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Set to tee it up this week for the first time since his shocking sex scandal, Tiger Woods fielded questions at a press conference at The Masters moments ago.

The embattled golfer refused to say why he entered rehab but stressed that he is not addicted to prescription drugs and apologized to fellow players and fans.

"I know that the players have been bombarded by questions ... and the public as well," Woods began. "A lot has happened in my life the past five months."

While seemingly sincere and more relaxed than in his initial apology statement in February, Woods dodged specific questions of his now-infamous car crash.

"I had a busted up lip and a pretty sore neck. That was it," Woods said, insisting that following the accident, he did everything "to the letter of the law."

Woods was asked numerous questions about Dr. Anthony Galea, HGH, and using Vicodin and Ambien; only one alluding to Joslyn James text messages.

He also confirmed that Elin Woods will not attend the tournament this week. Some excerpted lines from Tiger Woods' press conference today below ...

"The times have changed." - Tiger Woods

One of the hardest parts of coming back: "The constant harassment to my family. My wife and kids being photographed everywhere they go, being badgered. It's tough ... difficult on them, because it makes it tough for us to heal."

On dominating golf while leading a double life: "Winning golf tournaments throughout all of this has been irrelevant compared to the pain that I've caused to my family, my kids ... I'm going to have to explain all this to them."

On whether he left too many loose ends - text messages and such - and whether there was a part of him that actually wanted to get caught: "I don't know."

On the weight lifted from him: "I'm no longer living a lie."

On his new mentality: "In order to help people you have to first learn to help yourself ... I take full responsibility for what I've done. I don't take that lightly."

On pursuing Jack Nicklaus' record 18 major golf championships (Tiger currently has 14): "It's not about winning championships, it's about how you live your life ... I have not done that the right way for a while. I can be a better man going forward."

Tiger Woods' press conference was totally ...


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Kate Gosselin is going to wow us tonight.

With her dance moves, not her diva-like behavior. Or so says her partner, Tony Dovolani, who Tweets: "Paso Doble is going to be Kate's best dance :-)"

That's not saying much. However, Kate's much-maligned DWTS counterpart adds that "Kate is doing a great job. I'm looking forward to tomorrow :-)"

Gosselin began rehearsing at 6:30 a.m. on Easter Sunday for the dance. But that didn't stop the mother of eight from quality time with the family too.

"The kids woke up early to Easter baskets on the table at their assigned place. I already had been up dancing for an hour and came upstairs at precisely 7:30 a.m. to watch all their faces as they dove into their overflowing baskets!" she blogged.

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani

The eight Gosselins then watched mom rehearse downstairs.

"After they filled their bellies with a mixture of chocolate and jelly beans, I returned to the basement to complete my routine once more, and then in standard fashion, we danced our routine for the kids, who clapped and screamed," Kate reports.

Will the audience respond with similar enthusiasm tonight? Or will they scream in horror at her dancing terribleness and whining? We'll have to wait and see.

Regardless, Kate says she'll be approaching it with a new attitude, writing on blog that her partner "deserves a medal" for helping console her frayed nerves.

Can a renewed spirit and a Jon and Kate-themed routine help her win over the judges and voters on Dancing with the Stars tonight? Tune in and find out!

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New Moon was a solid follow-up to Twilight. But we know one way in which the sequel could have been even better:

More Taylor Lautner shirtless!

Granted, we were privy to a number of scenes in which Jacob eschewed a shirt... but would anyone have objected to one or two (dozen) more?

Fortunately, a couple weeks after the New Moon DVD hit stores, a deleted, five-minute scene from the film has been released. In it, Jacob visits Bella's room, tries to explain himself and, most importantly, is half-naked. Peep it now:

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Looks like Jennifer Aniston doesn't have Gerard Butler all to herself.

While he was seen grabbing that booty in Paris recently, setting off rumors once again that he and Jennifer are a couple (or at least friends with benefits), new reports say he struck up a relationship with Laurie Cholewa that same weekend.

Butler met Cholewa, a local TV interviewer, the prior weekend, then returned to Paris midweek for a date with Laurie Cholewa that stretched from day into night.

Sounds serious! Or at least like they were having a nice time.

Has Gerard Butler got his eye on Laurie Cholewa?

The two were seen strolling hand in hand through the French capital, visiting landmarks like the Louvre museum, where they ate lunch at the Café Marly.

They had dinner on the Left Bank that same evening.

A source reports that despite all of the Jennifer Aniston rumors, Butler "completely cracked" for Cholewa during their interview about The Bounty Hunter.

Cholewa, a film reporter, hosts a show on local cable channel, Direct 8. Poor Jen. First the worst Hollywood split ever and now she still can't get a break.

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Who better than reality TV’s favorite BFF to cover the“Friendship” issue of Glamour? Lauren Conrad does the honors, joined by friends Whitney Port and Lo Bosworth.

“They’re my support system,” says Lauren, who went on to divulge a rare confession about her famously shiny, wavy hairstyle: “These are all extensions.”


“I chopped my hair off to my shoulders. I thought I was doing a chic bob. It was so bad,” says the chick lit novelist and designer, who also dishes on body image.

“I’ve never felt a push to be stick thin,” the 24-year-old says. “I try my best to work out and eat healthy, so mostly it’s about being in shape and having energy.”

LC in Blue

A great support system always helps - especially when you're dealing with body issues every girl faces but living under a microscope in L.A., Lauren Conrad says.

But even with all that work, the star has to accept her imperfections. “About a year ago, I looked down and thought, ‘I have cellulite. Where did that come from?’ I went through treatments; [my body] was like, It’s not going anywhere.’”

While she left The Hills (click here for the final season trailer), and is in the public eye a lot less, she seems healthier and happier than ever. Makes you think!

Our gallery of Lauren Conrad pictures proves, you don't have to dress scantily (cough, Kristin Cavallari) or get a ton of plastic surgery (cough, Heidi Montag) to be beautiful. It's nice that young girls have a role model like this one.

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Was Bruce Springsteen born to run into the arms of Ann Kelly? Did she see him dancing in the dark ... naked? Did they go for a ride in the tunnel of love?

Does anyone born after 1980 get any of these bad Bruce Springsteen jokes? It's unclear. But Ann clearly alleges that she had an affair with the rock god.

Or at least her husband alleges she did.

Kelly, a housewife living with a mortgage broker husband and two kids in a $600,000 New Jersey suburban home, says Bruce entered her (life) in 2005.

The married Springsteen showering her with concert tickets, serenaded her and confessed she was on his mind during his touring, court records allege.

The details of the alleged tryst are all coming to light now because of Ann Kelly's husband of 17 years, Arthur Kelly, filed for divorce on March 27, 2009.

Mmm. Looks like the Boss has a type. Right, Ann Kelly?

The affair between Kelly and Springsteen, who has three children with wife Patti Scialfa, began with chit chats at the gym and became much more.

Arthur Kelly says Ann Kelly enjoyed a rendezvous with Bruce Springsteen while Arthur was laid up in a hospital with heart trouble, and references marriage counseling sessions at which The Boss was the main topic of discussion.

Rumors that Springsteen was having an affair with a redheaded knockout who was a dead ringer for Patti Scialfa surfaced a few years back, too.

Arthur says Ann told him that he would stand at the end of her treadmill as she ran. It must have been a tempting vantage point for the "Thunder Road" singer because he once told Ann she had the "nicest ass" in the gym, Arthur says.

Ann allegedly told Arthur's mom several times that "it made her feel good that Bruce Springsteen was very interested in her," the papers say.

The housewife allegedly conscripted her friends to be on "Springsteen watch," and asked for intel on when Springsteen's wife would be away.

A spokeswoman for Springsteen declined to comment on the cheating allegations. However, a friend of The Boss responded, "Bruce and Patti continue to have a terrific marriage and are very devoted to each other and their children."

Continue reading this article in the New York Post ...

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Tori Spelling has clearly been attending classes at Kardashian University.

Like the world's most famous, least talented trio of siters, the washed-up actress has created her own relationship drama... in order to spout off to the press, deny the made-up rumors and garner attention for her reality show.

Earlier today, Spelling appeared on NBC and said her and husband Dean McDermott are "not headed for divorce. We're committed to each other, we're committed to this family. But you know, we work on things just like everyone else."

They are different from everyone else in one regard, of course: they contrive scenarios for their Oxygen reality show, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, and pretend like the show is a glimpse into their actual lives.

Such an Annoying Couple

On the upcoming fifth season, for example, Tori, Dean and their children load into an RV and take a road trip to Atlanta. They fight along the way, of course, including the following, scripted exchange:

"It's like you got more and more unhappy and angry," Spelling says to her husband. "I just want the old Dean back. I really do. I miss you so much."

But don't worry, folks! Tori told Us Weekly that "there are good days and bad days with everything. I'm happy fans will see we have ups and downs like everyone else."

This begs the question: Who on earth is a fan of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott?!?

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Celebrity romances come and go so often, it's hard to get really attached to Hollywood couples. But who are we kidding, we're suckers for certain ones, so when relationships crumble for our favorite stars, it makes the room a little dusty sometimes.

With a Sandra Bullock-Jesse James divorce likely looming and ready to join the ranks of the most painful celebrity break-ups, here's a look at 10 that hit us hard:

Timberlake and Biel Photo

10. Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. Okay, they were barely a couple ... and may still be. But this split rocked us to the core ... we really wanted it to work.

9. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Is Lindsay going to die? Is she going to return to men? Will they ever stop feuding on Twitter? We cannot deal.

8. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen. The split of these two stars? Not wholly unexpected, given that it's Charlie Sheen. But it was still scandalous and sad.

7. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Two sweet kids, seven years of marriage, always seen smiling and laughing together. All a facade, apparently.

6. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Before Katie Holmes, Cryise was married to Nicole for 10 years and had adopted two children before splitting up in 2001.

Those were the good ol' days ...

5. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Before she was sexual napalm and starring on low-rate reality shows, she was younger, hotter, married sexual napalm starring in higher-rate relative shows and also producing hit pop songs. Ah, 2004...

4. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Admit it, how hard were you rooting for them to get married? Admit it ... how hard are you still rooting for that?!

3. Jon and Kate Gosselin. When seemingly harmless reality TV couples go haywire and become far bigger stars based on the celebrity gossip they generate.

2. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. We're also sticking a fork in this one because she can't possibly take him back... right? The Oscar-winner and the bad boy seemed to be a uniquely wonderful fit ... until along came Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

1. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The ultimate Hollywood fairy tale couple had it all. A-list TV and film success, reeediculous good looks and a happy home life. Hearts shattered around the world when Brad and America's sweetheart split.

When and if they split, Jesse and Sandra will be up there with Brad and Jen on our list of most memorable, painful celebrity break-ups. Which one were you saddest about?

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Anna Paquin has come out as a bisexual.

While this news caused somewhat of a stir for fans of True Blood, most viewers are far more concerned about questions surrounding season three of the show, namely: What will happen to Bill and Sookie?

When we last left this couple, the former had proposed to the latter... only to be kidnapped at the conclusion of season two. As soon as the show premieres this summer on HBO, Sookie will be looking for her man - but she won't be alone.

Joe Manganiello has signed on as Alcide, a werewolf that will bond with Paquin's character as they search for Bill. Get your first look at the actor in this role below:

“There is definitely some [sexual] energy between the two of them,” producer Alan Ball told “It’s not like either one of them is looking for romance, but they’re thrown into several intense situations [and] it’s hard not to bond on a deeper level."

The show premieres on June 12. For more True Blood spoilers, visit our pals at

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NBA star Shaquille O'Neal is being double-teamed by his wife and his mistress, and not in a basketball manner. Or a sexual manner, for that matter.

Shaq's estranged wife Shaunie O'Neal and enterprising mistress Vanessa Lopez are employing the same investigator to dig up dirt on the big fella.

It all started when Shaunie filed for divorce in November and hired an P.I. to find any info on Shaq's infidelity that could boost her financial settlement.

The investigator discovered Shaq’s multi-year affair with Vanessa Lopez, who's now represented by powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred and suing Shaq.

As if that didn't help Shaunie gain enough leverage, she actually reached out to Allred and Lopez – not to bash them, but to make the affair public!

2-ON-1: Vanessa Lopez and Shaunie O'Neal are hacking Shaq ... legally!

“Shaunie tried to convince Vanessa to go public about the affair before Vanessa did go public,” an inside source said. “And she wanted Vanessa to go to the police too, based on allegations she heard about Shaq harassing her."

“What she discovered about Shaq and Vanessa, gave Shaunie the ammunition she needed to file for divorce and try to get the money she wants.”

Vanessa Lopez eventually came forward, and then did Shaunie one better, claiming Shaq harassed her and even enlisted pals to "shut dat bitch up."

Using the info Shaunie's investigator found, such as Shaq's text messages, she's suing for assault, emotional distress, invasion of privacy and more.

Lopez was disgusted by  info shared by Shaunie, who even believes that someone put a GPS tracking system on her car. Shaunie is taking a no holds barred approach, pushing full steam ahead with the divorce and aiding Lopez as well.

Talk about good team defense turning into transition offense ... or something!

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