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The Hills star Audrina Patridge appears in the new issue of Ralph magazine. As expected, the California girl dons little or no clothing on the cover or inside.

Little else needs to be said in all honesty.

Ralph terms her Queen of The Hills, which implies Ralph doesn't watch the show, as Audrina is kind of useless. Then again, that actually speaks well of Ralph.

Anyway, here's their cover photo of the reality TV star ...

Ralph Cover Babe

Audrina Patridge in Ralph ... hot or not? We're undecided.

Hmm. Either this racy photo shoot was a direct ripoff of Maxim's topless spread of Audrina last September, or Ralph and Maxim have the same parent company.

We could look that up right now, as we are in possession of a working Internet connection, but we really don't care, and imagine you aren't interested either.

Instead, click to enlarge the Audrina Patridge pictures below. Indulge.

  • Queen of The Hills
  • Audrina Topless Image
  • Who Needs Laundry
  • Audrina's Booty

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Not all viewers believe this season of American Idol has been a bore.

But we can all agree on one thing: it's been far less nutty than seasons past.

That's because Paula Abdul couldn't reach a new contract with Fox last August and walked away from the show. However, there's good news on the slightly insane judge front: Abdul is returning to reality TV!

She'll serve as producer and lead judge on Got to Dance, a CBS competition that premieres in early 2010. According to a press release, the series will cover everything from “ballroom to break dance, bhangra to ballet, and tap to tango."

Rambling, incoherent critiques and a lot of comments on the contestants' outfits? Don't worry: Paula will have all that covered, too.

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Chris Brown's “Deuces” has just dropped. As in the video from Chris, protégé Tyga and Kevin McCall. You might even say Chris Brown dropped a deuce on fans.

The newly-released song is from a collaborative mixtape, Fan of a Fan, which is both artists’ dedication back to the fans (it came out online this past week).

As for the meaning of the title? “‘Deuces,’ it’s about you getting rid of this girl. You try to make it work, but you gotta move on,” Tyga explained to MTV.

“So you basically put up one finger, then another and say, ‘Deuces.’"

Sweet. Whatever the hell that means. Peep it and vote below ...

What do you think of Chris Brown's "Deuces" video?


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Tomorrow night, Nicole Scherzinger will learn her fate on Dancing with the Stars.

But while that title is still on the line, this much is for certain: the group that made Scherzinger famous has undergone a major face-lift.

Four-fifths of The Pussycat Dolls have officially been replaced. Melody Thornton, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, and Kimberly Wyatt are out; and the following singers/dancers are in:

  • Kherington Payne: Former So You Think You Can Dance star
  • Rino Nakasone-Razalan: Former Harajuku Girl member
  • Vanessa Curry: Former Laker Girl, Rumored Kobe Bryant mistress
  • Jamie Lee Ruiz: Former Girlicious singer

Along with their famous lead singer, this quintet performed for the first time together on Friday night and then posted for the grainy photo above.

Led by creator Robin Antin, the new Dolls will enter the recording studio as soon as Scherzinger completes her run on DWTS. They'll be forced to come up with new ways to essentially say the same thing in all their songs: f-ck me. F-ck me hard!

Jamie Lee Ruiz

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A month after his late wife's body was flown to the United States, Bruce Beresford-Redman was permitted to leave Mexico and return to Los Angeles.

Now, the former TV producer suspected of murdering Monica Beresford-Redman and stuffing her body in a Cancun sewer on April 8, is taking the necessary steps to regain custody of his children.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

Speaking to TMZ, attorney Richard Hirsch says that his client has not been accused of a crime. Therefore, he possesses this legal right and "that is probably what is going to happen next."

While Bruce was detained and questioned in Mexico, his parents were looking after his two kids. They filed for custody a few weeks ago.

Beresford-Redman is still considered a "person of interest" in his wife's death, according to Mexican authorities.

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Did the light bulb finally go on?

Sources say Lindsay Lohan is "freaked out" over her court date today. For good reason, obviously. Girl is in deep $h!t. But is she actually cognizant of this fact?!

A Wreck

The train wreck has a pretty serious problem in the alcohol education department, having been required to complete 13 classes by last Thursday's court date.

She did not. Then she got stuck in Cannes, claimed her passport was stolen, and missed the hearing. A warrant was issued for her arrest (and later rescinded).

Lohan posted bail, avoiding a hectic arrest upon her return to the U.S. yesterday, and a new hearing is set for today. Passport issues aside, she's still in deep.

She has only completed 10 of the 13 classes, violating a court order to attend at least one a week on numerous occasions. She's also a drunk, coked-up mess.

Lindsay Lohan will face the music later this morning.

Technically, that doesn't play a role in her compliance, but it's unlikely she'll be seen as a sympathetic figure when she's blowing off alcohol education to party.

This all stems from a DUI case in which Lindsay avoided jail time by agreeing to undergo alcohol education classes. If she violates the probation terms, though?

Judge Marsha Revel has already made it clear she was expecting full compliance. Lindsay Lohan has already made it clear that she could give a rat's a$$. So ...

People in the know say that today, the judge will probably prohibit Lindsay from drinking or doing drugs. That'll be tough, as she likes to satisfy cravings fast.

For once, Lindsay seems to actually comprehend the mess she's in, rather than living in denial, and is reportedly scared $h!tless about what's gonna go down.

Her hearing is set for 11 a.m. EST, so expect an update afterward.

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How do you upstage one of the most buzzed-about series finales in TV history?

By airing a reality show competition that features an ailing rock star who was rushed to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage a month ago.

Such was the position Doald Trump found himself in last night. Bret Michaels, on the mend from last week's stroke and preparing for surgery to repair a hole in his heart, appeared on the live Celebrity Apprentice final and took up the task of creating a new flavor for Snapple.

As soon as he showed up, opponent Holly Robinson-Peete never stood a chance.

Donald and Bret

Thanks to his creation of Trop-A-Rocka Blend, Bret was named this season's winner, assuring the American Diabetes Association (his chosen charity) of $250,000.

Despite her second-place finish, Peete received the same amount for her charity, the HollyRod Foundation, which supports those with autism. Both flavors of Snapple tea are on sale for a limited time, with proceeds going to support these causes.

Congratulations, Bret. To celebrate, please go home and rest. Sheesh!

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Kate Gosselin is moving on, but she still misses Dancing with the Stars.

"It was just about two weeks before I was like, ‘Hey, I’m resettled back into life. I feel like a normal mom again,’” Kate said, while also admitting she went through “major withdrawals” after leaving the show. “It’s really difficult."

"There is a post-DWTS depression that they fail to tell you about.”

The hard-working mom says the feelings stem from missing her castmates, whom she refers to as “family.” Not sure if the feeling is mutual, but hey.

If nothing else, you can't accuse Kate of laziness. In the weeks since she was booted from Dancing with the Stars, the mother of eight has launched her new reality series, Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8 reloaded, and has a new gig with ET.

More Bad Dancing

Kate Gosselin will return to the Dancing stage for this week's finale.

Her new role? A correspondent for Dancing with the Stars, natch.

“[It] has been extremely exciting to hold a microphone, and I found that I am loving this side of it,” Kate said backstage at the Dancing with the Stars semifinals, where she was conducting on-camera interviews. “I can talk. We all knew that."

Indeed. Adding “correspondent” to her resumé, which already includes reality-TV star, author, promotional speaker and ... oh, right, mom to Cara, Mady, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel, is all part of Kate’s plan keep focused.

Or scattered, however you want to look at it. She says she needs parenting help, and we're starting to realize why. She has about as many jobs as she has kids.

Eight more than Jon Gosselin in the former department, so that counts for something, but still. You gotta chill out, Kate. Settle down. Stop and smell the roses.

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Simon Monjack has died. The late Brittany Murphy's husband was found unconscious last night and pronounced dead soon after her mother called 911.

Law enforcement sources say Brittany's mom, Sharon, discovered him around 9:30, unresponsive. Simon Monjack was pronounced dead after paramedics arrived.

He was just 39 years old.

No cause of death is known, however, local broadcasts cited law enforcement sources saying it appeared to be a heart attack. Detectives are investigating.

The LAPD was at the home now along with the coroner, and a death investigation is underway. Many more details are sure to follow as the story develops.

R.I.P. Simon Monjack and Brittany Murphy.

The similarities of the spouses' deaths are chilling. Both were found unconscious by Sharon in the same room, possibly having succumbed to cardiac arrest.

Brittany Murphy died from cardiac arrest just five months ago on December 20. Despite being plagued by rumors of illegal drug use and eating disorders, her death was cause by pneumonia, an iron deficiency, anemia and multiple (prescription) drugs.

Strangely enough, two weeks before Brittany Murphy died, paramedics met the couple's return flight from Puerto Rico at LAX and took Simon Monjack straight to the hospital because he was experiencing trouble breathing on board.

He was long considered a shady, borderline criminal individual and was under much scrutiny throughout their marriage, which began back in 2007.

Monjack has actively defended Murphy in the months since she died, and even set up a sham charity in her name (he later returned all donations). We'll have more on this breaking story as soon as information becomes available.

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In 2004, Lost introduced itself to the world with the open eye of Jack Shepard.

Six years later, the show bid farewell when this same eye closed forever.

In between, fans were treated to an iconic TV series that was discussed online (and in offices, chat rooms, bars...) more than any in history. The same will likely be said for this week's series finale, in which all the castaways came together in an unexpected location... and let the light shine down on them all.

Ben Linus Photo

Indeed, there was action, awakening, death and after-life. Read a detailed review of the episode HERE and sound off below: What did you think of the Lost finale?


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