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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are often criticized for having too many kids. But if the stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting didn't have such an enormous brood, a six-year-old Arkansas girl might not be alive today. Think about that!

Two of the Duggar sons, Joshua and John, are being hailed as heroes after family members said they helped save the life of a girl injured in a car crash.

A three-car pileup happened in front of Joshua Duggar's car dealership, Fort Smith, Ark., TV station KHBS reports - and it's a good thing he was there.

“I thought it was a fender bender, no big deal, happens quite often here actually," Joshua Duggar said. "Then I realized there was a little girl involved."

The airbags had been deployed and she wasn't wearing a seat belt. Joshua called 911 immediately and then brought the unconscious girl into his office.

Great job, Joshua and John ... we know you're in there somewhere!

She was not breathing, so he and brother John started CPR. Paramedics showed up and with the Duggars’ help, they were able to revive her!

“They realized there was something blocking her airway. She had been eating, and it caused the blockage of the airway,” Joshua Duggar said.

The girl, Maddye, is hospitalized in critical condition, but family members say she wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Josh's quick thinking.

Not that he takes any credit.

“The Springdale paramedics did a phenomenal job," he said. "I was just a piece of the puzzle, a very small piece at that. I'm just grateful."

Maddye was flown to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, the same hospital where the 19th Duggar baby, Josie Brooklyn, was born.

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Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag will always be linked by The Hills.

Even a full season after LC retired from the show she made famous, and years after she and Heidi stopped being close, she's still asked about her.

LC was reluctant to comment on the recent Heidi Montag plastic surgery debacle this morning on Good Morning America, but did so diplomatically.

Asked what her reaction was after seeing Heidi's new appearance, which some liken to that of a circus freak, Conrad paused and said, "It's a look."

That it is. And that's as nicely as one can put it. Well done, LC!

What a Natural Beauty

Lauren Conrad won't criticize her former BFF, but says surgery isn't for her.

Conrad, who just celebrated her 24th birthday Monday, said despite the pressures on young women in Hollywood, she won't be going under the knife.

Asked if she'd had or considered plastic surgery, the best-selling author and fashion designer laughed and said "not so far, no... it's a personal choice."

"Everybody's different. Everybody needs to do what's good for them."

Lauren Conrad left The Hills after five seasons and is now focusing on her fashion line at Kohl's, plus her work as an author of young adult fiction books.

Montag is focusing on undergoing plastic surgery pretty much constantly and coming out with some of the worst music in human history. Team Lauren!

Heidi Montag looked better ...


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Pamela Anderson hosted a launch party for her A*Muse fashion line in Miami yesterday. The number of people that showed up for it? 20.

We're pretty sure The Situation has more abdominal muscles than that.

It's unclear what kept everyone away. After all, who wouldn't wanna purchase clothing from someone that dresses like this?

  • Wrecked by a Train
  • Pam Picture

Pamela Anderson's breasts were bigger than the size of the crowd at her fashion show this week. [Photos: Splash News Online]

Pamela's poor showing is unlikely to keep her in the United States.

Earlier this week, her agent told Great Britain's The Sun that the busty actress "loves it in England and is looking at buying two houses, one in London and one by the sea. She has a real affection for the place."

A couple years ago, we'd have been sad to see Anderson go. But now we have Jessica Simpson to take her place as an air-headed, large-breasted former A-lister with equal disregard for public decorum.

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Former teen idol Leif Garrett was found in possession of heroin earlier this week. That's generally not a positive thing from a legal or health standpoint.

Leif was popped Monday morning in Los Angeles for possession of a controlled substance. Police caught him at the Metrolink station in downtown L.A.

Garrett was taken into custody and placed behind bars.

Leif Garrett Mug Shot

Leif Garrett wasn't released until this morning.

According to reports, the 49-year-old was carrying black tar heroin in his shoe when he was arrested. Cops saw him shaking and sweating profusely at the time.

They asked if they could perform a search of his person. At first, Garrett said he didn't have anything on him, but then later admitted he had heroin in his shoe.

Cops seized the drugs and arrested Garrett on the spot, before transporting him to a nearby jail where he stayed behind bars until just a couple of hours ago.

Garrett was released on $10,000 bail and is due back in court February 24.

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Stroke? What stroke?

Deadliest Catch Captain Phil Harris woke up from a medically induced coma yesterday, according to reports, and even did so with typically salty flair.

Sons Jake and Josh Harris, who are also featured on the Discovery Channel series with their dad, said he "showed some good signs of improvement."

Jake and Josh say he was "squeezing our hands and even summoning his trademark captain's bluntness by telling doctors and nurses, 'Don't f--k up.'"

Somehow not surprising!

Here's wishing Phil Harris (middle) a speedy, salty recovery.

The elder Harris, a Deadliest Catch fixture since the show's launch, was found unconscious during an offload of crab (it's in season) late last week.

He was airlifted to Anchorage, Alaska, where endured 12 hours of surgery and the Cornelia Marie skipper was placed in a medically induced coma.

Harris had been placed in a coma to reduce brain swelling.

The stroke he suffered occurred near St. Paul Island, Alaska. The Emmy-winning Deadliest Catch takes place there and on the high seas, of course.

Get well soon, Phil!

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Last night, American Idol viewers met a pair of rumored semifinalists: Casey James and Haeley Vaughn.

But while we're excited to hear more from them and other singers, the focus of the show will likely return to the judging table next week. That's because Ellen DeGeneres debuts as a panelist on Tuesday night.

Asked about her co-star by Entertainment Tonight, Ellen recently said: "He's actually meaner than I thought. It's hard to listen to him tell people things and me not to go, 'You poor thing!'"

Despite this critique, and despite rumors that she and Cowell are already fighting, an insider says everything is fine between the pair.

Yes, Simon appeared late at a taping last month, but apologized and DeGeneres "accepted it right away and was fine," says the source.

So, can Ellen offer any spoilers about which contestants make it far in Hollywood? No, but she does tease: "We have a wide variety [of talent]... somebody for everybody, I hope."

She's already getting good at this marketing game. Are you excited for her to take part on the show?

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The Bachelor hopeful Vienna Girardi is portrayed as pure evil by the other aspiring Jake Pavelka trophy wives. We always felt this was a little bit unfair.

If the allegations made by the new issue of Us Weekly are true, however, that's a different story. Maybe Ali Fedotowsky and Co. are onto something.

The Bachelor, Vienna Girardi

Vienna Girardi is a apparently an unemployed former Hooters waitress who withdrew the last $5,000 from her ex-husband Josh Riley's bank account.

The reason? To pay for breast implants, obviously. Hey, when you're a topless model for some random calendar, you do what you gotta do, right V?

Oh, and he was deployed in Iraq with the Marines at the time, during which he also says she cheated on him. Jake Pavelka, you'd better beware!

Vienna Girardi: Even worse than portrayed on The Bachelor!

"She took every bit of his money," Vienna's former mother-in-law Gale tells Us. "I know for a fact that the boob job was the first thing she had done."

What's more, when Josh Riley returned from his tour of duty (he was injured in Iraq during an explosion), Girardi had moved on ... and not told him.

Vienna "locked his belongings in storage and would not tell us where they were," Gale said, noting that they were married 10 months after eloping.

Poor guy also discovered that while he was in Iraq, "she slept with one of my buddies I was deployed with. I'm 99 percent sure she cheated on me."

Adds Riley, "Marrying her was a mistake." Sounds like it, man!

Any advice for Jake, who picks her on the season finale, according to Bachelor spoilers we've read? "I'd rather not comment," Riley said. "I'd like to forget."

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Original Beverly Hills 90210 star Ian Ziering is ready to tie the knot a second time. He's engaged to his girlfriend of just four months, Erin Kristine Ludwig!

Steve Sanders slyly changed his Facebook status from "in a relationship" to "engaged" last week. Thought you could fly under the radar? Think again Ian!

Ian Ziering Lives!

Ziering followed up the low-key announcement by relaying some of the finer points of his courtship, identifying the lucky lady as Erin Ludwig. She's cute!

Here's a photo of the soon-to-be-married pair:

"She's a nurse, we're planning a spring wedding and we've been together since Labor Day '09," he said, and while that's a fast courtship, sometimes you just know.

Especially when you're Ian Ziering. How many more shots do you have?

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Embattled golf legend Tiger Woods invited all sorts of women to play around with his balls. Now you can play a round with balls featuring said women!

That joke duck-hooked out of bounds, but our point is this: Someone came out with a collection of 12 golf balls emblazoned with Tiger's mistresses.

"Tail of the Tiger," the enterprising website selling these hilarious items, notes says they are "designed to lift the spirits of golfers around the world."

The only "lift" Woods got was ... yeah, never mind.

Anyway, this is your chance to play Tiger and the tag the crap out of Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs & Co. (just try to say out of the rough... or something).

Our only two problems with this amusing novelty:

  1. The set costs a ridiculous $53.60.
  2. There are only 11 named Tiger Woods mistresses, so they cheated and made a generic "cougar" (top right) to make it an even dozen ...
Tiger Woods Golf Balls

Which Tiger Woods mistress is your favorite?


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Sometimes, reality fails to match the hype.

For many, this was the case with Apple's latest innovation, the iPad.

Fortunately, it's not remotely true for Kellan Lutz's Calvin Klein campaign, the reports about which had readers anxiously counting down the days until they could see this actor in his underwear.

They now can - and the result is as steamy as one could imagine! Lutz stars in the company's new X ad spot, which officially launches on March 1. Ogle the shirtless star below:

How did Lutz get in shape for this campaign?

"I swear, candy helps! Gummy bears!" he said last month. "It helps fight the hunger of higher calorie foods, but it is bad for the teeth."

Bu it's clearly good for the chest... and abs... and biceps... and deltoids...

Also appearing for Calvin Klein and seen below? Former True Blood star Mehcad Brooks; Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco. and Japanese athlete Hidetoshi Nakata.

Calvin Klein Ads
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