ABC certainly didn't have trouble coming up with a narrative this season.

With the season finale of The Bachelor on tap tomorrow night, all of America is on pins and needles awaiting the conclusion of an epic morality play.

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Daylight Savings Time took America by storm Sunday as tens of millions asked "What Time Is It?" following this baffling, totally unprecedented time change.

Early this morning, for the first time since March 2011, U.S. residents (Arizona excluded ... lucky) were asked to move their clocks forward by one hour. Amazing.

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Ratatouille, the snowboarding opossum, is kind of the man.

Why is an opossum snowboarding in the first place? Is it correct to write "an opossum" when the "o" is silent? Why is there a silent "o" in the name in the first place?

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Taylor Swift enjoyed a REALLY good 2011.

Based on U.S. income from tours, album sale and publishing royalties, Billboard has determined that the talented young crooner earned more money than any other musician in 2011. Just how much did Taylor bring in?

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Paula Deen says that the former general manager of her restaurant who's suing for sexual harassment tried to extort her by demanding a seven figure sum.

If she failed to put up, Deen says she was told she'd face "ruin."

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