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Is Teen Mom star Maci Bookout back with Ryan Edwards, the father of her child? OK! Magazine says so, which means it's probably not true, but that is the rumor!

According to the story, if lil' baby Bentley needs any help blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, the toddler will get it from both his mom and dad this year.

It seems like the reunion could go beyond cake, too, now that Maci and boyfriend Kyle King have broken up, while Ryan and recent girlfriend Kathryn split as well.

“I’m taking a break. I guess she wanted more,” Edwards says.

Ryan says that in the wake of the breakup, and even before, he and Maci have talked about reconciling. “Maci calls to this day and wants to work it out,” he says.

“Everybody says that [she’s still in love with me].”

Hopefully they can work it out, but only if they're willing to turn over a new leaf. The last thing we need is another Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley situation.

Should Maci and Ryan get back together?


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We wonder if the name Douchebag Designs is taken. Or, perhaps, Baby Daddy Duds. Don't worry, Scott Disick, we'll think of something.

At Us Weekly's Most Stylish New Yorkers party in NYC on Monday night, Disick (one of the honorees... seriously!) said he is planning his "own clothing line that will probably be out by 2011."

"It will have everything from shoes to clothing to cuff links to accessories," he told E! News.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to look like Scott Disick?

It's safe to assume Disick will take pointers from Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian on how to pretend as though you actually play any role in a company. No wonder Scott has stuck around this family.

The second biggest douchebag in Hollywood (you still have the title, John Mayer) already has one young model at home. Referring to son Mason, he said: "I've had him a few suits made... pinstripe, three piece. He's pretty stylish for a nine-month-old child."

Watch Disick discuss his fashionable plans in the interview below.

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After years of substance abuse, arrests, divorces and health woes, Amy Winehouse says she hasn't done drugs in three years and hopes to have a baby one day.

LOL, and God help us.

"I literally woke up one day and was like 'I don't want to do this any more," the singer told the BBC News. "I'm much healthier now. I used to use drugs and I haven't used drugs in almost three years. It's not a hard thing."

Drug Free (Not)

SO HEALTHY: Amy Winehouse is in tip-top shape, no doubt.

Funny thing is that for Amy Winehouse, "drugs" only mean heroin and cocaine. Even if she really cut those out, which we doubt, she still uses beer and weed ... A LOT.

In any case, the star is fresh off her first UK gig in two years, performing at a charity event near her home, Camden, and is planning to release a new album in 2011.

We've heard that ... every year since 2007!

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How do we know that Bret Michaels is a changed man? Because he says in an interview that his upcoming reality show - titled Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It and premiering October 18 on VH1 - centers on his "two passions."

Neither of these includes banging groupies in the bathroom of his trailer. See, it's a whole new Bret!

"Viewers will see me interacting with my family and making music on the road," the rocker says of the series.

New Family Man

Michaels has two daughters (Raine, 10, and Jorja, 5) with Kristi Gibson, someone who has been in his life for over 16 years.

"[This] show is different because it is unprotected reality, proving how hard it is for me to balance my love for the girls and my work on the road," he says. "In the show, I learn both patience and negotiating skills from my daughters, and at the same time I talk to them about serious issues like life, death and protecting themselves from harm. It is totally fun!"

Will you tune in to this look at the unexpected family man?

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Although they have been positively smitten with each other since they began dating, Julianne Hough is denying reports that she’s engaged to Ryan Seacrest.

It was claimed that the hardest working man in Hollywood was going down on one knee as “things are really heating up between them,” a source revealed.

“We have never seen him like this before," a Ryan source adds. "For the first time ever, he is taking a second away from work." Now that is serious, indeed.

Seacrest out ... of the dating pool for good?

"We never thought he would meet anyone he liked as much as work, but now he has. Ryan’s parents adore her. She is smart, beautiful, funny and most important, she has made their son happy. They are just waiting for him to pop the question.”

They can wait a little longer.

“Well,” Julianne Hough told Entertainment Tonight when asked about Seacrest’s imminent proposal plans, “that’s news to me, and I think it’s news to him.”

Oh well. The American Idol host and Dancing With the Stars alumn started dating this year and have managed to keep their romance low-profile. Keep it up!

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You gotta love Angelina Jolie gossip. It never ceases, and the extent to which tabloids will invent nonsense continues to reach new depths as the years go by.

Case in point: New Idea. That's apparently a magazine, and aptly-named, 'cause this definitely is a new twist. Brad Pitt didn't just nail Jennifer Aniston this time.

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Again!

He was caught with a Jen look-alike! The horror!

ANGE'S FURY: We bet it was absolutely insane. And fake.

We know Angelina gets stabbed in the back 2-3 times a week, but this is nuts. How many more affairs with Aniston or Aniston doppelgangers can she tolerate?

Every time she turns around, Brad's plotting with his ex-wife to ruin Angelina's life. When he's not joining the mile high club, of course. What a player. And a d!ck.

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The foreclosure watch is on, and the clock is ticking. Octomom Nadya Suleman has until October 9 to cough up some serious cash or lose her home.

Her prospects for financial solvency are looking about as bad as the odds of her public humiliation are good, but her prayers may still be answered.

All thanks to a generous, PG-13 offer from an adult film company.

Swingin' Octo

Will Octomom ride Vivid's new offer to financial recovery?

Vivid Entertainment has been trying to get Nadya Suleman to star in a hard core porn flick for months, a prospect she has rebuffed unequivocally.

Given her reluctance, Vivid president Steve Hirsch has tailored his offer, and is now trying to get her a job - as a production assistant on XXX films!

Hirsch is willing to pay her $1,000 a day to be a member of his production crew, a job where she wouldn't even have to have sex or get naked.

A grand per day. That's a lot of money, even if "production assistant" is kind of a "fluff" job, if you get what we're saying. Please tell us you to.

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Will the personal life of Jasmine Villegas get in the way of this artist finding professional success?

With her career just underway, the 16-year old singer has already made millions of female enemies around the world by sinking her lips on to Justin Bieber. Now, she's released a new single titled "All These Boys." But will listeners even give it a chance?

Will they hate the player or hate the game? Can those afflicted with Bieber Fever actually purchase the album of the girl who might be making out with Justin at this very moment?

You tell us, readers. Listen to "All These Boys" below and sound off: What do you think?

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How do you like your Lisa Rinna lips, readers, plump or prim?

We ask this pressing question because the actress underwent a recent procedure that took out the silicone she had inserted into her puckers way back in 1986. Saying she "no longer wanted my lips to be what defeined me," Rinna showed off her new mouth this week.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

But is it new and improved? You tell us...

Which lip look do you prefer?


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Lindsay Lohan will remain in rehab until her court appearance on October 22, and very possibly beyond that. Hey, when you're turning a profit, why not?

How long she stays in there is likely up to the judge.

The plan is for Lohan to stay in rehab until the hearing, at which point Judge Elden Fox will have reports from the doctors at the famed Betty Ford Clinic.

Lost Her Marbles

Marbles and morals? All gone.

The judge will have an easier time evaluating Lohan's problems and progress then, and decide whether to keep her there, put her in jail or set her loose.

If the judge determines Lindsay would be better served in rehab than jail, where she's likely to be set free promptly, it's likely her stay will be extended.

As for the October 22 court appearance, Lindsay does not have to show in person, since in misdemeanor cases lawyers can appear on behalf of a client.

Judge Fox clearly remanded Lohan into custody last month, though, and expected her to remain behind bars until October 22. So she should be there.

Our question: Can she stay clean this time?


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