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A hearty helping of congratulations is in order for Johnathon Schaech and Jana Rae Kramer. The pair got engaged on December 22.

Said Schaech, who was previously married to Christina Applegate:

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

"It was the best present ever. It was the happiest moment of my life."

Schaech started dating the One Tree Hill actress when the two co-starred in the 2008 movie Prom Night. They got engaged in his hometown of Edgewood, Maryland.

"I can't wait to make Jana my wife and have a family," he said.

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We hope you're sitting down, The Bachelor fans. We have shocking news about the season ahead:

On the January 4 premiere of this reality TV lovefest, star Jake Pavelka can't decide which contestants to send home.

It's a startling development, one never before seen on the 14 seasons of the show. How will this hunky pilot ever choose the 15 suitors that will vie for his heart and ABC-sponsored engagement ring?

With help from Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, of course. The Bachelorette couple will appear on the season premiere and offer Jake insightful, totally non-cliched pieces of advice, such as: select someone with whom you can see yourself growing old.

How difficult can that be?!?

Watch Jliian and Ed suprise the ladies, and hug it out with Jake, after this article's jump.

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Note to Tyra Banks: if you're trying to dispel the notion that you wanna be the next Oprah Winfrey, you're going about it all wrong.

(Also, you really suck.)

Just like Winfrey did last month, Banks has announced the upcoming end of her talk show. She told People magazine today:

“This will be the last season of The Tyra Show. I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past five years.”

The self-serving gabfest - which Banks used as a vehicle to make a name for herself and draw attention to supposedly controversial issues such as vagina care - will come to an end in the fall of 2010.


After leaving the air, Banks will focus on the launch of Bankable Studios, a New York-based movie production company. According to an insider, Banks wants to bring “positive images of women to the big screen.

In an open letter, Tyra wrote on her website:

“There’s a lot cooking right now and a lot of fire burning in my heart. And I salute you my amazing family of viewers; without you there never would have been a Tyra Show. I really love you all.”

Will you miss Banks as a talk show host?

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, where readers try to send in the funniest caption(s) for the celebrity photo below!

Last week, we did a Caption Contest featuring Hailey Glassman. Today, the great Lindsay Lohan is our subject - and there's plenty of material for you.

What could the young starlet be thinking/saying/texting?

You tell us! Just click "comments" below and send in as many caption(s) as you like. Tomorrow we'll announce a winner. Have fun and go to work:

Lohan Smoking

[Insert Lindsay Lohan caption here!]

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In 2009, we scoffed at Taylor Momsen's resemblance to a raccoon.

We mocked Miley Cyrus for... everything she did.

We bowed in awe at the talents and success of Taylor Swift.

But while this trio of young beauties may seem as different as the seasons, they all followed one fashion trend in 2009: the donning of lace tights.

Below, the self-absorbed 17-year old; award-winning singer; and Gossip Girl star all show off this look. What do you think of it?

Lace tights

Do you like lace tights?


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Despite settling down with Brad Pitt for the past four years, Angelina Jolie (supposedly) says she doesn't think monogamy is required for a healthy relationship.

"I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship," Germany's Das Neue magazine quotes the outspoken, possibly unstable mother of six as saying.

"It's worse to leave your partner and talk badly about him afterwards."

The 34-year-old, who often denied sleeping with Pitt when he was still married to actress Jennifer Aniston, said this freedom applies to all aspects of their lives.

"Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together," Angelina added. "We make sure that we never restrict each other."

However ...

Real or imagined, these two have quite the relationship.

Just because she gives Brad a bit of leeway in the relationship department doesn't mean Angelina won't stand her ground. And oh, can things get violent!

"The sparks fly at home if the nice Brad fails to see that he's wrong and reacts in a defiant way," she said. "Then I can get so angry that I tear his shirt."

So basically, he can do what he wants ... unless she determines that he's wrong and he won't admit it, at which point his ass is going to get whomped.

Sounds like most relationships, actually.

Jolie still maintains that she was not a homewrecker, despite meeting Brad on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

"To be intimate with a married man, when my own father cheated on my mother, is not something I could forgive," she allegedly told the publication.

"I could not look at myself in the morning, if I did that."

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Ivana Trump, the first ex-wife of the Donald, was escorted by sheriff's deputies off a flight Saturday in Palm Beach, Fla., after she screamed and cursed at kids.

Trump was seated in first class and apparently became irate as children were ran up and down the aisle screaming, Palm Beach County sheriff's officials report.

Flight attendants on the NYC-bound Delta flight told deputies that they tried to calm the visibly upset Trump by offering her another seat and headphones.

She instead became more belligerent.

The plane was just leaving the gate when the incident occurred, and things got so bad the pilot decided to pull back to the gate and call for help, officials say.

Ivana Trump: Not a fan of your little kids!

The 60-year-old used the "f" word toward the crew and passengers, including children. Officials said she began screaming in vulgar terms for children to shut up.

Deputies asked Trump to voluntarily exit the plane, but said she refused numerous times. Deputies then "physically escorted her off the aircraft," officials said.

Ivana, who last week filed for divorce from her third husband, has not been charged in the incident, and the FBI says they declined to investigate the matter.

Deputies said Trump repeatedly cursed at them as well. We just hope she doesn't find out where they live and leave an angry note attached by butcher knife.

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It was a year of Twitter quitting (Miley Cyrus) and opposite marriage talk (Carrie Prejean).

Of unlikely womanizers (Tiger Woods, David Letterman) and out-of-the-closet confessions (Adam Lambert).

Backstage Singer

Before the calendar flips to 2010, The Hollywood Gossip staff would like to review the past 12 months via the most memorable celebrity quotes from 2009. Check them out below and let us know if we're forgetting any...

David Letterman: I got into the car this morning and the navigation lady wasn't speaking to me. | permalink
Carrie Prejean: We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage ... I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there. | permalink
Oprah: Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn't great is lying to you. | permalink
Adam Lambert: I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay. | permalink
Paula Abdul: I stand on principle where many people stand on money. | permalink
Kanye West: Yo, Taylor. I'm really happy for you. I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. | permalink
Miley Cyrus [on quitting Twitter]: No more emo quotes and fake news with Demi. I'm done with all that. | permalink
Spencer Pratt: We're the most famous people in the world. | permalink
Megan Fox: I'm clearly not ugly. | permalink

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The NYPD has questioned Jon Gosselin's ex, Hailey Glassman, about burglarizing Jon's apartment, according to reports. No charges have been filed ... yet.

Glassman, accompanied by her attorney, was questioned last night.

The note that was left behind (with a knife) when someone ransacked Jon's apartment was signed with Glassman's name. Of course, anyone could have written it.

Jon is called a "cheater" in the note, which was stuck to Jon's bedroom dresser, but there's no reference within the note to the raging destruction of Jon's NYC pad.

The NYPD fingerprinted the scene, but since Hailey Glassman used to live in the apartment with Jon until last week, that's not exactly going to prove much.

While Hailey is obviously innocent until proven guilty and should be treated as such, Jon Gosselin's lawyer, Mark Heller, is not giving her the benefit of any doubt.

"Hailey Glassman is going to jail. It's a simple as that," he said.

  • Jonny Gosselin
  • Um, Oops!

Oops! I may have trashed your place with a butcher knife!

Heller spoke out after Hailey's attorney told Radar Online that the situation appeared to be a "huge publicity stunt" and someone is trying to frame Hailey.

Heller fired back that security video will prove that it was Hailey who trashed Jon's apartment Saturday and left with his plasma TV and other belongings.

He revealed that Jon's favorite Louis Vuitton shoes were shredded by some type of knife and a Ming vase that was in Jon's family for 100 years was shattered.

A Radar Online source says Hailey has admitted to writing the note, but there's no proof of that, or of what Jon's lawyer says, no matter how passionate he is.

"The building security tape will not lie and the evidence will speak for itself," Heller said, adding with his usual subtlety and tact, "Jon feels like he was raped."

Lovely imagery and not at all overdramatic, Mark.

You do have to wonder who else had the means and the motive here. There is real bad blood over rent money and things much more personal between them.

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Janice Dickinson needs to get a room.

And a life.

The attention-starved former model, who has made headlines in the past for claiming she murdered her father, has resorted to Speidi-like tactics in order to be photographed by the paparazzi.

Over the weekend, Dickinson and her boyfriend were standing outside Barney's in Los Angeles. Upon spotting a photographer, Janice simulated oral sex on her man and then stuck her tongue in his mouth for all to see. It was a gruesome scene.

  • What a Loser
  • Gross Kiss


At least the washed-up D-lister didn't ramble drunkenly against the cameraman this time. She's been known to do so in the past, while screaming: “I’m totally f*%ked up!”

We know, Janice. Trust us. We know.

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