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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick broke up last month.

This is sad, but not altogether unexpected news. The reason for the couple's split? Her daily cocktail of prescription drugs wore off long enough for her to realize that she is Britney Spears, and that she was dating Jason Trawick.

Awesome Britney Fashion

Just kidding. The real reason? They just plain got tired of being together. "They were fighting a lot and have not been getting along," a source says of the two.

Thus, the 28-year-old pop princess is single again, with Jason Trawick ending his yearlong reign as her boyfriend and joining a long, esteemed list of Brit exes.

K-Fed, Jason, Justin, Adnan, J.R. & Co.: Give it up for your newest member!

BYE BYE BRITWICK: Jason and Britney had a good run.

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, where he works, confirmed Tuesday that Trawick is still representing Britney Spears, despite a romantic parting of ways.

Is there a chance they'll get back together after time apart? Spears and Trawick cooled off over the holidays in December, but rekindled the flame soon after.

He was rumored to be cheating on Britney soon after. Rumored.

The pair attended the Grammys together on January 31, and were last seen in public together on Valentine's Day at a McDonald's drive-thru in L.A. Romantic.

"They both just needed to take a break from each other," the Britney source says. "It wasn't working out." However, "a reconciliation remains on the table."

Should they get back together? Is Jason Trawick the right guy for her? If not, who should Britney Spears date next? Tell us in the comments!

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Heidi Montag appears to be cupping some serious balls here.

We have no idea why, although they appear to be made of crystal, and we can only assume this odd photo shoot has to do with new "healer" manager Aiden Chase.

Dude probably has her believing in the spirit and body-redeeming qualities of them or something. Who knows. He sees dead people, so he probably knows what's up.

Here's the star of The Hills gazing into her (bleak) future ...

A Barbie Wannabe

Heidi Montag's future looks awfully fake and plastic.

Nice to see the results of Heidi's 10 plastic surgeries on display in Malibu. Also nice to see that husband and fellow crystal enthusiast Spencer Pratt was able to get out of his anger management counseling session long enough to join her ass.

You could say that they're both ballers ... of the crystal variety. Whatever that means. Anyway, just click to enlarge more Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag pictures ...

  • Montag Cleavage
  • Buffoons
  • Crystal Balling
  • Fake Boobs on Display
  • Just Heidi

[Photos: Fame Pictures]

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Can Dr. Drew save DMX from six months in the slammer? That's the rumor going around, and if it's even half true, it's the most ridiculous rehab story we've heard.

Okay, second most ridiculous. Evander Holyfield seeking out Dr. Phil after allegedly beating his wife, then getting indignant and storming out? That's gotta be first.

In any event, DMX was just sentenced to six months in jail for violating his probation. His first arrest of 2010 took place last week after he was busted with drugs.

Seeing as DMX comprises approximately half our celebrity mug shot gallery, he was on probation at the time, and thus violated it, leading to his return to prison.

But rehab could save him yet.

Dr. Drew: DMX's trusted savior and confidant?

DMX admitted to five probation violations at his hearing last week, claiming they were the result of using illegal drugs. Here's where the Celebrity Rehab doc comes in.

During the hearing, a rep from the Pasadena Recovery Center gave the judge a letter from Dr. Drew Pinsky, asking permission to treat X at his facility ... in lieu of jail.

X himself reached out to Dr. Drew upon his arrest. Looks like it worked.

The judge seemed open to the idea, although no decision has been made yet. We can only hope it happens, and that cameras film all of the odd couple's interactions.

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Rielle Hunter's GQ photo spread, which John Edwards' mistress was supposedly so repulsed by, was done with her full knowledge and consent, the magazine says.

The weird videographer claimed, following the release of the feature story on her, that she thought it would only include head shots, not sexy, body-baring pics.

GQ is calling BS on that statement.

"Rielle is a smart woman. She knows exactly what she wore and what she was doing in the photo shoot," said GQ reporter Lisa DePaulo on Good Morning America.

What she wore? Not a lot! The magazine's Rielle Hunter pictures show her wearing only a man's button down white shirt, a string of pearls and panties. Revolting.

Rielle Hunter in GQ

How dare GQ con Rielle Hunter into posing like this?!

In some of the pics she is posed on a bed with stuffed animals piled around her, panties peeking out. You don't end up there with no pants on by mistake, Rielle.

Just the same, a tearful Hunter told ABC News' Barbara Walters she was repulsed by seeing the sexy photo shoot and thought "all but one would be headshots."

But GQ released a video of the shoot to defend itself, and at one point a videographer asks Hunter, "You want to take a look at this?" She does. Approvingly.

So in conclusion, we can state two things with full confidence:

  1. Rielle Hunter has no credibility, although that's not shocking from a woman who slept with a married man and helped conceal their love child together.
  2. Somewhere, John Edwards is loving these pictures.

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Michael Jackson's mom Katherine insists the recent incident involving Jermaine Jackson's son Jaafar and the stun gun he tried to use on Blanket was an isolated event.

Other reports seem to indicate otherwise, however. From what we've gathered, the attempted attack on MJ's son was indicative of the utter chaos in the house.

Jaafar Jackson is no stranger to playing with guns, according to TMZ, which got its hands on a disturbing video which appears to have been shot a few months ago.

In the tape, Jaafar barges in on brother Jermajesty's room (yes, Jermaine has a son named freaking Jermajesty), with gun drawn, ordering him to get on the ground.

Jaafar proceeds to push Jermajesty to the ground, pretend to pistol-whip him, handcuff him and give the youngster an incomplete version of his Miranda rights.

Jaafar Jackson with pop Jermaine and his wife Halima Rashid.

Jaafar then tells his brother, "Don't move or I'll bust your head open."

He went on to cock the gun, point it to Jermajesty's head, and pull the trigger until it clicks. Disturbing. The tape has not been made available for obvious reasons.

He then drags his "dead" bro by the leg out of the room.

As for the Blanket stun gun incident, sources say Jaafar pointed came at two of Michael's kids - Blanket and Prince - though the family says they weren't in the room.

Much as the Jacksons try to downplay it, officials aren't biting.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services are still reviewing the stun gun incident, but Jermaine Jackson should probably get his parenting act together.

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Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox dominated ladies' night last week. Last night, on the first show of the American Idol finals, the two ladies were 1-2 again.

At least that's how we saw it, but we doubt we'll receive too many arguments. With the possible exception(s) of Big Mike and Aaron Kelly, no one came close to these two.

Not that Crystal wasn't her usual, solid self, but if there was a clear winner Tuesday, it was Siobhan, who gave "Paint It, Black" dramatic flair on Rolling Stones night.

Her vocal range was amazing and the overall performance riveting. Kara DioGuardi compared her to Adam Lambert, which is not praise thrown around lightly.

She was a tough act to follow for Crystal Bowersox, whose rendition of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" seemed to suit her style perfectly. Typically solid.

  • Siobhan Sings
  • Crystal Bowersox Does it Again

It was Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox's show last night.

Any other week, it may have been tops, but Simon opined that Siobhan outperformed her. A good thing, he said, as Crystal is obviously legit but needs to raise her game.

Aside from Michael Lynche's "Miss You" and Aaron Kelly's tender "Angie," most of the other efforts weren't impressive. Who's going home? There are plenty of candidates.

Tim Urban's reggae style "Under My Thumb" and Lacey Brown's "Ruby Tuesday" struck us as a few performances that could result in a heave-ho. Who knows.

Do you agree with our assessment of Tuesday's elite? Who do you see going home on American Idol tonight? Here's how we rank last night's performances:

  1. Siobhan Magnus, "Paint It, Black"
  2. Crystal Bowersox, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" 
  3. Michael Lynche, "Miss You"
  4. Aaron Kelly, "Angie"
  5. Lee DeWyze, "Beast of Burden"
  6. Didi Benami, "Play With Fire"
  7. Paige Miles, "Honky Tonky Women"
  8. Casey James, "It's All Over Now"
  9. Katie Stevens, "Wild Horses"
  10. Andrew Garcia, "Gimme Shelter"
  11. Lacey Brown, "Ruby Tuesday"
  12. Tim Urban, "Under My Thumb"

Click to enlarge photos of the finalists in action ...

  • Big Mike Live
  • AG Pic
  • Didi Benami in Action
  • Casey James, Watch Your Speed
  • Downtown Lacey Brown
  • Urban Myth
  • Katie Stevens Photograph
  • Dewyze Choice
  • (Paige) Miles to Go
  • Aaron Kelly Does the Stones

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Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer saw Ashley Dupre naked for thousands of dollars an hour. This May, you can pick up Playboy for $4.99 and do the same!

Or better yet, the Ashley Dupre pictures from the mag will probably leak online for free! Everyone wins! Well, except Spitzer. Dude lost his job for banging a hooker.

Ashley Dupre the Whore

In any case, word has it the photo shoot is literally smokin' hot.

We actually used literally properly there, too. Girl was on fire! Photographer Stephen Wayda had Ashley lay down surrounded by candles when disaster nearly struck.

Vintage Ashley Dupre. Get ready to see even more of her!

"A few strands of her hair caught on fire because of all the hairspray," says a source.

"The hairstylist, Jorge Serrano, was the first one to notice and rushed over," according to the venerable New York Post, which not surprisingly is all over this story.

The former call girl Kristen and current "aspiring singer" was able to finish the shoot, and was uninjured, fortunately. Her eight-page spread hits newsstands April 16.

Nice to see Ashley back in the news. It'd been too long since our favorite hoe surfaced. She was the world's most famous political side tail until Rielle Hunter came along.

At least Ms. Dupre is kind of attractive, too. Sorry Rielle.

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With what can best be described as the cultural event of a lifetime coming this summer, we can hear the shrieks of joy from cities and towns across the nation already.

Justin Bieber is going on tour.

Jelena at Dinner

Along with Sean Kingston, the 16-year-old singer is headlining concerts across North America starting in June. Somehow we don't think he'll have attendance issues.

Fan club members can order pre-sale tickets for the My World tour March 18. If you're not cool enough to be in his fan club, commoners can order tickets March 27.

Don't miss your chance to see this once-in-a-generation performer.

Will you be checkin' out the My World tour? We know, that's like asking if Tiger Woods is a bad husband ... the more appropriate question is where you'll do so.

For more on this full-blown hottie, peep our gallery of Justin Bieber pictures by following the corresponding link and check out his full tour itinerary post-jump.

Continue Reading...

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As Paul “Pauly D” Delvecchio famously said in one of the classiest Jersey Shore quotes of Season 1, "I want girls to c*m in their pants when they hear my music."

The man is serious about his craft, clearly. So while he has no problem being labeled a reality star, he resents assertions that his career as a DJ is a mere novelty.

The Rhode Island native knows people think he’s getting gigs thanks to his exposure on MTV’s hit show, but “I’ve been doing this for 12 years,” he told People.

“I was DJ'ing six nights a week before the show, and I'm DJ'ing six nights a week now. A lot of people think I’m a reality-show DJ and that’s just not true at all.”

Pauly D Poster

Don't mistake this guido for a small-timah!

What has changed, undeniably, are his work locations and the crowd's response. Pauly D recently signed on to spin this Spring at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort.

“I do get to spin in places I probably never would have been able to,” he said. “People want to take pictures with you and it’s great now. I’m having a lot of fun."

"I’m just living the dream right now.”

He gets to DJ in Las Vegas and he's seen J-Woww nude, all while experiencing the glory of a daily GTL routine. If that's not living the dream, people, then what is?!

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In joining Dancing with the Stars, does Nicole Scherzinger have an unfair advantage? As a member of the Pussycat Dolls, the girl sort of dances for a living already.

Whatever. She may have the edge over Buzz Aldrin and Kate Gosselin, but Season 10 (premiering Monday) is wide open. Think Nicole has what it takes to triumph?

Niecy Nash Picture

Here's a brief rundown on this DWTS contender ...

Full name: Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger
Professional partner: Derek Hough
Best pre-DWTS partnership: with Snoop Dogg on "Buttons"
Age: 31
Hails from: Honolulu, Hawaii
Recently broke up with: Lewis Hamilton, other Pussycat Dolls
Album title / possible DWTS tagline: Her Name Is Nicole
Fun fact: Starred in a Nike commercial with LeBron James
Celebrity doppelganger: Kim Kardashian
Odds of winning: 7-1

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