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This week's Life & Style features a cover story that claims Robert Pattinson dumped Kristen Stewart because she's too sad of a human being.

Incredibly, this is NOT the most ridiculously false, misleading report in a new magazine issue, as Star earns that dishonor for the following headline:

Kate Middleton Pregnant?

As soon as this cover made the Internt rounds, a royal palace spokesperson labeled the Kate Middleton rumor as "complete nonsense."

It's not the first time Kate and Prince William have been in the news this month. Tabloids have amped up their coverage of the world famous twosome once again, as rumors of an engagement and huge wedding persist.

Neither side of the couple has said much in recent days. Probably because they're embarrassed about their country's recent World Cup tie with the United States.

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Ali Fedotowsky decided to star on The Bachelorette to find true love, and in pursuit of her dream man, the 25-year-old kept her options as open as possible.

“She likes guys who can keep her interested and teach her things. She loves learning new things,” explains her mother, Beth Johnson, to In Touch Weekly.

“It doesn’t matter” to Ali what her dates look like. In fact, “Ali has dated guys who are unattractive in other people’s eyes. It what's inside that matters!”

So sweet ... but might The Bachelorette producers have taken advantage of Ali's sweet nature and open-mindedness by contriving drama at her expense?

No effing way.

  • Ali Betrayed!
  • Fearless Fedotowsky

Who would cheat on, or betray sweet Ali? Mike Fleiss, that's who.

While the info revealed by ITW basically sums up The Bachelorette spoilers we already know, thanks to venerable sleuth Reality Steve, it's still shocking.

We've had complaints about this before, so we'll continue after the jump. If you wish to remain in the dark about scandalous events to come, stop here!

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It's true, folks: America's Got Talent - and her name is Alice Tan Ridley!

The 58-year old singer shocked judges with her vocal range on last night's audition show, taking to the stage in New York City and explaining that she typically sings for city subway riders.

What else is unique about Ridley? She's the other of Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe. Seriously! Watch and be amazed now:

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Randy Jackson - Michael's younger brother, not the ring leader of the American Idol dawg pound - was hospitalized in Pasadena yesterday with chest pains.

Later, E! confirmed that the 48-year-old had a mild heart attack.

"Randy was admitted to the hospital yesterday," the ailing Jackson's assistant said. "He will be staying overnight. He suffered from a mild heart attack."

"Thank you for your concern. He is doing as well as expected."

As if this month wasn't difficult enough for the family, with the anniversary of Michael's death next week and Conrad Murray's court proceedings underway.

The singer checked into Huntington Memorial Hospital around noon yesterday and remains there Wednesday, where he is awaiting additional test results.

The media wasted no time in swarming the hospital Tuesday night, and hospital spokeswoman Andrea Stalding released only the bare minimum statement:

"By law, I can only confirm patients that are in our hospital database," she said, refusing to confirm whether or not Randy was being treated at the time.

The incident came one day after he appeared with siblings La Toya and Jermaine to watch a judge allow Dr. Conrad Murray to keep his medical license.

Also on hand for that court date? Parents Joe and Katherine Jackson - just days after Joe blamed Michael's death on Katherine. It's been a rough week.

Earlier this month, Randy tweeted his frustrations with the ongoing battle to protect his brother's legacy and his own difficulty dealing with Michael's death.

"How do I cope?" he wrote. "I have a strong Christian faith & find power in prayer ... although this month is hard." It only gets harder too, sometimes.

Here's wishing Randy a fast, full recovery.

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In December 2007, Jennifer Love Hewitt lashed out at critics that mocked her bathing suit-clad body. She admirably said at the time:

"To set the record straight, I'm not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image. A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn't make you beautiful."

True, inspirational words.

Now, in the latest issue of People, the actress says she wants to urge young women to not focus on their weight, saying:

"When I meet young girls, I'm always like, 'Just do me one favor.' Love what you look like right now – and remember I said it 10 years from now because it's the greatest gift I can give."

What a Bod!

That sounds nice and all, but Hewitt then refers to her own figure as "a work in progress" and adds: "In another eight months, it's going to be so much better than it is today...

"I'd want to have Gisele Bundchen's body. Even though she's tall and skinny, she does have curves... and I think that's hot. Halle Berry also is kind of amazing."

Isn't JLH sending a mixed message here? Should girls be happy with their bodies, or should they aspire to be like Gisele and Berry, easily two of the best looking women in the world?

Call us, Jennifer. Perhaps we can have dinner together and then discuss this issue over breakfast... if you know what we mean!

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There's no excuse for driving drunk. If you're gonna be imbibing, just call for a cab or crash with a friend. It's not worth the risk to yourself or the public.

That said, some DUIs definitely worse than others.

There are the Stephanie Pratt-style arrests, in which the person registers a BAC of exactly .08, and legitimately felt they were in good condition to drive.

Then you have Chris Klein early this morning, bombed out of his mind at 2.5 TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT and cruisin' down the 101 Freeway in Los Angeles.

He blew a .20. The limit is .08. Amazing. The American Pie star's bail for the DUI arrest, his second in the last six months, has been set at $25,000.

We purposely found the worst Chris Klein photo ever taken.

Chris could be headed to jail in the wake of this incident due to his history of driving drunk, too. The guy was also arrested and convicted of DUI in 2004.

California law requires that he serve jail time if convicted again. Also, a new law requires an "ignition interlock system" installed if he wishes to drive.

Lindsay Lohan should really have one of those.

The system is essentially a breathalyzer test that's synced up to the car. If he's not sober, it won't turn on. This is only if he's convicted again, of course.

With a .20 BAC, one wonders how he won't be.

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On the season premiere of True Blood, female viewers may have been focused on Alexander Skarsgard's bare backside, as his character exhibited the kind of long-lasting sexual prowess human beings merely dream about.

But men may have rewinded that scene in the basement of Fangtasia to focus on the naked woman Eric Northman was giving it to. Her name is Natasha Alam, she'll appear in at least four more True Blood episode as Yvetta - and she's featured in the latest issue of Playboy.

THG was fortunate to speak to the actress this week and our Q&A with her is posted below...

How did the opportunity to pose for Playboy come about?
I never imagined that I’d one day be a Playboy cover girl.  The magazine is so legendary, so when my publicist approached me about the opportunity I said, "HELL YES!!!"

Did you always have an interest in the magazine? Any memorable past spreads inspire you?
Before my acting career started to bloom, I modeled in my friend Matthew Settle’s editorial story for Playboy, which was dedicated to Howard Hughes.  I had so much fun shooting for that story that I was inspired to be in Playboy.

Were you nervous to pose nude?
When I found out who the photographer was (Steven Baillie), and who the stylist and hair/make up team were, all of my worries disappeared.  I had a fantastic team and knew I’d be in good hands with them!

How did the role on True Blood come about?
I'd been auditioning for True Blood since the pilot aired, but never landed any roles.  I almost gave up on getting on this show.  However, my audition for Yvetta was excellent and I felt really confident about the way I portrayed the character, but I still didn't think that I would actually book it, so when I finally got the news I was ecstatic.

On the season three premiere, Eric had sex with your character for six hours? What's the longest you've ever gone with a man?
Oh boy!  I've never really counted it.  When you are at it, time just stops, and when you’re done... oops, the whole night has passed!

Are you on Team Eric or Team Bill?
That's a tough choice, but I'm kind of leaning towards Team Bill a little more.

Were you a fan of True Blood before landing this role?
I loved the show right from the pilot, but, unfortunately, I couldn't watch it all the time because I became a mom in 2009, so I don't have as much time now!

Any other gigs or roles coming up?
I'm in negotiations for a couple of action films since I've been studying with Whu Shu for a while.  One is a thriller and the other is a dark comedy.

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As Tiger Woods preps for the prestigious U.S. Open this week, it's apparently open season for mistresses claiming he fathered their kids years ago.

Yesterday, we reported on a UK documentary airing this week which will allege that the golfer has a kid with Theresa Rogers, his "cougar mistress."

Now another mistress, porn star Devon James (no relation to Woods mistress Joslyn James), claims Tiger is the father of her son, Austin T. James.

Austin's middle initial is a secret tribute to the golfer she loved, claims Devon James, who leaked a picture of the supposed Tiger Woods love child.

The child was born in 2001, before Tiger was married to Elin Nordegren. The Theresa Rogers spawn was born in '03, also before he was married.

Devon James claims Tiger Woods knocked her up back in the day.

"She was 19 at the time, and attending a Christian school program" a source close to Devon James recalls. "They immediately started a relationship."

"She became pregnant, but decided not to tell Tiger," who she knows is the dad as he's "the only African-American man she dated at the time."

Devon James was one of the bevy of busty babes who came forward with Tiger tales after his mystifying November car wreck and fall from grace.

James first dished on Woods in March, claiming James was asked to join a threesome with a girlfriend a mystery man who turned out to be Woods.

"Hi, I'm Tiger. Nice to meet you," James quoted him as saying before they quickly got down to business - him paying $2,000 each for "dirty" sex.

Is Austin T. James Tiger Woods' love child?

Devon says the first time she bedded Tiger was back in 2000, though, when she was just a teenager, and the threesome simply reconnected them.

"She showed him pictures of Austin, and told him he was his son," a source said. "He didn't want to meet the boy, but did send gifts for the child."

In unrelated and hilarious news, Devon was accused of robbing Joslyn on a porn set yesterday. That's not the only attack on her character, either.

James' mother, Sandra Brinling, said yesterday that her daughter is a "pathological liar" and that she knows exactly who "Austin T.'s real dad" is.

Time will tell if one or both of these allegations are substantiated by DNA evidence, or if more alleged Tiger Woods baby mamas come forward.

Based on the photo above, do you think Tiger Woods fathered Devon James' love child? Or is she just making it up for publicity?


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Her new album failed to land at the top of the charts during its first week of release, but Christina Aguilera still felt like a winner last night.

That's because the singer opened Game Six of the NBA Finals with a rousing rendition of the national anthem and then sat courtside as the Los Angeles Lakers pummeled the Boston Celtics 89-67, setting up a decisive Game Seven for the title tomorrow night.

Watch Xtina show off her vocal range now:

Aguilera wasn't the only celebrity at the game.

As usual, the crowd was filled with more famous faces than Katsuya on a Saturday night. The most surprising sighting? Michelle Obama and sharing a corporate box.

While we try to come up with ways to taunt and jinx Mr. Khloe Kardashian before Game Seven, take a look below at who else took in the contest:

  • Ice Cube Pic
  • Funny Lakers Fan

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Rumors of an Al Gore-Laurie David affair surfaced yesterday, casting news light on the global warming advocate's separation from wife Tipper after 40 years.

But there is no truth to the report of the former Vice President's marriage ending thanks to a two-year affair with the ex-wife of Larry David, her agent says.

Al Gore Sexual Assault

"This report is completely, patently false," says Dorian Karchmar, angrily rejecting Star magazine's shocking account of an Al Gore-Laurie David affair.

The agent added regarding the scandalous story that "I have no idea where it started from or why, but it is absolutely, positively and patently untrue."

We have some idea. Laurie David, herself a prominent environmentalist, served as a producer of Al Gore's 2006 Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth.

Here's a photo of them together ...

Are Laurie David and Al Gore having an affair?

Al announced his separation from Tipper Gore June 1, with the couple saying it was "a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together."

Friends of the former couple, who said they were shocked, said at the time that the breakup was "not one of those [cheating] situations in any remote way."

David, who ended her marriage with Larry in 2007 amid allegations of infidelity, also told the Huffington Post personally that the story is a "total fabrication."

"I adore both Al and Tipper Gore. I look at them both as family," Laurie says.

Moreover, "I have happily been in a serious relationship since my divorce."

A rep for Al Gore declined to comment.

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