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Finishing 14 shots back and in a tie for 46th place at the AT&T National tournament this past weekend, Tiger Woods is clearly not playing his best golf.

There's a reason for that, and the legend took a rare moment to disclose his feelings to the press. What did we get from the famously private star?

That he's "frustrated."

Understandably so. His golf comeback has netted some decent rounds, but no titles, and a big part of that can be traced to his imminent divorce.

Various Tiger Woods divorce reports have fueled speculation, as the disgraced golfer's breakup is all but official, and he was having a rough week.

He offered this cryptic comment at a news conference after a bad round: "Outside the ropes there are certainly still distractions. It is what it is."

NO LOVE: Tiger Woods' putter hasn't been active lately.

Sources say Elin Woods will be bound by a confidentiality agreement as part of the divorce, while Woods can't bring any girlfriends around their kids.

The two will share legal custody of their two children, although Elin will have primary physical custody as she works out visitation schedules with Tiger.

She is set to receive a $100 million settlement as well.

Woods didn't offer any comment on the proceedings after the AT&T National, though he did acknowledge his desire to put his mistakes behind him.

"You're not always going to go through life perfect. No one does," he said. "When you make a mistake, step up to the plate and take ownership of it."

"I think everyone has had distractions in their lives [but] I think that my life out here on tour is becoming more normalized," he told the media.

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It may be a tall order to tame a wild man like Russell Brand, but when you have assets (two in particular) like Katy Perry, that gives you a fighting chance.

Said assets can also help one achieve a music career.

The Katy Perry pictures in the August edition of Esquire are proof positive of that, with her hair dyed jet black and suggestive outfits (or no outfits) galore.

Here's the cover photo, which gives you an indication .,..

Katy Perry Esquire Cover

In one pic, Russell Brand's fiance sexes it up in a LBD and knee-high boots, while in another she dons a laced body suit - as she seductively licks her lips.

In two others, Katy strips down to just a pair of high-waisted cut-out, laced briefs and killer heels as she covers herself with her hands. At least partially.

Katy says she's utilized her special skills to tame Russell.

“He used to basically be a professional prostitute, now he’s not. He’s an extremist and that can be good and bad. I need someone stronger than me. And I am, like, a f**king strong elephant of a woman. I say that hopefully in the humblest way I can.”

Alright then. Nice. Click to enlarge more photos below!

  • Vampish Katy
  • Katy Perry Topless Picture
  • Hot Hot Katy
  • Katy Perry Topless

[Photos: Esquire]

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Bristol Palin says her acting debut on last night's episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager was probably her last venture into that career field.

But don't expect her to line up any more acting gigs in the future.

Asked if she wants to pursue an entertainment career after her debut effort, she says, "Not acting. I like doing speaking engagements and stuff like that."

"Right now I'm just focused on raising Tripp," Bristol Palin adds.


The 19-year-old mother of 1 1/2-year-old son Tripp, whose father Levi Johnston, says she was happy to film the episode of The Secret Life just the same.

She appears as a friend of Amy (Shailene Woodley) at a music program for teen moms in NYC: "I didn’t have many lines or anything like that," says Palin.

"I just hope that this show opens up a dialogue between parents and teens - and teens amongst themselves - about the consequences of teen pregnancy."

Is she discouraging or promoting teen pregnancy?


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Stop us if you've heard this one before. Actually don't, because we know you have, probably several dozen times. But Jennifer Aniston is having a baby!

Only by having a baby, we mean not having a baby.

In case you didn't believe OK's scoop on Jennifer Aniston's baby news just two weeks ago, here's the magazine really driving the point home this time!

In a "shock interview," the perpetually heartbroken star reveals the details of her "exciting family news," the origins of which we can't even imagine. 

You gotta get some new material, OK writers ...

Having a Baby NOW!

Jennifer Aniston is pregnant for the 78th time!

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Don't cry for Reggie Bush.

While Kim Kardashian may have found a new man, her ex-boyfriend has apparently also moved on from his relationship with the reality star.

Fashion Fans

As first reported by Perez Hilton, the Saints running back and Amber Rose were spotted at AXE Lounge in Southampton Saturday night. Not only were Bush and Kanye's former love looking quite cozy all night, they even took bathroom breaks together.

For what possible reason? Use your imagination, people.

So, you tell us: Is Rose an upgrade over Kardashian?


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Having officially cursed the Dallas Cowboys via her two-year relationship with quarterback Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson is moving on to the San Francisco 49ers.

A source close to the singer confirms that she's dating former NFL tight end Eric Johnson, telling People the pair have been together for about a month and: "She is happy that she found a great guy. She's really happy."

Johnson last played professional football in 2007 and retired with nine career touchdown receptions. He's a graduate of Yale University, causing many to wonder what the heck he talks about with Simpson.

Bad Posture

Simpson isn't the only large-breasted celebrity to nab herself a receiver this season. Kim Kardashian has been spotted out with Miles Austin, while Lindsay Lohan is reportedly dating Eilat Anschel.

She's never played in the NFL, but is on the receiving end of a Lohan meltdown every night.

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It looks like Lindsay Lohan has a new girlfriend, and you'd better not mess with the troubled actress now, because her girl will totally whomp your a$$!

Eilat Anschel, a former member of the Israeli Defense Force, met Lindsay a while back in L.A., and has been spotted with the train wreck a bunch lately.

Lindsay and Eilat, who completed her mandatory stint in the Israeli army, have been "getting pretty serious" over the last month, according to reports.

One source says the head case began using Eilat Anschel as a "shoulder to cry on" during the probation / bail / ankle monitor drama, then things evolved.

Pretty much how it always happens.

Eilat Anschel and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan and Eilat Anschel on the way to the movies. Parliaments, energy drinks and Eclipse ... now that's a date night! [Photo:]

So all is right with the world of LiLo, right? Wrong. People close to her say that the struggling celeb, who just turned 24, is falling too hard, too fast.

Her pals understate the problem as such: "It's not the healthiest relationship in the world." The friends say Linds is totally obsessing over the chick.

Lohan was most recently linked to photographer Indrani and famously dated / had nuclear fights with Samantha Ronson for an extended period of time.

Will the fire for this newfound female love interest last?

We'd further criticize her lifestyle, clubbing nightly and such, and/or point out that this is destined to fail, but we don't wanna get on Eilat's bad side.

Here's wishing the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!

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An early World Cup exit may have plunged Cristiano Ronaldo into an existential crisis, but Portugal's national team captain does have other reasons to smile.

The soccer stud announced today that he recently became the father of a baby boy, born in June to an anonymous American - and he has exclusive custody!

Unfortunately, the mother is not Kim Kardashian.

The news appeared on the website of his employer, Real Madrid, and Ronaldo's Twitter and Facebook pages, and does not appear to be a hoax ... we think.

"It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become a father to a baby boy," read the statement from Ronaldo, who is 25 and unmarried.


HAPPY BABY DADDY: While it's not surprising in the least that Ronaldo impregnated some random girl, the fact that he has sole custody comes out of nowhere.

"With the agreement of the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, I will have exclusive custody of my son," added the world's highest paid soccer star.

"I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy [and that of the child] at least on issues as personal as these are," Cristiano Ronaldo added.

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha says Ronaldo's mother and sisters were completing the paperwork necessary to bring the child to Portugal.

Ronaldo, whose penchant for group sex and hookers is as well documented as his on-field mastery, sure knows how to score around a goaltender.

Congratulations to the new, proud papa!

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Give it up for the United States of America, 234 years young today! On this awesome Independence Day, we dish out props to the nation where dreams come true.

Let's hear it for the red, white and blue ...

FEEL THE PRIDE: Freedom at its best/worst. [Photo:]

The great Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt either just ran a 5K, or think that the Revolutionary War took place in 1880-1881. We'd put money on the latter.

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It's not a happy Fourth of July for Tammy Lynn Michaels.

The day after singer Melissa Etheridge filed papers to official end their partnership, Michaels took to her blog and said she was "blindsided" by the decision. She wrote:

gentle waves / no noise for awhile / or maybe gentle voices and / SMACK!!!!!!!!!!!! / FILE FOR DIVORCE!!!!!! / even though we both promised / agreed / handshook / pinkyswore / no filing until after the tour / in the fall.

Her broken promises / told to me by/headlines / i'm raising the kids / doing what i can / second set of yours.

Etheridge cited "irreconcileable differences" as the reason for their break-up. She asked that the court not to award Michaels, who gave birth to the couple's kids in 2006, any financial support.

Michaels may needs to hit up Elin Woods for a loan.

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