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Tiger Woods' return to golf certainly lends itself to abundant material for those of us who will never look at the cheating superstar the same way again.

This is taking it to a new level, though.

Earlier, we heard from his late father in a new Tiger Woods Nike ad. It was very zen, geared toward atonement and healing, in line with his Buddhist faith.

Tiger has stressed his Buddhist faith as he seeks to restore his image, but as a pilot proved today, he's going to be the butt (heh) of jokes for some time.

"Tiger: Did You Mean Bootyism?" read a note trailing behind a small plane circling above Augusta National Golf Club as the sport's fallen star teed off ...

BOOTY CALL: Sadly, not the kind Tiger's used to from Joslyn James.

The crowd laughed, but it didn't distract Woods. Not surprising. The guy was juggling like 12 mistresses at once. Just think about the poise, the concentration, the resolve needed to focus on all those lies! He can handle a measly skywriting diss.

THG NOTE: Tiger just eagled the eighth hole. Step off, bitches.

Meanwhile, the anonymous fellow with too much time and money then flew overhead with another banner saying: "SEX ADDICT? YA, RIGHT. SURE. ME TOO!"

The first one was funnier, but we appreciate the effort. As a wise man once wrote, "All men are sex addicts. Some just choose to have respect for their wives."

Tiger Woods? Not one of them.

You tell him, airplane banner guy!

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In the weeks following her break-up with Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian has a singular focus:

Make sure cameras follow me everywhere I go, even during bonding time with my nephew.

No, wait, that's not it.

"I think my life is business right now," Kim told E! News. "I'm totally fine not having a life. I love working and I work with such amazing people that have become my friends, so a lot of the work I do isn't tough... it keeps me motivated and inspired."

It's not exactly clear what that business entails, but you can bet it involves the flaunting of her butt and her boobs.

Butt Shot

What does stepfather Bruce Jenner think of Kim's progress?

"I think she has a big black book. She's doing fine."

Well, sure. Kardashian has always done fine with big black things in her hand.

  • Kim in Green
  • Photo of Kim Kardashian
  • Sticking It Out
  • Kim Waving
  • Loving the Camera


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They were all but officially together, from everything we read and shared with you, but Rihanna still played coy about her relationship with baseball star Matt Kemp.

Until now.

A Rihanna Bikini Photo

"He's my boyfriend," Rihanna said of the L.A. Dodgers outfielder in a confession to Ryan Seacrest this morning, just hours after her performance on American Idol.

"It's new and it's fun," she added. "It's nothing too serious. I don't want anything that's going to take up so much of my energy and time right now in a bad way."

She'll be alright. At least this guy slugs home runs out of Dodger Stadium, rather than women. Try not to get too pi$$ed and start breaking stuff, Chris Brown.

"I just want to have fun, and that's what it's about," she said.

Matt Kemp and Rihanna: Officially boyfriend and girlfriend!

They were first seen lip-lockin' in Cabo in early January, although a few days later his agent was in denial mode. He then went MIA from the Grammy Awards.

But the pair became less secretive around the time of Rihanna's birthday in mid-February and when the MLB All-Star introduced her to his parents.

For her to drop the "boyfriend" bomb, things must be going great. Matt Kemp is also 3-10 with 3 RBIs through two games this year, so no side-effects there yet.

They make a pretty hot couple, don't you think?

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With a bowl cut and a voice that befits his 16 years of age, Justin Bieber doesn't exactly come across as a crazy rule-breaker.

But asked by Interview magazine about his ideal universe, the young crooner recently replied:

“I want my world to be fun. No parents, no rules, no nothing. Like, no one can stop me. No one can stop me.”

These days, no one can really stop Bieber on the music charts. People says he's the biggest pop star in the world.

Click on the pictures above to get closer looks at Justin Bieber.

What else did Justin share with the publication? A couple of notes regarding the opposite sex:

On his celebrity crush: “I’ve been totally in love with [Beyonce] since I was seven. She kinda broke my heart when she married Jay-Z.”

On his singles for his female followers: “I want them to hear my music and wanna play it again because it made their hearts feel good.”

This guy has serious game.

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Gossip Girl co-stars and real-life couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are no longer together after he allegedly heard about her cheating with one of his friends.

Handsome heir Marco Minuto, the New York Post reports, is the other man. After one of his other friends blabbed, panicked Jessica then flew to London from L.A.

Timberlake and Biel Photo

The goal was to beg him to take her back, but sources say Westwick is still deeply hurt by the betrayal and unmoved by her gesture. One source told the paper:

"Jessica recently celebrated her birthday in L.A. and was being openly affectionate and flirty with Marco. They ended up back at the same hotel later that night."

"Nobody knows what happened behind closed doors, but her behavior shocked a lot of their friends. Word quickly got back to Ed, who's been filming in Europe."

Weak. You do NOT f*%k with Chuck Bass!

WTF: Did Jessica Szohr really betray Ed Westwick?

The source continued that "Ed immediately ended their relationship on the phone, and Jessica, who adamantly denied anything happened with Marco, was so distraught over this that she flew to London last Friday with just the clothes on her back."

In vain, it looks like. At least for now.

"She's been begging Ed to take her back, but he is deeply hurt by the whole ordeal. He can't believe that she carried on this way with one of his friends."

Marco Minuto is in the same circle of friends as both of the Gossip Girl stars. Sounds like kind of a douche if he'd hook up with his good friend's girlfriend.

A rep for Jessica Szohr said that "She's been celebrating her birthday with Ed in London" and denied she'd cheated, saying, "The story has no merit."

Westwick's and Minuto's reps had no comment.

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While fans debate the box office success of The Last Song, Miley Cyrus' next project has been determined.

As Demi Moore Tweeted this morning, she'll star in a remake of the French movie LOL with the young actress.

"Starting a film in July with Miley called LOL," Moore posted, later adding: "Remake with the same director," referring to the 2009 French film directed by Lisa Azuelos.

It looks like the movie will be another dramatic turn for Miley: in the original, a 15-year-old girl faces her first heartbreak, along with the split of her parents, at the same time.

Doesn't sound like anything to LOL at...

Lookin Cute

Demi Moore as the mother of Miley Cyrus? We can see that.

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Linked to more than a dozen mistresses and embroiled in one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all time, fully moving on will be difficult for Tiger Woods. For THG, it's similarly difficult not to turn everything he says or does into a double entendre.

Here are some sound bites you could hear over the next four days at The Masters if the announcers aren't careful ... or are looking for a fun way to get fired:

- Tiger pulls out the wood ... this time with Joslyn James no longer present.

- The 14th hole has been easier for Tiger Woods than a Vegas VIP hostess.

- Woods has a difficult lie ... worse than the kind he used to tell Elin.

- Just a few short months ago, he was stroking the behind of Rachel Uchitel. Now here we find the world's #1 golfer, one stroke behind Phil Mickelson.

- The Par Five 13th and 15th holes are within easy reach of Tiger, much like the 13th and 15th hoes he picked up at the Blue Marlin Grill in Islesworth.

- Tiger's staring over a 60-foot downhill putt with three feet of break here ... and you thought those Joslyn James text messages were a tough read!

- We now turn to our sideline reporter, Jaimee Grubbs. What kind of position is Tiger in right now? Does it feel familiar to him, do you think?

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Fergie is featured in the new issue of Elle next month. So are an abundance of wild, crazy and traditional hairstyles the Black Eyed Pea has sported over the years.

When she's mocked for her looks, the singer takes it personally.

"It has hurt me in the past when people say things like how 'fugly' I am or how horrible I look," she says. "I've had to learn not to give it a high priority. When you're trying to juggle all of this in your life, sometimes you're not going to look perfect."

"I don't have time to get a facial every couple of days."

Being Fergielicious

Fergie has come so far, yet not without struggle.

The star's relationship style changed as often as her hair since marrying Josh Duhamel in January 2009, although she's also had to weather a storm on that front - a cheating scandal involving Atlanta stripper Nicole Forrester.

Like her battle with esteem issues, though, she appears to have prevailed in the end.

"You grow a deeper love for each other, besides the initial lust and falling in love and all of that," she adds about their marriage. "You come to know each other a lot better, you grow together, and it makes you love each other that much deeper."

Amen. Click to enlarge Fergie pictures over the years. Which hairstyle is your fave?

  • Bad Fergie Fashion
  • Ferg Runnin'
  • Fergie, Dress
  • Picture of Fergie
  • Fergie Image

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While the American Idol community is buzzing over the judges' decision to save Michael Lynche from elimination (do you think it was the right call?), we'd like to focus on the two acts that graced the stage last night.

First, what can even be said about David Archuleta at this point? Young, cute crooners such as Alex Lambert and Aaron Kelly have won over many fans this season, but neither compares to this former finalist.

He showed why again last night, serenading the audience with a rendition of "Imagine."

After that, the episode took a 180 degrees turn and showcased a song from Rihanna, looking even more hardcore than usual.

Below, check out her performance of "Rockstar 101," as well as a few photos of both her and David on stage.

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Angelina Jolie isn't the only celebrity that donates her time and money to important causes.

Last night, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens played a vital role at the inaugural St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s “Estrellas Por La Vida” gala in Los Angeles.

The event was held to raise bring attention to children that are battling cancer and other serious diseases. It honored Daisy Fuentes, Kenny Ortega and Zoe Saldana for their ongoing support and dedication to this goal.

Ortega directed Zac and Vanessa in High School Musical 3. Check out a few photos of the pair below:

For Charity
  • Pic of Zanessa
  • Vanessa and Zac
  • Couple for a Good Cause
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