, even by their standards. [Photo:]

If that doesn't sound unbearable enough to you, Spencer himself reveals that the couple are not living alone in squalor. They have a roommate! Pratt explains:

“It’s true, I have a Marine in the house. He’s helping me write a script."

Mmmkay. He adds: "And yes, we’ve been out of the house only three times this month, but that’s because I’m busy working on several business ventures.”

No word on what those are. But clearly, one of his tried-and-true ventures - making up ridiculous stories to feed to Life & Style for free PR - is still effective.

It's certainly a lot cheaper than paying to have the face/body of Heidi Montag consistently altered, too. Gossip is harmless. Keep up the good work, man.

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Various versions of GQ are doing their best to satisfy both genders this week.

First, we happily published photos of Robert Pattinson from South Africa's edition of this magazine.

Now, Germany's GQ has one-upped that R. Patt pictorial with three magical words: Christina Aguilera nude. The singer covers that publication (with a strategically-placed hand and thigh) in the buff...

Aguilera has catapulted herself back on to the musical scene. Following a couple years off, dedicating herself to motherhood, the singer has returned with a new single, a new album... and her old, sexy persona.

We speak for men around the world when we saw: welcome back, Xtina!

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