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Just hours after Gary Coleman passed away, his wife of almost three years, Shannon Price, acknowledged her late husband's fan support in a moving statement.

In a press conference, Shannon's brother, Shawn Price, read a note on her behalf:

"We are very grateful for all the wonderful support everyone has been extending to Gary's family," the statement began. "Thousands of emails have poured in to the hospital. It's been comforting to the family to know how beloved he still is."

Here's a nice photo of Gary and Shannon ...

Shannon Price wed Gary Coleman in 2007.

On Wednesday, Coleman, who was born with a congenital kidney disease that caused him to only grow to only 4-foot-8, suffered a brain hemorrhage after he injured his head following a fall in the Utah home he shared with Shannon.

Gary slipped into a coma Thursday, and passed away at approximately 12:05 p.m. in Provo, Utah, surrounded by his wife and other family members. The Diff'rent Strokes actor, who battled health and personal problems throughout life, was 42.

Coleman and Shannon Price had some domestic squabbles and brushes with the law, but worked things out and appeared happy in their marriage of late.

Thank you so much for all that you guys have done and for the support and prayers that you guys have given us," Shannon's statement concluded.

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It's been almost a year since Michael Jackson's death (June 25) and the doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter as a result continues to make news.

This time for different reasons than you might expect, though.

Dr. Conrad Murray will visit Michael Jackson on or around the first anniversary of the star's death, sources report - and he has done so many times already.

Those connected with the embattled doctor say that despite his expected, controversial defense - that Michael Jackson killed himself - Dr. Murray is torn up.

Smiling Michael Jackson

Dr. Conrad Murray's role in Michael Jackson's death is hotly debated.

He remains deeply upset by MJ's death and feels the anniversary is an important milestone. He is a doctor, so it shouldn't be too surprising, yet in a way it is.

While denying wrongdoing and to an extent blaming the victim in this case (who happens to be a global entertainment icon), he still grieves for the fallen star.

Dr. Murray has visited the Forest Lawn mausoleum where Jackson is entombed a number of times, avoiding attention by going early or during off-hours.

Does this help you see the doc in a new light at all?

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Just five weeks after suffering a brain hemorrhage, Bret Michaels returned to the stage last night in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Incredibly, this event itself was NOT the most surprising development of the evening! But, first, a quick recap of the concert:

Limping slighty, Bret told the 1,400-person crowd at the Hard Rock Casino:  "I've got a little bitty hitch in my left giddy up, but I think we'll be all right. It's an awesome feeling. I'm glad to be here."

He then played a set that included former Poison hits such as "Talk Dirty to Me, "Unskinny Bop" and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," the same single he sang with Casey James on the American Idol finale.

The New Simon?!?

For Bret Michaels: First, Celebrity Apprentice. Next, American Idol?!?

Prior to one song, he shocked the crowd and announced: "I can't say this is true yet, cause I don't know. Next year they asked me to possibly be the judge on American Idol."

A source close to Michael confirmed Bret is "in the running to replace Simon," while an audience member said "I figured he'd be wobbly and sitting on a stool. But he was energetic, running around the stage with his guitar."

So if the singer really is on his way to recovery, that begs the question: Would he be a good replacement for Simon Cowell?


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First, Gary Coleman. Now, Dennis Hopper.

A day after the former sitcom star passed away, this veteran actor lost his battle with cancer. He was 74.

Hopper died early Saturday morning at his house Venice, California, surrounded by family and friends. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2009.

The two-time Oscar nominee starred in such classic films as Easy Rider, Hoosiers, Speed and Apocalypse Now. Sadly, his personal life overshadowed his professional life during his last few months alive.

Earlier this spring, Hopper's fifth wife, Victoria, was accused of trying to have the actor killed.

Our thoughts go out to his loved ones.

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Look, Kristen Stewart. It's refreshing to find a humble celebrity that doesn't desire fame or attention. We understand you feel that way.

But show business has also provided you with millions of dollars, the chance to make a living out of your dream and a gorgeous boyfriend. You simply must calm down a bit.

This message needs to be said because the Twilight Saga actress has gone a step too far her in anti-fame agenda. In a new interview, she compares the experience of being photographed to a rape. Yes, a rape:

"I feel like I'm looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can't handle it. I never expected that this would be my life."

Fame Hater

Stewart continued to dig her hole deeper:

"What you don't see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction. All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up... Your little persona is made up of all the places that people have seen you and what has been said about you.

And usually the places that I am are so overwhelming in the moment and fleeting for me - like, one second where I've said something stupid, that's me, forever."

Kinda like now, Kristen?

It really is nice to see a young star go the anti-Kim Kardashian route and shun the spotlight. But if fame is really this awful for you, K Stew, get out of the business or ligten up a bit. You can't have it both ways.

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Heidi Montag has separated from Spencer Pratt, and from all indications, it's not the publicity stunt you probably assumed it was when you read the headline.

"Heidi is looking to move out due to all the fake bad press that Spencer controls," her rep told TMZ. "She's tired of it and wants to focus on her acting career."

The Plastic Pairing

Reports say Heidi Montag is looking for a new place to live in Malibu.

Things have grown particularly tense and erratic for Speidi lately, even by The Hills stars' exalted standards, culminating in Spencer calling the cops on her mom.

That was just one incident in a relationship defined by turmoil. Says a friend of Heidi's on the building tension between them: "It wasn't just a sudden thing."

Wow, this puts a whole new spin on the THG Caption Contest too ...

Heidi and Spencer in happier times. [Photo:]

Other sources close to the pair say Heidi Montag is pulling the plug on her marriage primarily because Spencer Pratt has taken away her friends and family.

Well, yeah. Four years late on that realization, H?

Heidi has been complaining bitterly that Spencer is so controlling he's isolated her from all those close to her. But the final straw came earlier this month.

That's when Spencer called the cops on Darlene Egelhoff, Heidi's mom, when she arrived at their house. Heidi stood by her husband at first ... no longer.

Meanwhile, Montag wants to break into acting but says people in Hollywood don't want to work with her because she has "a loose cannon of a husband."

She and a friend are renting a beach house for now. As Heidi herself puts it, "I want more girl time. This is going to be the best summer of my life!!!!!!"

She also Tweeted earlier in the week, before reports of the pair's split surfaced: "I am not Heidi Pratt, I am Heidi Montag." So telling. So deep. So profound.

Spencer has yet to comment, which is extremely unusual for him. Dude hasn't even Tweeted since May 25! But we gotta ask ... whose side are you on?


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New York Yankees stars and Hollywood celebrities seem to fit nicely.

We're not talking about A-Rod or Derek Jeter either. Nick Swisher is set to head to the altar with actress Joanna Garcia, according to the N.Y. Daily News!

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre and Michael Buble

This is the second engagement for the 30-year-old Privileged star, who was previously linked to Trace Ayala, and appeared on Gossip Girl this past season.

Joanna Garcia will star in ABC's comedy Better Together next fall.

Nick Swisher confirmed the news to reporters Friday, just before hitting a two-run shot in Yankees' 8-2 rout of the visiting Indians. Talk about a good day!

Garcia and Swisher have reportedly been dating since last fall. Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly are now on the clock. A-Rod and Cameron Diaz? Just grinding.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be newlyweds!

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Happy Memorial Day weekend and welcome to The Hollywood Gossip. In our Week in Review, we look back on the last seven days in celebrity gossip and Hollywood news.

Some of the top stories from May 22-28 include ...

  • Jesse James opened up about his cheating on Sandra Bullock, which he blamed on past child abuse from his father. He also said he wanted to get caught.
  • Tiger Woods rumor mill: He's not allowed to date because Elin Woods is watching his every move; He's dating an Elin-look alike; Elin wants $750 million.
  • Kendra Wilkinson rakes in huge sums of cash from pre-order sales of her sex tape with Justin Frye, yet continues to feign heartbreak and dismay over it.
  • Lindsay Lohan returned to the U.S., appeared in court, is free on bail, was told to wear a SCRAM bracelet, and proceeded to go bar-hopping. Good times.
  • Bruce Beresford-Redman wil be charged with murder. The family of his wife is aghast that he was allowed to leave Mexico and wants custody of his kids.

Jesse James is baring is soul ... but are you buying what he's selling?

One of the funniest, most depressing videos ever.

R.I.P. Simon Monjack (1969-2010) and Brittany Murphy (1977-2009).

  • Couple news: Crystal Bowersox lost her boyfriend as well as American Idol; Demi Lovato was dumped by Joe Jonas (via his dad). C'mon Joe. Get a spine.
  • Wedding bells: David Krumholtz got married; James Marsters is engaged to Patricia Rahman; Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning an epic gala.
  • Baby news: Alicia Keys is pregnant and engaged! To Swizz Beatz! The world was also introduced to Bethenny Frankel's daughter, Bryn Casey Hoppy. Aww.
  • R.I.P.: Simon Monjack died months after his wife, Brittany Murphy; Gary Coleman died Friday after a brain hemorrhage, Paul Gray of Slipknot has left us.

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Hailey Glassman says her ex-boyfriend, Jon Gosselin, staged the break-in of his own apartment last winter to frame her and/or collect insurance money.

The police must agree, at least in part - she's off the hook.

Hailey is no longer a suspect in the bizarre ransacking of Jon's New York City pad, which came around the same time he began dating Morgan Christie.

"The NYPD informed us that Hailey is no longer a person of interest in the breakin. She feels that the truth has finally come out and the cloud that has been hanging over her head had finally lifted," her lawyer Stephanie Ovadia told Radar Online.

Um, Oops!

OMG: Did Jon Gosselin slice and dice his own crap?

The case is closed, a source close to the investgation confirmed. So who did it? An enraged Hailey Glassman thinks she knows the answer to that one.

Hailey, who supposedly signed a note left at the scene (not true) has a theory that the former reality star staged it in order to claim insurance money.

"Stubby tried to frame me N set me up to go to jail!" she Twittered, referring to his lack of manhood. "He ruined his own things 2 claim insurance $!"

She also says Jon owes her a lot of money. Which is likely true, who are we kidding. He has little to no credibility. If nothing else, dude is a shady character.

With a two-inch package supposedly.

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