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With the Michael Jackson homicide investigation complete and Dr. Conrad Murray almost certain to face charges as a result, he's lawyering up in a major way.

Murray has been the focal point of police inquiries since day one. Now that he's looking at criminal charges, he's enlisted J. Michael Flanagan. For a big reason.

Flanagan says he is the best - or even the only - attorney to try a case involving Propofol and death. That's the anesthesia police believe killed Michael Jackson.

In 2004, Flanagan defended a nurse charged with involuntary manslaughter for wrongly administering Propofol to a patient who later died. She was acquitted.

Of the case against Dr. Conrad Murray, Flanagan says he is "unaware of facts that would give rise to an involuntary manslaughter charge." But it could happen.

The attorney also says Murray won't even discuss plea bargaining, because the L.A. County D.A.'s office won't share any information about the case ... yet.

Murray has not been charged with anything as of now. However, there remains a strong likelihood of a manslaughter charge (not murder) in the coming weeks.

Flanagan says Murray broke no laws and it will be "very difficult" for the D.A. to base a case on gross negligence, a requirement for involuntary manslaughter.

As Flanagan puts it, even if there's proof of "an error in judgment," it's a giant leap for a jury to conclude that lapse of judgment constitutes manslaughter.

Conversely, the LAPD has experts who have gone on record saying Dr. Murray's conduct did constitute gross negligence supporting manslaughter charges.

FUN FACT: Flanagan successfully repped Britney Spears in the 2007 case in which she and her mom ran over that poor celebrity news photographer's foot!

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One of 2009's top-selling artists will be taking her act to Australia, Japan and Europe for a series of dates beginning and February and lasting a few months.

Before that, though, the dynamic Lady Gaga will be at Radio City Music Hall to conclude the current segment her tour with four shows starting January 20.

It's a fitting place for the native New Yorker to perform!

If you haven't seen Lady Gaga live before, you're in for a treat. The best way we can sum it up? She does her best to replicate her music videos in concert.

In the case of "Bad Romance," that is quite something ...

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Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola of Jersey Shore are still together - and serious! That's not exactly surprising, as she's had him whipped from day one!

“I care about her deeply and I see it going for a long time,” Magro says, nauseatingly. “I don’t really want to jinx anything [but] I love being with her."

I have a best friend that’s my girlfriend, which is hard to find.”

Seconds Sammi Giancola, a.k.a. Sweetheart: “I’m very happy and content with my life right now. Things are just amazing. I’m just gonna go with it.”

Guess they made up after last week's "Boardwalk Blowups."

Neither of them expected to leave the beach house in Seaside Heights, N.J., in a relationship, but to hear Ronnie Magro tell it, he simply had no choice.

Sammi and Ronnie Photo

Sammi and Ronnie from Jersey Shore.

“Her legs caught my eye,” he says, laughing. “I have the best-looking girl. I’d rather be with Sammi than bring home disasters like Mike and Pauly!”

Sammi says that she doesn’t miss single life either. “Ronnie does a lot of romantic things for me all the time.” she says of her man, also nauseatingly.

“He’s brought me flowers to my house before, he takes me out to really, really nice restaurants, buys me dinner all the time. He’s just a great guy.”

“It’s great. He became my best friend, so we do everything together. The house is messier, but in every other aspect, he makes everything easier.”

They are kind of cute together, we suppose. Well, relatively. At least as much as two members of the Jersey Shore cast could possibly be together.

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Canadian singer Michael Buble will be getting hitched to his Argentinian girlfriend, actress Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre. That's a happy mouthful!

The two have been engaged for two months: "Michael proposed to his girlfriend, Luisana, in November, in front of her family in Argentina," his rep said.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

"They're ecstatic. They're adorable, in love and laugh all day long."

Lopilato, a film and TV actress who stars in the hit Argentinian soap opera, Atraccion x 4, accepted his proposal – and loves the ring Buble gave her.

Congrats to Luisana Loreley Lopilato and Michael Buble!

"He designed the setting himself. He's very proud to be engaged to her," says a friend of the singer. "When they met, it was totally love at first sight."

Buble was previously engaged to his longtime girlfriend, singer and actress Debbie Timuss, but split up in November 2005. He also dated The Devil Wears Prada actress Emily Blunt for more than two years, but split with her in 2008.

There was supposedly a Michael Buble naked picture involved in that breakup. Either way, we're glad he's put that behind him and is engaged now!

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Miley Cyrus is growing up.

The singer/actresss will soon depart Hannah Montana; she's moving in with her boyfriend; and she apparently just started dressing herself.

While the first two items listed may not be a problem, Miley clearly needs help with her wardrobe. Paging mother Tish!

Cyrus stepped out in public this weekend in cowboy boots, torn jeans and a strange, shredded shirt. You'd think her Sex and the City 2 cameo would have taught the star something about fashion...

  • Total Mess
  • From the Backside


As notable, harsh critics of Miley Cyrus, we'll refrain from saying anything else and just leave it up to our readers.

What do you think of Miley's outfit?


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Howard Stern's sidekick Artie Lange has been released from the hospital following an apparent suicide attempt last week, the New York Daily News reports.

The New York Post reported and police later confirmed that Lange stabbed himself nine times in the gut with a Wolfgang Puck kitchen knife a week ago.

Hoboken, N.J., Police Detective Mark Competello said that Lange's mother found him on the floor of his home January 2 and he was rushed to the hospital.

Competello said the 42-year-old comedian was unconscious when he arrived. Doctors cleaned the stab wounds and operated, and Lange has been released.

Earlier in the week, Howard Stern spoke out about his troubled friend on his Sirius XM radio program, but didn't reveal the reason for Lange's hospital visit.

Hopefully Artie Lange recovers quickly and fully.

"We all have our demons," Stern said. "Artie has given this show tremendous moments of great comedy. He's a tremendous contributor. He is a good man."

"Don't forget how great he is."

Addressing the matter a second time after the disturbing reason behind for Lange's hospitalization was revealed by the Post, Stern was livid over the leaked story.

Artie's family requested that the matter remain private and Stern obliged; Someone leaked the info to the Post, however, and his friend was understandably upset.

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The future for Jay Leno is unclear. But the present for NBC is obvious:

The network is a complete and utter mess.

Confirming rumors and admitting that its experiment to air a talk show at 10 p.m. every night of the week was a failure, NBC has canceled the primetime Jay Leno Show, effective February 12. Sad chairman Jeff Gaspin over the weekend:

"While it was performing at acceptable levels for the network, it did not meet our affiliates' needs, and we realized we had to make a change. My goal right now is to keep Jay, Conan [O'Brien] and Jimmy [Fallon] as part of our late-night lineup."

Good luck with that, Jeff. Our goal is to sleep with Megan Fox, Blake Lively and Carrie Underwood in the same month.

Gaspin has proposed "that The Jay Leno Show move to 11:35, The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien move to 12:05 and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon would then start at 1:05."

O'Brien holds the key to this lineup switch, but he'd be positively insane to remain at a network that's treated him with such disrespect. Fox has already expressed interest in the red-haired comedian.

As for Jimmy Fallon... well, no one cares about Jimmy Fallon.

Tell us: whose humor do you prefer? Whose 11:35 p.m. team are you on?


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For Kendra Wilkinson, speaking to reporters from her hospital room the day she gave birth wasn't enough.

Neither was posing on the cover of a tabloid and focusing on her diet as much as her newborn baby.

The reality TV star and former Playmate had to continue cashing in on motherhood by plastering photos of herself, her son and her husband all over the latest issue of OK! Weekly.

Hugh Hefner's one-tie sex toy spoke to the magazine about her new life and the man at the center of it. A few excerpts follow:

On Hank Baskett:"Hank is the man. He makes sure we're taken care of, and he gives us so much love. He's perfect."

On holding her son for the first time: "I started crying. I was like, 'Oh my God, it's the happiest day of my life!' I was just in heaven."

On changes to her world: “A whole new life just started for u. I’m still going to be me, though. I’m at a place now where I can have fun but not go overboard. I’m a lot more responsible now. I’m a mom!”

Baby and a Weight

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Forget The Vampire Diaries or The Twilight Saga.

It's now clear where you can find the hottest guys on the planet: at the Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York.

Kevin Jonas tied the knot there last month; and a report in The New York Post this week claims Derek Jeter will marry Minka Kelly there this November.

Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly Picture

Are Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter set to take the plunge together?

An undercover reporter spotted a listing for "JETER wedding" on the calendar on that date, but sales manager Rick Bellando told her a celebrity would never use his real name in this kind of situation.

Why else might the rumor be false?

  • Neither Jeter nor Kelly is from Long Island;
  • Jeter will likely be busy with a parade through New York City and other post-World Series victory celebrations around that time;
  • After the troubles that have followed around Tiger Woods, would the George Clooney of professional sports really settle down before his playing days are over??

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It's never too shocking when one of Hollywood's top train wrecks gets into a car wreck. What is shocking? Lindsay Lohan was neither drunk, nor driving!

Following a late night out Saturday, the alleged actress and fashion designer was involved in a car accident, an LAPD rep confirmed to E! News Sunday.

"Her car was involved in an incident last night. A report was generated," the rep said. "There is an investigation. That's all we can confirm at this time."

Lindsay Lohan was not behind the wheel of the BMW that hit a celebrity gossip photographer while leaving The Hotel Cafe, according to a TMZ report.

Firecrotch Reloaded

OLD HAT: Another day, another car crash for LiLo.

Her driver is reportedly under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon, but the troubled 23-year-old is reportedly in the clear ... for a change.

For Lohan, automotive woes are as familiar as getting robbed, feuding with her family, epic fights with SamRo or a night out partying with no pants.

Last May, she was riding shotgun when her driver crashed into a wall outside a hotel. In 2007, she battled both DUI charges and car chase charges.

Where will the train wreck crash next? Stay tuned!

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