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Tito Ortiz, Jenna Jameson's MMA fighter beau and baby daddy, was just arrested for allegedly beating her. He faces felony domestic violence charges.

The alleged attack occurred at the home he shares with Jenna in Huntington Beach, Calif., and left the legendary porn star with "visible injuries."

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Someone called 911 this morning at 9:53 a.m. and reported a "disturbance."

Few other details are known at this time, but THG will keep you posted.

Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz have been together more than three years.

Tito Ortiz s currently in custody and on his way to an Orange County jail. Tito and Jenna are not married, but welcomed twin boys together in March 2009.

Prior to hooking up with Tito, Jenna was married to Jay Grdina.

UPDATE: Jenna plans on pressing charges. Fighting back tears, a clearly emotional Jenna was driving away from her home in Huntington Beach later today, when she stopped and told a photographer, "I'm gonna be alright."

She continued, "My babies are alright ... everything's OK ... he's in jail." She was accompanied by her father, who made the initial call to 911.

More details to come as the story develops ...

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The shark fin is in the water ... the Great White is hungry for celeb MEAT.

So Spencer Pratt proclaimed this morning. We'd say the guy needs to get a hobby instead of talking smack on Twitter all day, but who are we kidding.

He makes life more entertaining, and calls it like it is. Two weeks ago, we saw Kim Kardashian nude in Harper's Bazaar, embracing her "all natural" body.

BS, says Spencer. He Tweets:

"Kim K how am I supposed to believe that about you be all natural ... when I know who your doctor is? On your tv show u said u were ... HUGE LIAR!"

"Kim K - difference between posing and being a poser! Maybe Reggie found out you were both? Ouch ! How was euro hoe u flew to bang?"

  • Tha Great White
  • Kim Kard

USELESS vs. USELESS: Spencer seeks to knock Kim down a peg.

Cheap Cristiano Ronaldo shot aside, we see where The Hills star comes from. If nothing else, Heidi Montag is unabashedly who she is ... unlike hypokrite Kim.

Naturally, this being Spencer Pratt. He did not single out Kim alone today. The man is an equal opportunity trash-talker. Other Tweets from the man today:

  • On Hayden Panettiere's new haircut: New home tree barber cut her hair.
  • On Lindsay Lohan: Lindsay don't tweet sh!t and snort sh!t @ same time
  • On Lindsay again: Fired from her upcoming role ... a role on Jerry Springer?
  • On Samantha Ronson: Sam Ronman the conman... You used Lindsay LOANED like cheap toilet paper. YES DUH Lindsay LOANED is an angry human. Lindsay does not eat pu$$y for nothing!

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

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According to a representative for Bret Michaels, the rocker "remains in ICU under 24 hour surveillance" and "further testing this week will help locate the source of the bleeding"

While not exactly encouraging news about the singer, who suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage last week, this message on is at least based on fact and written by someone close to the situation.

Then there's the latest from Donald Trump. Like a Republican politican resorting to scare tactics for attention, the Celebrity Apprentice host tells TMZ that Michaels is in "big, big trouble and the prognosis is not great."

Trump doesn't back this statement up with any medical information, but does at least offer the following about Bret, who is competing on The Donald's reality show:

"He turns out to be an amazing competitor and ultimately that is the thing that could save his life."

We sure hope so.

Meanwhile, a new theory has surfaced about Bret's condition. Because such hemorrhages are typically related to blunt trauma, might this accident have caused the bleed? It certainly seems possible.

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In LOL news, Samantha Ronson got hit with a drink over the weekend. In even more LOL news, Lindsay Lohan is supposedly retiring from the club scene.

No word if she'll come out of retirement in about nine hours.

We'll start with SamRo. Whatever really happened at Hollywood hotspot Trousdale may never be known, but she took to Twitter to post this right after ...

Sam Tweet

Eyewitnesses say Ronson, who Linds accused of doing Miley's ex last week, was sitting at a table when Lindsay Lohan stormed up "like a bat out of hell."

That's when she reportedly tossed her drink Sam's way.

"Everyone was shocked," says a source. "The night was going fine, and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, Lindsay walked up and caused a scene."

LOL. No wonder all her friends say Lindsay is a lost cause. The girl really needs to seek help, ASAP ... but maybe, just maybe, does she realize that?

Lohan had no direct comment on the alleged cocktail assault, however, she did respond with what appears to be a retirement from partying (LOL) ...

LL tweet

Yeah, right, Lindsay. We'll believe it when we see it.

Clearly you'd be overly optimistic to assume this lasts more than a few days ... even hours. But here's hoping she sees the error of her recent waywardness and seeks professional help ... without another sheriff's department visit.

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This just in: Adam Lambert has gone G-A-Y!

No, the singer hasn't somehow come out of the closet again.

Instead, he took the stage on Saturday night at London's G-A-Y night club, as Adam is spending a few weeks in Europe promoting his debut CD before returning to the States and going on tour.

Gone G-A-Y

Click on the pictures above to enlarge photos of Adam Lambert in all his Glambertness.

With a packed, screaming house cheering him on, Lambert performed a six-song set at the establishment. He sung hits such as “Fever, "Strut,” “Whataya Want From Me," and For Your Entertainment."

Prior to the concert, he Tweeted: “London is so beautiful today!!! The sun is shining and I’m looking forward to my show tonight!!!”

The former American Idol runner-up didn't disappoint. A fan captured one of his renditions on iPhone and you can view that snippet below. You can also view a handful of performances in our Adam Lambert video section. Visit it now!

Continue Reading...

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Is Kristin Cavallari just the victim of a Hills hit job?

Known for unabashed opinions and acting like a general bitch on the MTV reality show, which even promoted her big "return" last season with the tagline "The Bitch is Back," Kristin she’s a better person than she’s portrayed by The Hills.

The real Kristin does charity work, people! Gosh!

“If you asked my real friends, they would say I’m definitely not a bitch,” Kristin Cavallari proclaimed while hosting at the Liquid Pool Lounge in Las Vegas.

However, she does add that “I definitely stand up for myself, and I’m not not a pushover.” In other words ... you f*%ked with the WRONG girl, dude!

Kristin Cavallari Smiles

THE BITCH IS NOT BACK: Kristin Cavallari says she's a lot nicer than how she's portrayed on The Hills ... which is supposed to be a "reality" show, but whatever.

Cavallari’s plans for life after The Hills' final season, which premieres tomorrow, include helping those less fortunate via the One Kid One World charity.

“I was just in El Salvador, and we rebuilt this whole school,” she says. “It takes so little time, but it impacts these people for the rest of their lives.”

One thing she’s not interested in pursuing - a feud with Hills costar Spencer Pratt, who recently ripped her (and pretty much everyone else) on Twitter.

“I heard one little comment he made, but if that’s it, I’m fine with it,” Cavallari says. “He’s attacking everybody else. There’s so much else going on."

So true. So very true. Click to enlarge more pics of Kristin out shopping in Beverly Hills and in a bikini at the aforementioned pool party in Sin City...

  • Kristin, Stacie Shop
  • Cavallari Shopping
  • Awesome Bikini Shot
  • K 2 the C
  • Vegas VIP KC
  • Not the Worst View
  • Bev. Hills Shopper
  • Rollin' 20 Deep
  • The Beautiful KC
  • Another Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pic

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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Paulina Porizkova is on record: she hates the new boobs of Heidi Montag and Kate Hudson.

What does this former super model and current attention monger think of Teresa Giudice's recently-enhanced chest? Probably nothing, seeing how low down on the celebrity totem pole this Real Housewife of New Jersey ranks.

But Giudice is trying to change that. She's featured in the latest issue of Steppin Out and tells the classy magazine she's "more confident" about her post-surgery body.

"I did it just for me," says Giudice. "My husband still loved me with my little boobies... We were married for nine years when I got them done. He still loved me the way I was... [Now] I feel so much sexier. Way sexier!"

Steppin Out Feature

The reality star returns to Bravo on May 3 when The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres its second season. She says viewers will see a "much more sexual" individual, one whose sex life is "even better" than before.

Might they also soon see a much more naked Teresa in the pages of Playboy? Following her critique of Bethenny Frankel in that publication, this seems like a strong, nauseating possibility.

  • Teresa
  • PR Pic

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Looks like Paris Hilton really is so over Doug Reinhardt.

That's not too shocking, but what we didn't expect was her rebounding with former boyfriend Jason Shaw. Yeah, we're talking waaay former here.

Sloppy 342nds

The ho-tel heiress and the model were together for three years earlier in the decade and sources say each has always had feelings for the other.

This was pre-Paris Hilton sex tape, so essentially, pre-Paris Hilton.

As far as most fans are concerned, she didn't exist before Rick Salomon hit it. Although we did unearth a few old school pics of her with Jason ...

THE OLD DAZE: Paris and Jason were a cute duo.

Like Damon Thomas, who Kim Kardashian was married to before Ray J worked his magic from behind, Jason Shaw still remains a bit of an enigma.

But perhaps not for long. Last night, they were spotted having a cozy dinner at Woo Lae Oak around 10 p.m., and things are reportedly going well.

Sources say "Paris always loved Jason and cared about him deeply. When they were together she was a kid and not ready for such a commitment."

The former twosome reconnected mere weeks after Paris' recent split from Doug. "When Jason found out that she had ended her relationship with Doug, he was thrilled and made plans with her right away," a source tells E!.

The two are taking it slow for now, but may give it another try. Here's hoping they do. After a year-plus, Paris could certainly use a little action from someone less boring ... and after Doug Reinhardt, there's nowhere to go but up.

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As if his fall from grace weren't complete, former presidential candidate John Edwards is accused of a shocking DUI cover-up by the National Enquirer.

Seems far-fetched, but at this point, we'd almost buy it.

The man has no credibility left, having repeatedly denied accusations by the same tabloid that he had an affair and fathered a child with Rielle Hunter.

Both of those rumors were 100 percent accurate.

It's therefore hard to fully discredit reports that John was stopped by police after a boozy night of partying in March and weaseled his way out of it.

Just when you think John Edwards' image couldn't possibly get worse ...

"John was the passenger in the car of an unidentified woman he picked up at one of the local bars," an insider said. "John had been drinking a lot of wine and asked the woman to drive. She apparently had a couple of drinks herself."

Certainly not surprising that he was out on the singles scene.

On the way to possibly create another John Edwards sex tape (our theory, not the Enquirer's), the cops c*ck-blocked John by pulling the car over.

After she "swerved the car a bit," Edwards, who wanted to avoid trouble, reportedly used his Southern charm - and possibly money - to hush it up.

No word if Andrew Young said he was behind the wheel instead.

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Dear Justin Bieber fans:

We know this young star is very cute and has a pretty good voice. But he's just a singer. Seriously, he hasn't cured a single disease or come up with financial regulation that will help ease the ongoing economic crisis.

It's necessary to pass along this message because people are starting to get seriously injured as a result of the mass hysteria surrounding Bieber. Even worse: police are shutting down his concerts!

Both these developments took place in Sydney, Australia over the weekend, as Justin was set to sing on stage for a morning TV show. But the performance was canceled after thousands of unruly fans created a security nightmare and at least 10 girls passed out.

Fans camped out overnight for the event. By 3 a.m., almost 4,000 people had gathered. When they heard Bieber might be in the vicinity, they rushed the stage, broke down barriers and generally acted like brides at a wedding gown sale.

Not even Tiger Woods acts this out of control inside a Las Vegas night club.

  • Canceled Concert
  • Sad Fans

As news of the cancelled gig spread, Justin Tweeted: "I love my fans... and I am just as disappointed as everyone else with the news from this morning. I want to sing for my fans," adding in capital letters:


Bieber then wrote he was "beyond grateful...for such an amazing warm welcome."

We're sure he is, but perhaps Justin should also send a message to his followers: Chill the eff out! I appreciate the support, but I have a bowl cut and I sing songs other people have written for me. That's about it.

  • Unruly Crowd
  • Justin Bieber Fans

Justin Bieber fans react to the news that their utter insanity caused a performance by their singing god to be canceled in Australia. [Photos: Splash News]

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