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Why are newspapers on the verge of bankruptcy?

There are a few theories: they don't charge for online content; immediate access to news via the Internet and cable news have made them irrelevant; and they have their priorities confused.

If you need an example of the latter point, look no further than a copy of The Los Angeles Times from last week:

LA Times

The newspaper feauted Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian on its FRONT page, immediately below news on President Obama's health care plans and the capture of a major Taliban figure.

Imagine what happens if Khloe actually makes a sex tape. She might be above the fold next time!

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If you thought the Rozlyn Papa sex tape scandal was the most unexpected story in the adult genre today, wait 'til you read this N.Y. Daily News item on 50 Cent.

Lastonia Leviston claims the rapper posted her personal sex tape online, dubbed in his own commentary and spliced himself into the action in various costumes.

She filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court saying that she and Maurice Murray "videotaped themselves engaging in sexually explicit activities" in June 2008.

Leviston claims she requested Murray destroy the tape and that he agreed, but he allegedly "transferred or sold" it to 50 Cent instead for reasons unknown.

"Ooh, she grindin', is she a grinder?" 50 says while a lingerie-clad Lastonia Leviston romps around on a leather couch with a man whose face is blurred out.

This is 50

50 Cent - who takes on the "Pimpin' Curly" persona in the video (above) - is accused of having posted the raunchy, 13-minute sex tape on several websites.

The reason? Beef with rival rapper Rick Ross, obviously. He refers to the girl in the X-rated video as a "nasty b----" and describes her as Ross' baby mama.

"Ricky don't know how to do that!" Fiddy taunts after a man in red boxer shorts (presumably Murray) bends over Leviston and begins "smackin' dat a$$."

Ross and 50 have a long-running dispute in which they've dissed each other in videos and songs. In the sex tape, he mocks the size of Ross's manhood.

"Yeah man, nice little slut!" the rapper says, quite originally.

Leviston, who wears little more than heels and lingerie during the sex tape, is seeking damages for emotional distress and unauthorized use of her image.

Hey, all's well in hip-hop beefs. As long as he left Shaniqua Tompkins out of this. We don't need any more restraining orders or houses burned down.

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s senior adviser and spokeswoman, Meghan Stapleton, resigned today. Who will craft Sarah's brilliant press releases now?!

Stapleton, a Palin confidante since 2006, said she is stepping down from her $96,000/year gig to spend more time with her 2-year-old daughter, Isabella.

Since the end of the 2008 presidential campaign, Stapleton has been one of only a few aides maintained and trusted by Palin - to everyone's detriment.

In recent years, Stapleton was a key strategic adviser and the pipeline for anyone seeking Palin’s attention, including Republican officials and reporters.

A total loose cannon at best, and shameless attack dog at worst, Stapleton helped transform Palin into a major political player. A very polarizing one.

Sarah Palin will be better off without her chief crony.

Meg Stapleton has also blessed those of us in the celebrity gossip world with near constant absurd fodder. Some of her most prominent career highlights:

  • Claiming any criticism of Sarah Palin is sexist
  • Bashing the living hell out of David Letterman
  • Trading weekly public barbs with Levi Johnston
  • Reaching out to embattled nut job Carrie Prejean
  • Trying to cash in on Bristol Palin and her baby
  • Sending John McCain's entire staff to the cardiologist

One senior McCain advisor quoted by the Huffington Post called her both "incompetent and a bad person," and one who "sacrificed integrity for ambition."

A woman whose media instincts were amateurish even on her best day, Stapleton will be missed by those of us who revere her ability to generate gossip.

Someone with serious political ambitions should never, ever hire her though.

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Remember when Whitney Houston was an incredible singer with a slew of number-one hits?

If were born after 1992, the answer is probably: Whitney who?!?

The crooner is attempting a comeback this year, performing a number of concerts in Australia. Following a stop in Brisbane this week, however, the tour is off to a worse start than last week's Tiger Woods' press conference.

Thousands of fans walked out in the middle of the show, after Houston humilated herself with the following version of "I Will Always Love You." In between coughing fits and flat notes, a back up singer actually sung the high parts. Amazing. Depressing...

How does Andrew McManus, Whitney's tour manager, defend his client, who has an entire European tour ahead of her this spring?

By admitting she's totally washed up, but trying really, really hard.

"[She] is now up on stage, warts and all, presenting herself like an open book for the world to see," McManus said. "If they expected to hear the Whitney of 20 years ago, go buy a CD. If they want to see a true professional artist give 100%, come along and enjoy the ride of an amazing talent, on stage, letting her heart and soul out."

She's also letting a lot of phlegm out in the clip above. Houston should probably get that checked out.

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Earlier this month, Lindsey Vonn posed seductively for Sports Illustrated.

While there were a few claims of sexism and a few objections from those that believe Vonn was hurting women's sports by focusing more on her topless form than her downhill form, there also appears to have been a rallying cry among male Olympians:

We can do better!

Led by Gold Medal-winning figure skater Evan Lysacek, a handful of U.S. men have posed with their shirts off for OK! Weekly. Does Justin Bieber have cuteness competition? You tell us.

Ogle these athletic studs below:

  • Ben Agosto
  • Steve Nyman
  • JR Celski
  • Louie Vito
  • Charlie White

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Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera are not only an item, they're co-workers. Well, kind of. For her, "work" is being on MTV's non-reality show The Hills.

It looks like Cabrera has agreed to come on board the long-running program, filming scenes last Friday evening at Hollywood club La Vida with Audrina.

The two were being filmed "for about an hour at a secluded table on the patio," according to witnesses. Wonder what the cue cards had 'em talk about.

A rep for Ryan Cabrera confirmed that he'll appear on the show, but hasn't yet signed a deal. Looks as though his career is "On the Way Down." Sorry, had to.

Ryan Cabrera and Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera do make a cute couple, we gotta say. Nice to see them yogether on The Hills and in real life! [Photo:]

Having dated years ago, the singer and reality star rekindled their romance in January. The two were seen holding hands in Mexico earlier this month.

"Ryan is a great guy," a pal tells Us. "Audrina is having fun!

It's easy to see why. He seems chill, and Patridge's most famous Hills romance was with that douche Justin-Bobby. From there, one can only improve.

Other men in her life haven't been that much better. Corey Bohan fizzled out, and Zachary Loring, well ... he's certifiably insane and stalks her a lot.

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Former Madonna boy toy Jesus Luz signed a record deal, surely not influenced by his relationship with the Queen of Pop, and will release a single this May.

The Sun (UK) says Madge "used all her might and muscle" to get the model signed up by her former label Warner Bros. And what Madonna wants, she gets.

"She holds a lot of sway," said a source. "There was a little give and take between her and executives, but a compromise was eventually settled upon."

It is believed she and Jesus Luz called it quits earlier this month, citing their age difference, but their status remains unclear, especially after this news.

Sweet Baby Jesus

JESUS LUZ: Model, boy toy, recording artist.

Jesus has a two-single deal, with the label allowed first refusal on an album, too. Madonna has also been covering expenses, including his big studio costs.

The source added: "Madonna really wants Jesus' career to take off. She's been putting him in contact with as many of her influential friends as she can."

His first single is apparently called "We Came From Light." That should become an instant classic. Some proposed titles for the debut album of Jesus Luz ...

  • Just Luz it
  • Jesus Saves
  • U Snooz U Luz
  • Better Than Heidi Montag

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Julianne Moore has a message for Elizabeth Hurley: Nipple, schmipple!

During the same week the British star attended a charity event with her boob in full view, Moore proved that elder actresses can take things one step further. She's totally naked in a new campaign for Bulgari.

Moore, whose 30 Rock quotes during her recent run on that NBC sitcom were muddled by her attempt at a Boston accent, poses below in shots by photographers Mert & Marcus. The only things she's wearing?

A handbag, bracelet and earrings...

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Yesterday, THG readers were given the challenge of writing the best caption for this picture of Angelina Jolie reading the paper and rolling her eyes.

Your winner for this edition of our Caption Contest is Hollywood.

Congrata! The winning caption appears below. Honorable mentions: Danielle Truhe, violet78 and sammy. Click here for the full list of entries.

Thank you to everyone for playing and good luck next time!

"Lady Gaga Hermaphrodite? The best of both - mmmmm..."

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Earlier this week, Elizabeth Hurley attended a charity function as part of London Fashion Week. The event was titled "The Love Ball" and benefited The Naked Heart Foundation.

That's apt, because the British actress showed up in a see-through saree that put the body part closet to her heart on full display. Check it out:

  • Totally See-Through
  • Nipple Exposure

A source told The London Telegraph that Hurley donned this outfit to please husband Arun Nayar.

“Arun is quite old-fashioned about these things,” the insider said. “She is doing this to please him. It’’s her publicly accepting that she is his woman.”

Showing one's bare boob to the world is an odd way of proving that one is truly off the market, but who are we to judge? All we can say is this:

Hugh Grant, you're a moron.

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