Could Adam Lanza's motive for last week's sickening Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have been fear of being committed to a psychiatric facility?

Nancy Lanza, the 20-year-old's mother, was in the process of having her son committed when he went on the killing spree, a lifelong family acquaintance said.

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A Nevada loner left $7.4 million to a long-lost cousin who was his sole heir, according to reports ... and weirder still, the money was all in gold coins.

Walter Samaszko Jr., who neighbors described as a loner, passed away this summer, and medical examiners were shocked to find a small fortune.

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The Los Angeles Lakers pulled out a 101-100 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats last night, bringing their record to 12-14 in Pau Gasol's return after an eight-game injury absence.

But who cares? Did you see Gerald Henderson's throw-down?!?

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