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Last week in a Good Morning America interview, Janet Jackson said that because Dr. Conrad Murray was the one administering the anesthetic Propofol to her brother Michael, he should be held responsible for the music icon's death.

Janet's sister La Toya had no intention of being so diplomatic.

In an interview with the UK's Daily Mail in July, La Toya said in no uncertain terms that Michael was murdered. Last night, she was back on the attack.

Murray returned to work yesterday after suspending his medical practice in the aftermath of Jackson's death, which is still being investigated by cops.

La Toya, 53, shredded Dr. Conrad Murray when confronted by paparazzi outside of Boa Steakhouse, warning to his patients: "Nobody should hire him."

"Dr. Murray murdered my brother and it was wrong."

La Toya Pic

La Toya Jackson: No fan of Conrad Murray. [Photo:]

Murder may be a stretch, as we doubt Murray wanted things to turn out this way ... with the beloved entertainer dead and criminal charges against him likely.

But La Toya does make a point. Patients dying from drug overdoses they never should have had administered? Usually not something a person seeks in a doc.

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While there's little doubt that Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, her agent and boyfriend, seem very happy these days, the two aren't engaged or getting married.

We're confident in stating that as a fact, since they're taking things slowly, her impulsive days are long gone ... and her management team said this on the record.

Why let facts stop you sometimes, though? Right, OK!?

Apparently fresh out of Robsten rumors (although Kristen "will be there for Rob" in an ancillary article), the celeb gossip publication featured Britney this week.

She's apparently tying the not with Jason Trawick in a million-dollar beach wedding. Surprising that budget-conscious Jamie Spears gave that the green light ...

Sean and Jayden supposedly gave Jason Trawick their blessing.

The alleged scoop in OK!: Britney Spears is telling friends she’s ready to marry her boyfriend Jason Trawick. And "all it took was her boys’ blessing" to convince her.

Mmm hmm. Right. We're sure her sons, ages four and three, sat down with her and had a heart-to-heart, expressing their concerns and going over a pro-con list.

This will be her third wedding in five years. Or would be, if it were actually happening. And what's with the headline, guys? Creative. Never been used before.

Nevertheless, OK! cites a source claiming that the lip-syncher "does not have a doubt in her mind that she wants to spend the rest of her life with Jason.”

“She has already discussed marriage with him.”

Wow, a discussion? We're totally convinced.

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Kate Gosselin never wanted it to be this way. But it is. Thank goodness!

Jon & Kate Plus 8 came to an end Monday in an emotional series finale.

Having shut down the show thanks to Jon Gosselin's gripes about himself his children being mistreated, TLC made no secret that it's on Team Kate.

Via heavy Kate commentary, the door definitely hit Jon on the way out.

"They don't know about girlfriends at all," Kate said, referring pointedly to her kids' knowledge of Jon's on-off significant other, Hailey Glassman.

"That's just too warped for them, too unhealthy for them to know. They learn by watching us, and that's the last thing I want them to know."

"I just think that relationship is a situation that's just a symptom of the real issue, so ... I don't envision a future there involving my kids at all."

Oooh, snap. You got served, Jon.

Jon and Kate Finale

Try not to weep openly at work.

"I do worry about his intentions and his motives for such things," she said. "Always wondering, is this a publicity stunt? What is the bottom line of it?"

Despite all the animosity, Kate Gosselin says that she never meant to become a single parent, and wishes it had never come to this earlier this year.

"When I'm driving to get school supplies with the kids or to try on shoes or anything that you've seen us do recently, it always crosses my mind that I should be in the passenger seat and Jon should be driving ... every single time."

"I never wanted that to change. Maybe I wanted roles to change, and people to step up, but I never wanted him absent from that driver's seat."

As for Jon, he's embracing this single parent douchebag thing.

"Those are precious times," he said, referring to the years they spent shooting Jon & Kate Plus 8, "and it is unfortunate our marriage failed, but our family should not fail. We're going to strive to do better and be the best parents we can."

"But we're definitely not going to be married ever again."

Follow the jump for an emotional clip from the finale ...

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One is making headlines for simulating oral sex on stage.

Another is aiming for a comeback after a public, ugly break-up.

A third is really, really weird.

And the fourth major artist releasing a new album this week has actually broken pre-sale records, despite having been utterly unheard of just a few months ago.

Indeed, with numerous singers and record labels hoping to take advantage of the holiday season, this is shaping up to be the most competition week in CD sales history.

Adam Lambert ("For Your Entertainment"), Rihanna ("Rated R"), Lady GaGa ("The Fame Monster") and Susan Boyle ("I Dreamed A Dream") will all compete for the top spot on the charts.

And we're not even counting Britney Spears, who is releasing a collection of her number-one hits (K-Fed is definitely not inclued on that list. Zing!).

  • Adam Lambert Album Cover
  • Rihanna Rated R Album Cover

Whose new album will you purchase first?


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Spencer Pratt finds a pregnancy test in the trash on The Hills tonight.

This can only mean one thing: MTV told him to say he found it there and pretend to profess his deep concern that Heidi Montag might be pregnant.

He confides in pal Charlie that he took her to Hollywood hot spot Katsuya "for a little alcohol test." He says she didn't even have a sip! Case closed!

"What if she's already pregnant?" a worried Spencer Pratt asks Charlie, stating that if she is, their marriage is "game over." Mmm hmm. Sure it is.

Spencer loves to show Heidi his o-face. This, however, is his nooooo-face!

This season, Heidi Montag has been even more vocal about her desire to have kids than she is when Spencer's giving her 20-30 orgasms a day.

Much as Spencer likes tapping that mostly-plastic booty, he's been adamant about not having kids. He even pretended to consider a vasectomy.

Last week on The Hills, Heidi planned retaliation on him for his little doctor visit, telling Audrina Patridge she planned on pulling the goalie soon.

If any of this were real, it would make for compelling television. But alas. Check out a clip of Spencer freaking on tonight's episode post-jump:

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They may have a fake marriage, but they'll soon reside in a very real, very expensive home.

Multiple source confirm that Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have purchased a $4 million mansion in Tarazana, California.

Its amenities reportedly include a spa, waterfall, cabanas, parking for 15 cars, a home theater, steam room and gym. We also assume the house has a direct line to the paparazzi, so Khloe and Lamar can call ahead and alert photographers to their impending whereabouts.

Hungry for Food, Attention

TMZ first reported the purchase of this $3.995 million estate, which features seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It's located in a gated, guarded community.

No word yet on whether Odom or Kardashian will get the property after the couple inevitably divorces in approximately six months if they ever call it quits.

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Not since the Classic period of 250 AD to 900 AD has a Mayan dominated the world stage as much as Mya has controlled season nine of Dancing with the Stars.

It's been the most boring couple months in show history largely due to the random set of contestants chosen by ABC; but also because the winner has been clear from the outset.

Has anyone really threatened Mya's reign atop the leaderboard? Is there any way American can justify voting for Kelly or Donny this week, following Mya's most recent pair of perfect scores?

Check out a full rundown of performances and critiques from last night and then let us know who you think should win.

A Dip

We'll know the season nine champion in a few hours. Who do you think it should be?



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An an event like Us Weekly's Hot in Hollywood party, maybe we shouldn't be surprised that a certain young star came dressed to impress (or turn heads).

The question is, who does this hot, lingerie-clad body belong to? It could be anyone! Well, it could be a lot of young starlets. Or at least a handful.

Can you tell who it is? Vote below!


This hot body belongs to ...



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Kirk Cameron is best known for starring in the 1980s hit Growing Palins. Nowadays, he is an active Christian evangelist. This brought him to UCLA recently.

He went to convince college students that Darwin's theory of evolution is dead wrong, and while he can believe what he wants, Kirk's debating needs work.

Several UCLA students asked Cameron about Darwin, at which point Kirk stated that "I believe that Darwin was absolutely ... that the end game was to make God ... was to remove God from the world view of .. I think that that was the end game."

Hard to argue with that Sarah Palin-esque doctrine.

Kirk tried to link Darwinism to religion (and a bad one), saying it's "extremely based on faith." A student's reply? "Not really, it's based on a lot of evidence."

Cameron was on campus handing out copies of a "revised" edition of On The Origin of the Species, in which the author attempts to connect Darwin to Hitler.

Maybe next time Mike Seaver will take part in a little debate prep boot camp before getting straight up learned by 20-year-olds with cameraphones.


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Another week, another bit of naked drama for Tila Tequila.

The "star" claims a "sex tape" was stolen off of her laptop.

At Play and Work

Just days after her Ustream naked video rant shocked the world, a sex tape surfaced on a porn site ( showing Tila in a compromising position with a naked man.

Why the Tila Tequila sex tape is surfacing now, we have no clue. Nor does Tila, who claims it was ripped from a laptop that she reported stolen roughly two years ago.

She's threatening to sue the site for posting the clip.

You don't often see Tila Tequila this clothed. [Photo:]

Tila's lawyer, Cyrus Nownejad, who's a busy man these days, says "A police report has been filed for Tila's stolen laptop computer which contained that specific clip."

He adds of his client's naked video of the day that "I am currently in the process of sending a cease and desist letter and a notice of intent to sue if it's not removed."

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