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What made David Letterman finally get hitched to girlfriend Regina Lasko after 23 years of dating? Maybe he just needed Top Ten list material for the week.

After regaling us with his funny wedding day story Monday, he presented a "Top 10 Reasons I Got Married" list on last night's show. You knew it was coming:

He calls it mediocre, but any list that bashes himself, Dr. Phil, Larry King and Paris Hilton is a winner in our book. The Top Ten transcribed for good measure ...

10. Poconos offers newlyweds free room with champagne-glass Jacuzzi.
9. If I'm gonna catch Larry King, I'd better get going.
8. Still drunk from St. Patty's, dude!
7. She needed a green card.
6. When you're my age and look like I do, if someone says they'll marry you, you do it.
5. Don't have to listen to any more crap from that quack Dr. Phil.
4. I finally fit into my dream dress!
3. Free cake.
2. Got tired of waiting for Paris Hilton.
1. Figured at the least we'd get a mediocre Top Ten out of it.


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This is just sad.

Someone needs to tell Katrina Darrell that her 15 minutes of fame were over a long time ago. American Idol fans have moved on to contestants with actual talent, such as Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.

Remember Darrell? She became known as "Bikini Girl" for donning a bathing suit to her original audition.

As you can see below, not much has changed. The aspiring singer/famous person is still trying to remain relevant, sporting a bikini pretty much anywhere she goes. Such as a restaurant. Where nary a patron appears to even notice her...

Click on the pics above to enlarge more photos of Katrina Darrell. She could really use the attention.


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If you didn’t know Amy Winehouse was a complete train wreck, her interview with British celeb news mag Now might have you believe she's a totally normal girl.

“I just wanted to get away from London in the winter and have a nice break in the sunshine,” the Wino said about her two-month long vacation in St. Lucia.

Don’t we all, A-Dubs. Talking about how she enjoyed her “daily routine” of exercise and would “love to have a family” one day, Amy Winehouse confidently asserts she “hasn’t done any smack or crack since before I went out there.”

A truly impressive feat, laying off heroin and cocaine for a whole three months. She would guzzle beer and smoke weed every day, but small victories, right?

As for estranged husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who's out of jail after over a year behind bars, that's when Amy's responses get a little less bright and sunny ...

“I still love Blake and I want him to move into my new house with me - that was my plan all along. I won’t let him divorce me. He’s the male version of me and we’re perfect for one another. Alright, I had some fun with a lovely bloke in St. Lucia but that was a holiday thing. I don’t want anybody but Blake,” she says.

Of course not. This man (admittedly) got her addicted to drugs, then served over a year in jail for assault and bribery, with a teenager, boned a teenager named Francesca Morralee and initiated divorced proceedings with Winehouse.

What's not to love there?

The couple has had a great run, one we can only hope will continue for many years to come. Click to enlarge more Blake Fielder-Civil photos from happier times. Drug-ravaged and insane times, to be sure, but happier just the same ...

  • Mr. and Mrs. Amy Winehouse
  • Blake Fielder Pic
  • Fielder-Civil Photo
  • Blake and Amy Winehouse Photo
  • Fielder-Civil Pic
  • Amy and Blake Photo
  • Beat Ass Blake

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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Looks like Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus have a lot more in common than their status as Disney icons.

While the actresses may appear different - one remains away from the spotlight with boyfriend Jared Murillo, while the other parades Justin Gaston around town like a new puppy - Tisdale and Cyrus do at least share the same taste in fashion.

Scarlett Johansson, Nude Dress

Over the past few weeks, each has been spotted wearing the same tie-dyed tunic.

Who looks better in it?


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On her reality show, Denise Richards attempts to claim that her life is complicated.

But the outcome for this terrible actress and exploitive mother was very simple on Dancing with the Stars: she and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated last night.

The pair got the boot after performing a samba dance-off against fellow contestants Holly Madison and Dmitry Chaplin.

Booted Dancers

“I had fun! When else am I going to get to dress up like this, work with someone like Maks and be able to do a family show that my daughters can watch together,” Richards said after the results were announced.

Naturally, she couldn't do an interview without mentioning daughters Lola and Sam.

“They love watching us. We TiVo the show and we watch it together, but every time I have to go to rehearsal they go ‘too much dancing.’ It’s hard to find balance. I think they will be relieved it’s over."

For sure. It leaves more time for the family to "accidentally" be photographed all around town.

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She'd better brace herself for more legal bills and security costs.

Britney Spears has reportedly received death threats while on her current Circus tour, attracting the unwanted attention of a dangerous stalker.

"Britney has received anonymous death threats over the phone and in the mail, and her worst fear is a kidnap plot against (sons) Sean or Jayden."

"She's been having terrible nightmares since then and she wakes up in the middle of the night crying for her boys," sources close to the star say.

Hot Stripper

Who would want to hurt such a fine performer?

That sounds terrible, but no doubt Jamie Spears is doing what he can to keep his daughter safe, secure and prospering by any means necessary.

All she can do is keep performing. Click to enlarge some hot Britney Spears pictures from her 90-minute set in Washington, D.C., last night ...

  • Slutty Cop
  • Another Britney Spears Concert Photo
  • Britney Live in Concert
  • People Bending Over
  • Circus Leader
  • Crack That Whip

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]


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Wearing slightly more clothing than in the Divine jeans ads we featured yesterday (which is good and bad), Audrina Partridge was seen going for an evening boat cruise leaving from the pier at Walsh Bay, Sydney, Australia, yesterday ...

Hills Hottie

The star, who is currently pitching her own reality show, is certainly not hurting for publicity these days. Click to enlarge more pics of Audrina Patridge down under ...

  • Goin' Down Under
  • Brushing Her Hair Back
  • A Smiling Star
  • Audzo in Australia
  • Audrina Down Under
  • Hi, Audrina!
  • Audrina Smiling

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]


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Chris Brown is getting ready to face the music after "allegedly" pummeling Rihanna, but his legal team is apparently still getting its act together.

A private court meeting had originally been called for Monday, March 23, at his legal team's request. On Friday, the in-chambers hearing was postponed, purportedly for scheduling conflicts. At some point later, it was canceled altogether.

"The next date [in Chris Brown's felony case] is April 6 for the defendant's arraignment. The hearing is not being rescheduled," said a court clerk.

E! previously reported that the 19-year-old singer's attorney, Mark Geragos, has been trying to work out a plea deal, or to prevent Rihanna from testifying, but Geragos has declined to comment on why the meeting was nixed.

Chris Brown in his baby-faced, squeaky-clean image days.

Brown's manager (we don't know if this is Tina Davis or someone else) reportedly denied an earlier story alleging the meeting was called because Brown was looking to ditch Geragos, his management and PR team in one fell swoop.

The embattled Brown faces two serious felony counts - assault likely to produce great bodily injury and making criminal threats - stemming from the alleged February 8 altercation with Rihanna following a Grammys pre-party.

Brown was not required to be in court for this week's hearing. No word on whether he and Natasha Ellie had been getting it on and sending booty call texts.


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As we reported yesterday, The Hills star Lauren Conrad will be discontinuing or at least placing her clothing line, The Lauren Conrad Collection, on an indefinite hiatus starting this spring, citing America's difficult economic times.

Some fashion showrooms got a message from her reps saying, “In light of the economic climate, Lauren has decided to completely rethink her line.”

Lauren Conrad Shops

A Page Six source added that, “With everything going on in the economy and in her life, she wants to rework her line and offerings going forward.”

Lauren Conrad looks amazing in this dress she designed, if you ask us, but her clothing line is still being put on hold for the time being due to rough sales forecasts.

One thing she's not rethinking? Her love life. Kyle Howard has been dating Lauren for some time now, and as the pictures below show, they're as happy as ever.

The two shared kisses and beer (what combination could be finer) at bar in Hollywood on Sunday, then went for a stroll with a friend. Don't you just love them?

Click to enlarge pictures below:

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When The Wonder Years' Danica McKellar first started planning her wedding to composer Mike Verta, she had one wish: "I didn't want a huge event," she said. "I wanted to be able to talk to everyone and I wanted it to be intimate."

At her recent wedding in La Jolla, Calif., McKellar's wish came true.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

The couple, who have dated for seven and a half years years, tied the knot in a church in front of 150 family members and friends, including her maid of honor, the bride's sister, Crystal McKellar, who played Becky Slater on The Wonder Years.

At the black tie reception, the two newlyweds danced their first dance to a love song composed by Mike Verta himself before cutting the wedding cake.

Danica McKellar, 34, who went on to study mathematics, and Mike Verta, 36, got engaged last August in Chicago, where he surprised her with a platinum and diamond ring during a promotional tour for her second book, Kiss My Math.

Between Bruce Willis and Emma Heming, Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore, Natasha Bedingfield and Matt Robinson, and David Letterman and Regina Lasko, the celebrity wedding bells are definitely a-ringin' these days.

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