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Might Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly debate about President Nick Jonas someday?

Last summer, the singer joked about running for the highest office in the world. He's even named his new band "The Administration." All random, fun talk, right?

Maybe not.

In a new interview, Jonas was once again asked about his political aspirations and said: “I think it started off as a joke, but now I feel it’s becoming a bit more serious and starting my campaign now. It would be fun to be president. We’ll see what happens."

If he runs on a platform of good hair and promise rings, Nick might actually win.

Perhaps even more buzz-worthy than his possible Presidential run, Jonas also talked about his rumored relationship with Selena Gomez. The pair were spotted at dinner together this week.

“I try to keep it a bit to myself and keep it a bit private,” he said. “We always try to find time to go out and hang out with people we enjoy spending time with and as far as that future of that relationship goes, I will keep that to myself for right now.”

Sounds perfectly fair and mature. But doesn't sound like a denial, either, does it?

Below, you can check out Jonas and his band performing on yesterday's Ellen DeGeneres show.

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Lindsay Lohan's pad is apparently a cesspool of disease. Or at least clutter.

According to The Insider, she's a hoarder. Like, OCD style. Her bedroom has become a warehouse of shoes; her living room filled with rack upon rack of clothes.

"I just need to get rid of ... stuff," she said. "That's personal stuff I have to work on."

That quote could be interpreted in so many different ways ...

Problem Child

Issues. Serious issues. [Photo:]

In the interview, set to air Thursday, Niecy Nash, host of the Style Network's Clean House reality show, has a sit-down with the oft-troubled Lindsay Lohan.

Nash theorizes that the alleged actress may be using hoarding as a coping mechanism for the estranged relationship she has with her father, Michael Lohan.

Psychobabble or not, the girls' got serious problems. Like cutting herself, doing drugs, alcoholism, not eating, a refusal to wear pants a lot of times, etc., etc.

"It's kind of a sore subject," she says in the teaser, which promises to reveal her emotional, "private pain" for the first time ... probably for a lot of money.

Follow the jump for a clip of Lindsay the hoarder ...

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Darn you, American Idol!

We work so hard to remain numb during the early audition episodes of this show, as Fox aims to tug at heart strings more than impress viewers with actual vocal talent.

While the singers and their skills will be on full display next week in Hollywood, these editions of the competition are typically reserved for joke acts (see Platt, Larry) and emotional backstories that leave us rolling our eyes like Katy Perry.

But Didi Benami broke down our cynical exteriors last night.

During her audition, the Los Angeles native burst out in tears at the memory of a friend that passed away four years ago. When asked by Kara if she wanted this badly, the beautiful blonde simply lost it.

Fortunately, Didi could also carry a major tune. She impressed judges with a rendition of "Hey Jude" and received unanimous approval for Hollywood. She's also rumored to be a semifinalist.

Benami plays the guitar and attended Belmont University. The Hebrew definition of her real first name (Vered) means "rose."

Watch Didi's audition below and chime in: Were you moved by this singer's performance and her backstory?

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Tiger Woods will be completing his sex addiction rehab treatment this week and none other than wife Elin Woods is picking him up, according to reports.

Elin has flown to Hattiesburg, Miss., to bring Tiger home, sources say.

Fight For the Kids

The embattled golfing legend is at the end of his program at Gentle Path. When Tiger leaves he and Elin plan to go away together, alone, for a few days.

Reports suggest, and anecdotal evidence supports that Elin Woods has called off the divorce – at least for now – and is giving Tiger a second chance.

Elin Woods previously spent five days with Tiger as part of his therapy program. Security made sure she was unseen by the media in Hattiesburg.

Amazingly, Elin and Tiger Woods may still make this work.

“He should be out by the weekend,” a source close to the situation said, noting that it's just the beginning. “They are giving their marriage another try.”

Tiger Woods was planning to return to golf by the Spring, according to various reports, and that is still on schedule. He may try to play even sooner.

“He wants his life back,” one source said.

Tiger has been in rehab for about six weeks. A secret life of cheating was exposed when the National Enquirer outed his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.

There are 11 Tiger Woods mistresses we know about, and probably even more. But somehow, he seems to have weathered the marital storm with Elin.

Will sex addiction rehab help Tiger Woods?


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No offense, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, but taking your reality show to the Sunshine State accomplished little other than a brief run-in with a THG editor.

Well, that and Kourtney getting knocked up by Scott Disick.

In any case, there's a Category 3 fist pump warning in South Florida as of this morning, as MTV is scouting beaches in Miami for a perfect spot for Season 2.

The producers of Jersey Shore recently contacted Miami's Mynt Lounge, asking for clearance to shoot inside the club in March-April. Sprinnggg Breaaaaak!!!

Snooki, Vinny and Mike

Are Vinny, Snooki, The Situation and cohorts Miami-bound?

Reports suggest that 495 Productions is "currently researching Miami Beach as a possible location" for Season 2, which the full Jersey Shore cast is on board for.

However, they "won't be able to shoot the show on Miami Beach unless we're able to shoot in the hottest clubs." Nothing but class for Snooki, Pauly D & Co.

While Miami would be an obvious and worthy choice, Jersey Shore has not committed to one city yet and is still scouting nine other cities here and abroad.

The Situation should be bringing home a broad a night regardless of where he and his fellow guidos end up. Sorry, but you had to know that was coming.

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Melissa Rycroft, who starred on The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars last year, has scored a gig as a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

That won't hurt ratings!

The gorgeous, just-married 26-year-old Texan just agreed to take the job with the entertainment and celebrity news program, according to her rep.

"She debuts on tonight's broadcast and is currently in L.A. working," her rep said. "She's going to stay in Dallas and fly in for special assignments."

We expect Melissa Rycroft to be a natural.

Once an entertainment staple, Melissa has become an entertainment reporter.

Her first assignment? The star-studded "We Are the World" remake. Her rep says ET will also sent her to award ceremonies, premieres and set visits.

Rycroft, who married Tye Strickland in December, is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of showbiz, or reporting on its goings on from the other side.

She's also working for Good Morning America as of last month.

If she's not in the bridal party, we hope she gets assigned to cover the wedding of Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick. In two words: Awk. Ward.

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While it came across more like a conversation between two reluctant friends than an epic battle between good and evil, Jon Stewart appeared on The O'Reilly Factor last night.

The Fox News host tried to engaged The Daily Show anchor by referring to his audience as “stoned slackers who love Obama,” but Stewart didn't take the bait. He merely responded with a chuckle and carefully laid out President Obama's first-year strengths and weaknesses.

It was a nuanced, fair explanation, the kind Fox News viewers must have been utterly confounded by. Watch an exchange between the hosts below:

It's clear Stewart appeared on the wrong show, as he admitted O'Reilly was the "sanest" voice at the network, although he added: “That’s like being the thinnest kid at fat camp.”

Put the Comedy Central star against Glenn Beck, however, and we'd imagine the sparks would fly. Stewart made multiple references to Beck's - how shall we put it? - unique style of BSing viewers with whatever sob story would garner the most ratings.

The biggest laugh of the interview? When O'Reilly claimed Beck did not have a right-wing agenda.

Because these two almost got along too well - Stewart saved his most damning critique for Fox News, saying it sells "the clearest narrative" and works fans into a tizzy via a passion-based, "cyclonic" barrage of information that spins reasonable arguments into outrageous claims - we need to ratchet up the intensity between each's supporters.

Whose team are you on?


Check out a second clip below.

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When two gorgeous gals with drastically different body types square off in a style showdown of fabulous frocks, there's absolutely no telling who will prevail!

Well, until you tell us!

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively showed off her supermodel-long legs in a peplum Victoria Beckham frock last year in N.Y.C. She's always a fashion favorite.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson got major style points at the Grammys in the structured black dress last weekend. Beauty. Who looked better? Vote below!


Who looked better in their respective ensemble?


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In a July 2009 interview, Demi Lovato had a simple message: Miley Cyrus is my total BFF!

By October, however, tension seemed to have arisen between the pair, as Lovato Tweeted to Miley that she barely knew her anymore. This exchange took place soon after Demi broke up with Trace Cyrus.

Ever since, fans of both stars have wondered what the status of their friendship is. This week, we seem to have gotten the answer: it's all good.

Miley, Demi, and Liam Hemsworth dined together on Tuesday night at Jerry's Famous Deli in Studio City, CA. Do these look like a pair of feuding enemies to you?

  • Miley and Demi Photo
  • Dinner Daters

Her good friend and her boyfriend in tow, life could be worse for Miley Cyrus.

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Amazingly, a magazine deigned to feature Jennifer Aniston this week and not mention the fact that she 1. is lonely; 2. used to be married to Brad Pitt.

It's Architectural Digest. Seriously.

This fine publication spends absolutely no time talking about the star's love life, opting to focus on her newly renovated Beverly Hills home instead.

Quite a concept!

Architecture Digest

Jennifer Aniston in her new home ... scandalous! Right? Anyone?

There is this one line. According to the mag, the house "originally had his-and-hers baths, but Aniston turned the 'his' into a spa with a soaking tub."

Way to stick it to men and embrace your single life, Jen! Although from what we've heard, Brad still loves her, so she may have to change it back.

They may never get back together, she and Brad will be forever linked. This issue hits newsstands February 9. Last year at this time, it featured ...

Brad Pitt.

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