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Tiger Woods wife is leaving him ... on a solo trip to China.

Elin Nordegren Woods is planning an extended trip to the Far East this summer, and has not decided if she is bringing the couple's two children with her.

Elin N. Pic

One person she’s not considering bringing is Tiger, as the couple continues to live separately and is not on speaking terms. She is clearly moving on.

Forging her own path, Elin recently went back to school, enrolling in Rollins College where she is taking a course several nights a week. As for Tiger?

“Tiger goes out with friends to his favorite places in Orlando,” one source close to the golfer told Radar Online. “He’s getting on with his own life too.”

He's also been on the prowl with an Elin look-alike.

Elin Woods will be waltzing into the sunset soon.

The upcoming trip to China continues Elin’s pattern of staying away from Tiger. In recent months she has traveled to Sweden with their children, too.

She's said to be considering a permanent move to Sweden once her divorce from Tiger is finalized. “She’s become fully independent,” the source said.

”She’s doing all she can to build her own life.”

Tiger and Elin Woods have both hired divorce lawyers but have not filed papers - reportedly because they want to hammer out the terms out first.

Both are committed to their children, but it’s become increasingly clear that their relationship is over, it's just a matter of when it becomes official.

So far, reports suggest the Tiger Woods divorce drama may come down to confidentiality as much as money. Tiger wants Elin's full legal silence.

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Danielle Staub is done with sex.

But the Real Housewife of New Jersey isn't done bashing her ex-husband. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Staub makes serious allegations against Kevin Maher.

"I was severely abused," she says. "I was in fear for my life. I was visibly bruised, injured, scared and victimized."

Staub and Maher were married in 1988, and the former goes into detail about their past in her new biography The Naked Truth. The book is largely a response to Maher's memoir, Cop Without a Badge, which accuses Danielle of kidnapping, extortion and drug use.

These two make it seem like Lindsay Lohan and her father have a stable relationship.

Staub tells the magazine that Maher is "obsessed" with her and adds there was...

"A lot of physical abuse, and then the emotional abuse that follows... We are talking days and days in a row before he was exhausted, or ran out of drugs, whatever it was that he was on."

Maher admits he hit Danielle, but only in "self-defense." He denies all accusations of long-term, unprovoked abuse. (He also says he never killed her dog. Consider that noted.)

"Some of the things she has written... are just complete lies," Maher says.  "This woman was never hospitalized by me."

Why did the volcanic couple stay together? He explains: "I was never in love with her, I was in lust with her. Our whole relationship was about sex. We had sex from the time we woke up in the morning to when we went to sleep, and even during sleeping. It was all about sex and cocaine."

That's what he should have named his book.

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We're not sure we believe this piece of celebrity gossip, as the sources are particularly weak, but Paris Hilton has allegedly been bombarding her ex with phone calls.

Why? She's distraught over reports that Doug Reinhardt, whom she dated for 14 months, is now with Miss USA Rima Fakih, and she's determined to win him back.

Paris' Profile

“Paris is furious,” a source supposedly close to Hilton said. “She was absolutely freaking out at the Cannes Film Festival when she heard Doug was talking to Rima."

"She’s been constantly contacting him and wants him back!”

However, the recurring player on The Hills is said to be shunning the ho because he is not interested in a reunion. “He is just so over it,” says the source of Doug.

Has Doug moved on from Paris ... with Miss USA Rima Fakih?!

We believe it ... but not necessarily the part about Paris' harassment. Despite her actions, Hilton recently said she loves being single and is “too busy” for love.

“I love it! I am having so much fun. A lot of guys have obviously hit on me and I am getting thousands of calls, but I’m not ready to be with anyone,” she said.

Thousands of calls.

“I want to stay focused on myself and my family and my work. Then, maybe in six months or a year ... but for right now, I’m just too busy for a relationship.”

As for Doug and Rima Fakih, we have no clue how he and the pole dancing champion would have met, or how we wouldn't have known about it if they had.

You never know, though.

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With one Dancing with the Stars performance under her belt already after Tuesday's finale, Vienna Girardi wouldn't mind joining the show's cast full-time next season.

Her fiance, The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka, competed this season and danced with Vienna to - what else - "On the Wings of Love" in a very special performance.

Kate Gosselin Dancing

We're as nauseous now as we were then, but Vienna Girardi held her own out there, twirling around the floor for viewers and fellow contestants in a short exhibition.

“It was great,” Jake raved. Great?No, but good enough to spark speculation about Vienna joining next season's cast. “I keep hearing that question,” she said.

“When they asked me to dance, I was a little nervous, but I thought, ‘Why not? Jake had so much fun.’ [I said] I’d love to try it. I dressed like a princess. I loved it.”

Jake says he won't stand Vienna’s way. [Photo:]

“I can’t be selfish. She gave me the time. If it did come down to them asking her," Jake Pavelka said. "We’ll see where our lives are, and if it makes sense, go for it.”

She's no Nicole Scherzinger, but she wasn't bad out there - and if you think ABC wouldn't resort to such stunt casting, come on. Jake was on it. Why not Vienna?

For now, Vienna's reveling in her cameo. “We only had a couple of rehearsals and I kept going, ‘I’m not ready for this! I’m going to fall! My knees are going to shake!’"

"But it was a blast.”

Also exciting? Vienna revealed to reporters that she’s already picked out her wedding shoes. The two haven’t set a date yet, “but I found my shoes,” Vienna said.

“[They're] Jimmy Choo and they have crystals all over them. They’re like Cinderella slippers.” Good to know, future Vienna Girardi Pavelka. Very good to know.

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It's safe to say the National Movie Awards, which took place in London last night, are not the Oscars.

Need proof? New Moon took home the Best Fantasy Movie, while Eclipse actually garnered a victory despite the fact that it won't be released for a month. It won Most Anticipated Movie.

Star Robert Pattinson was also honored, receiving the trophy for Best Male Performance. Unable to attend, due to work on Water for Elephants, he recorded the following message for fans:

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise ended the show by winning the Screen Icon award.

Gwyneth Paltrow presented it to him and said: “For over two decades he has shown a bold eagerness to take risks, engaging and enthralling audiences."

He's also jumped on a lot of couches and may have inducted Katie Holmes into a cult. But, hey, how cool was the actor in Jerry Maguire?!?

Below, we've posted a number of photos from the event, highlighted by TomKat looking its cutest/creepiest:

TomKat on the Red Carpet
  • National Movie Awards Photo
  • O. Bloom
  • Red Carpet Gwyneth
  • Cruise Wins
  • Peter Facinelli Image

[Photos: Splash News]

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Prince William has not officially proposed yet to Kate Middleton.

Still, reports indicate that we may need to prepare ourself for the Wedding of the Century, a title that might be a lot more dramatic if this century weren't just a decade old.

Wedding of the Century

Author Nicholas Davies, who penned William: King for the 21st Century, told Star Magazine this week:

“William has always said he will be ready for marriage after his 28th birthday - that’s next month. The timing is perfect for a wedding this year.”

What might such a ceremony include? Expensive gowns, lavish bouquets and more jewelry than you'd find in the closet of Joan Rivers. It would be highlighted by the 18-karat sapphire and diamond engagement ring William inherited from his late mother, Diana.

Insiders estimate that three billion people would tune in the the wedding. That's almost as many as have purchased the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape.

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Glee paid tribute to Lady Gaga Tuesday. Perhaps you heard.

Critics and fans loved the Fox show's episode, which drew praise from the often-imitated, never duplicated (sorry, Christina Aguilera) star as well.

“I love Glee,” the singer told EW. “I went to a musical theatre school, and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs.”

Gaga also posted on Twitter about the Glee episode, called "Theatricality," summing her feelings up simply: "GLEE WAS SO AMAZING! AHHH!!!!"

Pretty much the exact reaction of our critic's Glee review.

Lady G. in Concert

Lady Gaga: Glee's #1 fan. [Photo:]

This week’s episode saw New Directions do just that, when the club’s female vocalists, and Kurt, donned some of Gaga’s most memorable looks.

They proceeded to rock the house with “Bad Romance.” But it was Rachel’s duet with Shelby of “Poker Face” what stole the show a little later on.

“I don’t channel Lady Gaga,” cast member and Broadway veteran Idina Menzel said of tackling the showstopper. “I’m just in awe of Lady Gaga.”

That's high praise, but well-earned. Here's hoping that Gaga's health problems improve and she returns to the stage in short, awesome order.

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Lee DeWyze may have won American Idol last night, but Bret Michaels stole the show.

The recovering rocker appeared on stage with Casey James and sang a duet of his classic, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." Despite recent health problems, Bret looked right at home in front of the thousands in attendance.

Watch and give the man a hand now...

Other artists on the season nine finale included: Christina Aguilera; every past American Idol champion (except David Cook), who sang together in honor of Simon Cowell; and Janet Jackson.

Check out their performances below. Which was your favorite?

Continue Reading...

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As The Bachelorette spoilers accurately predicted, Rhode Islander Jay was not among Ali Fedotowsky's chosen rose recipients on the season premiere Monday.

But he knows which guy who did get a rose he'd like to see win.

"Well, it was a good time," Jay told Us Weekly following his ouster. "You're just not used to a situation where there are about 50 cameras and 24 other guys."

Now that Jay's out of the running, who should be Ali's final pick?

"Chris from Cape Cod was a really good guy," he said of Chris Lambton, a landscaper, hunk and former high school teacher in New York. "They kind of hit it off really well... He was really funny and she seemed to really like him initially."


Will Ali follow Jay's advice and pick Chris?

One personal detail that Chris Lambton shared with the cameras but not with Ali Fedotowsky, at least not yet: he left New York City to care for his dying mother.

"I was happy he didn't get into the whole story about his mom passing away which is terrible," Jay said. "He could've used that card maybe to play that up."

"He's a really good guy and I really hope it works out for them."

Jay has no hard feelings himself: "Ali's gorgeous - and so nice!"

Click here for our season premiere recap if you missed it.

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Jesse James' father denounced his son yesterday for saying he was abused as a kid. But James' sister is standing by him and his allegations against their dad.

While blaming his cheating on child abuse is suspect and may be seen as a cheap cop out, Julie James England tells E! News that if nothing else, it took place.

The beleaguered star's revelations on Nightline are "completely true. I saw it," she says. "I lived there with my dad, he was very aggressive with Jesse and I."

"He did abuse Jesse."

This is not how their father remembers things, however. Larry James and his ex-wife, Janina, have denied Jesse's version of events. Not the case, Julie swears.

Julie says Janina wasn't even married to their father at the time and, in her opinion, they're speaking out now to cash in to make celebrity gossip news.

"I think they are giving stories to make money," says Julie. "Janina was married to my dad when we were teenagers. She doesn't know how angry my dad used to get."

"My [birth] mom had to be my mother and my father," England adds, dismissing her father. "She would back us up. She would do anything for her kids."

They're both estranged from their dad, Julie says, and Larry, who also said Jesse is obsessed with Nazis, has no relationship with either of their children.

Julie also tells E! News that her brother is a changed man since emerging from a 30-day sex addiction rehab program, which Jesse sought out voluntarily.

"He is breaking the mold from what he learned from my dad," Julie says. "He is owning up to the mistakes he made and is trying to move forward in life."

Do you forgive Jesse James?


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