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He's wanted her back since the beginning. He's following her to Texas "for the kids." But Jesse James has no chance of winning over Sandra Bullock.

A source close to the motorcycle mogul says that despite the fact that Jesse is moving, and that Bullock did not try to dissuade him, it's over. Done.

Photograph Us!

"The only reason Sandy gave the green light to Jesse's move to Austin is because she wants to maintain a relationship with his children," the source said.

Bullock, who celebrated her 45th birthday yesterday, "loves those children but she has absolutely no intention of getting back together with Jesse, ever."

"She wanted the divorce done quickly, so she could move on with her life."

NO, IT'S REALLY OVER: Sorry, Jesse James.

The move to Texas comes on the heels of Jesse's recently court victory against his other ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder, with whom he has a daughter, Sunny.

Bullock has been instrumental in raising Sunny since marrying James in 2005, and would like to continue being a part of the little girl's life ... but not his.

Jesse was caught cheating with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee back in March, at which point several other tattooed women revealed their affairs with him.

Sandra's primary focus now is on being a full-time mom to adopted son Louis, and having an active role in her step-children's lives - for all their sakes.

"Sandy is civil to Jesse for the sake of the children, that's it," the source said. "If there were no children, Sandy would have nothing to do with him, period."

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Knock us over with a feather, because new reports say DMX has been arrested. We don't want to assume such shocking news is true, but you ever know.

The rapper is planning to surrender to authorities in L.A. to start serving jail time for crime he committed "5-6 years ago," reports TMZ, via X's manager.

DMX is "not sure" about the nature of the crime, or at least his manager isn't. Which makes sense. Details blend together after a dozen arrests or so.

According to the manager, X is "focused" on taking care of all of his past legal issues so he can move on with his life. That should take a few centuries.

DMX-tra Mug Shot

DMX is a chill dude. Mug shots do not faze him.

Earlier this month, DMX, whose booking photo comprise most of our celebrity mug shots gallery, completed a four-month jail stint for a probation violation.

Looks like his freedom was short-lived.

The celebrity gossip site claims that X's jail stint all stems from a 2002 reckless driving conviction. He was placed on probation after pleading no contest.

He has subsequently violated his probation, of course, with unrelated offenses, and has therefore been ordered to serve 90 days in a city jail facility.

Lindsay Lohan can relate.

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The Hills is history. Now Heidi Montag's would-be reality show is too.

We know this must be devastating news, but try to keep it together.


The star planned to pair up with pal and former Hills hanger-on Jen Bunney on the world's worst reality show this year, but the Bun says that's off.

Well, for Heidi at least. She's still interested!

"I was supposed to do a reality show with Heidi, but it looks like some things have changed," Bunney writes on her blog, which apparently exists.

Heidi Montag and Jen Bunney, pre-face realignment.

What's more, she doesn't know if "Heidi wants to be involved in reality TV at the moment with everything going on in her personal life (no we are not in a fight, and no Heidi is not "dropping" me to do reality shows with the twins)."

Bunney's comments come amid rumors that Heidi Montag is shopping The Heidi Show with Hugh Hefner's exes, Kristina and Karissa Shannon.

Amazingly, Jen may still move forward sans Heidi: "Since that recent development our original network and some others have offered to continue on with the show despite Heidi possibly not being involved, which I just recently agreed to."

LOL. A Jen Bunney reality show? Honestly?

"I respect that she has a lot to deal with right now and have to decided to go ahead and move forward with it alone, since these opportunities have presented themselves (my hope is that she will want to be involved later on)," says Bunney.

"So I have already been to a few really productive meetings in the past few weeks, and the show is moving forward, looking to air this January."

No way this ever airs. None.

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The Garden State has a message for Jersey Shore: Stay out!

Jersey Shore quotes are hilarious, yes. But are they even organically grown? Are we watching bona fide Jersey-ites or just a bunch of d-bag posers run amok?

The second season premieres Thursday in Miami before returning to the glorious paradise of Seaside Heights ... whose residents might prefer they not.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could not accurately be counted among fans of The Situation, Snooki, J-Woww & Co. He said as much on ABC's This Week.

Mauling Pauly D

NOT FROM JERSEY: He's not, and the governor wants people to realize that what we see on Jersey Shore is not reflective of his state. [Photo:]

His take on it is that the series "takes a bunch of New Yorkers, drops them at the Jersey Shore and tries to make America feel like this is New Jersey."

He's kind of right. Pauly D hails from Rhode Island, Snooki from downstate New York, Ronnie the Bronx, The Situation and Vinny from Staten Island.

The Governor isn't the only one upset with the show either.

Last December, the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus says the show is "wildly offensive" and promotes derogatory ethnic stereotypes.

Again, not incorrect. But do we care? Is it all in good fun?

Follow the jump to see the N.J. Governor's criticism ...

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LeAnn Rimes' love nest is now a family home.

Eddie Cibrian and his two children are moving into the country singer's Hidden Hills house in Calabasas, Calif., beginning next week, according to E! News.

They're doing it to save money "since Eddie lost his CSI job," says a source. "Mason is moving into the dog's old room, Jake is moving into LeAnn's office."

Rimes purchased the home a few blocks from where Eddie lived with soon-to-be ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, shortly after the two went public with their affair.

Cibrian and Glanville have equal custody of the boys.

If nothing else, at least Eddie Cibrian is pitching in.

Just yesterday, LeAnn Rimes Tweeted, "@eddiecibrian showing me how to do yard wrk! Think that it's the first time I've ever paid attention to yard wrk."


Also, he may not be broke for long. Last Thursday he said: "hotel room tmrw! Eddies working today and so am I so looking forward to a second of a break!"

Good to see Eddie Cibrian at least carrying the load around the house until he gets a steadier acting job. The guy's got to contribute something at least.

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Jessica Simpson's dog Daisy was snatched by a coyote last year.

Ari Gold will try to smooth things over on Entourage next week.

Earlier this season on the HBO series, viewers were informed that the singer's dog died, which of course happened in real life. On the show, the singer was also upset over her lack of face time with the man in charge of Miller Gold.

Jessica and Daisy in happier times.

At the time, Ari tried to get back on Jessica's good side using another adorable little dog in the process. Things don't go well. This time, Simpson curses Ari off and also teases a transfer to new representation ... in the form of Lizzie.

Follow the jump to see a clip of Jess' latest Entourage quotes ...

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What inappropriate, desperate, pathetic image?!?

According to former pop star Tiffany, Miley Cyrus is doing nothing wrong in her attempt to reshape her image and find a more mature audience.

"Miley Cyrus is on a great track," the singer told Us Weekly over the weekend. "I know that there are a lot of people that say 'well, when you are so young you shouldn't be sexy.' [But] I think that in today's world you kind of have to be [sexy] to be competitive in the market.

"I think that she is doing  it appropriately.  And it's always a fine line there."


Tiffany, who posed for Playboy in 2002, concluded:

"I'm a huge fan of hers. I think she's gonna have a long career. Her parents are guiding her right, and it really matters what base you have around you.  Very much so."

It's safe to say Taylor Momsen doesn't agree with Tiffany. Do you?

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As we reported yesterday, the worlds of pop culture phenomena Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin will collide when the pair meet up in Alaska to film Kate Plus 8.

Sarah's father and brother, Chuck Heath Sr. and Jr., are both teachers who will give the Gosselin brood a history lesson. Then Sarah will take 'em all camping!

  • Kate Gosselin and Sextuplets
  • Track Palin Wedding

Seriously. That's the rumor going around.

It actually makes sense, seeing as TLC will air Sarah Palin's Alaska, a new documentary series, at some point this year or next. But the run-in got us thinking:

Which famous family would you rather go camping with? Kate's got eight kids and Sarah's got five - plus grandson Tripp and future son-in-law Levi Johnston.

Tough call, but you tell us! Vote below!

Which family would you rather go camping with?


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Seething, swearing, jealous and flat-out annoyed, Mel Gibson tears into Oksana Grigorieva and her former lover, Timothy Dalton, in his latest phone rant.

Like the previous six Mel Gibson rants, this tirade appears to have been recorded February 18 and features awful insults, threats and language from Mel.

Dalton, the former James Bond star, is the father of Oksana’s 12-year-old son Alexander. For whatever reason, he was the subject of this particular rant.

“Did you get my last message about me being a bad father, and Tim being a great dad now?” asks Mel, somewhat calmly, before flying off the handle.

After Oksana Grigorieva softly says “no,” Gibson continues: “You didn’t hear that? Well, you should go and f*%k him, you fickle c**t, because I don’t care!”

Hmm. Yeah ...

THOSE DARN SMOKES: Mel was just trying to quit, okay?!

Gibson, who was trying to quit smoking and accused Oksana of an affair with their landscaper, tells her to go have sex with someone else in front of her son.

“The game’s over,” the disturbed actor says. “The game’s over. Let the new games begin so you can get it on with anybody else and your son can watch it. What is it? Number 45 he’s going to have to look at? F*%king good.”

“I’m so f*%king sorry I had a child with you.”

He and Oksana are battling for custody of eight-month-old Lucia.

As with his previous tirades leaked to Radar Online (reportedly by her sister), Mel expresses general hatred for Oksana, and accuses her of being a phony.

“I despise you! I don’t want you back. You have proven yourself to me. You’re not the f*%king woman I want. You’re a f*%king fake. You’re a f*%king sham. You don’t know what the f*%k it means to make a man happy ... you glum c**t!”

The tapes are at the center of three investigations: Officials are looking into allegations that Mel beat up Oksana on January 6, while Oksana is being investigated for extortion and the Department of Children and Family Services is also looking into it.

Follow the jump for the latest Mel Gibson rant ...

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The Bachelorette season finale is fast approaching, and there continue to be conflicting accounts as to whether star Ali Fedotowsky is engaged after it.

According to The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, she's single right now. But others, such as Us Weekly, say the finale ends with a ring on her finger.

Of course, both could be independently true.

Following the shocking 180 by Frank Neuschaefer, only Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton are left vying for Ali's heart - with Roberto the frontrunner.

A new round of Internet reports suggest that Ali does in fact get engaged on the Bachelorette finale to Roberto, while wearing a beautiful gold gown!

Too bad this can't be independently verified.

Ali Fedotowsky, Roberto Martinez

The Bachelorette's Ali and Roberto: Are they engaged?

These same reports suggest that Roberto Martinez will propose to Ali Fedotowsky but just a few weeks after the show, Ali becomes single yet again.

Can you see it? We sort of can. Frank leaving the way he did threw her for a loop, and as infatuated as she is with Roberto, she knows it's a big risk.

We haven't listed sources here for a reason, however.

None are credible enough to warrant a mention. But the "inside" rumors about the Ali-Roberto engagement have been flying in Bachelorette forums.

Will Roberto propose, or is Chris L. ready to shock the fan community by winning her heart? If there is a proposal, do you think Ali is still engaged?

That question remains to be answered. Don't expect tonight's Men Tell All special to shed light on it, either. It's even more filler than most weeks.

Who do you think she should choose?


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