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Dr. Conrad Murray, the embattled former physician of Michael Jackson, gets a lot of press, most of it terrible. This time, though, we gotta give the doctor his due.

He totally saved the day after he helped stabilize a 23-year-old mother who fell unconscious on a US Airways jet en route from Houston to Phoenix Saturday.

The doctor stabilized the young woman by using the airplane's emergency kit to set up an IV and monitored her until the plane diverted to Albuquerque, N.M.

We can't imagine he reassured her when he said "You probably know me, I was Michael Jackson's doctor," but regardless, Dr. Conrad Murray got the job done.

Ironically, Murray was on his way to meet with his lawyers to plan a defense against involuntary manslaughter charges in the Michael Jackson case at the time.

He has rejected any talk of a plea deal, making a trial likely.

.500: Hey, 1-for-2 isn't terrible... in baseball.

The woman, who was traveling with her 11 month old baby, was met at the gate by paramedics and taken to a hospital. It is believed she has recovered fully.

She responded by saying, "Thank you so much. Thank you for helping me even without knowing me." A rep for Murray's legal team, Miranda Sevcik, said:

"We're not surprised. [Dr. Conrad Murray] a good doctor, we've always said he was a good doctor, and that's what good doctors do is save people's lives."

Murray, 57, was charged in February with a felony count of involuntary manslaughter in MJ's June 2009 death. He has pleaded not guilty, and is free on bail.

He plans to argue that Michael Jackson killed himself with Propofol, with which Murray had been treating him for insomnia, while the doc was out of the room.

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If you only watched the video interview with Lindsay Lohan below (and she looks relatively lucid, don't get us wrong), you'd think things couldn't be finer for her.

Even though she's been in New York and now Cannes to introduce her kinky new role, Lohan says she's "in compliance more than ever" with her traffic school.

That's funny in itself, as you're either in compliance or you're not ... there is no more or less. She has to complete one DUI education class a week for 13 weeks.

She's finished nine, four shy of the amount required prior to her progress hearing Thursday. In other words, she's living in denial ... and may soon be living in jail.

The no-nonsense judge has made it clear that if she is in violation of her probation, jail is on the table, as is an arrest warrant if she doesn't show up for court.

It's all good for Lindsay, though, blaming celebrity gossip sites for her problems (when she plays right into their hands) being generally blase about DUI stuff:

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After proving that nice guys really do finish last, Survivor capped what many consider to be its greatest season ever by crowining its first two-time champion last night.

In a tense finale, Sandra Diaz-Twine defeated fellow villains Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow to take hom the coveted crown (and million-dollar grand prize, of course).

As usual, fans can now debate whether the best player actual won the game. Did Sandra truly outwit and outplay Russell, who many believe took the wrong pair to the finale with him? Or was Parvati the most deserving finalist, considering every single contestant was after her from day one?

Survivor Finalists

At the reunion, Sandra and Russell went verbal spat for verbal spat. The latter referred to the former as ''maybe the worst physical player to ever play the show,'' while Sandra pointed to Hantz's family and said they are "the only people that like you."

That claim was quickly shot down, though, when the fans awaraded Russell $100,000 as their favorite.

The most disappointing aspect of the finale? Jeff Probst simply walked in from backstage. No helicopter, no jet ski, not even a horse-drawn carriage. What a letdown to loyal Survivor viewers! We expect Probst to raise the ridiculous, cheesy ante each year with his final-vote entrances.

Still, this was an incredible season of the show. Do you think the right person won it?

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It's been a controversial month for Miley Cyrus.

First, the singer released the official musical video for "Can't Be Tamed," sending a clear message to anyone that viewed it: So long, Hannah Montana!

Then, another video landed the singer in hot water: she was filmed grinding and bumping with movie producer Adam Shankman.

Through it all, though, Liam Hemsworth has remained by her side. The Australian actor told Hollywood Life that "Can't Be Tamed" is a "great" video and:

“Everyone gets criticism, it’s kind of what comes with this job... everybody’s trying to bring you down. She’s got a good head on her shoulders.”

Just Strolling

As for his relationship with Miley, Liam added:

“We get along great, she’s a great girl. We work great together."

Apparently, Liam's vocabulary is as varied as his girlfriend's wardrobe choices. Still, these two do appear to be a stable couple and we can't knock Hemsworth for standing by his gal.

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Is she copying Lady Gaga, or is it the other way around?

While fans and critics engage in this silly debate, Christina Aguilera is focusing on more important things:

The singer, and husband Jordan Bratman, visited two schools in Haiti last week, a country still ravaged by a recent earthquake. They met with children receiving food and aid there, as the singer is the World Food Program's new Ambassador Against Hunger.

Christina served meals of rice and beans to the children, discussed the food/supply response with officials and learned about the nation's ongoing recovery effort. She said:

"I was so moved by the devastation in Haiti but also by the spirit of its people. The children have such joy and are eager to learn despite the destruction around them. The children deserve a chance, and I want to make sure they get a chance."

In equally important Aguilera news: the artist is naked on the cover of GQ!

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Troy Bolton who?!?

Following last year's successful transition away from the High School Musical franchise (with 17 Again), Zac Efron takes another step forward in his adult movie career this summer.

The young heatthrob stars as the title character in Charlie St. Cloud, a drama based on a popular 2004 novel.

In the film, the 22-year-old boyfriend of Vanessa Hudgens portrays a young man who gains special powers after surviving a serious accident: he can communicate with his late brother.

Amanda Crew, Kim Basinger and Ray Liotta also star in the movie, which hits theaters on July 30.

This role may be quite the departure from High School Musical, but don't worry: Efron brings the same hotness as always to the screen.

Check it out for yourself via the following movie stills and the Charlie St. Cloud trailer...

Continue Reading...

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A job at Facebook is good. Better than dating Jake Pavelka, even.

Being the new star of ABC's The Bachelorette is the best, however.

For Ali Fedotowsky, finding stardom love is the only goal this time around. Her starring turn as The Bachelorette premiere begins a week from tonight (May 24).

"I'm ready to meet someone and put him first," she says, and she's not messing around with this - she's "definitely" ready to settle down and have kids!

Oh, to be the lucky man she picks.

For more on which of the 25 potential soul mates she ends up with, check out The Bachelorette spoilers we've compiled so far ... they're pretty eye-opening.

She's bid Facebook farewell, but we'd still "Friend" Ali Fedotowsky.

There has been criticism of The Bachelor franchise recycling people who are affable, but not that interesting (cough, Jake), but we're psyched for Ali's season.

We expect plenty of drama, contestants butting heads and shocking twists - some contrived and some actually legitimate. But Ali Fedotowsky's motives are clear:

"I'm back and ready to find love!" she says. Good to know.

Will Ali Fedotowsky be a good Bachelorette?


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Heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio, former frontman of Black Sabbath and his own band Dio, died over the weekend from stomach cancer. He was 67.

His wife, Wendy, posted the sad news on his website:

"Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th May."

"Many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all."

"We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss."

"Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever."

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010).

Wendy announced that her husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer on November 25, and he underwent at least seven rounds of chemo. His current band, Heaven and Hell, canceled its summer tour on May 4 because of his condition.

Born Ronald James Padavona, Dio performed with the bands Testament of Apollo, Elf and Rainbow before joining Sabbath in 1979 after Ozzy Osbourne left.

He was inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame on January 17, 2007.

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Late last year, after she was outed as Tiger Woods' mistress, Rachel Uchitel was almost immediately in negotiations to pose for Playboy in early-to-mid 2010.

Apparently those negotiations bore fruit, because the professional home wrecker has signed a deal to get naked for Playboy in June! There's just one catch.

Tiger's #1 mistress has already struck an agreement, however she retains the right to pull out (har har) any time before the shoot, which is in three weeks.

Rachel also won't bare all - just the backside ... and the topside. So no full frontal Rachel Uchitel action for you. Just Tiger Woods ... and David Boreanaz.

Hot Rachel Uchitel Picture

We know one guy who's gonna buy this issue.

No word on when the spread will run, but this woman is something else, having lambasted Joslyn James for trying to cash in on her Tiger Woods affair fame.

You cashed in, too, Rache - Tiger just paid it all up front in your case.

You hardly seem averse from publicity and opportunities you're allow to pursue, either. Which is all good, just don't pretend you're not a fame whore too.

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Rima Fakih of Dearborn, Mich., surprised many by winning the Miss USA 2010 pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday.

She strutted in an orange and gold bikini, wore a strapless white gown that resembled a wedding dress and said health insurance should cover birth control.

Rima Fakih Bikini Picture

How'd she feel about winning the title? "Ask me after I've had a pizza."

The Queens, N.Y. native of Lebanese descent told pageant organizers her family celebrates both Muslim and Christian faiths. She moved to Michigan in 2003.

Rima Fakih is believed to be the first Muslim-American Miss USA and the second Arab-American to be crowned Miss USA since it began way back in 1952.

Rima Fakih takes over the Miss USA title.

The stunner told reporters she sold her car after graduating from University of Michigan-Dearborn to pay for her run in the Miss Michigan USA pageant.

She said she believed she had the title on Sunday after glancing at pageant owner Donald Trump as she awaited the results with the first runner-up.

"That's the same look he gives them when he says, 'You're hired' on The Apprentice," she said. "She's a great girl," said Trump, who owns the pageant.

Miss Oklahoma USA Morgan Elizabeth Woolard was the first runner-up.

During the interview portion, which famously derailed Carrie Prejean last year, Fakih was asked if birth control should be paid for by health insurance.

Controversial question. She replied yes, saying “I believe that birth control is just like every other medication even though it’s a controlled substance.”

After winning, Fakih replaces Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton, and will represent the United States this summer in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant.

Click to enlarge more pictures of Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010:

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