Break out the backwards oversized jeans and sports apparel.

Pint-sized rap duo Kris Kross, now adults, are ready to jump back into the spotlight for a 20th anniversary show, two decades after their breakout success.

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Lindsay Lohan just dodged another legal bullet. After firing Shawn Holley, her longtime lawyer nevertheless showed up and entered a plea for her in court.

Had Holley bailed, after being dismissed a day earlier, a warrant would likely have been issued for Lohan's arrest. She's playing with fire, that's for sure.

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Lee Thomson, better known to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo viewers as "Uncle Poodle," revealed today that he is HIV positive.

The reality star made the stunning announcement in an interview with Fenuxe, telling the magazine his test came back positive for the disease in May of last year.

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Amanda Bynes, everybody. Now with a pierced face!

The increasingly erratic actress posted the image below on Tumblr yesterday, showing off her new look. Reaction online was ... about what you'd think it would be.

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