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As soon as Ali Fedotowsky declared in the opening moments that she has never felt better, you knew The Bachelorette was going to be good. But not this good.

Not even the spoilers we've known all season long could have prepared us for the unspeakable awesomeness that was the ABC show's outing of Justin Rego.

According to reports, it wasn't even faked. Rated R was legitimately busted, undone by his two-timing ways in Canada, a scandal dumped in producers' laps.

It was classic.

Obviously, you can't help but wonder what was re-edited, re-shot or flat-out contrived, but does it really matter? This is reality TV entertainment at its best.

The rest of the episode was pretty dull, but that can be forgiven, thanks to the opening sequences? THG breaks down all the action below in its +/- index ...

An Ali Fedotowsky Picture

RATED R FOR REJECTED: Ali sent Justin packing.

In Turkey, venerable Bachelorette host Chris Harrison is the bearer of bad news for Ali Fedotowsky. Plus 9, because as a pimp, you gotta protect your employees.

Ali's friend and former co-star on Jake Pavelka's season, Jessie Sudilis, NEEDS to speak to her now. Minus 3, though, 'cause it takes 50 rings for her to answer.

Somehow, Jessie knows Justin Rego's girlfriend, Jessica Spillas, who just found out Justin was cheating on HER with Kimberly Kerekes. Plus 5. Nice, Rated R.

After a loooong phone call, we learn from Jessie that Justin only went on The Bachelorette for publicity. Minus 7 because we don't buy Ali's "stunned" face.

Plus 3 for the documentary-style filming, (relatively) unedited and without music, and Plus 6 more for Chris busting out an iPhone pic of Justin and Jessica.

Minus 1 for the fact that Jessie is gona be on Bachelor Pad, and Minus 5 for the time-honored, scripted line: "I know he's not there for the right reasons."

Ali calls Justin out publicly, asking if he misses his girlfriend in Canada. Plus 10. He reacts how any upstanding guy would ... he makes a run for it! Plus 17.


TAKIN' CARE OF BUSINESS: Host-pimp Chris makes the call.

It only gets better as Ali gives chase and Justin escapes, only to come limping back later. He tries to talk his way out of it, but he's a really bad liar. Minus 9.

Justin hobbles off, presumably stranded in a Turkish bazaar. Plus 7. As he does so, messages he left Jessica while he was on the show are played. Plus 12.

Finally, we move on to Ty's date with Ali in a Turkish bathhouse, one of many reasons this was the most homoerotic episode of The Bachelorette ever. Even.

Ty talks about his divorce, Tenley Molzahn style, and we know this is supposed to be a powerful moment and all, but Minus 4, because it just can't compare.

On the group date, Kirk, Chris, Roberto and Craig wrestle random Turkish dudes, then each other, while covered in olive oil. See two sentences above. Plus 6.

Craig prevails, but Chris L. is the true winner with his good looks and hilarious comments. Will he get engaged to Ali (see The Bachelorette spoilers)? Plus 7.

On Craig's date, he falls so hard into the friend zone, his fate is sealed. Minus 4. Contrast that with Frank's date, in which they're all over each other. Plus 4.

Oh, Plus 5 for Ali's belly-dancing outfit. They had to throw us guys something.

TOTAL: +58. SEASON: +159.

Roses: Ty and Frank (earlier dates), Roberto, Chris and Kirk.

Out: Justin (abandoned in Istanbul) and Craig (friend zone).

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Every Tuesday morning, I get an email from one of our interns at THG that briefly runs down the previous night's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and then goes into a longer review, the latter of which I post on the site.

But this correspondent only had two words to describe this week's installment of the Bravo series: Holy crap!

What caused such a reaction? Read her detailed take on the hour below and see if you agree:

This season of RHONJ has had so many bitch fights, cat fights, quarrels, duels, breakdowns, meltdowns, and spars I don’t know how the show can ever keep up in the future. Do they show these Housewives violent movies and give them hallucinogenic drugs before releasing them into the wilderness of strip malls, plastic surgery centers, and country clubs that is Franklin Lakes, hoping they will run into each other and start kicking, biting, screaming profanities, and slinging their purses at each other while the cameras catch every cringe-worthy moment? 

It sure seems like it.

The Housewives Girl

Tonight’s episode was full of such drama.  Of course, most of it centered around Danielle Staub, but she alone cannot create this level of chaos.  There had to be other women involved and a charity event because Danielle seems to particularly enjoy letting loose and going insane at functions aimed at helping those less fortunate. 

By now I think she deserves her own charity event or at least an intervention that ends up with Danielle inside a windowless white van being driven off to a secured location where she can calm down under the watchful eyes of mental health professionals for a few years.  Her daughters can fend for themselves. 

Lord knows they’d probably be better off without her calling them every ten seconds and screaming, “Mommy’s got a little situation here!” as she gets ready to beat a bitch’s ass over accidentally cutting her in line at Target or something.

Most of this episode centered around the shit storm that was Kim D.’s fashion show event for her boutique, Posche.  (Side note:  Is she trying to spell her store’s name like “Porsche” is spelled so it seems classy?  Just wondering.)  The shit began to hit the fan when Danielle felt mistreated by a Posche employee. 

For Danielle, the fact that this employee failed to leap up from behind her desk (she was on the phone) and fall at her feet the minute Danielle walked in the door was grounds for an immediate execution.  Danielle threw a big fat stink about this and stormed in and out of the store multiple times, all while dressed in head-to-toe black like your goth cousin.

Real Housewives Meal

My God, this woman craves and creates drama wherever she goes.  If I got pissed every time a salesperson was rude to me, I would have spent all of my high school years in a rage over mistreatment at the hands of my local mall’s Abercrombie employees.  Kim D. has no sympathy for Danielle over this particular issue and says, “Nobody did anything on purpose to you.  Oh my god, here she goes again.  No matter what anyone does you can’t please her.” 

Danielle tells us that she is done shopping at Posche and adds smugly, “And believe me, she will miss my money.”  Don’t you mean your ex-husband’s money?  You have no job other than being the resident lunatic of Franklin Lakes and I don’t think that’s a paid position, at least not yet. 

After asking Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley to walk in her fashion show, Kim D. calls Danielle to make amends.  She tells Danielle that she needs to come to the fashion show.  Nooooo!  Run for the hills!

Continue Reading...

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Who knew Megan Fox was as sly as... some sort of wild animal.

After saying in mid-June there was "no plan" to marry Brian Austin Green, the world's sexiest woman went out and married Brian Austin Green! Multiple sources confirm they got hitched on June 24.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

As first reported by TMZ, Green's eight-year old son, Kassius, was present at the ceremony, which took place at the Four Seasons on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The pair has been an item since 2004, with a brief split rumored to have gone down in early 2009.

Green will forever be known as David Silver on Beverly Hills, 90210; while Fox will forever be known for looking like this.

We wish the couple nothing but the best. We guess.

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She was recently bailed out by PETA, but Nadya Suleman is currently living hand to mouth and in dire need of financial help, according to her lawyer, Jeff Czech.

We doubt anyone is surprised ... or concerned, for that matter.

“The truth is Nadya is living from month to month right now,” he said. “There are a few deals in the pipeline ... I hope that these will materialize for her family."

The attorney added that despite her mounting fiscal woes, “Fortunately, she does not seem to be getting down about the situation, though it does concern me.”

Nadya was able to keep her home after getting a six month California mortgage extension and PETA stepped in with a $5,000 home loan payment and food.

Octomom and Brood

The kids and bills add up fast. [Photo:]

But despite making a good amount of extra cash this year with various appearances, Nadya Suleman is still in financial trouble. Having 14 kids will do that.

“I want to do the best for her that I can," Czech said. "we have no legal rights to the biological father of her children being financially responsible for them.”

So we're blaming the dad? Shouldn't Nads take responsibility for her own actions? The Duggar family has 19 kids but support them debt free. Just saying.

The day of reckoning still may not be far off, either. Octomom faces foreclosure if she can't pay off her $450,000 California home loan by September 10.

She may want to take Vivid Entertainment up on its next offer.

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Landon Donovan's estranged wife Bianca Kajlich was aware of reports that he got a British girl pregnant after they separated, and remains supportive of him.

A source close to the Rules of Engagement star, currently separated from Donovan, says, "She's been aware of the claim is extremely supportive of Landon."

"She was not blindsided by this and isn’t angry."

A British woman who has not been identified told a UK newspaper she is allegedly carrying Landon Donovan's love child. The news broke late last week.

Can Bianca Kajlich and Landon Donovan patch things up?

Probably the biggest name on the U.S. World Cup team, Donovan scored the winner against Algeria last week and the team's goal against Ghana Saturday.

The soccer star has acknowledged that the paternity claim might be true, although nothing has been confirmed and he won't comment again until it is.

"I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support," he told

Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich, who wed in 2006, had been trying to repair their relationship. He even blew a kiss to her during a recent interview.

He also declared they "are not officially divorced" and shared an "emotional phone call" following his winning goal against Algeria, which "was nice."

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Matt Kemp can't buy a hit to save his life these days, batting a paltry .182 with 21 strikeouts in his last 14 games and even riding the pine the last two nights.

Fortunately, the L.A. Dodgers outfielder is still a hit with Rihanna.

The singer and the slugger stepped out to West Hollywood's Mastro's steakhouse on Saturday after his team's win against the visiting New York Yankees.

Keeping a tight grip on her man, who returned the favor, the red-headed singer is enjoying downtime with Matt, who she began dating over New Year's.

Unfortunately, she resumes her "Last Girl on Earth" tour in July, but Matt Kemp and Rihanna seem to be making the distance thing work for now at least.

  • Matt Kemp's Girlfriend
  • Matt Kemp, Rihanna Photo

Rihanna may be a world-famous singer, but on this night, she was just Matt Kemp's girlfriend. Not a bad catch for either party. [Photos:]

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After a harrowing six months in the NICU, Josie Brooklyn Duggar is home.

The 19th child if Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar returned to their busy house last week after being born prematurely and fighting for her life ever since.

"It is good to be home," says a laughing Michelle, who set up shop in Little Rock, Ark. "It is surreal to be here. It was such a long time we were away."

Though the baby was released from Arkansas Children's Hospital in the state's capital June 3, her homecoming was delayed because of her siblings.

Specifically, the 12 of the Duggar children that contracted the chicken pox and had to be separated from her. That's some contagious stuff right there.

Josie Duggar thus spent three more weeks with her mother in a rental house near the hospital until the other children recovered back home with dad.

The Duggars are one big, happy and complete family again.

Finally, on June 25, mother and child made the over 200-mile road trip from Little Rock to Tontitown, Ark., where the family lives (somehow debt free).

They were met by streamers, hand-made "Welcome Home" banners and 17 of Josie's siblings (oldest son Josh lives on his own with his wife and baby).

The last time Michelle was at the Duggar family's home, they were decorating for the holidays and looking forward to Josie's expected birth in the spring.

But Michelle's preeclampsia caused an emergency C-section and a dangerous entry into the world for Josie, who was born December 10 at just one pound.

The family, whose lives are chronicled on the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting, is now settling into a routine with Josie, now a "chunky" 9 lbs., 1 oz.

"She has a double chin now," she says. "It is so precious."

Welcome home, Josie!

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Nicole Richie took to her blog last week to announce the release date of her second novel and even gave fans the first look at the book’s cover.

"I’m proud to finally announce that my second novel Priceless will be out this fall on September 28th, 2010," wrote the partner of Joel Madden.

Welcome, 2010!

"This book has been a project that I’ve put my heart and soul into and I’m happy that I get to share it with you here first. Hope you enjoy it."

In her first novel, The Truth About Diamonds, the rock 'n' roll daughter wrote about a wild child growing up in Hollywood. Art imitating life.

Here's the cover of the latest Nicole Richie effort ...

Will you read Nicole Richie's newest novel?

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Jay Z is already a music mogul, a wildly successful rapper and producer.

If he can lure free agent NBA star LeBron James to the New Jersey Nets, though, the team's new minority owner will become a god among sports executives as well.

James becomes fair game July 1, but Jay is already putting on a full court press, with an assist to his close friend Steve Stoute, one of LeBron's marketing gurus.

Stoute, whose firm, Translations, has hooked LeBron up to a number of big corporate sponsors, welcomed James to his birthday party, which Jay Z also attended.

Z-ROUTE: Can Jay bring LeBron to the Nets?

There, LeBron got the full Jay-Z experience: he arrived with his wife Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige was also on hand, and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, even DJ'd.

No word if Jay's got sway with James, who recently made news for flaming out of the playoffs amid reports that Cavs teammate Delonte West is nailing his mom.

We'll find out soon enough, though, as soon as King James is done having his ego stroked and milking publicity from his free agency as long as humanly possible.

Where will LeBron James end up?


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Twilight Saga fans may have June 30 circled as the premiere date for Eclipse, but Kristen Stewart offered her own exciting debut earlier today.

Prior to an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, the beloved actress showed off a new hairstyle meant for her upcoming role as MaryLou in the movie adaption of Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.

It's short, it's dyed, it's elegant and it marks a departure from Kristen's typically grungy look. We think it's beautiful! Do you agree?

  • New Stewart Style
  • Short and Dyed

What do you think of Kristen Stewart's new look?


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