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Nicolas Cage may have fallen on hard financial times, sure, but even the celebrity gossip media may have underestimated how bad his money problems are.

The guy taking the blame for leaving Nicolas Cage broke claims by the time he was hired in 2001, "Coppola [Cage] had already squandered tens of millions."

Moreover, he owed millions in taxes "with no funds available to pay them."

In his countersuit, Samuel Levin, CPA, says when he was hired he warned Nic Cage he needed to earn $30 million a year just to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

In 2007 alone, Cage bought three homes totaling $33 million-plus, 22 cars (including 9 Rolls Royces), 12 pieces of expensive jewelry and 47 pieces of art.

Nic Cage Photo

Nicolas Cage is so broke these days, he can't even afford a razor to shave off that goatee! Just kidding. He is probably sporting that thing by choice.

Even worse, Levin maintains that Cage spent his free time "shopping for high-ticket purchases," including 15 homes, a Gulfstream jet, and a flotilla of yachts.

And there's this: Cage "also spent huge sums taking his sizable entourage on costly vacations and threw enormous, Gatsby-scale parties at his residences."

And this: "The pinnacle of [Cage's] spending spree came with his Quixotic acquisitions of Midford Castle in England and Schloss Neidstein Castle in Bavaria."

Levin warned Cage that the decrepit astles needed a king's ransom just to make them habitable. Cage owes him $128,872.98 in unpaid business services.

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As this season of Dancing with the Stars drags toward the end, Julianne Hough doesn't have good news about the upcoming season:

She won't be appearing on it.

"I'm not [going back] next season," she said in an interview on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today. "But I love that show."

Just days after her break-up with Chuck Wicks, Hough said she's focusing on her movie career, which includes the upcoming Footloose remake with Chace Crawford and the the musical Burlesque opposite Christina Aguilera.

She also found time to attend last night's New Moon premiere and, as you can see below, looked as gorgeous as ever at the event:

Julianne at the Premiere

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Kristin Cavallari and Jayde Nicole got into a screaming - and shoving - match on last week's episode of The Hills, but it looks like that was just the beginning.

Tonight, the two sit down to discuss their conflict, which centers on Brody Jenner, Kristin's ex and Jayde's ... possible ex. Their status is a little bit unclear.

If Brody and Jayde aren't broken up, they're at least "taking a break," and Brody's definitely hanging out with Kristin. As friends? As possibly more? Well ...

“You don’t think that in the entire city of Hollywood you could find other guys other than Justin and Brody?” Jayde Nicole pointedly asks Kristin Cavallari.

Kristin takes issue with the reference to Justin-Bobby (who dated Audrina Patridge), replying, “I was never friends with Audrina. I don’t owe her anything.”

  • Bad Kristin
  • Jayde, Brody Pic

Kristin. Jayde. Cat fight. It's on. [Photos:]

The not-at-all-scripted scene from the episode has been leaked online, giving us a sneak peek at what's to come as the women of Brody Jenner square off.

The conversation goes something like this.

Jayde: “Hey, I don’t like Audrina either.”
Kristin: “So why are you even bringing Justin into this equation?”
Jayde: “Because it seems like a pattern with you. Everything was totally fine before you came here, so you need to go back to wherever it is that you came from.”
Kristin: “You are such a bitch, Jayde. I have to tell you, like, you’re a bitch.”

That about sums it up. Whose side are you on?


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She may be the worst celebrity influence on the planet, but, hey at least Miley Cyrus has style!

At least that's what Seventeen magazine thinks and/or what Miley's publicist convinced it to write.

Cyrus covers the December 2009/January 2010 issue of the publication and is chosen as its Style Star of the Year inside. Someone with an affection for stripper outfits wrote:

“She finally shed her Hannah Montana shell and showed the world she’s an A-lister with it-girl style, which is why Seventeen is honoring Miley as our Style Star of the Year!”


Is Miley really the most stylish celebrity of 2009? We've posted many of her fashion choices from the year below and are asking readers to chime in with their opinion...

  • Miley Poses
  • Photo of Miley
  • Red Carpet Look
  • Matching Miley
  • Hannah Montana Star
  • Pole Dancing Miley
  • Tiny Skirt
  • Partying in the USA
  • Hannah Montana Premiere Pic
  • In Glamour

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Sure, he's curmudgeonly and crotchety. Sure, he had an affair with Stephanie Birkitt and got blackmailed for it. But David Letterman is great at what he does.

That's due in part to his ability to create great comedy out of nothing. When he goes over to his desk after the monologue, you never know what’s coming.

Case in point? Last night, Dave went off on a New York Times’ front page story from last weekend on the increasing usage of the word “douche” on TV.

“Who knew The New York Times had enough money to pay a guy to count the word ‘douche’?” Dave asked, persistently ridiculing the paper's "journalism."

Check out Dave's rant about the piece below ...

Letterman also mocked terrorist mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, whose trial is approaching and whose photo appeared above the "douche" story.

In a hilarious aside unrelated to his overall point (or maybe this was the point, and the douche bit was the aside, who knows), he compared Mohammed to a sad, lost puppy longing to be adopted (left) and a drunk who just woke up (right).

One might describe Khalid by a certain term beginning with a D, a word often paired with its twin sister "bag." But that's normally reserved for wastes of space like Jon Gosselin and not actual terrorists. Better luck next time, Khalid.

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Levi Johnston talks the talk, but won't walk the naked walk.

After all the hype, we won't be seeing Levi Johnston nude in Playgirl. At least not full-frontal style, despite what his manager, Tank Jones, promised us. Poor.

"[Levi] did not give 'full frontal' as his manager Tank [Jones] reported he would," Daniel Nardicio, a spokesman for Playgirl, told the New York Daily News.

Playgirl still insists that the "package" is sure to please:

"Although there may be glimpses, we did not get full on frontal nudity. But we're thrilled with the photos we got, and are confident people will love them."

So much for that "venture into porn," as Sarah Palin called it.

Speaking out on Oprah yesterday, Palin mocked Johnston's newfound fame, saying "I don't know if we call him Levi. I hear he goes by Ricky Hollywood now ... If that's the case, we don't want to mess up his gig he's got going."

Jones took issue with Palin's criticism of her would-be son-in-law, and described Levi Johnston's much-hyped photo shoot for Playgirl as "art," not porn.

"He came in this world naked. So all of a sudden it's dirty to take your clothes off?" Jones said. "It depends what you do once you take your clothes off."

The irony? Levi is only famous and receiving attention in the first place because of getting naked ... and really giving it to Bristol Palin without protection.

The former Alaska governor said she is disappointed at those who are "handling" Johnston and allowing him to speak "mistruths" about the Palin family.

"The premise of Levi having lived with Bristol is false. You take that foundational untruth and you can kind of measure all the other things he's saying."

"He's a teenager. I don't think he realizes quite yet what it is that he is being handled and orchestrated - for him to be participating in this," she said.

Who knows if Sarah knows what she is doing on any given day, since she's the one Going Rogue and all, but it's nice of her to express her concern.

Whose side are you on?


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The talk show appearances. The global tour. The magazine covers.

They've all been a dress rehearsal for last night's major event: the official New Moon premiere in Los Angeles!

Naturally, the red carpet showing brought out Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz and other stars from the movie. But it also featured a number of other celebrities, such as...

... Shar Jackson?

Yes, even Kevin Federline's baby mama snagged an invite to the proceedings. Can you find her in the gallery of premiere photos below? Click on each for a larger version:

Very Popular
  • Red Carpet Stud
  • Reed, Nikki
  • Peter and Jennie
  • Possible Boob Grab
  • Julianne at the Premiere
  • Premiere Picture
  • Fiddy Loves New Moon
  • Radiant on the Red Carpet
  • Dakota Fanning Picture
  • Pretty While Posing
  • Nicole and Harlow
  • Michele for New Moon
  • Totally Shar
  • BooBoo Stewart Pic
  • Signing Away
  • Thank You, Fans
  • Pretty Patt

[Photos: Splash News]

But, wait New Moon fans, we've got more!


Continue Reading...

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Erroneously, that is.

Nicole Richie appeared Monday in court and was granted a permanent protective order against celebrity gossip photographers she had accused of harassing her.

She told the court about the car accident she blamed on the the paparazzi. But the news that caused the most buzz was her attorney, Mark Geragos, repeatedly referring to Joel Madden as "your husband" during questioning of Richie.

That was news to us.

But while Richie and Madden have been together for three years and have two young children, they have not, as far as we know, actually gotten married.

There is no marriage license on file in L.A. County for the duo. Afterward, Geragos explained the husband reference, calling it his mistake, nothing more.

Nicole and Harlow

Nicole Richie married? No. Mother of a cute daughter? Yes!

He told E! News that Richie and Madden have a "common-law" marriage, and Richie and Madden, who were standing next to him, didn't say otherwise.

However, California doesn't recognize common-law marriage, and a source close to the couple insisted that Geragos just misspoke, plain and simple.

That settles that.

As for the hearing, Richie and Madden both took the stand to discuss Nicole's recent car accident that they blamed on the pesky pair of paparazzi peeps.

Joel said of his non-wife and two-time baby mama: "She's with the kids 24-7. She takes them to work. She's constantly terrified" of what will happen.

Judge Carol Goodson acknowledged that the photographers do have a right to earn a living, but granted a protective order because "the court is extremely concerned about the possibility of a future accident" involving Nicole and her kids.

The photogs, who were also present in court, apologized to Richie and "promised" to leave her alone. The paps must now stay at least 50 feet away.

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Yesterday, we reported that NBC's Today Show called off its planned interview with Speidi at the last minute, citing the ambiguous "schedule changes."

Spencer Pratt thinks he knows the real reason NBC pulled the plug, and responded like anyone would - Twittering a tirade of insults at Today's Al Roker.

There has been no confirmation that Roker's testy relationship with Pratt and Heidi Montag caused the cancellation, but Spencer took it quite personally.

From Roker's weight, to his overall appearance, to his marital history and relationship with his children, nothing about Speidi's nemesis was off limits.

Spencer P. Pic

Spencer may have gone over the line this time.

While you knew he would try to gain publicity from this somehow, he seems rather bitter. Here were Spencer Pratt's ridiculously uncalled-for Tweets to Al:

  • "HEY WEATHERMAN I thought you were out of town today getting your stomach stapled again?"
  • "You look very sick? Do you always look like your about to die? How old are you 97? You should retire asap - No one would even know?"
  • "I heard you snitched on your own kids at school! I bet your kids HATE you!! I would if my dad came to my school and snitched me out"
  • "Is it true you have been married 6 times? I'm sure all your wives left you when they realized you were abusive to women! Sicko!"

Yeesh. That goes a little beyond typical Speidi ribbing, right?

The NBC personality was silent on the topic Monday, but he wasn't the last time Speidi appeared on the show, triggering the couple's Al Roker feud.

Roker didn't take it lightly back in June, saying he would whomp Spencer in a fight and calling out Heidi Montag for her inability to answer questions.

Will he respond this time? Whose side are you on?


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Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician, is gearing up to sue AEG, the entertainment company sponsoring his ill-fated This Is It tour this year.

AEG was paying Murray's costs as he served as MJ's doctor. Michael died June 25 of an apparent overdose of Propofol, a strong anesthesia, it is widely believed.

According to Miranda Sevcik, publicist for Dr. Murray's lawyer, Ed Chernoff, AEG still owes the good doc $300,000 - two months' pay - and is "dragging its feet."

Conrad Murray has not been paid for his services, in spite of the fact that he claims he signed a binding deal with AEG before giving up his medical practice.

Doctor Conrad Murray

Dr. Conrad Murray seeks money for "services" rendered.

He will not file a creditor's claim against Jackson's estate, but Murray "needs the money and he's entitled to money based on the contract he signed with AEG."

AEG did not comment, but we wouldn't hold our breath if we were Conrad.

After all, he was being paid to keep Jackson healthy in preparation for and on tour. That tour never ended up happening because of ... well, it's obvious, isn't it?

The guy died. Murray was responsible for his treatment. Janet Jackson blames him and he is the target of a months-long homicide investigation by the LAPD.

Somehow, we're guessing that may nullify the contract. Just a hunch.

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