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Just weeks after their televised smackdown, a police report from a new, disturbing fight between Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley has surfaced.

But despite the latest of many heated confrontations between the troubled couple, Gary insists that both he and the couple's baby, Leah, are “100 percent OK.”

At 12:33 a.m. last Wednesday in the couple’s home town of Anderson, Ind., Gary says he pushed Amber out of his home after she “threatened to batter him.”

ALL GOOD: Gary and Leah are fine after the latest domestic disturbance.

Amber Portwood, who was only wearing underwear at the time, became enraged when Gary received a text message she thought was from another woman.

The pair were quietly watching a movie together when she saw the text, which Gary later told police was from a male friend – NOT a woman. Oops. Her bad.

According to the police report, a fight erupted and Gary Shirley headed for the door when Amber Portwood physically threatened him. Pretty standard stuff.

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Brooke Mueller might need to rethink how "great" things are with Charlie Sheen.

In the latest bizarre, alcohol-fueled incident involving the actor, Sheen was found this morning in a New York City hotel room, passed out and half-naked on the bed, while a woman who identified herself as an escort was heard screaming from the closet.

Derek Lowe Mug Shot

"She was fearing for her life and was naked," a source tells Life & Style. "Charlie was incoherent but started screaming slurs at the cops. They recognized him immediately and gave him two options: they could take him to the hospital or take him down to the station. Charlie chose the hospital."

Raise your hand if you don't deserve to see the outside of a jail cell for many months...

Another insider confirms that "police responded to a call for an intoxicated male" inside The Plaza Hotel around 2 a.m. They arrived to find a trashed room, which included damage to a chandelier and furniture, along with the scene described above.

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Is Janet Jackson engaged to Wissam Al Mana? No, no she's not.

She had to deal with the same rumors about her last boyfriend, but that's all they are in this case, too. Rumors. And she takes them in stride.

Janet Jackson Blackgama Ad

On Good Morning America to promote her new film For Colored Girls, she says there's no truth to the engagement story, but she's very happy.

Wissam Al Mana is no becoming Mr. Janet Jackson ... yet.

The interview inevitably turned to the singer's personal life and when asked about her blossoming relationship she shot down any marriage rumors.

'He is a very private man so i don't talk about our relationship,' she said of Wissam Al Mana, an Middle Eastern businessman she began dating in April.

"But it is really important that I just say this," she continued to her GMA host. "They (media) have been trying to marry me off for a very long time."

"No I am not engaged, I will say that. But, I am in a really good place."

Hey, as long as she's happy, so are we.

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While rumors about her love life continue to swirl - GyllenSwift, anyone? - Taylor Swift is in full-on album promotion mode.

The singer's new CD hit stores yesterday and Swift treated fans in New York City to a surprise on behalf of it: she performed a free concert in Central Park.

As far as we know, no ex-boyfriends were harmed during the event, as fans attendees cheered wildly for Taylor. The talented crooner was accompanied by an orchestra, a piano and a lovely day. Click on the following photos to enlarge each...

Central Park Singer
  • I Heart You!
  • Free Concert!
  • Blowing Fan Kisses
  • Entertaining NYC Fans
  • Taylor in Central Park

A Central Perk: Taylor Swift performs in NYC. [Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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After months of speculation, rumors and insane Mel Gibson rants, we'll finally hear from the actor himself. Or at least a judge will. He's being deposed Monday.

Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers finally snagged a sit-down interview with Gibson, though the deposition will only involve their child custody battle over Lucia.

Grigorieva On the Move

In other words, domestic violence allegations against him are off-limits.

Mel will finally give his side of the story. Sort of.

"Mel's team agreed to have him sit for the deposition November 1," a source said. "Mel will decline to discuss the alleged assault on Oksana, citing his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination given the active police investigation."

Oksana Grigorieva - already in crisis after their family law specialist quit on Sunday - is facing even more obstacles behind the scenes, as she feels she does not have a qualified lawyer who can interrogate the Oscar-winning actor/director.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta was almost too painful and nauseating to watch this week. But our critic sucked it up, powered through and published a detailed review of the latest scripted shenanigans between these women. Enjoy...

Oh, the horror! The horror!  Where do I begin?  Nene goes to the plastic surgeon complaining about wanting her "happy" back.  She and Gregg are just not getting along and her constant battles with Bryce are wearing her down.  But how to get that happy back? Downsize those boobs!  Lipo the pooch (her belly, not her Yorkie)!  And pinch up those nostrils while you're at it! 

Sheree is of the opinion that if she had plastic surgery every time she had a marital problem she'd look like Dwight. Zing!

At a Baby Shower

We're introduced to Kim's parents (yes, she actually was not spawned from a Mattel plastic mold) this week.

They're a nice Italian couple who accuses Kim of trading family for fame since they no longer share those traditional Sunday dinners of yore.  We learn that Kim's dad was an overprotective father and they LOVE Big Poppa.  Who cares that their daughter was his mistress?  According to Daddy, Kim's "a very class (sic) individual." 

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It was all but confirmed by Whitney Port moving back to L.A., but MTV just made it official by canceling her Hills spinoff, The City, after two lackluster seasons.

"As of right now it doesn't really look like we're doing it anymore," Whitney Port told Ryan Seacrest, noting that it won't be picked up anywhere else either.

Fortunately for Whitney, she has plenty of other things going on.

Whitney Port (center) couldn't make The City the hit MTV hoped for.

According to the fashion designer, she's taking it in stride: "I'm working on some other things, so it's really okay. One door closes and another opens."

Great attitude. With hits like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom raking in the ad dollars, MTV apparently felt the same way in axing The Hills and The City.

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Lindsay Lohan is looking at a Catch-22 of sorts come early 2011.

Girl is gonna be needing money to pay off her expensive rehab stint, but taking it easy might be the best way to make certain there is no next rehab stint.

So when we hear that her management team is already lining up projects for the actress as soon as she steps out of rehab, it makes us a bit concerned.

Facing the Music (Again)

Can Lindsay Lohan turn her life around? [Photo:]

LiLo's closest friends, too, are concerned that rushing her back into the spotlight - Lohan's managers have been devouring movie scripts, furiously trying to set up meetings, and organizing fashion projects - could be a dangerous move.

January 3 is the earliest Lindsay can leave the Betty Ford Clinic. One friend says she "definitely shouldn't be working the first week. She should not be working the first couple months. She needs to be attending daily meetings."

"Lindsay needs to focus on herself for some time honestly."

What do you think? Should she cool it for a long enough time, a la Britney, that she can truly come back with a vengeance? Can she stay clean at all?


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Justin Bieber is a once-in-a-generation talent and an inspiration to millions of people who grew up in a small town and dream of making it big.

Such is the gist of the following sneak peek at "Never Say Never," the Bieber-based biopic that will hit theaters this February and details the life of Canada's cutest export.

In the following 20-second snippet, we see Usher talking about his protege; girls screaming over the sight of Justin; and the 16-year old crooner taking the stage to a horde of welcoming fans. Sit back and get our Bieber fix below.

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The L.A. County D.A. has tossed the drug case stemming from T.I.'s arrest last month - the one that earned him an 11-month jail stint for violating probation.

What's unclear is whether T.I. being sent to jail anyway due to the probation violation made prosecuting him a moot point, or if there were other issues.

T.I. and Tiny, his wife, were busted on September 1 for possession of a controlled substance. Ecstasy was reportedly found in their car, and possibly sizzurp.

Clifford Harris

T.I. has a reason to smile, but it won't keep him out of jail.

The D.A.'s office says it's not going forward with charges because, in essence, he'll already be locked up, since the arrest was a violation of his federal probation.

However, there may have been legal problems over probable cause which led to T.I.'s arrest. For one, cops claimed they smelled marijuana in the rapper's car.

No pot was ever booked into evidence, however.

Additionally, T.I. and Tiny were pulled out of his ride immediately after he made the illegal U-turn and prior to any registration check. It's all very suspicious.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he can reverse the probation violation based on these developments, but at least he won't be prosecuted any further.

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