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Rivalry, schmivalry.

Kris Allen's debut album is currently on sale, and Adam Lambert releases his first-ever CD next week, but the former American Idol finalists are more friendly than feuding.

The singers cover the latest issue of Billboard, as Allen talks in the magazine about the process of recording songs for his album:

"When you're going to write and be in the studio, it's like, 'Now I have to think about me.' That's the mind-set you have to work with. I keep a journal, and maybe I'll take something from that - but when I'm writing a song I'll usually just be playing around on my guitar. More than anything, I just try to capture a moment."

Lambert, meanwhile is currently embroiled in a public fight with the editor of Out. He told the publication above:

“I consider myself part artist, part businessperson. I find marketing interesting, I find publicity interesting. I find the whole process interesting. I think there’s some artists that are really focused on the music and the artistry, but I also think being a showman and being an entertainer is more than just being a musician. It’s everything."


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Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra, a London-based businessman, got married in a "fairy-tale wedding" Sunday afternoon in Khandala, India.

Shilpa Shetty, clad in a red-and-gold saree, walked around a holy fire with Kundra in a traditional Hindu ritual that signifies the sacred bond of marriage.

"She was surrounded by her closest friends and family and the wedding was conducted in traditional south Indian rituals," Shetty's spokeswoman said.

"This is it!" Shetty wrote on her official blog just a few hours before the ceremony took place in the town about 200 kilometers from the city of Mumbai.

Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty are now husband and wife!

Shetty and Kundra met in London after she shot to fame as the winner of the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother in a controversial 2007 season.

She was also controversially smooched by Richard Gere that year.

The actress went on to host Bigg Boss, the Indian version of Big Brother, and launch several business ventures, including a yoga video and health spas.

On Tuesday, Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra will host a wedding reception in Mumbai, with the who's who of Bollywood expected to be in attendance.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Having had two weddings already, and having been married an entire year, or half that if you only count their legal nuptials, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag naturally need to renew their wedding vows to reaffirm their love for attention each other.

Think we're kidding? Then you don't know Speidi. On a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, Heidi said she can't wait to walk down the aisle again ... and again, and ...

Spencer and Heidi: Photographers

"I could do five or six," she said. "I just want the dresses."

As for their first non-anniversary, how will they celebrate?

"My spirit will be with my wife, but my body will be ringside at my business partner's [boxing match]," Spencer said, and it appears that Heidi is cool with that.

"I'll take his credit card, be in Beverly Hills shopping, and not looking back," she said. "I have puppies, so I'll take them. I like cooking more for them anyway."

It was a fairy tale wedding made for reality TV. It was also almost seven months ago. At this point every couple needs to renew their vows to affirm their commitment.

The Hills stars and How to Be Famous authors shocked fans and families by eloping to Cabo San Lucas to exchange vows in a sham staged secret wedding.

That was last November. Their second wedding, held April 25 in Pasadena, was filmed for The Hills season finale and was the final episode for Lauren Conrad.

Spencer says that's the reason he wants another ceremony.

"We got robbed at our second wedding. We lost all the good energy of our first by having LC in the building," Spencer says of his wife's former BFF turned foe.

That's as good an excuse for wedding #3 as we can think of.

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As you may know, Megan Fox was featured in the New York Times last week.

She was described as "a student of stardom, past and present, who knows how to provide her own commentary, a narrative to go with the underwear."

Now, the nation's preeminent newspaper is focusing more on the underwear part, releasing outtakes from its photo shoot with the mouthy movie star.

Hey, you might as well maximize the mileage you get out of this ...

Fox Time

The New York Times may be on to something here.

As the worldwide decline of print journalism continues to take its toll on this and numerous other venerable publications, perhaps a paradigm shift is in order.

After all, what better way to sell newspapers than photos of Megan Fox, artistically featured in black and white of course, lifting her legs over her head. Gulp.

Click to enlarge more Megan Fox pictures from the Times ...

  • Black and White Megan
  • Foxy Megs
  • Limber
  • Megan Pic
  • Great Times
  • Classed Up
  • Foxy in the Times

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Michael Lohan was receiving money for securing paying gigs on behalf of Jon Gosselin, he says, a fact that could doom Jonny Boy in his legal battle with TLC.

Jon Gosselin entered into a business relationship with Hailey Glassman, Mike Heller and Michael Lohan to earn money, all in violation of his TLC contract.

Though unsigned, the contract led to Jon being paid for outside appearances that violated his TLC deal, Michael Lohan himself told the celeb gossip site.

The document and the payments Jon ended up getting could be a smoking gun in the breach of contract lawsuit brought against the father of eight by TLC.

According to the deal, "TR" is entitled to certain fees resulting from business transactions on behalf of Gosselin and then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

“I brought Jon to the table so I told Michael Heller we needed an agreement. He said no problem,” Lohan said, explaining the origin of the document.

HI, Jon

Get ready to say BYE to a lot of money, Jon.

“We were representing him ... I brought Jon Gosselin to Mike Heller, so Michael therefore had an obligation to pay me a percentage of what he made.”

TR is a joint venture of Lohan’s company and Mike Heller’s company. Heller never signed the deal after his dad Mark, Jon's lawyer, advised him not to.

Regardless, in what is sure to be strong evidence for TLC, who subpoenaed Lohan, says he got paid for deals Jon made money from. Probably illegally.

Heller “was paying me all along, which basically proves I have a deal. Why was he paying me checks and giving my wife and my son checks?” Lohan said.

Lohan said some payments he got for helping get Jon gigs was in cash.

“A lot of it was cash, so I would imagine that there were a lot of things I wasn’t paid for too,” the father of Lindsay and Ali said. “We’re going to find out.”

The fact that a paper trail exists on side business deals may turn out to be strong evidence for TLC against Jon. The tool's best shot, according to his $5 million countersuit, is to claim his original deal is unreasonable. Stay tuned.

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Tony Gonzalez plays tight end for the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL.

Now he and his wife are showing their own tight ends for PETA!

Elisabetta Canalis Topless

Well, actually they're not. There's no view of the backside of either. But Tony and October Gonzalez are nude in a new ad to advocate compassion for animals.

Gonzalez said, “We should protect animals, not to sacrifice their lives for fashion and luxury. October and I have changed many habits in light of the inhumane treatment animals endure not only in the fur industry, but on factory farms.”

Tony Gonzalez and wife October Gonzalez get naked for PETA.

“I changed my diet a few years of a diet based on plants," the football star added. "And when you do and why you read it, and as useful in the treatment of animals. What happens with animals, the manufacturing industry is ridiculous.”

“We have a voice. That is why we have to do something like that.”

Tony and October Gonzalez join other celebrities the group has featured in the buff, namely Karina Smirnoff, Holly Madison, Amanda Beard nude and many more.

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Dying to see Levi Johnston in Playgirl, hockey stick and all?

Then you better get ready to enter your credit card number.

The magazine is milking this thing for all it's worth, telling visitors that they must JOIN NOW TO SEE LEVI JOHNSTON NUDE! Or, um, so we've heard.

Yeah, someone told us ...

Levi Johnston Playgirl Photo

The bottom line? Despite massive hype, you won't even see Levi Johnston nude ... at least full-frontal style. We also don't recommend going to Playgirl's website.

Well, unless your idea of a good Saturday night is being inundated by pop-ups and pop-under ads featuring naked men, in which case, what are you still doing here?!

For your shirtless hunk fix, we suggest the new Twilight movie instead (check out our New Moon review). Taylor Lautner's torso is basically the star of the thing.

Anyway, if you're still interested, we've got another naked (well, semi-naked) picture from Levi's Playgirl spread for you after the jump. Follow it if you must ...

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One of the leading celebrity news magazines, People, released its annual Sexiest Man Alive issue earlier this week. Johnny Depp, not Robert Pattinson, took top honors.

Check out People's full gallery and pick up its popular issue for the full roster of hunks and why they made the list. But below is a little tribute to their top 15 guys ...

No surprises here with movie stars Depp, Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey, Jr., leading the way. Not a bad top five, right?

David Beckham, Got Milk

Next up: Soccer icon David Beckham, actor Gilles Marini, the male Glee cast members (Mark Salling represents them here), Nick Cannon and Adam Lambert.

Finally, FlashForward star John Cho, American Idol alum Chris Daughtry, crooner John Legend, actor Jerry O'Connell and of course, the great Robert Pattinson.

Click to enlarge for better views of all these fellas!

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From New Moon hype to rumored couples, random celebrity feuds, new musical releases and sex tape leaks, it was another busy week here at THG.

As always, we've got it covered in The Hollywood Gossip's Week in Review! Some of the highlights (and lowlights) from the week in celeb gossip:

  • Least believable tabloid cover: In Touch's bid to reunite Brad and Jen.
  • Most mature handling of controversy: Adam Lambert takes on Out.
  • Least popular comment with 'tweens: Miley Cyrus bashing Twilight.
  • Most disturbing (and thankfully only) nude video rant: Tila Tequila. 
  • Least talented photoshop editing job: Demi Moore's W Cover. LOL. Close second: this faux Robert Pattinson People cover, which still fooled us.
Newsweek Cover of Sarah Palin

These magazine covers - real, fake and over-airbrushed - made news this week.

  • Worst excuse for journalism: This Newsweek cover (says its subject).
  • Best piece of New Moon hype: Robsten's (supposed) undying love.
  • Worst foreign affairs advice: Sarah Palin on Iraq ... er, Iran.
  • Best famous political offspring DUI arrest: Alexandra Kerry.
  • Worst legal argument: Jon Gosselin claiming TLC is impeding his right to make a living. Dude, they're the only reason you're a famous douche, and you pulled the plug on your own show (which goes off the air Monday)!

This guy brought about the end of his TV show ... and is now suing the network for impeding that broadcast it for impeding his right to make a living. What a world.

  • Quote of the week, and possibly the year: “I don't see anywhere in the Bible where it says you shouldn't get breast implants.” - Carrie Prejean
  • New couples (rumored): Rihanna and Tristan Wilds (not happening), Audrina Patridge and Mark Salling (possibly happening), Robsten (ongoing).
  • New additions: Adriana Lima became a mom, Bronx Mowgli Wentz turned one, and a pregnant Camila Alves played with Levi McConaughey a lot.
  • Wedding bells: In a fairly quiet week, Nathan Followill and Jessie Baylin tied the knot, and Jane Carrey, daughter of Jim, married Alex Santana.
  • Sex tape news: Two Miss Universe girls starred in one, Shauna Sand gave Carrie Prejean advice and Pamela Anderson told her kids about 'em.

Don't forget to follow THG on Twitter for all the latest Hollywood news, celebrity gossip, rumors, commentary and humor as it happens, 24/7/365.

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