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Will Jake Pavelka be showing us what he never showed Vienna Girardi or his previous ex? Yes ... if Daniel Nardicio, V.P. of marketing at Playgirl, gets his way.

The magazine has extended Jake an offer, he says.

Jake hasn't commented on this yet, but Nardico says "We're determining the value of a shoot with Jake, who exemplifies our classic American guy at Playgirl."

"Most people realize that reality show fame is fleeting and largely a dead end for actors, so this is a way to extend that fame, and make a nice profit off of it."

"It's obvious he likes the limelight, and I intuit that he looks good naked," adds Nardicio of Pavelka, who's going through a nasty breakup with Vienna Girardi.

Jake P.

Jake's gonna mull this one over. [Photo:]

However unfounded they may be, the recent slew of rumors that Jake Pavelka is gay can only help enhance his appeal to this particular magazine's readership.

What would the publication pay for the Pavelka package? Nardicio says Jake will receive "definitely six figures, but where in that range I am still determining."

How does one go about determining that?

"I have a large number of factors that I add together to figure out a model's worth," says Nardicio. "I guess like a c*** calculator." Words fail us at this time.

Brought on to revamp Playgirl, Nardicio did so in a big way with the recent Levi Johnston and Ronnie Kroell issues, both of which have been huge sellers.

His next subject: Skid Row musician and Celebrity Rehab cast member Phil Varone. "He's a man among men where it counts, if you get my drift," Nardicio says.

Wait ... we don't follow.

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Apparently bored of conjuring up rumors about Bragenlina and Robsten, a pair of international tabloids have set their sights on Megan Fox.

In their latest issues, New Weekly and Famous - the same random magazines that claimed Brad and Angelina were finished last week - both made the following assertion: Fox has undergone plastic surgery.

While such an admission by Kim Kardashian is hardly news, this is the first time anyone has alleged Fox's ridiculous beauty is anything but natural. Study the supposed before-and-after cover photos below and come to your own conclusion:

A Foxy Cover

The actress married long-time boyfriend Brian Austin Green on June 24 and likely couldn't care less what Famous reports about her.

Still, we're curious: Do you think Megan Fox has undergone plastic sugery?


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Taylor Swift must really love milk.

For the second time in a couple years, this young singer has endorsed the product, clearly believing it does a body good.

Swift says she’s “always seen the ads in the magazines and thought, ‘if that could be me, I would be so lucky!’”

Consider yourself fortunate in this case, Taylor. Now you'll have to excuse us. We need to go drink some milk...

Loving Milk

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While the relationship between Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest is receiving most of the gossip world's attention, the former's brother has landed himself a beauty comparable to his sibling.

Derek is dating British bombshell Cheryl Cole.

Due to this connection, insiders say those close to Cole are pushing for her to join Dancing with the Stars in the near future. What better way to raise her American profile?

"Her U.S. team thinks it will be a great move for her and increase her profile stateside," a source told MTV. "Partnering her with Derek would be a masterstroke and they want her to give it serious thought."

We'd also like to give serious thought... to Cole naked!

Derek Hough Picture

Hough is the reigning Dancing with the Stars champion. He brought the trophy home last season with Nicole Scherzinger.

ABC has not yet announced a premiere date for the next edition of this competition. Would you wanna see Cole on it?

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Portland police will reopen their investigation into Al Gore and allegations that the former V.P. sexually abused a massage therapist named Molly Hagerty.

Guy hasn't felt the heat like this since November 2000!

Al Gore Sexual Assault

The 2006 claims by Molly Hagerty did not lead to charges. Officials also may have briefly re-examined the case last year, resulting in recent media leaks.

Just last week, police said the matter wasn't investigated further due to "insufficient evidence to support the allegations" and the accuser was uncooperative.

They were not specific about why they were taking another look at it this time, but Hagerty has since gone public with her claims against the politician.

She told the National Enquirer in graphic detail about the awful night Al Gore sexually abused her, allegedly, in his hotel room after paying for a massage.

GORE-Y DETAILS: More are sure to come for Al.

A week after the inconvenient rumor first surfaced that Al Gore faced allegations of sexual assault, the former Veep issued a strongly worded denial Wednesday.

Confident that he will be exonerated, his camp says "Further investigation into this matter will only benefit Mr. Gore," according to spokesperson Kalee Kreider.

"[Gore] cannot comment on every defamatory, misleading, inaccurate story generated by tabloids. Mr. Gore unequivocally and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago. He stands by that denial."

The Enquirer, which has blown the lid off the Tiger Woods and John Edwards cheating scandals, was the first to report on the masseuse's statement to the police last year regarding the alleged abuse at a luxury hotel in October 2006.

Molly Hagerty was reportedly considering suing the 62-year-old Gore before approaching the celebrity gossip publication, asking for $1 million for her story.

It's unclear if she was paid that, but the Enquirer is unabashed about doing so for solid intel and, as Edwards' scandal proved, it doesn't mean it's not true.

What do you think? Do you believe Molly Hagerty?


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Single guys who don't mind a lot of baggage are in for a treat.

Kate Gosselin has achieved her sexiest, most toned body at 35.

Kate Gosselin Head Shot

After she was voted off Dancing With the Stars on April 20 and returned home to Wernersville, Pa., Kate worried she’d lose the bod she’d worked so hard for.

So she stepped up her workouts, began running a hilly four-mile course three times a week and fine-tuned her eating plan to make her already toned body leaner.

The results are obvious ... although the botched Botox hurts:

Kate Gosselin may be in great shape, and ditching the dead porcupine she used to wear as a hairstyle was a good move, but she's gotta chill with the Botox ... yeesh.

“Kate has kicked her routine into overdrive. Dancing With the Stars set her in motion, but she’s now even thinner than she was on the show,” says an insider.

Her "fun" and "easy" tips sound like diet and exercise, but it's all good.

Hopefully she continues to set a good example for her eight small children and does not let showbiz opportunities like guest hosting The View go to her head.

We just don't want to see her spiral into a Heidi Montag-esque pattern. It all starts with a little Botox, then next thing you know, you look like a blowup doll.

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Justin “R-Rated” Rego has left The Bachelorette. We all know why.

After his cheating ways were exposed on Monday’s episode in Turkey, The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky read Rego the riot act after speaking with a woman named Jessica Spillas, who claimed to be Rego’s girlfriend in Toronto.

In response, he issued a vague comment denying nothing:

“The producers of The Bachelorette took this experience that was supposed to be an amazing moment that I will never forget, and made it into a living hell for me,” the repulsive Rated R says in a statement posted on his Facebook page.

Justin Rego will literally climb mountains for Ali Fedotowsky ... and publicity.

Rego, who says he told producers prior to traveling to Turkey that he “wanted off the show” and “wanted to get on the first plane home,” tried to make a swift exit.

But he had no such luck as the crew followed his every move and eventually convinced him to speak on camera to Ali Fedotowsky one last time before he bolted.

Still, Justin Rego tries to whine and play the victim: “I feel betrayed, manipulated and unfairly lied to by both the producers of The Bachelorette, and Jessica.”

He says producers tried to “provoke  this scandal to be something it wasn’t,” yet can't explain why he ran away like a little b!tch at this "misunderstanding."

“I no longer have any contact with Jessica, nor do I want her in my life,” he says. “I was not in a relationship before the show and I am still single now.”

Sure thing man. The show totally made up those voicemails you left her, and that explains these pics of you and Jessica Spillas from June then ...

  • Jessica Spillas Picture
  • Justin Rego, Girlfriend

The "single" Justin puts the moves on Jessica Spillas just weeks ago!

NOTE: Become a fan of THG on Facebook ... our status updates aren't nearly as full of crap as Justin's, and we're a celebrity gossip site! Think about that.

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Actress Zoe Saldana is engaged to her boyfriend of 10 years, Keith Britton.

The 32-year-old stunner is said to be "thrilled" that she is settling down with Britton, a 33-year-old actor himself and the CEO of My Fashion Database.

Tamera Mowry, Adam Housley

A source said of Zoe: "She doesn't even introduce him as her fiancé. She will just say, 'This is Keith.' She likes to keep her personal life to herself."

"What she really wants people to focus on is her as an actress."

Okay, fine, but here's a nice picture of her with Keith Britton ...

It's been quite the exciting year for Saldana, first with the mammoth success of Avatar (in which she starred) and now with her engagement.

The actress is also confirmed to star in the sequel to Star Trek, which broke box office records in 2009. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Whitney Port knows a thing or two about style, which you know if you watch The City or just read websites like this one. The Cali cutie's got an eye for design.

Brooklyn Decker, meanwhile, tends to make fairly decent style fashion selections herself, though it certainly never hurts to be a Sports Illustrated cover model.

Who rocked this similarly striped look better, however?

The reality star and Whitney Eve entrepreneur pairs her Alice + Olivia sequined top with ripped jeans and a blazer for shopping in the Big Apple recently (left).

The wife of Andy Roddick paired her white and black striped shirt with a khaki skirt while in N.Y.C. Was she able to out-duel Whitney in this style showdown?

You be the judge of that ...

Whit and Brook

Who looked better in stripes?


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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' divorce was finalized this week.

That doesn't mean their relationship is completely over, however, according to sources. The exes will continue to be involved in each other's lives, People reports.

Jesse and His Kat

Jesse and Sandra, who wed in 2005, will work together as co-parents of James' kids Sunny, 6, Jesse Jr., 12, and Chandler, 15, from his two previous marriages.

The divorce's completion also clears the way for Bullock to finalize her adoption of son Louis, 6 months, and for her recognition as the boy's sole legal guardian.

"It's not like they're talking every day, but they're in touch about things," a source close to both says. "It seems like it's about the kids more than anything."

For her part, Bullock, 45, has been "chilling out" in New Orleans and Austin, Tx., with Louis. James, 41, has made it clear he plans on moving to Texas as well.

He may not think he can win her back romantically, but "He has a goal," says a James pal. "He wants his life back, a sense of normalcy and his family back."

Their divorce really was amicable, too.

Sandra may have had issues with Jesse after the Michelle McGee cheating scandal, but she trusted him and vice versa when it came to deciding who got what.

Jesse and Sandra trusted each other when it came to listing the value of the assets they each held and the debts they each owed, unusual in a high-profile split.

They waived their right to independently investigate the true value of the items, entered into a confidential property settlement agreement and waived alimony.

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