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Lindsay Lohan is a bit of a mess these days.

That's a point even Michael Lohan will agree with us on, even if we disagree with that nut job's methods of reaching out to his troubled daughter.

So disturbed is Lindsay that she can't find consistent work in film anymore and has had to resort to making a living off of personal appearances.

Which is all good if you're Kim Kardashian and commanding more than your own TV show is willing to pay you. But Lohan is no Kim Kardashian.

Wow, how sad is that statement?

Not as sad as the fact that even clubs think she's so much of a liability that they would rather shell out the big bucks for Heidi Montag or even Snooki.

White Powder

Linds, you spilled a kilo in your shoes. [Photo:]

A source says that "When Lindsay does get paid for attending events, she now gets less than Snooki makes. It is sad and it is only getting worse."

"The few people that care about Lindsay want her to get help, but she is scared to trust, thanks to her father, and she doesn’t want to hear this."

"We are worried for Lindsay and where her life is going. She will open up to assistants that are dropping something off or helping her for an event."

"She needs good friends and she has none. Lindsay is in crisis. Lindsay is really going through a lot right now. She feels like everyone leaves her."

"If she does get work, which is rare, someone has to basically be by her side to get her ready for the event or meeting and make sure she shows.”

Very reliable sources also reveal that you can get LiLo to show up for an event in Los Angeles for $2,500 these days - 2-4 times less than Snooki.

What's more, the transactions are supposedly done through Lohan's assistant and she gets paid in cash. Convenient for her white powder habits.

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First, the cast of Glee. Now, Justin Bieber.

Targeting the tween demographic, Barack Obama made one of his smartest decisions as President this weekend: he asked the 16-year old crooner to perform at the 2010 Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House.

Bieber entertained fans with “One Time” and “Baby," telling those in attendance:

“What a lovely crowd. How many of you guys think it’s a beautiful day out here? It’s a beautiful day! It’s a good time to play my new song, "U Smile."

All About the Hair

From there, Bieber put on a rendition of classic singles, including Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” and Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way.”

He even took to the drums on the latter song, as shown in the following video. First, though, check out a few more photos of Justin Bieber from this weekend's festivities:

  • Easter Performance
  • Justin, Close Up
  • Big Time Bieber
  • With the Mic
  • Pic of Justin Bieber

Below, enjoy a clip of Bieber on the drums and belting out a version of "Baby."

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After this year's Academy Awards, while most viewers were praising the personality and presence of Gabourey Sidibe at the ceremony, Howard Stern was taking a different stance.

On the air, he referred to the Oscar nominee as "an enormous woman the size of a planet."

In response, Jamiee Foxx called Stern out, seemingly inviting a feud between the stars and saying he hopes it gets "hot" because Stern "hasn't really made a big splash in a long time."

Relevance in the entertainment universe challenged, Stern replied to the actor this week, playing the same immature, uncreative card that's been played in so many arguments between men: Oh yeah? You're gay!

"He seems to be in some bizarre thing where he wants to start in with me so that he can get some attention for his channel on [radio show] Foxxhole, which is an interesting name too. The hole. I wonder which hole they're referring to? How many holes are in Jamie? He's got an ass and a mouth. I don't know what he does with them," Stern said, adding:

"It's interesting that he chose the name Jamie, I could get into the whole f-cking thing... My guess is we're probably not on the same team. I think he's playing for a way different team. I don't know what team he's on, but it ain't my team."

  • Stern, Howard
  • Jamie Foxx Photograph

Foxx's take?

"I'm not gay... A lot of people say that I'm gay and that doesn't bother me, because I could eat a pizza in a male shower and not feel anything because I'm secure with myself. And I'm not gonna take that, Coward Stern. I'm not gonna take that from a person who has chronic gonorrhea."

So, to review: Stern says Foxx is gay. Foxx replies by making up a nickname for Stern and claiming he has an STD.

It may be tough to choose a winner in this intelligent debate, but do your best: Whose side are you on?


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Evan Lysacek is not interested in silver medals.

Having already conquered the Winter Olympics in figure skating, the 24-year-old is looking to pair his gold medal with a silver Dancing with the Stars disco ball.

If last night is any indication, he's the man to beat. He and Anna Trebunskaya bested the field by a considerable margin and got a standing O for the quickstep.

Also cementing their status as contenders this season were Nicole Scherzinger, the first two weeks' top scorer, and Erin Andrews, who showed grace and poise.

Despite threats from a crazy stalker, Erin is no quitter, and she and Maksim Chmerkovskiy tied Nicole and Derek Hough for Monday's #2 scores.

At the bottom of the heap were Buzz Aldrin, predictably, and Kate Gosselin, who didn't exactly make Tony Dovolani look like Babe Ruth with his predictions.

Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya stood (and sat) alone.

Here's a tiered breakdown of last night's Dancing with the Stars scores. Note the logjam of vulnerable couples in between the top three and the bottom two ...

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Leave it to AnnaLynne McCord and Kristin Cavallari to class up Hollywood.

Wearing a dress that looks as if were accidentally ripped while exiting a cab, both young starlets debuted their skanky chic look while out on the town recently.

Both look pretty hot in a trashy sort of way, who are we kidding?

Who wore it best/skankiest, though, the 90210 cast member or The Hills' resident bad girl? That's for you to decide, fashion critics ... cast your votes below!

AnnaLynne vs. KC

Who does this dress look better on?


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Lil Wayne may be in prison, but he hasn't forgotten the people who gave him the privileged lifestyle he abused and wasted to land him in there.

He'd better just hope his three meals a day include virus protection ... as in computer style. He's launched a weekly blog for his fans from jail!


Weezy's blizzong, straight outta Rikers Island, comes with a countdown clock. And not only does Weezy thank you, but

Weezy was taken into custody March 8.

Art adorns the canvas that is Lil Wayne.

"During my prison stint, I want my fans to know I love you," he writes. "I want all of you to know I appreciate all the mail I get, and this is my way of saying thank you. Trying to tear down the past prohibits you from building up your future."

"So for my time here, my physical will be confined to the yard. My love and my spirit, however, know no boundaries." Profound, L-Dubs. Profound.

He promises he's doing well and thinks of his kids (and presumably their many baby mamas) often. He works out, he reads the Bible and he claims that he's going to be blogging for ESPN soon as well.

He doesn't mention exactly how, but whatevs.

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As a primetime soap opera, Desperate Housewives has remained a popular ABC show due to its sordid storylines and intriguing scenarios.

But nothing that's happened on Wisteria Lane can compare to what a former star is accusing the show's creator of doing: in a documents filed today, Nicollette Sheridan accuses Marc Cherry of assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

According to TMZ, she's suing him for over $20 million, stating that Cherry acted "in an extremely abusive and aggressive manner toward the individuals who work on the show."

Specifically, Sheridan alleges that Cherry struck her across the face in 2008.

This is what supposedly went down:

On September 24, the actress questioned a development in the script. According to the lawsuit, "Cherry took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head."

From there, the papers read, Cherry went to Sheridan's trailer to "beg forgiveness." ABC was notified of the situation, but failed to act.

The suit also claims that Cherry once discovered that Teri Hatcher went behind his back to complain about him. His alleged response? "I hope Teri Hatcher gets hit by a car and dies."

Soon after these incidents, plans were made to terminate Sheridan from the show. Her character was killed off last season.

For now, these are nothing more than allegations. As Desperate Housewives winds down its season, though, there's a good chance the drama behind the scenes will continue through the summer.

** UPDATE: ABC has responded: “While we have yet to see the actual complaint, we investigated similar claims made by Ms. Sheridan last year and found them to be without merit.”

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Sorry, Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. But your summer tour just took a significant backseat.

Rihanna has confirmed that she'll take her new album, "Rated R," on the road this summer, leading a "Last Girl On Earth" North American tour that will also include another diva burning up the charts: Ke$ha!

Crazy Fashion

Which of these singers would you be more excited to see live?

The women, along with rapper Nicki Minaj, will start the proceedings in Seattle on July 2, make 25 stops altogether, and conclude on August 25 in Chicago.

Tickets go on sale at on April 9. Check out the complete schedule of dates and locations below...

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Sandra Bullock has reportedly drawn up divorce papers, having gone through the stages of anger and surprise and started planning her next move.

While nothing is official, this intel is sketchy at best and no announcement has been made from either Sandra or Jesse James, it wouldn't shock us.

“Her attitude toward Jesse hasn’t softened since she found out he was cheating on her,” a close source said. “She’s been betrayed and cheated on."

"She’s not getting over that.”

The Oscar winner’s husband has been tied to four alleged mistresses - Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, Melissa Smith, Brigitte Daguerre and one other.

However, new reports indicate (anonymously, thank you Radar Online) that James admitted to Sandra that there was a total of seven mistresses.

Sandra Pic

Jesse was reportedly in rehab in Arizona receiving treatment for sex addiction, although he is rumored to have left late last night or this morning.

Although Jesse’s lawyer described him as "a broken man" of his own volition and wanting to save his marriage, Bullock sources said that’s unlikely.

There was a moving van at the house this weekend. Enough said?

“Why would she want to get back with him after what he did to her,” the source said. "But she’s a strong woman, and she’s doing the best she can.”

Part of her coping strategy, perhaps, is that Sandra has reportedly drawn up divorce papers, although like Elin Woods, she has yet to file them.

The source said Sandra is not even discussing details: “Right now she’s very closed. After everything she’s been through, who can blame her.”

What do you think? Sandra Bullock should ...


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Love or hate the health care reform bill, Democrats and Republicans can agree on one thing:

The White House made the right decision when it invlted the Glee cast to perform at this weekend's Easter Egg hunt.

Led by the adorable Lea Michele, and the rumored boyfriend of Taylor Swift, the lead actors/actresses from this Fox comedy performed a number of hit singles in front of a packed house. Errr, lawn.

Check out our two favorite renditions below:

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