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In the latest leaked phone tape involving the insane Lohan family, Lindsay's awful mom Dina says Lindsay was dating Heath Ledger when he died in January 2008.

His death devastated her, according to Dina. This was among the more explosive revelations in the leaked phone conversation between Dina and Michael Lohan.

"She was dating Heath when he died," Dina reveals. "I don't know if you know that, but I know 'cause I would drop her off. They were friends. Very, very close, OK?"

She said that the actor's death "really f----d her up."

For what it's worth, it's unclear what the extent of the celebs' relationship was, but Lindsay Lohan and Heath Ledger were romantically linked in December 2007.

Dina feared for Lindsay's life, too: "Because when she's drunk or takes an Adderall with it she will do something like Heath did in a second without thinking."

Gettin' Lo-Han

Were Lindsay in Heath really in a relationship?

In the 2008 call, Dina discusses how desperate the situation was for her daughter. "She cannot be alone," Dina tells Michael. "When she sleeps here she sleeps with me... she has fears from being little and what you did to us."

Dina also defends Lindsay's former assistant Jenni Muro, who yesterday threatened legal action against Michael, telling him that Muro was going to save Lindsay.

Lindsay's mother was also worried about her relationship with Samantha Ronson, telling Michael she thought Lindsay should walk away, but it wasn't that easy.

"It's [not that easy] for an irrational person who has a problem with her DNA and alcohol and Adderall and asthma and every other things she's got wrong with her."

So true. Click to listen to Dina's phone call to Michael ...

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Who among us hasn't had a regrettable email incident? Sending your lawyer something meant for your friend because their names are similar, or replying to all when you meant to reply to one person bashing someone else on the email, for example.

While embarrassing, most such incidents are harmless and funny in retrospect.

Not so much for a married Cornell Business School IT guy named John, who managed to out his affair with married co-worker Lisa by BCCing the entire school.

We're not even sure how that's possible, but he found a way. And now their hot, steamy affair, which apparently involved a lot of eighth-grade-reading-level sex puns in addition to sneaking around, is public knowledge.


John and Lisa apparently enjoy tickling each other and much more.

What would Andy Bernard say about a scandal at the alma mater he so loves to name drop? We can only imagine The Office quotes that could result from this.

You can follow this link for the entire email exchange, but we've excerpted some of the (extremely unsafe for work/school) highlights for you after the jump.

Remember, people. Just use AIM next time ...

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Investigators probing the death of Michael Jackson say Dr. Conrad Murray was on the phone with his girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, as the music icon was dying.

Dr. Murray, Jackson's personal physician, was on a cell phone with his girlfriend in Houston between 12:03-12:13 p.m. on June 25, 2009, when MJ passed.

The girlfriend told LAPD detectives that about five minutes into the call, she heard Dr. Murray abruptly drop the phone and then heard him administer CPR.

Nicole Alvarez said there was no indication Dr. Murray, the sole focus of the criminal investigation, knew anything was amiss before dropping the telephone.

She does not know if Murray was in the room with Jackson when he called her or if he walked in just before realizing the pop superstar was in deep trouble.

Dr. Conrad Murray's role in Michael Jackson's death is still being investigated.

A bodyguard at Michael Jackson's home called 911 at 12:21 p.m., around 13 minutes after Dr. Conrad Murray reportedly dropped the phone during the call.

It has been widely reported Dr. Murray was on the phone for 47 minutes before calling 911, possibly in an attempt to cover up what had just taken place.

Other accounts of the death timeline suggest it may have taken over an hour for the call to be made. Needless to say, it's hard to pin down what happened.

But this new timetable is more favorable for him, as it now appears those calls may have been placed before Dr. Murray realized Jackson was in distress.

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We were seriously afraid that season nine of Dancing with the Stars would come and go without a perfect score.

The contestants have simply been that weak.

But Mya and Dmitry Chaplin brought their A-games last night, almost combining for 60 perfect points across two dances. Instead, they had to settle for 59, highlighted by a Samba that received rave reviews from all judges.

Len referred to the singer's hips as "hypnotic;" Bruno said it was a "mean, mean samba;" and Carrie Ann exclaimed: "Everything was perfect. It was beyond belief."

Solid Dancers

Can we please hand these two the trophy already?

Here's a look at last night's leaderboard, which featured a pair of routines for all five remaining quarterfinalists:

  • Mya and Dmitry Chaplin: 59
  • Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough: 52
  • Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel: 51
  • Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff: 50
  • Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson: 50

On tonight's elimination show, Michael Bublé and Susan Boyle will perform. Who do you think should go home?

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Apparent comedian Katt Williams has been arrested and jailed in Georgia on charges of burglary and criminal trespassing following an incident yesterday.

A deputy at the jail in Coweta County, southwest of Atlanta, said Williams was being held and that a magistrate was expected to set bond at arraignment.

The deputy didn't have access to a police report to provide more details of the alleged break-in using a crowbar. Katt Williams' real name is Micah Williams.

He's known for appearances on BET and HBO, including an HBO special, Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Part 1, shot in Atlanta. He also had roles in the movies Friday After Next and Norbit, among other works of genius.

Katt Williams Mug Shot

THAT DARN KATT: Williams' mug shot taken yesterday.

Williams was arrested after a man named Daniel Broach claimed the comedian broke into his home Sunday night and stole $3,555 worth of jewelry and collectible coins.

Katt's lawyer says the whole thing is a sham and just the result of a dispute Katt had with a another man. Katt is officially back on the prowl, for now, after posting bail.

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Stop us if you've heard this before:

A D-list celebrity is about to star in a movie/reality show/release a book. She needs to garner publicity for it. Suddently, rumors of a sex tape pop up. The celebrity plays ignorant, only to eventually fess up to the video, cite it as a mistake and watch her Q-rating soar.

Sound familiar? We've been there, done that with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Shauna Sand.

In other words: not only is Carrie Prejean dishonest, exploitive and manipulative - she's unoriginal.

The disgraced beauty queen, who was held up for months by conservative Christians as a value-based role model, appeared on Hannity last night and admitted that her sex tape is real.

"All by myself, I was sending a boyfriend at the time, who I loved and cared about, a video of me," she said. "Never did I think it would ever come out. It was bad judgment. It's embarrassing. It's humiliating to be talking about this on national TV."

Anyone else think Carrie will feel less humiliated once sales figures for her book, Still Standing, come out?

Oh, the Irony: Carrie Prejean titled her biography "Still Standing." She's in the news again, however, for lying down on video. And touching herself.

How did Sean Hannity respond to this admission? With a joke: "It would be really embarrassing if it was me," he said.

In possibly related news: Hannity wrote the foreword for Prejean's memoir.

If Hannity and the right want to ignore Prejean's topless photos and masturbation tape, that's fine. We agree, people are allowed to make mistakes. But at what point does any American with half a brain realize that Republicans have no better standing on the moral high ground than Democrats do?

Are there any Carrie Prejean supporters out there? We'd love to hear them defend their girl if so!


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Embattled King of Pimps Jon Gosselin has been called many things, but few more accurate than bad parent. There are many, many reasons one could cite for this.

Picking out a particularly obvious one, The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is pointing a finger at the dad of eight for having his little ones on his ATV.

Jon has been frequently photographed allowing his sextuplets, age 5, to ride in his lap on his big boy toy and the folks at the CPSC are calling him out on it.

They insist it is unsafe for any two individuals to be riding an ATV at the same time, and say it is especially dangerous for any person under the age of six.

Bad Dad

Everyone wants a piece of Jon Gosselin these days, and not in a good way.

The most frightening information, the USCPSC says: "Children are involved in one-third of all ATV-related deaths and hospital emergency room injuries."

Meditate on that in your next yoga class.

You might want to try getting them helmets too, Jon. Then again, it's hard to expect a guy with the brains of a five-year-old himself to think like an adult.

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A judge has granted Jennifer Lopez's request for a temporary restraining order to stop distribution of intimate home video footage, according to reports.

Her private moments with her ex will remain a mystery - for now.

Marc and Jennifer

The restraining order to halt the release of the tape will remain in effect until a hearing is held to determine if the order should be extended.

J. Lo has filed a lawsuit against ex-husband Ojani Noa over a tell-all movie about their marriage, which includes footage of her "in a revealing lack of clothing, and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel room from [her and Noa's] honeymoon."

Ojani Noa and Jennifer Lopez were married under a year in the late 1990s.

He threatened two years ago to write a tell-all unless he was paid $5 million.

Instead, a judge awarded Jennifer Lopez $545,000 and quashed the book, which he ruled violated a 2004 deal not to publish details of their relationship.

Lopez's team calls the movie an "outrageous attempt" to make money after he agreed to a settlement "for which he was paid substantial compensation."

Not sure if that would be a hot seller or not, but you've got to give Ojani Noa credit for keeping this sex tape around long enough to try to cash in!

Actually, no you don't. What a d!ck move.

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We apologize, Australia.

For days, we've been railing against our friends Down Under because many of them were apparently unaware that Britney Spears lip syncs at concerts.

That may be lame on their part, but America has no educated foot to stand on: over three million people tuned in for the two-hour Khloe Kardashian/Lamar Odom wedding special on E! Sunday night.

Over three million!!!

It's not as though viewers didn't have other quality options on Sunday evening, either. There was an exciting NFL game; Dexter on Showtime; Mad Men on AMC. Heck, there was the Home Shopping Network.

Anything is more appealing than watching two people spit on the concept of love, rake in money for their wedding and laugh all the way to the bank.

Put simply, the 3.07 million individuals that tuned in to this contrived nonsense need to get a life. And a TV Guide.

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Levi Johnston became quasi-famous after having unprotected sex with Bristol Palin in 2008, then parlayed that into his upcoming nude Playgirl spread.

Why shouldn't Sarah Palin's 19-year-old arch-nemesis, who recently said he was filing for legal custody of 10-month-old son Tripp, be honored for it?

The Alaska rascal and creator of masterful prose will be given a sex-themed award next week in New York by a site who likes to hand out such things.

Personally presenting the award? None other than Amber Lee Ettinger. Random.

To recognize Levi as a "pop culture star turned sex star," an adult site, Fleshbot, will dub Johnston its Crossover Star at the 1st Annual Fleshbot Awards.

The awards will be given out at the Box (fittingly) nightclub November 11 - just days before the Bristol Palin baby daddy's does his Playgirl photo shoot.

"We think it's awesome that he's posing for Playgirl," Fleshbot editor Lux Alptraum told E!, before reflecting, hilariously, on Levi's recent "career."

"It's quite a transition to go from the future son-in-law of the Republican V.P. nominee to modeling in a nude magazine that's marketed toward gay men."

"That's quite a leap to be making," she added. "We are very proud of Levi Johnston for being brave enough and confident enough to do this."

Aren't we all.

Still unclear is whether Johnston plans on showing everything that God gave him, though new reports suggest that he is literally gonna let it all hang out.

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