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JWoww, a.k.a. Jenni Farley, is getting prepared to show off her rockin' body like never before. Soon we'll see it in all its silicone and HGH-fueled glory.

"Final offer is standing," JWoww tells E! Online of the deal the Jersey Shore star has been quietly working on this summer to pose nude in Playboy.

"Hopefully, it will go through."

JWoww Bikini Pic

ALL NATURAL: JWoww hasn't had ANY work done. No way.

Still, it's unclear if we'll be saying wow or JWOWW when the issue comes out, if you know what we mean. We mean whether she'll be full-frontal.

"It hasn't been talked about yet," she said.

Earlier this year, the reality star shot down rumors that she was getting another boob job. JWoww says she's more than happy with her current size.

"Going bigger would not work for me," she said, showing surprising restraint. Heidi Montag has had at least 2-3. Gotta step up your game, Jenni.

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We all know Joe Jonas can sing and deny accusations that he had illegal sex with Demi Lovato.

But the young stud muffin is also looking to expand his resume: following a guest-starring stint on Hot in Cleveland, Jonas has booked an appearance on 90210. He'll play someone he knows very well: himself.

Future Actor?

Joe will show up on a November episode of The CW drama. He'll accompany the character of Adrianna to a magazine party and offer her advice on a burgeoning music career.

The Kardashian sisters made a cameo on the season three premiere of 90210, while Adrian Grenier and his band show up on this week's episode.

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Photos from the Karissa Shannon sex tape have just been released, and we're getting the distinct impression that we're dealing with a dirty, dirty individual.

No, really, she's in the tub a lot.

As such, there's no actual sex depicted in the promotional pics from the tape we've posted here. Unless Sam Jones III can hold his breath a long ass time.

The pair signed a deal to release the sex tape this weekend. Vivid is hyping it as a potential best-seller. Think that's legit? Peep these photos and see ...

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D.J. Goodson is our new hero.

The Pennsylvania prison inmate has filed a lawsuit against Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian because he claims he was forced to watch episodes of their reality shows and the result was "extreme emotional distress." Dude, we know how you feel.

  • Khloe K. Photograph
  • Stylin Star
  • Cute Child, Annoying Mother

Khloe, Kim and Kourtney have no regard for their affect on inmates across the country.

In the lawsuit filed in federal court, Goodson went into detail about his scarring as a result of viewing the following Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami developments:

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Performing at the LA County Fair in Pomona, CA on Saturday night, Selena Gomez did her best impression of Taylor Swift.

And Katy Perry. And Pat Benetar. And a few other acts.

Indeed, the young artist entertained the crowd with a number of covers, including the following version of her good friend's "You Belong With Me." Listen below and decide: Who sings this better, Selena or Taylor?

Love was also a battlefield for Gomez during the night's performance, while she was often hot... and cold. See what we mean now:

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In surprising news, Brothers & Sisters star Balthazar Getty and wife Rosetta have reconciled after separating two years ago amid his affair with Sienna Miller.

"Here's the bottom line: It was a very challenging time for everybody involved, but I loved and missed my family too much not to make it work," he says.

Balthazar and Rosetta Getty are both featured in October's Harper's Bazaar. "Rosetta is understanding and spiritual enough to let us try," the actor added.

Sienna Miller: No Pants, No Problem!

Two years after cavorting with Sienna, Balthazar is back with Rosetta.

Getty's affair after eight years of marriage - captured in photos of him and (and often-topless) Miller cavorting in Italy - was devastating for Rosetta.

The couple says they are as happy as they've ever been and Rosetta Getty says their children were foremost in her mind when she chose to reconcile.

"I'm going to have to explain this to my daughters," she says. "I chose not to act from ego because I felt like it would be crushing for my children."

Ultimately, she says, despite the past scandal, "we'll always have to love each other through our ups and downs. We have to support each other."

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As predicted, Paris Hilton pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges and will remain free following her arrest for cocaine possession last month in Las Vegas.

Under Paris' plea deal, she is guilty of two misdemeanors, and must serve a year of probation and 200 hours of community service. She was fined $2,000.

She was charged with felony drug possession, but that was downgraded under the plea. The judge warned the ho-tel heiress that this is no wrist slap.

New Paris Hilton Mugshot

"You have now been sentenced to one year in Clark County Detention Center. I can assure you it's not the Waldorf Astoria," said Judge Joe Bonaventure.

Provided she actually stays out of trouble for that time, the sentence is suspended. One screw up and she does time. Lindsay Lohan is in a similar boat.

Dressed in a white and black dress, Paris admitted she lied when, having been found in possession of coke, she told officers the purse wasn't hers.

Consider us shocked. Hilton was arrested after boyfriend Cy Waits was pulled over and eventually charged with DUI. Tell us: Can Paris stay clean?


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In town for a concert on his "My World" tour, Justin Bieber made a quick stop on Saturday night in Edmonton... at Hooter's!

Said the restaurant's manager of the experience: "We probably had a row six people deep and 10 people long at the window [when he was here]. It was pretty cool."

The Biebs on CBS

Witnesses say Justin only stopped in for about 15 minutes, took the following photo and left. As a single artist, we assume that was enough time to get a number or five...

For those who prefer their Bieber separate from their large boobs, meanwhile, check out a couple shots of Justin performing last night at the city's Rexall Place arena.

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When your ex-boyfriend goes on insane rants, is being investigated for beating you up, and is a wildly unstable, hate-filled individual overall, yet maintains a two-to-one advantage over you in the court of public opinion, you have an image problem.

Oksana Grigorieva wants to change this.

Da O.G.

TEAM OKSANA: Grigorieva can't believe Team Mel is winning.

Mel Gibson's estranged baby mama is meeting Tuesday with her new dream team of lawyers, with resurrecting her image serving as the #1 objective.

Despite all the things that have been said about Mel - and that Mel has said himself, on tape - Oksana is hardly seen as a sympathetic victim in all this.

Correctly, Oksana believes she is losing the public relations war to Mel, despite the actor's erratic tendencies, and wants her lawyers to turn it around.

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Katy Perry isn't one to let a rumble with the paparazzi keep her down.

One day after Russell Brand was arrested for defending his fiancee, she celebrated her bachelorette party in Sin City with about 25 pals - Rihanna included!

Rihanna  Art

Together (with some other characters), they're the subjects of the latest THG Caption Contest. Submit your best caption(s) for the photo below and win!

What the heck is going on here? You tell us. Just click "Comments" and leave as many as you like. That's what you get for waking up in Vegas, indeed ...

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