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We know it's what you're supposed to do, and you really shouldn't give a man credit for it, but we're talking about Levi Johnston, so standards are low.

For the first time, Levi has made on-time child support payments to his baby mama Bristol Palin ... for two consecutive months. Downright respectable!

Even more shocking? Both sides finally getting along.

Ever since Levi paid his $21,000 debt to Bristol earlier this year, lawyers for both confirm he followed up with $1,750 in support for both March and April.

Moreover, sources connected to both Levi and Bristol Palin, who have long been at odds, say the two young Alaskans are being civil towards one another.

Actually supporting your kid will do that!

Levi during his fake engagement to Bristol at the 2008 RNC.

The daughter of Sarah Palin, Bristol has primary custody of 1-year-old Tripp, but is even allowing Levi to spend time with their son "whenever Levi wants."

Levi has been taking her up on the offer, too.

Next up? Bristol and Levi are planning to sit down for private mediation to work out the rest of the kinks in their custody battle, mainly money issues and visitation schedules, before they're due back in court to settle things come September.

We're happy for them, and for Tripp. But a little sad for us, because they're threatening to become downright normal, civil and cordial exes at this rate.

We'd miss the old Levi Johnston.

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Like Lindsay Lohan without a drink in her hand, or Kim Kardashian without the paparazzi around her, it's official:

Casey James is lost without his guitar.

The one-time favorite is in serious trouble of going home this week, following an abysmal rendition of "Blue Skies" on American Idol last night. Simon Cowell summed him up well, saying Casey wasn't "fantastic" and seemed awkward and embarrassed.

That's an understatement.

Who ruled the night? Lee DeWyze and Michael Lynche. We rank the Harry Connick Jr.-mentored performances below:

  1. DeWyze: Ellen said his take on "That's Life" would have won the whole thing for Lee if he sang it on the finale. That's a stretch, but it was definitely our favorite performance. We've heard all season that DeWyze has the most radio-ready voice and this did nothing to diminish that reputation.
  2. Lynche: Love him in the fedora. It's the perfect accessory for Big Mike. As usual, he connected with viewers by singing a classic love song, "The Way You Look Tonight."
  3. Crystal Bowersox: Eh, nothing special. But we did see a Siobhan-like side, as Crystal talked back to the judges and said she doesn't want to hit high notes simply because she's on American Idol. Might this anti-Idol attitude come back to bite the favorite? Could fans turn on her?
  4. Aaron Kelly: Not as bad as Casey, but nothing memorable, either. Really not top-five material, an opinion unchanged following "Fly Me to the Moon."
  5. James: The most in danger this week. Not very versatile and utterly confused about what to do without a guitar in his hands.

Who was your favorite? Who would you vote out tonight?

  • Big Mike, Big Singer
  • Literally Dressed Up
  • Looking Lost
  • Making Like Frank

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The L.A. County Coroner has released the report on Corey Haim's death, and despite previous reports and assumptions, the actor's demise was not caused by drugs.

The cause of death is listed as "natural."

Haim died of natural causes from "community-acquired pneumonia" that damaged his lungs, and was complicated by an enlarged heart and narrowed blood vessels.

Low levels of eight drugs, including a prescription muscle relaxant, were found in Haim's system along with marijuana, coroner's spokesman Craig Harvey said.

Nothing at a level that would have contributed to his death, however.

R.I.P. Corey Haim (1971-2010).

Drugs in Haim's system included the antidepressants fluoxetine and olanzapine; the tranquilizers diazepam and meprobamate, found in Valium and other medications; cough-suppressant dextromethorphan; and antihistamine diphenhydramine.

A whole slew of doctors supplying Haim and other stars (such as Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy) with prescription medications are under investigation.

Haim, who struggled with drug problems for years, died March 10 after collapsing in his mother's apartment. Corey had been feeling ill the previous two days.

In short, Corey had a bad heart and pneumonia. The muscle in his heart had thickened, and the arteries hardened, making it more difficult for blood to flow.

We hope the report gives his family closure.

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She's gotten no respect all season long, but still put together a terrific run. Sadly, that run is over for Pamela Anderson and her partner Damian Whitewood.

Voted off Dancing with the Stars after the seventh week, she had no hard feelings: “I wish everybody continued success,” she said. “I love everybody here.”

She repeatedly thanked her dance partner, saying, “You taught me so much,” and vowed to support each of the remaining contestants as they forge ahead.

Judge Bruno Tonioli, not known to appreciate the sexy, called Anderson “a great performer” and “somebody who brings life to every character she plays.”

If nothing else, she dances off into the sunset, head held high.

Pam and Damian's Last Dance

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood dance farewell.

Somewhat surprisingly, Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy joined Pam and Damian in the bottom two last night, despite Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel accounting for the lowest overall point total on Monday evening.

Still, the scores were bunched together and aside from Evan Lysacek's perfect effort, everyone did pretty well, so you can't say Pam was totally robbed.

The voters had to kick off somebody, and the bombshell got the short straw. On we go to next week. Click to enlarge some of Pam's top Dancing moments:

  • Pam Gets Low
  • Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood
  • Pam and Damian Dancing
  • Pamela Anderson, Damian Whitewood Picture
  • Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood Pic

With Pamela out and just five couples remaining here in Season 10, who are you pulling for on Dancing with the Stars? Vote in our survey:


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All eyes were on red carpet fashion outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday night, but inside the Costume Institute Gala, it was all Lady Gaga.

The rumored hermaphrodite and amuptee stole the show in a sheer Armani crystal catsuit, performed four songs in front of a New York City-themed backdrop.

Pants Nowhere to Be Seen

Cash Warren, there with wife Jessica Alba raved about her performance. “Jess and I are front row center. Insane! She’s amazing,” Warren Tweeted, adding:

“Haven’t heard a voice that wonderful in person in a long time.”

Hi praise. Katy Perry said “I love @ladygaga She’s still cool” and from the slightly older set, Brooke Shields Tweeted: “I love whenever I can see Lady Gaga.”

Do you? Vote below on her latest fashion foray ...

Lady Gaga's crystal catsuit is ...


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A New Jersey judge agreed to hear a lawsuit claiming producers of Jersey Shore engaged in a "criminal enterprise" by profiting from fights featuring the stars.

By airing fights the Jersey Shore cast engaged in and deliberately provoked, attorney Eugene LaVergne of Long Branch argues that the show violated the law.

It seeks unspecified damages on behalf of three clients, who weren't responsible whatsoever for their own actions, involved in drunk fights with Ronnie Magro.

On Friday, Superior Court Judge Joseph L. Foster denied a motion to dismiss the claim that the defendants' conduct violated New Jersey's racketeering statute.

Ronnie probably thinks a statute is what Lady Liberty is.

Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

JUICED UP: Ronnie will crack some skulls when messed with on the boardwalk. Sure, he's easily provoked, but morons looking to be on TV should be on notice too.

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She's worn hooker boots and danced on a stripper poll, all while starring as Hannah Montana and acting like an innocent Disney creation.

But Miley Cyrus has officially moved on to the next stage of her career. Just call her Britney Spears 2.0 now.

The much-hyped music video for Miley's "Can't Be Tamed" has been released online, and we understand why sources warned us awhile ago that it would "blow our minds."

As seen below, Cyrus dons a $25,000 corset. She's also surrounded by scantily-clad cage dancers, while dressed like a peacock and sitting in a giant nest. Seriously.

Said Miley about the racy video: "The video isn’t about being sexy or about who can wear less clothes. It’s about explaining the song and living the lyrics."

That's fine, except the lyrics include: Every guy everywhere just gives me mad attention/Like I’m under inspection/ I always get the 10s/‘Cause I’m built like that. So don't try to pretend the video isn't about sex, Miles.

Check it out and then weigh in with your thoughts:

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On the VH1 reality show Rock of Love, Bret Michaels got lucky many times, often in the back of his tour bus.

Similarly, the singer's surgeon described him as "lucky" today at a press conference, where Dr. Joseph Zabramski updated fans on the progress of Michaels, fewer than two weeks after he suffered a brain hemorrhage.

"Mr. Michaels was indeed a very lucky person," Zabramski, speaking to the press at the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, said. "He's improving and I expect him to continue to improve. I really expect that he will fortunately make a 100 percent recovery."

Bret has been discharged and reps say he may even perform on stage again before the month is over.

Hurry up and get better, Bret Michaels: there are countless VH1 reality stars you have not yet boned!

Zabramski does caution that Michaels is "very sick right now." He's been moved to an undisclosed location and will continue treatment there.

But the rocker's "sheer will to live," along with well wishes from his fans, can only help him on his path to full recovery. We're thinking of you, Bret!

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Breaking news: Tiger Woods had affairs! He cheated!

It's hard to imagine what we don't know about the world's top golfer 121 mistresses later, but People magazine reporter Steve Helling is ready to tell all.

Interestingly, he said he could have blown the whistle long ago, but declined to out Tiger's shady dalliances for fear of having access to Woods revoked.

"Over the years, I had heard rumors of Tiger's partying - drunken nights at the clubs, dirty dancing with other women, phone numbers slipped to pretty blondes," he writes in his new book Tiger, "But I didn't follow up."

The reason? Helling didn't want to be cut off from the golden golfer. That's what makes People different from the stop-at-nothing National Enquirer.

Everyone just looked the other way with Tiger's dealings.

"Negative coverage of Tiger - even positive coverage that wasn't micromanaged - would often result in excommunication from Tiger Woods' camp," he writes. "It was in everyone's best interest to sweep rumors under the rug."

But now the cat is out of the bag - a huge thank you to Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs et al. - and he's ready to tell ALL. Hey, better late than never, man.

"Marriage hadn't changed Tiger's appetite for sex, and he was always on the prowl for women," he writes of Woods, who was apparently looking around as soon as he and beautiful Swede Elin Nordegren said "I do" back in 2004.

"[Tiger] dated a lot of girls even after he was married to Elin. When he was filming some commercials at Universal Studios, he asked out a few girls, and this was after he was married. If they said no, he'd move on.'"

Helling insists that he wasn't the only one who ignored Tiger's infidelities. He claims a club owner in Florida saw Tiger "drinking and dancing with a woman who wasn't his wife" in 2006 and called celebrity gossip weeklies.

Vintage Elin Nordegren

One Swedish model wife is never enough.

No one called back. That's precisely why Tiger stayed in bed with mistresses - and out of the news - throughout a supposedly squeaky-clean career.

Amid reports that Tiger met with a divorce lawyer, Helling says: "It took 13 calculated years to shape his image, and just two weeks to destroy it."

Or one nine-iron to the face.

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As a country, Switzerland is known for being neutral.

As a celebrity gossip site, THG isn't afraid to shout from the roof tops: we adore Adam Lambert!

The singer, who looks dashing in a new spread for YRB magazine, is almost done with his European tour. Next stop: America!

First, though, Lambert sang acoustic versions of a few songs for fans in Zurich. We apologize for how dark the following videos are, but we assure you Adam is there somewhere, singing "Whataya Want From Me" and "Mad World."

Listen and you'll believe us...

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