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It's over for Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera. They had a good four months of dating going. We are sad it didn't last longer for them. But we're not shocked.

The Hills star cycles through boyfriends in prolific fashion, as we all know, and a source confirms that she and her latest one split up "a little over a week" ago.

"Things started to go awry the night of her birthday and she ended things after that - pretty much the next day," explains an insider of the now-former couple.

Audrina Patridge, who just turned 25, and Cabrera, 27, spent May 9 in Las Vegas partying at Liquid Pool at Aria, then later at Las Palmas Latin Supper Club.

Ryan Cabrera and Audrina Patridge have called it a relationship.

Things seemed to be going so well, too, but they took a turn for the worst early this month. The biggest issue behind Audzo's breakup with the lame singer?

"Ryan’s a constant partier and that became an issue," says the source. "Audrina was crying at Wango Tango ... MTV made her film and she didn't want to."

The former couple first dated several years ago, and then rekindled a romance last January. They were spotted vacationing in Mexico together in February.

Patridge's last on-screen romance was Justin-Bobby Brescia, ending last year. There was also Corey Bohan ... and Tal Cooperman, and Brody Jenner, and ...

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It was a major episode of Ellen today for fans of pop culture, talent and generally bright, young man.

First, as previously reported, Robert Pattinson sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and discussed his recently-shorn hair.

On the same installment, Adam Lambert chatted with the host and sung for the audience. The crooner dished on his inclusion in People's Most Beautiful People issue, while also expressing surprise that American Idol asked him to serve as a mentor this season.

He had nothing but kind things to say about the new batch of finalists. See and listen for yourself:

From there, Adam busted out a few dance moves and performed his latest single, "If I Had You." Watch below.

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Hmmm... maybe Justin Bieber is right for Kim Kardashian after all.

Consider: The young artist has been nominated for a Black Entertainment Television Award. Does anyone else see something wrong with that statement?

Bieber earned a nod in the Best New Artist category, joining Nicki Minaj, B.o.B., Young Money and Melanie Fiona. There's something that separates Justin from those four. We just can't put our finger on it...

Quasi Black Musician

Stephen Hill, BET's President of Music Programming and Specials, said of the nomination:

"Bieber has crossed the color boundaries the same way that hip-hop has crossed the boundaries the other way for a number of years. He's had rhythm in his music. He makes the type of music our audience likes."

Yes, Mr. Hill just compared Justin Bieber to just transformative artists as Diddy and Snoop Dogg. We can't sit by and let this comparison stand! We mean, come on!

Those artists did NOT have Justin's hair.

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Note to Lamar Odom: you better knock up your wife as soon as possible. Otherwise, who knows what pathetic cries for attention Khloe Kardashian will try out next.

Without any new boyfriend to marry, without a bun in her oven and without an ounce of talent in her possession, Khloe took to her official blog this week to garner attention in any way possible.

Vegas Girls

She posted a photo of herself in the bathtub at the age of two, along with this entry:

Here I am in all my adorably naked glory (AGAIN)! I mean seriously, how cute was I?!?!? Haha I look like such a little diva -- hair in a bun, dead serious face, surrounded by bubbles in a luxurious bathtub.

Man, I really knew how to live when I was 2 1/2 years old. If only I still had that kind of time to kick back and relax.

It's true. Khloe's life is just so hectic, she has no time at all to take a bath. She's just so busy.... ummm... wait...

What does Khloe Kardashian do again?

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Lindsay Lohan will not be making it to court for her DUI probation hearing tomorrow, and once you hear the reason why, you'll have pretty much heard everything.

Our headline above is not literally true, but it might as well be. Lindsay claims that someone stole her passport in Cannes, France. Theoretically possible? Sure.

But come on. There's no way that happened.

LL claims she actually went to the airport yesterday trying to get on a flight - she's required in court in L.A. Thursday - without a passport but was denied boarding. 

She claims that despite the looming ash cloud, she had a flight booked so she could make it back to L.A. for tomorrow's mandatory court hearing on her probation.

Lohan supposedly has an appointment at the U.S. Embassy tomorrow at 9 a.m. to get another passport so she can fly home. We'll see what her excuse is then.

Future Jail Bird

As for the court hearing, Judge Marsha Revel has said that she will issue a warrant for Lindsay Lohan's arrest if the star doesn't show up at 8:30 a.m. as scheduled.

Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers, who is assigned to her case, said: "I hadn't heard that Lindsay's passport was stolen. If that is what truly happened, I'm truly sorry."

"However, if it's a hoax, I can tell you that Judge Revel will take it very, very seriously. Judge Revel and I are both going to be looking into this further. If she is looking for a way to make a non-appearance, we will take that very seriously."

"When was the passport stolen, and when was it reported? I'm pretty sure that if you go to the American Embassy, you can be issued an emergency passport."

She really expects us to believe it was stolen? By whom, when, and why? Indrani, to keep her in France? Isn't she with bodyguards? Talk about living in denial.

Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said: "I was on the phone with Lindsay's assistant the entire night and we're doing everything we can to resolve this."

Holley adds, "Lindsay is distraught because it was her intention to get back to L.A. today to do more alcohol education classes and appear in court tomorrow."

Lindsay Lohan really belongs in ...


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Britney Spears has a feature on her official site that calls out many of the fake stories printed about her by celebrity gossip publications. It's actually pretty funny.

Is she the one who's spreading bull$h!t stories this time, though?

E! News confirmed twice that Britney Spears was at a b-day party Saturday for hotel owner pal Phil Maloof, despite the story being tagged "bulls#!t" on her site.

Maloof's rep also confirmed it, saying: "Phil thanks Britney Spears and all his friends and supporters of Black Star Beer for celebrating with him on Saturday night."

This after her manager, Adam Leber, posted: "Brit went to Disneyland this weekend - not to a party in Hollywood! See who's reporting BS," on her Twitter.

  • Typical Britney Spears Pic
  • Britney BS

Who's sources are full of BS now, BS?

Since the original story, sources have confirmed that the superstar was ushered in by security from an entrance on Argyle Street and set up shop in the VIP area.

Why the lies, Team Britney? Because E! reported that Spears showed up at Maloof's shindig with an unidentified gentleman who was not boyfriend Jason Trawick?

As for the Disneyland story? She was there, alright ... on Mother's Day, a week earlier. Not that anything bad happened at the party. Papa Jamie was there too.

In any case, come on Britney. Enough with the BS BS.

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Lee DeWyze threw down the real gauntlet, according to Randy Jackson.

His rendition of "Hallelujah" was simply stunning, said Ellen DeGeneres.

The singer is the heart of the show, gushed Kara DioGuardi.

And Simon Cowell went as far as to refer to Lee as a "great person."

What prompted all this praise? DeWyze's dominance during the most recent performance night of American Idol. Watch him take a rocker's edge to this classic single below:

Viewers also watched DeWyze go home and perform in Illinois over the weekend, where he threw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game, while also entertaining fans in Skokie...

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Great news on the Twilight Saga front today:

Following back-and-forth contract negotiations and rumors that they might get fired from the franchise, both Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz WILL appear in Breaking Dawn. Thank goodness, right?

The actress, meanwhile, covers the June issue of Seventeen. Asked about Robert Pattinson, she told the magazine: "When I met Rob, I didn't think twice about him. He's really attractive, but that chemistry wasn't there."

Greene also said her co-star "doesn't understand girls," which is terrible news for Kristen Stewart.

As for Kellan Lutz, Ashley is open about whether or not she's ever got inside his Calvin Kleins: "I've definitely thought about it."

However, Greene doubts she'll ever romance this hot underwear model:

"He's one of my best friends, but if we were going to be romantic, we would have done it years ago! I like having him to talk to about other guys to get that male perspective. I really cherish our relationship, so I wouldn't want to mess that up by dating."

  • Chilly on Set
  • Pretty
  • Break from Filming

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively covers the June issue of Vogue. She is not an unattractive female, which may be why it's her third appearance in just over two years.

Anna Wintour gives the following explanation for Blake's repeat presence:

"Lively has been in Vogue before, when Gossip Girl made its initial dent in the popular psyche in March 2008; for her cover with Mario Testino and Tonne Goodman, in February 2009; and as style icon du jour for New York socials in March 2010."

Of Blake, Wintour adds: "She's a terrific role model for young women: sporty, healthy, family-minded, and effortlessly lovely." That and flat-out ... gulp.

Hottest Blake Lively Picture Ever

This dress, skin-tight and amazingly short, has managed to do something Gossip Girl has not in 65 episodes to date - tame Blake Lively's chest! It can be done!

Lively is currently shooting The Green Lantern in New Orleans, and in the Vogue spread she dons various swimsuits and wetsuits while surfing in San Diego.

The only issue? "I haven't lived in California for so long," she told the magazine, "My New York guise is gone. Ostrich flats don't really work on the beach!"

So true. Click to enlarge more of Vogue's Blake Lively pictures ...

  • Just Swell
  • Lively Action
  • A Blake Lively Bikini Photo
  • Back to the Board
  • Lively Day For Surfing
  • Surf's Up Dude

[Photos: Vogue]

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Despite a rough few months, Sandra Bullock is doing very well these days.

You can thank Louis Bardo Bullock!

After months of secrecy, the actress brought her four-month-old son out in public this spring - first in the People cover story that also announced her divorce from Jesse James, then over Mother's Day weekend in New Orleans, and days later in Texas.

In Austin, Tx., where she owns a home, she "showed the baby off to just random people in stores," a fellow shopper said. "Sandra was in a really happy mood."

Sandra Bullock is "such a natural with [Louis] and so easygoing and chill," one local store owner, Jennifer Mazuelos, tells Us Weekly. "And he's such a big boy!"

Sandra Bullock's new son is helping her heal.

After the devastating revelation that Jesse James was putting it to Michelle McGee among other nasty women, Sandra ended the union in an divorce filing.

With the timing of her adoption announcement, she in some ways hijacked the baby, or at least the positive PR from it, from James, who adopted little Louis with her.

In any case, the Oscar-winner is settling into full-time motherhood. "Sandra is loving it!" a pal says. "Having Louis around is perfect therapy for what she went through."

While Bullock never considered adopting alone prior to her split, her unexpected single parenthood has been "an extraordinary lesson for her," a friend says.

Extraordinary and cute.

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