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Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, was sentenced today to 45 days in county jail after he pleaded no contest to leaving the scene of an accident.

During said accident, he hit a process server with his car and took off. The victim was attempting to subpoena Adnan in a Spears restraining order case.

He was told to stay away from Britney until 2012, incidentally. In the hit and run case, at least Adnan Ghalib gets credit for one day already served. Woo!

Ghalib will be placed on formal probation for 36 months, has to complete 52 weeks of anger management classes and 45 days of Caltrans (hard labor).

Adnan Ghalib is finally headed where he belongs.

The celebrity gossip photographer was initially charged with three felonies after the incident: assault with a deadly weapon, battery and hit-and-run.

As part of his plea deal, the first two were dropped.

He still faces outstanding warrants for enabling Britney Spears during her dark period and for dressing like an enormous douche. Just kidding. Kind of.

About the second part. Dude was totally an enabler.

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From all indications, The Twilight Saga: New Moon box office results will be absolutely massive on its opening night this evening (or technically this morning).

Anyone surprised?

Advanced ticket sales for the second part of the series have sold out thousands of theaters, projecting an $85-100 million opening weekend for the film.

The first Twilight film brought in $69.6 million its first days.

According to, an online seller, New Moon is the #1 Advance Ticket Seller of all time, topping Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Whether you're on Team Jacob or Team Edward, we know where you're going to be Friday night: theaters. Sorry, members of Team Volturi. No one likes you guys.

News organizations nationwide reported local theaters selling out, with many camped out for hours to stake out their spot for the heavily-hyped premiere.

Before even hitting the screen, 2,000-plus theaters sold out. Estimates indicate it already raked in $26.3 million with just its 12:01 a.m. screenings today.

That's an all-time high for midnight premieres.

When released, the final box office results are expected to be outstanding for the first weekend of its release, despite the mixed reviews it's drawn so far.

THG will be reviewing the movie after visiting one of those sold-out theaters tonight. Check back early tomorrow morning for our New Moon review!

Have you seen New Moon already? If so, what did you think? Vote below!


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Hard at work writing and shilling for her new memoir, it's hard to believe that Carrie Prejean makes time for love (well, besides self-love in those nude pics and videos).

But she does. Carrie's dating NFL scrub star Kyle Boller!

Prejean Press Conference

The backup quarterback for the St. Louis Rams and Carrie Prejean have been dating since the summer, according to Radar Online, which broke the story today.

The gossip site also posted this cute photo of the two:

Carrie Prejean has proven to be a very bad liar and role model. Kyle Boller has impeccable credentials as a bad quarterback. It's a match made in heaven!

"I know she does like him a lot. I'm pretty sure she's happy," Prejean's brother Billy Arnone said, noting that she likes the Chargers, not Boller's St. Louis Rams.

Good thing, too. The Rams are 1-8 this season. Boller also sucks.

Something about Kyle is doing it for her, though. In her book Still Standing, Carrie wrote the following dedication to her man, whose identity we now know:

"To my Kyle: I am so blessed to have you in my life. You have shown me what love is. Thank you for supporting me through all this drama. I knew when we met there was something so special about you."

Clearly it wasn't his 71.5 career passer rating.

No word on how Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller got together. Maybe his eHarmony profile said he was looking for a SWF with a penchant for homophobia, pleasuring herself on video, throwing hissy fits and stretching the truth.

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In terribly tragic Miley Cyrus news, a tour bus transporting the singer's crew members was involved in a deadly crash outside Richmond, Va., earlier today.

Cyrus, 16, was not on board, multiple sources have confirmed, and, according to her website. Miley is set to rock the house Sunday in Greensboro, N.C.

"It was one of our tour buses, but not Miley's,” her manager said in response to the crash. "It was one of our buses that transported our lighting crew."


Miley Cyrus was not personally on board the bus.

An investigation is underway to determine exactly why the Miley Cyrus bus - part of a four vehicle caravan - drifted off the road and overturned, claiming a life.

One person, presumed to be the bus driver, died, while nine other people on board, sustained minor injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

UPDATE: It is confirmed that the deceased is indeed bus driver Bill Douglas. Miley released a statement on her official site regarding the incident:

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bill 'Uncle Bill' Douglas. Members of our tour are like members of our family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family in the midst of this tragedy. He will truly be missed."

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As we reported last night, Oprah will end her reign as the most successful person ever to host a show on TV in 2011. Today, she made the announcement official.

Just because she's stepping aside doesn't mean she's forgotten about sweeps, of course. She saved her big, breaking, shocking news for the end of the show.

While she called rumors for departure "conjecture," her new cable channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), also happens to be launching in 2011. Hmm.

But in revealing the "real" reason she's walking away after 25 years, Oprah started strong, then began to cry, then regained her composure, saying it "feels right."

Also feeling so right? Shameless promotion for her next season. Holla!

Oprah Winfrey says ending her talk show feels good in her bones. An estimated net worth of over $2 billion has to feel pretty good in her bank account, as well.

Fighting back tears, O said, "I love this show. This show has been my life and I love it enough to know when it's time to say goodbye. Twenty-five years feels right in my bones and my spirit. It's the perfect number, the exact right time."

And then there was this line:

"For some long time Oprah viewers, you have literally grown up with me ... we've grown together ... you had your family and your children ... you left a spot for me in your morning or afternoon - depending on when the Oprah show airs in your town."

Wow. What an emotional, corporate farewell.

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Okay, maybe our headline above is a little harsh.

Maybe when Sarah Palin confused Iraq with Iran in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity this week, it was just a slip of the tongue and we should back off.

Yet when you're talking about a woman who noted Alaska's close proximity to Russia to bolster her foreign policy credentials, benefit of the doubt is lacking.

Check out her geographical blunder below and see what you think. Maybe she's a visionary and we should crack down on Iraq to prevent a nu-cue-lar Iran.

Whether she's the future of politics or just another random d-lister trying to bolster her own celebrity, Sarah is the gossip world's gift that keeps on givin' ...

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Monday marks the end of TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8. That's the good news. The bad? Jon Gosselin's legal battles and personal drama will continue to play out publicly.

What can fans expect on the final hour of the reality show, which Jon pulled the plug on because the network blatantly ried to fire his ass of concerns for his kids?

The estranged parents of eight will venture on separate outings with the kids. Individually, Jon and Kate Gosselin will reflect on the past and look to the future.

Asleep yet?

Back in September, TLC made the announcement that Jon would no longer appear on the reality series and that the program would be re-titled Kate Plus 8.

That plan was axed after Jon objected to his kids being on TV, saying the network was "hurting them," which amazingly he never brought up prior to that.

THE END OF AN ERROR: Farewell, Jon and Kate Plus 8.

"Kate Plus 8 is not in production," TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg said Thursday. "We are focusing on the launch of Kate's new series in early spring."

No details on what Kate's new series entails, but Jon and TLC remain entangled in a legal battle surrounding the douchebag's actions of the past six months.

TLC has sued him for breach of contract, claiming he violated contract terms by making promotional appearances (paid or unpaid) without TLC's approval.

The network says any interview or dealings with media outlets have to get the green light from TLC first. He's probably violated that, oh, 200 or so times.

He fired back with a $5 million countersuit, alleging the network has damaged his career (LOL) by discouraging other media outlets from working with him.

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Clothed and actually sounding somewhat coherent, Tila Tequila attempted to explain her disturbing naked video meltdown that she posted on ustream yesterday.

Tila says she made the video after experiencing flashbacks from her alleged violent altercation with NFL star Shawne Merriman, her then-boyfriend, in September.

She says he assaulted her, but the police didn't press charges. Tila has since sued Merriman, and says amid the pressure, she "just kind of flipped out a little bit."

Ya think?

The best part of her explanation for the video? She says she's no Rihanna, and unlike the popular singer, she feels compelled to talk about the alleged abuse.

Tila Tequila tries to justify her naked video rant.

Never mind that Rihanna did talk about her abuse by Chris Brown - to the cops, who charged him with a felony. She just didn't talk to the press about it.

Rihanna has also now opened up about the incident in graphic detail in extensive interviews. Criticizing her for "not coming forward" is irrelevant and unfair.

Look, we're sorry Tila is so messed up, regardless of what happened with Merriman, and hope she gets help. But don't blame your problems on Rihanna.

Somehow we doubt the "Umbrella" singer made Tila show us a tampon to prove her vaginal cleanliness, masturbate or whip out a gun naked. Just saying.

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The folks at Funny or Die have released a Carrie Prejean sex tape parody that will leave you laughing ... or just disturbed. Probably a combination of the two.

First and foremost, it features serious Bush loving ... George W., that is. She won't shave hers until he gets reelected. Hey, you gotta stand up for something.

While there's no fake Carrie Prejean nude action, she's definitely getting into it, moaning to the imagery of something that really does it for her: Fox News.

Then there's a cameo by Perez Hilton, whose question at the Miss USA pageant first put Carrie and her political views on the map. It gets a little weird.

Follow the jump to peep this faux Carrie Prejean sex tape ...

Continue Reading...

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Irina Shabayeva stood before Heidi Klum & Co. Thursday night, waiting to hear if she would be named the winner of Project Runway's much-delayed sixth season.

She was.

Besting Althea Harper and Carol Hannah Whitfield for the title, Irina stayed classy, polished and capable of crafting wearable couture at the NYC extravaganza.

All three were impressive last night, but there could only be one winner.

It seemed like anyone's game, but the panel ultimately decided that Irina Shabayeva, despite her aversion to color in her sporty-glam line, played it the best.

The new Project Runway champion, Irina Shabayeva.

"I can't believe it!" the newest Project Runway winner exclaimed, jumping into consultant Tim Gunn's arms as he walked out to congratulate her at the end.

"I'm definitely proud of myself," she said, giving props to her opponents. "I think this deserves a pat on the back, because I had some stiff competition."

In the end, it was Irina's surprisingly edgy, nearly all-black collection that won her the $100,000, a spread in Marie Claire and a Paris vacation.

What do you think? Should Irina Shabayeva have won?

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