Barbra Streisand turned 70 this week. Seventy!

The star marked the milestone with a party to remember in Malibu, Calif., on Tuesday, celebrating with close friends and enjoying a performance by Johnny Mathis.

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Are you a hot girl who would love to travel the world, but just don't have the money right now? Well, Miss Travel, welcome to your dream scenario!

The site we linked to above, which is hilariously (and frighteningly) real, offers attractive women a chance to serve as a traveling companion. For free!

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Ke$ha has stooped to a new low on Twitter... literally!

The dollar-signed singer - who has tried to get attention in the past for her wild haircuts - has now given followers a glimpse at the other end of her body, as she squatted in the streets of Los Angeles early Wednesday morning and sent out a photo of herself urinating.

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