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Is there anything the Kardashian sisters won't shill for?

Most notorious for backing a dangerous weight loss system that is not approved by the FDA, the siblings have now signed on to represent PerfectSkin, a new beauty product.

While the skin care line hasn't launched yet, Dr. Ron DiSalvo says Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian are the ideal spokeswomen for it because their lack of talent leaves them open to any sales pitch:

"As women who are constantly in the spotlight and juggling hectic schedules, the Kardashian sisters need a skin care system that's as simple as it is effective."

Total Shills

Kim, of course, is already extolling the virtues of a system that isn't even on the market yet.

"I have literally tried everything out there and nothing even comes close to PerfectSkin, " she said. "It's easier and more effective than anything else I've tried, and they are the only skin care products I use."

PerfectSkin will launch this spring and, truth be told, it's not really that poor of a choice for the sisters. But our original question still remains: Do you think there's any product they would not shill for?

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Tinsley Mortimer is a Park Avenue princess.

Naturally, that entitles her to a her own show, High Society, premiering this evening on the CW. The series will follow Tinsley and her colorful friends as she navigates New York's elite social scene as a newly single girl. Absolutely riveting.

She recently got divorced from her husband, whom she met in high school, and is rumored to be dating American Idol castoff Constantine Maroulis of all people.

"I did meet him while filming the show," Tinsley Mortimer tells E! News. "He happened to be at an event I was hosting on the show. But it wasn't set up that way."

"It was just a complete random event that happened while I was filming."

Are you ready for Tinsley Mortimer? Yes, she's a real person!

The handbag designer and Dior beauty ambassador, whatever that is, graduated from Columbia University, and says the new show will show her imperfect life.

"Because I'm a girl that definitely lives in an amazing, very privileged world in New York, I feel like people think that things come very easy to me," she said.

"My life is not so perfect, and I want to expose that," she adds.

One thing this High Society socialite recently got excited about? Meeting the Jersey Shore cast. "I just think they're so funny and so themselves," she said.

She first ran into The Situation and Pauly D while recording a voiceover for her show, and she recently got to work with J-Woww, Snooki and Sammi as well.

So does Tins think the Jersey cast could cut on the Upper East Side (also home to Gossip Girl)? "I would love to do something with them," Tins teased.

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It turns out the male favorite and the female favorite on American Idol have something in common: an electric guitar.

Last week, Casey James rocked out with this instrument. Last night, similarly, Crystal Bowersox broke it out and, once again, put on the best performance of the evening.

But Siobhan Magnus stepped up and sent a message to Crystal: Not so fast! My unique look and sound, combined with confidence and a great voice, will make this a two-woman race!

Below, we rank the most recent performances by the ladies and ask readers to name their favorite...

  1. Crystal Bowersox: We hate to sound like Kara, but Crystal knows exactly who she is as an artist. She strums along and turns hit songs into her own creations.
  2. Siobhan Magnus: Different from Crystal in that we have no idea what to expect each week, but similar in terms of her stage presence and comfort in her ability.
  3. Didi Benami: Our favorite after the Hollywood rounds. Finally put on a performance worthy of the finals.
  4. Lilly Scott: Yes, it would be nice to hear a modern single from Scott. But she still stands out for her look and her sound.
  5. Katelyn Epperly: The earth didn't move under our feet from this somewhat cheesy rendition. But we'll be shocked, and sad, if she doesn't move on.
  6. Katie Stevens: Why are the judges so focused on Katie's age? All their critiques focus on the fact that she's 17. Relax and just listen to her sing, please.
  7. Lacey Brown: Better than the previous two weeks, but also forgettable. Can we get rid of her now?
  8. Paige Miles: Solid voice, boring performances. The most likely to be eliminated this week.

Who was your favorite? Who would you send home?

  • Katie on Stage
  • Solid Scott
  • Going Electric
  • Paige Miles Image
  • Go, Didi!
  • On the Keyboard
  • Lacey Brown Performance Pic
  • Siobhan Pic

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DMX was arrested Tuesday in Arizona, marking approximately the 126th time the rapper has been taken into custody for some legal matter or another.

This time, though, he wants to turn things around, and his lawyer is reaching out to the one man that DMX believes can save him ... Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The details of the arrest are unclear, but attorney Gary Jenkins tells us "He has been battling addiction for some time and he's in need of treatment."

Jenkins adds, "We're hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him." Maybe now that he got that crazy stalker off his ass, he'll have free time.

DMX Mugshot

Can Dr. Drew help DMX get clean?

DMX mug shots over the past two years are almost too numerous to count. Jenkins added, however, "He's a talented man ... we're praying for him."

While unconfirmed, two reports suggest that DMX violated his probation by using illegal drugs and was booked on five counts of probation violation.

It's also being reported that he let fly a few expletives during his initial court hearing last night, which is kind of hilarious and wouldn't surprise us in the least.

Come on. This is DMX. It's how he rolls.

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When season 10 of Dancing with the Stars kicks off on March 22, Pamela Anderson will be partnered with new professional Damian Whitewood.

Anderson is one of the best known contestants to ever grace the floor of this ABC competition, but she's still worth profiling as we head toward the season premiere...

Kyle Massey, Lacey Schwimmer Photo

Full name: Pamela Denise Anderson
Most famous role: Baywatch
Number of sex tapes: Two
Number of different spouses: Three
Number of times she's dated Tommy Lee: 89
Holds the record for: Most times appearing on the cover of Playboy
Breasts: Very Large
Odds of winning: 125-1

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Since August 2008, Sarah Palin has been one of the most famous political figures in the country. Since August 2009, she's been one of our most famous figures, period.

By August 2010, she may be unrivaled in the fame department.

Killer Sarah Palin Photo

Last week, we reported how the former Alaska governor was working on a TV series about her home state, pitched by none other than famed producer Mark Burnett.

A day before that, her publishers at HarperCollins announced she was embarking on a second book, a follow-up to her blockbuster best-selling memoir, Going Rogue.

The day before that, she was the marquee guest on The Tonight Show, upstaging the likes of Olympic champion Shaun White and American Idol star Adam Lambert.

No small feat there.

Sarah Palin speaking at some event recently.

At least on the surface, she remains engaged in politics, praising the Tea Party movement, and somewhat involved in journalism ... or whatever Fox News is.

A joke she told on The Tonight Show said it all: "The truth is, though, I'm glad that I'm not vice president. I would not know what to do with all that free time." Bam!

Seriously, though. No one works harder at being a celebrity than Sarah Palin, whether she's hitting an Oscar gift suite or trying to cash in on teen mom Bristol Palin.

But toward what end? A 2012 presidential run? Tens of millions? A daily talk show? Oprah-like, single-name dominance of pop culture and soon the entire universe?

Everyone wondering exactly that simply enhances her star power, as does the blurring of the worlds of politics, celebrity and the media, which extends beyond her.

Continue reading this article here ...

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Thank goodness.

Despite John Mayer's recent comments, in which he spoke in no uncertain terms about boning Jessica Simpson, she says she's still a trusting person deep down.

"I'm not as guarded as you would think. I should probably be more guarded. I trust a lot of people, actually," the actress told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show.

Not that she's over being disappointed in John, who has apologized for calling her "sexual napalm" and "crack cocaine," and whose apology she did not accept.

"That's truly how I felt and still feel," she said. "Somebody that you have cared about for a long time, you just hope they can keep the intimate things intimate."

Sexual Napalm

LIKE CRACK: We hear that describes her in bed. Someone said that ...

In all honesty, as much as we think John Mayer is a pretentious a$$clown who needs to go the hell away, does Jessica really have to keep harping on this issue?

  • How "betrayed" can you be? You dated a guy, he bragged about it later. That makes him a jackass, absolutely, but it's not like he boned CaCee Cobb.
  • He said she was amazing in bed! Again, he's an idiotic douchebag, but at the crux of Mayer's Playboy interview was praise for Simpson's sex moves.

After taking John to task, she spoke warmly of Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, who worked with her on the theme for her show The Price of Beauty.

"I can't find good enough words to speak about Billy," Simpson said. "He's a very, very dear friend. For him to give his time and his talents and share them with me, it was a great experience. And I hope we can do more music together."

Sexual Napalm denies making anything more than music with him, though.

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Charlie Sheen can soon start uttering unfunny Two and a Half Men quotes again.

Next week, the actor will resume shooting the terrible CBS sitcom, but there's a caveat: he'll have to return to rehab every night. There are four episodes of the show remaining to the filmed this season.

On Monday, March 15, Sheen will be in an Aspen court for his felony arraignment. He'll then go back to Los Angeles that evening, where he'll stay at a treatment center and then head to work first thing Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, insiders say Sheen is in good spirits and his doctors have given him permission to resume shooting.

As for that woman who claims to have done drugs, as well as Sheen AND Brooke Mueller... no word from her yet.

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You gotta give it to Heidi Montag here. Mocking her own plastic surgery addiction as part of an effort to urge Congress and consumers to enact fiscal reform? Genius.

The Hills star is now joining the rest of the country in laughing at The Hills star with the help of Funny or Die and director Ron Howard, who created this new video.

The goal? To urge Congress to enact financial reform.

"I was honored to work with the amazing Ron Howard," Montag said. "He was kind, generous and made me feel so comfortable ... feel so confident in my talent."

Whatever that might consist of.

Taggin' It

Heidi Montag's "talent" is on full display. [Photo:]

In any case, Montag's video is part of a series by the Americans for Financial Reform that urges, among other things, massive call-ins throughout the week to push Congress toward forming a strong, independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Heidi jokes in the pseudo PSA that reality stars who max out their credit cards for unnecessary plastic surgery need financial relief. What is a poor gal to do?!

Funny and Die is working on additional videos to urge the government to act on and pass financial reform. Follow the jump to see Heidi Montag do her part ...

Continue Reading...

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Emmy-winning CBS News producer Robert 'Joe' Halderman pleaded guilty to shaking down David Letterman as payback for the host's affair with his girlfriend.

Today, Halderman admitted giving Dave a "screenplay treatment" that was "a thinly veiled threat to ruin Mr. Letterman if he did not pay me a lot of money."

In exchange for the guilty plea, the extortion plotter will receive a six-month prison sentence, 4 1/2 years probation and 1,000 hours of community service.

Outside court, he expressed his remorse for the sordid episode.

"I apologize to Mr. Letterman, to his family, to (girlfriend) Stephanie Birkitt and her family, and my family and friends," said Halderman in a brief statement.

The plea came five months after Halderman threatened to expose Letterman's affairs with several female staffers, including the blackmailer's ex, Birkitt.

David Letterman and his blackmailer, Robert "Joe" Halderman.

Letterman released a statement thanking city police and prosecutors for their help in resolving the bizarre case that exposed his fondness for staffers.

"I had complete faith that a just and appropriate result was inevitable," Letterman said. "On behalf of my family, I am extremely grateful for their efforts."

Halderman would have faced up to 15 years behind bars if he had been convicted of a bizarre blackmail scheme involving the long-time Late Show host.

David Letterman's affair with Halderman's girlfriend, Stephanie Birkitt, ended shortly before his blackmail bid, but also predated her living with Halderman.

Halderman was arrested after Letterman - in a stunning admission on air - admitted cheating on wife Regina Lasko and detailed the blackmail attempt.

Halderman actually collected a $2 million check from Letterman as part of a sting operation started after the host went to police about the shakedown.

He was busted after depositing the check in his Connecticut bank.

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