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We wish we never had to write about someone as despicable as Howard K. Stern ever again.

But the ex-lover of Anna Nicole Smith has been arrested, more than two years after the model died of a drug overdose.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

The man that once claimed to be the father of Smith's daughter Dannielynn has been charged with conspiring to furnish drugs to Annie Nicole prior to her death. He was arrested and booked in California yesterday; bail is set for $20,000.

Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich - a pair of doctors that allegedly, illegally prescribed medication to Smith - were also taken into custody, according to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office.

The conspiracy counts allege the trio of defendants conspired to deliver controlled substances to Smith during the three years leading up to her death in February 2007. Among other charges, they were arrested for "prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict."

Time will tell if these men are guilty. But our staff will tell you this now: they suck as human beings.

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It's an age-old question: Would you hit Fergie?

No, not in the Chris Brown sort of way.

In the I've-got-to-bend-her-over-the-bed-and-make-like-Ray-J-with-a-camera sort of way.

As you ponder to question above, consider whether or not this changes your mind in either direction:

The singer has dyed her light locks a dark shade of brown. Take a look below and let us know your thoughts on the new look:

Fergie Image

What do you think of Fergie's dark hair?


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If Britney Spears exceeded our raunchy expectations with her If U Seek Amy video, Michael Jackson obliterated our creepy expectations with this.

Embattled in the mortgage crisis, Jacko has fired off a legal attack in the hopes of keeping his belongings from Neverland off of the auction block.

Michael, Paris and Prince Jackson

However, even these legal papers come fully equipped with an item-by-item breakdown of the bizarre, disturbing items on his California property.

A sample of the works of art on the 2,952 item list:

  • boy with accordion
  • boy sitting on bricks
  • boy w/ baton and hat w/ feathers
  • two boys on swing bar
  • two boys with ladder
  • boys sleeping on bench
  • boys milking goat
  • boy on a toy car with girl
  • boy pulling 2 boys on a bike
  • boy lifting girl
  • 2 boys sitting on a sunflower
  • little boy with turquoise overalls on a stand
  • bronze boy and girl hugging
  • bronze boy carrying a fruit basket
  • boys catching fish

We could go on but you get the idea. Michael Jackson also has an item called "child's upper body mannequin." Not to worry, though, he owns two of them.


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Jason Mesnick who?!?

Less than three weeks after she was supposedly blindsided by the country's least favorite single dad on national TV, Melissa Rycroft has found a new man.

And, in the ultimate revenge against her one-time fiance, Melissa's boyfriend shares the same first name as Jason's son. She's been dating an insurance agent named Ty.

"We've been really good friends, but the timing was never right," Rycroft tells Us Weekly in its latest issue. "With all this going on, he's my support system. It's funny how things happen."

Melissa's Revenge

Melissa Rycroft is dating a man named Ty. Does anyone know his full name? Write in and let us know if you do!

The revelation that Melissa has truly moved on caps a winning week for the spurned beauty.

On Monday, she drew raves from Dancing with the Stars judges, as well as a standing ovation from the crowd, following her and Tony Dovolani's performance of the waltz.

"She feels like Cinderella right now," said Dancing with the Stars producer Conrad Green. "Someone's just called her up and invited her to the ball!"


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In breaking news from the Chris Brown case, his lawyer, Mark Geragos, requested an unscheduled hearing two weeks before Brown's upcoming arraignment.

The hearing has to do with whether or not Rihanna will testify.

The case has been officially moved to L.A. County Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg. She is the judge who signed the search warrant in the case.

Chris Brown's hearing is set for March 23. He did not enter a plea at his first appearance in court, and has been actively seeking to end the case since.

The meeting, supposedly has nothing to do with the plea bargain Brown is said to be seeking, which would let him off the hook with no jail time served.

Brown faces serious felony charges stemming from his February 8 arrest. He allegedly got violent with Rihanna after receiving a text from Tina Davis.

What will result from this surprising new hearing in Chris Brown's case?

His arraignment had been scheduled for April 6. The March 23 meeting will take place in Schnegg's chambers. Prosecutors will be there; Brown will not.

Geragos is the one who requested the meeting, which is said to involve Rihanna's possible testimony in the case, according to sources close to the case.

Will he ask the judge to block prosecutors from calling Rihanna or limit her testimony? Does he hope he will be offered a more appealing plea bargain?

Rihanna has indicated, through her lawyer, that she will testify - if required by law. Having patched things up with Brown, she's clearly not hoping to.

Will it come to that? We'll see. Unless the case is settled before or on that date, the arraignment of Chris Brown is still set for April 6.

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They wowed Hollywood with a high-profile Oscar date.

It turned out to be one of their last.

Posing arm-in-arm for photographs in what was their official coming out as a couple after a year of dating each other off and on, Jennifer Aniston and the douchebag she brought as a date were the talk of the Academy Awards.

Then Aniston headed to Europe to promote Marley & Me and John Mayer stayed in L.A. to work on his lame music. Just days after Aniston returned, they ended it.

"They had some disagreements and decided to not continue to see each other," a source tells People. "Jen is moving on with her life like always. She seems happy."

A second source says Mayer broke up with Aniston after she returned from Europe. Either way, it's not the first time Aniston, 40, and Mayer, 31, have split.

In August of 2007, Mayer held an impromptu press conference outside his gym in New York, explaining to celeb gossip media: "I ended a relationship to be alone because I don't want to waste somebody's time if something's not right."

Lately the couple seemed happy, though in a recent interview, Jennifer Aniston said she didn't believe any relationship was perfect or was meant to last a lifetime.

"Whoever said that every relationship has to last forever?" she was quoted as saying in the U.K.'s Mail on Sunday's You magazine. "That's hoping for too much."

Oh well. We're sure the d-bag will nail some other iconic Hollywood babe soon enough. Click to enlarge some recent pics of John and Jen, together and apart:

  • Mayer Busts One
  • The Last Date
  • Maniston at Oscar After Party
  • Jen and John Pic
  • Jen and John Pic

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Sorry, we just wanted to answer the ridiculous question posed in our headline right away.

Kelly Clarkson appeared on American Idol last night, belting out a rendition of her hit "My Life Would Suck Without You." For some reason, this performance has sparked pregnancy rumors around the Internet, as fans wonder whether or not the original champion has a bun in her talented oven.

It's sad, really. The fact Clarkson doesn't resemble Nicole Scherzinger is a good thing; it doesn't mean she's gone all Bristol Palin on us.

Take a look for yourself:

Season eight finalists such as Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert can only hope for a career half as successful as that of Clarkson.

Click on the pics below for enlarged photos of her performance last night...

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Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it.

She posed in Esquire and we liked it!

The singer strips down and looks pretty darn attractive in the April issue of Esquire. She also dishes about what kind of man she is looking for and her obsession with bananas, among other things. Some quotes from her interview ...

"I have a soft spot for musicians. If a man could ride this roller coaster with me and come out alive, then I guess we’d deserve each other’s company."

"I don’t really have the right energy to be with somebody right now. When I love somebody, I love somebody. Like, I want to marry them. I don’t date around."

Katy Perry in Esquire

"I don't ever do anything to try and bring it upon myself. There are ten thousand other restaurants besides Ivy. I'm not obsessed with getting my picture taken."

"People can't fathom that my pastor parents could actually support the wild-child daughter. But they're very moderate, you know?"

"I always wanted to suspend from the ceiling in a twirling banana."

"I aimed a little bit sexy with the hair (in the Esquire photo spread). I wanted to just grow up a little bit. I'll be twenty-five this year."

We'd say she succeeded. Click to enlarge some hot Katy Perry pics ...

  • Katy Perry Esquire Photo
  • Hot Katy Perry
  • Katy Perry Esquire Pic

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Usher is a fan of saying, "I want to make love in this club." It's an uplifting and, at times, sexy message worth spreading to night spots everywhere.

Joaquin Phoenix's variation of that would be something along the lines of "I am going to f--king kick your a-- in this club, you f--king b----!"

A few weeks after his amazing interview on The Late Show, the odd actor-turned-rapper jumped off stage to attack a heckler at a performance in Miami.

The star took the stage at Fontainebleau around 2 a.m. with the unkempt beard he has been rocking of late. Joaquin Phoenix began rapping and nodding his head to a beat provided by the DJ when a man in the audience began mocking him.

That's when Joaquin abruptly lost his cool, calling out the man and cursing. "We have a f--king b---- in the audience," he said, continuing to bob his head. "I've got a million dollars in the bank. What have you got, b----?"

He dove into the audience and attempted to get in the face of his heckler, but security swarmed, restrained and eventually dragged him from the club.

All the while, his brother-in-law Casey Affleck - filming a documentary on Phoenix's life, possibly as part of an elaborate hoax - continued rolling tape.


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This just in: Robert Pattinson is single... and a little pissed off.

In the April issue of GQ, the Twilight star denies pretty much every celebrity gossip report of which he's ever been the focus.

"There's literally not a single [true] story that could be written about me," Pattinson told the magazine. "I never do anything."

GQ Stud

So, you're not dating Camila Bella behind the back of Joe Jonas, Robert?

"I'm friends with Camilla," the actor said. "That's the extent of it. I mean, Camilla's the nicest – she's a saint. And it's funny that she's being portrayed as this home wrecker. She's literally the most unlikely person to be a home wrecker. It's just ridiculous."

As for his actual dating life? Don't look for Pattinson to settle down while his professional life is such an adventure.

"I don't even have people's phone numbers. I almost don't want to have a girlfriend in this environment."

Don't worry, Rob. We have a feeling most of our female readers will settle for one hour with you.

Black, White and Sexy

Click on the Robert Pattinson pictures above for larger, sexier images.

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