On September 30, CBS will premiere Season 21 of The Amazing Race. It will include a doubled grand prize of $2 million, along with a cast that includes: two Chippendales dancers; professional monster struck drivers; and the bassist for Megadeath.

Check out the first photo of the teams and then review their resumes below...

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The late, great Michael Jackson would have been 54 today.

As the dominant entertainer of his generation, if not world history, it's no surprise that his music and legacy continue to spark passion among fans young and old.

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This video montage of a Russian guy pulling pranks on unsuspecting people is making the online rounds this week. Some of his stunts are pretty hilarious, while some are just mean and others are a bizarre combination of the two.

It's okay to laugh, but also feel somewhat bad, right?

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John Rich and Clay Aiken missed each other on Celebrity Apprentice, with the country singer taking the title one season and the former American Idol finalist finishing second a year later.

And that's too bad because we can only imagine what fireworks may have exploded if these artists had actually done battle on national television.

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